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An Overview of CET

MAH CET is the state-level entrance exam for taking admission in Top B-School. It is conducted by Maharashtra's Directorate of Technical Education (DTE).

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The CET exam is likely to happen in the month of March. To study in one of the most revered B-school Jamanalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies(JBIMS) it is necessary to

Crack CET. CET needs time management skills because you have to crack 200 questions in 150 minutes. MAH CET has no changes in the marking scheme and the candidates will score one mark for every correct answer. There is no negative marking.

Learn how to strategically prepare for CET and target for JBIMS


Important - IIM WAT PI EXPERIENCE DOCKETS The student had the advantage of switching from one section to the other. There are five options for each question, and the student has to select the correct from the options provided.

MBA CET Exam Pattern

The MAH MBA CET is conducted only in the Online mode in multiple sessions. The exam consists of 200 questions with 200 maximum marks to be completed in 150 minutes. There shall be no negative marking system for this test. The medium of CET will be in the English language.

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 Examination Mode – Online The medium of MBA CET  – English Exam Type –  MCQs with 5 options Time Duration – 150 minutes or 2:30 hours Negative Marking – No Provision to navigate among sections: YES (You can switch between the sections easily and attempt whichever section that you like first.)

Topics Number of question Maximum Marks
Logical Reasoning 75 75
Abstract Reasoning 25 25
Verbal Ability / Reading Comprehension 50 50
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
Total Marks 200 200

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Tips to crack CET

Focus more on Quant and DI preparations Around 1/4 of the CET paper is covered with Quant and DI i.e around 45-50 marks. You must solve these problems with perfect accuracy.

Permutation / Combination / Probability:

You have to mug up events, arrangements, and concepts of selection. Always a clear difference between probability is no of ways and permutation is arrangements. In probability: in how many ways the event occurs. Eg: Spinning a coin has 2 possible outcomes Head H or Tail T. Possibility of the head is 1/2 In Permutation/Computation: in how many ways the event is arranged. Eg: 3 letters ABC n=3 …. so the formula is n! i.e 6 ABC,ACB,BAC, BCA,CAB,CBA Also read: CET Preparation

BODMAS and approximation questions:

You must mug up all the square roots up to 30 and cube root up to 20. Learn tables up to 30 to speed the calculations. You must know the fractions i.e 1/4th of the number and percentages. The approximations-based questions can be solved verbally instead of using paper and pencil.

7 + (6 × 52 + 3) such questions have to be solved verbally like 343 is the cube of 7

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Time /Speed / Work/ Distance:

Questions are simple and generally in relative speeds, races, number of days, and time is taken to complete the work. You need to be very fast with such questions. Practice quants with actual CET Mocks

Clocks and calendars:

You must know some concepts that the clock always has 360 degrees. So 1 minute makes 360/60 i.e 6 degrees. About Calendars, you must know the leap year calculations and general rules about days recognition like "divisibility by 7". Eg: Yesterday was 4 Jan 2012 which was Tuesday so what day will be on 26 Jan 2012 the difference between 26 and 4 is 22 so divide it by 7 so the remainder is 1 so add 1 in 4 so it's Wednesday.

Venn - Diagrams

Formulas like: n(AuB) and n(AuBuc) are sufficient to solve the problems.

Data interpretation

You must make your calculation part very strong. Use approximate values where there is a big difference in numbers. Make your percentage logic strong as there are a number of questions based on percentages. There are problems like the percentage increase? Always use a formula like (200 – 100 / 100) * 100 to calculate the percentage increase. There are basically a bar, line, and pie charts come in exams and mostly given productions/earnings/output versus years. Prepare for CET with basic quants preparation

An Overview of NMAT


Every student wants to aspire in life. To study at one of the most respected b-schools in our country, the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, you will have to face challenging exam called the Nasee Monjee Management Aptitude Test. (NMAT by GMAC). The NMAT test is also acknowledged by other prestigious institutions. This article aims to make your training a little easier by giving you exam crack tips and successfully enrolling in the institution of your choosing. NMAT has 3 rounds of the test. The quantitative skills section is the 2nd section in NMAT Exam. This section consists of 36 questions with the maximum time allotted being 52 minutes. Learn from NMAT Toppers and make your NMIMS dream come true


How is NMAT different from other exams?

a) The Marking System – NMAT does not involve any negative marking although your marks are standardized according to the difficulty level.

b) Timed Sections – Unlike other exams, each section (3 in total) of the exam is timed separately. The three sections – Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Ability also carry different weightage.

c) Attempts – You get 3 attempts to pass the exam.

 d) Provision to navigate among sections: NO (You have to choose the order of the sections before you start the exam) Also read: NMAT Exam Difficulty Level

NMAT  Exam Pattern

Check the given below exam pattern carefully and follow it for the preparation of the examination:

  • Mode of Examination: It will be conducted through an online (computer-based exam) mode.
  • Type of Question: The exam will be objective type (multiple choice questions).
  • Exam Duration: Exam duration for the NMAT will be 2 hours.
  • Number of Questions: There will be 108 questions in the examination.
  • Negative Marking: There is no provision for negative marking.
  • Subjects: Language skill, quantitative skill, and logical reasoning.
Sections Number of Questions Time (in Minutes)
Language Skill 36 28
Logical Reasoning 36 40
Quantitative Skill 36 52
Total 108 120

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Tips to crack NMAT

  1. Clear all the concepts, fundamentals, formulas, etc beforehand. The important topic should not be kept for the last moment. Last moment preparation always creates confusion. 2. Try to solve as many mock tests, online tests, sample papers, previous year question papers as you can manage. Spend at least 2-3 hours solving problems related to all important topics. 3. While appearing for any mock/online tests, never put a habit of using calculators as this may decrease your speed in solving questions. 4. Learn the shortcut methods to solve tricky questions. 5. Always avoid making random guesses. Learn to manage your time properly. Don't waste too much time on one particular question. It is advisable to solve easy and medium-level questions first as these questions can save some extra time for difficult-level questions.



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