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Last Minute easy Strategy or ways for the NMAT
May 16 2024

The NMAT is one of the most popular exams among MBA candidates. The NMAT authorities GMAC have made several changes to the NMAT exam pattern in the past years. Even Aspirants could choose an exam date based on their availability and level of comfort. In this article, we will know the last-minute easy strategy or ways to pass the NMAT in the last few minutes.

Candidates for the NMAT may take the exam three times. Those three attempts include the first one. An aspirant could submit his or her best score from three attempts for admission. The NMAT allows a candidate to improve their performance in this way. These factors work together to make the NMAT candidate-friendly. However, there should be at least a 15-day gap between exams.

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Things to carry to the examination hall

1. Candidates should carry a hard copy of their admit card to the examination hall with them as a soft copy is not allowed.

2.A candidate must carry identification proof like an Aadhar Card, a voter’s card, a driver’s licence, a PAN Card, or a passport.

3. Bring a hard copy of your email confirmation.

Last-minute NMAT exam preparation strategy

Last-minute NMAT exam preparation has always been a contradictory situation among candidates. While some people find last-minute exam preparation stressful while others believe it is the most efficient way to improve their grades. However, the steps that follow are nothing more than tips and tricks for passing the exams and scoring higher.

Some of these tips will help you to manage your time better and while others will make you more efficient during taking the exam. Some of these tips are simply a checklist of what you should and should not do in order to save time and be obedient in the examination hall. Last-minute NMAT exam preparation strategy includes the following:

1. Make a strategy for approaching the NMAT question paper.

The NMAT exam is a speed-based test with 108 questions and a score range of 36 to 360 points. The total time allotted for the NMAT test is 120 minutes, with sectional time as well. As a result, you must mentally plan how much time to devote to each question or section. Because there is no negative marking in NMAT, you do not need to be concerned about losing marks. However, it is critical that you not spend too much time on a question.

2. Revise all subjects from the NMAT Syllabus-

In this short period, review all of the points and bulletins that you highlighted when studying for the NMAT 2022 test over the months. This allows you to study all of the topics while also brushing up on basic ideas and equations. Considered your notes, formula charts and journal you prepared while preparation.

3. Don't Touch Anything New-

If you are unable to cover any topic from the NMAT curriculum, do not attempt to finish it the day before the exam. This will result in a waste of time, energy and confused . You can devote that energy and time to reviewing previously covered syllabus subjects.

4.Avoid Stress by Focusing on Strengths Over Flaws-

While it is natural to be apprehensive or agitated before a test. You should attempt to reduce anxiety by recalling your strengths rather than focusing solely on your weaknesses and your abilities. If you properly channelled you can help you answer inquiries appropriately while avoiding stupid blunders.

5. Maintain Discipline-

You must maintain a disciplined lifestyle, especially if you are studying for a national or competitive test such as the NMAT. Last-minute NMAT preparation and a suitable timeline may instil positive energy if done correctly. You must answer questions quickly on a timed test, such as the NMAT. Thus, even while revisiting the portions covered when studying for the exam, maintain a disciplined study strategy and limit yourself to relevant themes only. On the one day before the exam, do not try to revise all of the topics.

6. Learn how to overcome difficulties by utilising shortcuts and tricks.

To optimise your time, speed, and accuracy, you must learn shortcuts and methods for all areas. Many of these are freely and easily available on the internet. In Quants, you may learn how to answer problems in numbers, allegation, and mixtures, SI and CI. Time, distance, speed, and other topics are frequently asked.

Learn how to solve some typical coding and sequencing problems in logic. They take a lot of time, but having a strategy in place will really help you. In RC, go through all of the questions and read the material, taking brief notes on key points in the passage during the first read. You may also use the method of eliminating the least likely choice first.


To summarise, I recommend taking the Crack course as well as the mock test series and using the above-mentioned strategy. CATKing NMAT courses and strategies has helped many candidates to get admission in their desired colleges. As well as admission to the best MBA programmes in India and abroad. As a result, our team will work hard to provide you with the best service and resources for your NMAT exams.

According to the NMAT toppers time management and consistency are also essential for success. To improve your results, keep notes, formula sheets, and journals.

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Anisha Mukhija

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