NMAT Exam Difficulty Level

NMAT Exam Difficulty Level

NMAT Exam is a moderately difficult exam. As compared to cat the questions are much easier. But the major requirement for converting an NMAT Exam is speed. You need to be really fast to solve the questions in an NMAT Exam. There is also one plus point that the number of applications for NMAT is lesser than the number of applications for CAT exam. This reduces the competition automatically.

Similar to the CAT exam the NMAT Exam has divided into 3 sections Quants, Verbal and LRDI. You can choose the order of these sections according to your convenience. This gives you the benefit of attempting the paper according to your strengths and weaknesses. This option is not available in any other competitive exams for MBA.  and MAT Exam does not penalize you for wrong answers that means there is no negative marking. You can attempt the exam thrice. So, all these benefits make it easier to crack the NMAT exam. Let’s discuss each of the sections individually.

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1.  Quantitative Aptitude:

This section consists of questions related to quantitative analysis which mainly includes ratio proportion, geometry, numbers, algebra, percentages, speed distance time mensuration, compound interest, and simple interest, questions related to clock, profit and loss probability, and simple equations. This section has 48 questions that have to be completed in a duration of 1 hour. It is really necessary to be equipped with mental calculations so that you save time and attempt as many questions as possible. The questions are simple but since you have only 30 to 45 seconds for each question candidates with faster calculating ability do better in the examination. The key to cracking this section is getting your basics right in the first place. Your basics should be so strong that you get a clear idea of how to solve the question just by looking at it

2.  Logical reasoning:

This section is divided into two types of reasoning, verbal and logical. The verbal reasoning questions include conclusion course of action strong and weak arguments Listening. The logical reasoning questions include questions based on relationships, clock pattern, calendars, seating arrangement, family trees, puzzles, number reasoning, etc. This section consists of 40 questions that have to be solved in a duration of 38 minutes. Logical reasoning questions take time, so you need to plan your time for this section very efficiently. But the plus point is that if you get one set of reasoning right you can easily answer 4-5 questions correctly. Apart from a few tricky questions most of the questions are easy.

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3.Verbal Analysis:

The last section is the verbal analysis. The topics that are covered under the section are grammar, synonyms, antonyms, Para jumbles, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is the major chunk of this section. You need to have a good reading speed. Once you crack the reading comprehension you will be able to solve a good 4-5 questions. It is very similar to the logical reasoning section. This section consists of 32 questions that have to be solved in 22 minutes. Looking at the time crunch you have to take care of your reading speed.

The NMAT paper is an easy paper. With the number of applications of about 70-80k its makes it a lot easier to crack. With the right basic, good speed and presence of mind, the conversion of this examination is a piece of cake. I would suggest to stay calm and attempt the paper. Don’t panic. Keep of mind fast not the hormones. You will easily get through


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