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What to do after giving the NMAT exam? How to prepare for CD-PI? What is this CD-PI Process? What questions are asked in NMIMS Personal Interview? These are the questions that revolve around your mind after getting NMAT and NMIMS results or after getting a call from NMIMS. Find below some of the most genuine questions and experiences of NMIMS interviews and Group Discussion directly from students.


CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course 


NMIMS CD-PI Experience 61

Panel 10
P1-around 45
P2 – around 30
( fresher , General, Btech , CSE )

Q: Tell me about Yourself
Q: How do you keep yourself update with the news
Q: Asked me the company that owns Times of India
Q: Tell me something about Budget 2023 apart from tax regime.
Q: Tell me something about what is going on in the world apart from Adani- Hindenburg, Turkey-Syria.
Q: Explain the working of Modem.
Q: Explain the working of Optic Fibre.
Q: What is TIR?
Q: What do you mean by refractive index?
Q: Suppose you are the mayor of your city, what will you do for your city apart from infrastructure and sanitation.
Q: What is the dream company for you ?
Q: Since you are so good with your academics, why don’t you do for MS ?


NMIMS CD-PI Experience 62

09-02-2023 (Afternoon slot) (off campus)
WAT & Interview Transcript.
Profile – 229 NMAT, B.E.(Mechanical), 30 Months WorkEx.

Briefing about the whole process – WAT, WATSON & PI started at around 12. The process went on in the same order. PI finished by roughly 4. There were 2 other candidates left after me.

WAT :- Can India afford to lose women participation in labour works? (A passage was given regarding a survey and how women participation was declining in jobs over the years).

2 Panelist (male & female) –
Interview was along the lines with SOP.

Panelist -1
1) Why MBA?
2) Why MBA in finance/business analytics (my preferences) rather than operations (my work ex background)?
3) 3 things you like and dislike about the place you live currently (mine is Pune).
4) About work ex. – Job role, responsibilities.
5) What did you do in the gap year?

1) What is stock split? (Bcoz I mentioned stock market study during gap)
2) Why companies split their stock?
3) What is Bonus?
4) Why some companies give divided and some don’t?
5) What is face value of a stock?
6) Again a question related to my work ex. but he gave me a ethical dilemma situation and asked me what is my take?

Overall smooth experience no grilling at all.

No GK or Budget questions.

Weightage – NMAT 50%, WATSON 20%, PI and Work-Ex 10% Each, Acads and WAT 5% each.

MAKE SURE TO CARRY YOUR MOBILE FOR LOGGING INTO GMAIL. Ignore the email by NM saying mobile phones aren’t allowed.


NMIMS CD-PI Experience 63

Interview afternoon slot
Background: B.Com, Fresher
Working in a NGO group, handling finance side.

WAT and Watson glacer test is same as mentioned above.
They will take first to auditorium, where they will explain the entire interview process.
You all will be divided in each group and a teacher will be assigned to each group, assisting you in every interview process
Interview experience: 2 panelists (1 male above 50 and
1 female above 40)
As I have a gap year, started with that, I justified them.
I mentioned about stock market so they started with sensex
Then Nifty 50.
I answered these questions.
Male panelist was just seeing me, female panelist was asking every question.
Asked about 5 asset management companies, I said 4.
Asked about CJI, I didn’t knew that.
Then asked about Commerce Minister and Textile Minister, answer is same
Shri Piyush Goyal.
Finally they concluded asking about TRAI full form and who incorporates it.
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and Department of Telecommunication incorporates it.
Then mam completed from her side, asked other panelist to ask,he said thank you
And I wished them same and left the room.


NMIMS CD-PI Experience 64

Interview Morning Slot ( off campus )

Background : Fresher pursuing B.Com H ( Final Year )

There were 2 panelist’s ( both Males )

Interview Questions
1. Why do you want to do MBA ?
They grilled on this for 5-7 minutes

2. Why don’t you take a drop and get into MBA Human Resource ?
I mentioned the field I am looking upto. One panel seemed to be not satisfied with my answer.

3. Situation related to HR. If I am HR and 30 employees are resigning because they are demoing 35% hike. Top level management is not willing to give any kind of hike, how will I deal as an HR.

4. What is Moonlighting? Impact of it on IT Sector ? If MDs also have a share of interest in other company someone being part of Infosys also being part of Wipro ? Will that be moonlighting?

5. Where is India as a a sector going ? Future interpretation?

You may leave! Nice Interacting with you!


NMIMS CD-PI Experience 65

Mumbai Campus- 14th Feb, 8:30 am reporting
Gen engineer female

Entered building
Signed up for registration in the auditorium
Students were divided into groups with 10 each only 3 groups due to Valentine’s Day I guess !!
Intro about NMIMS and process of WATPI, wat glacer test done about 10.40 am
Logged into our respective mails on their computers for Wat (20min) and Watson glacer test(30min) 
Then we waited for our turn for interview in one of the classrooms
I was 1st in my group 

Interview brief:
11:20 a.m.
1 male in 40s, 1 Female 30s panelists 
Greeted with Good morning

Q: TMAY & Your Journey
Q: Do you think your internships will help you as I have no experience and others will have 3 years of work ex?
Q: You are interested in marketing. How? 
A: As I am an IT engineer; they did not listen to my experiences and just asked to give a straightforward answer

Male :
Q: Who is CJI? – was in the back of my head but could not recall
Q: What do you know about Aatmabirbhar Bharat ? – I told indigenous dev.
Q: Asked what recent indigenous has been made? – Told about the Tejas aircraft India is planning to export.
Q: Sop related question how did you overcome from a difficult situation

Thank u you may go now
Said thank you and wished them a good day.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 66

Background : Fresher pursuing B.Com H ( Final Year ) 

There were 2 panelist’s ( both Males )

Interview Questions :-

  1. Why do you want to do MBA ?

They grilled on this for 5-7 minutes

  1. Why don’t you take a drop and get into MBA Human Resource ? – I mentioned the field I am looking upto. One panel seemed to be not satisfied with my answer.
  1. Situation related to HR. If I am HR and 30 employees are resigning because they are demoing 35% hike. Top level management is not willing to give any kind of hike, how will I deal as an HR.
  2. What is Moonlighting? Impact of it on IT Sector ? If MDs also have a share of interest in other company someone being part of Infosys also being part of Wipro ? Will that be moonlighting?
  3. Where is India as a a sector going ? Future interpretation? 

You may leave ! Nice Interacting with you!

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 67

Date 14th Feb
Interview afternoon slot
Background:BE Mech, 8 months work experience in Renewable energy field.

Wat and Watson glacer test is the same as mentioned in the message above (was related to HR suggest a new way how performance evaluation should be done)
They will take first to auditorium, where they will explain the entire interview process.
You all will be divided in each group and a teacher will be assigned to each group, assisting you in every interview process
Interview experience: 2 panelists (1 male above 40 and
1 female above 40)
Male:- So you live in Virar
Tell me about it
Male:- (interrupts my answer) so you were born and brought up there.
Me:- Yes
Female:- Where is your graduating college?
Male:- since you are a mechanical engineer tell me the difference between the traction of the Local train and the Metro train ?
I struggled answering that
Male: which specialization you want to do tell me honestly?
Male:- New innovation in Wind mill (struggled while answering this question)
Male: Are you updated with CA?
Me:- Yes
Male: Tell me about Hindenburg & Adani case.
Male:- Who is the RBI Governor.
Me:- I am sorry sir can’t recall.
Female:- tell me about inflation and how it is calculated
Female:- Different Field in MBA?
Female:- what skills will you gain after doing an MBA
Answered but fumbled while answering about skills.

Then mam completed from her side.
Both: Thank you, All the best.
Me: Thank you
Duration:- 10 minutes

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 68

14th feb afternoon slot
Background: BE. Mech 27 month work ex in IT

WAT(a little bit twisty but can be answered) WATSON GLACER were smooth.

Interview: two male panelists 45s and 60s

1st panelists:
Q. Tell about your work experience
Q. Which specialisation you want?
A: marketing and then asked 7P’s of it. Then asked about digital marketing and performance marketing
Q: Ethical dilemma ques about did you ever open your clients payroll files etc and if ever curious or anxious to know who has the most pay ever.

Panelists 2
Q: first mechanical then IT and now MBA why so?
Q: what was your final year project explain about it.
Q: he wanted to know about my background and anywhere i am related to chhattisgarh CM(as he is from same caste and hometown as i am)
Q: why MBA

Overall smiling and sometimes poker faces.
Smooth and no grilling.
Over all time: 10-15min

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 69

(off campus)
18th Feb Afternoon Slot
Group 4 number 4

Profile – Entrepreneur
(Industrial Automation, 14 months)

Degree – B.COM (H) graduated in 2021

WAT: Case based on pre and post covid conditions and effects on various industries and what are the things which cant be changed now.

WATSON Glaser Test : 40 questions in 30 minutes. Moderate

Two interviewers one male and one female above 35 years of age.

1. So you are into business, how would you sell this pen. (I gave all the parameters and strategy)
2. What according to you marketing is? (answered)
3. Tell me the difference between product and service marketing (Answered)
4. Asked me about sugar and nyka news (I said I am not aware of It)
then asked me about mamaearth (answered)
5. What’s the difference between marketing and branding? (answered)
6. Asked me about graduation questions out of nowhere (stats and finance) (answered few but was not very confident)

1.So tell us about your venture, how and why you started it. (answered)
2. So you already are doing great, generated a turnover of 1.2 crores in a single year, then why MBA (Told them about my future plans and other industries I want to join in)
3. So you’ll stop such great business because of MBA (I denied that I won’t be ending it, I am planning to hire new people to manage work, the process is already on the way.)

Gave me an expression like I am overqualified
4. Components of balance sheet, and entry of loan in journal.
Thank you ,you can now leave.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 70

Good evening guys.
Off campus interview experience.
87.4% / 83.92% / 7.94 / 8.65 / 3 years work ex in R&D
NMAT – 241 (91/82/68)
Interview date – 18/02/2022
Morning slot.
Reporting time – 8.00am

Briefing and Intro stated around 8.20 and we were sent for WAT and Watson Glaser test computer labs.

WAT topic. They mentioned about 5 innovative gadgets for improving the senses like vision, hearing ability, smell and taste. Will they help our lives better or will it be like old car with Ferrari’s engine?
Time – 20 minutes.

After that we have Watson and Glaser test for 30 minutes.

Then we were sent to the 7th floor wating hall and given refreshments.

12 members in each group and a total of 19 groups for the morning session.

I was the 1st serial number in my group 19.

Two panelists 1M (55+), 1M (45+).

1. 4Years UG + 2Years PG + 3 years of RnD experience. Why do you want to do MBA now and why not last year?
2. Tell me about your UG project and applications.
3. What products were you working on during working and how will you market them?
4. Any specific specialization interested? And why?
5. Applications of products I have worked on.

The panelists were friendly and it got over in like 10 to 12 minutes.

Thank you. Hope it helps.

Guys with work ex, brush up about your work right from the start.
And I interacted with few freshers and for them it was based on the final year project and questions from their semester topics.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 72


Wat – Given the increase of pollution the government should not incentivize the PLI scheme. State your opinion.

Watson glaser – 40 questions, 5 sections, 30 min. Critical thinking type of questions. Fairly easy. Time is adequate.

PI – 1M, 1F – both 40 to 50s

1. Greetings
2. Self intro – didn’t let me finish. Interrupted and started asking questions from the intro.
3. Work ex
4. Rest of the interview (almost 15 min) was only from my small business.

The total took around 20 to 25 min. It was very long and there was a lot of cross questioning.
Reporting time – 8am. Got done around 1.15pm.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 73

Background – ECE Engg.
Workex-2 yrs
2 male panelists
-We have many ECE Engg. at our campus and in this ongoing interview process, what we have seen is that they lag very much at managerial skills, what about you?
-U have signals and systems subjects so tell me about linear and non linear functions.
-how is its graph?
-how do u find it’s slope?
-Tell me the diff between 4Gand 5G
-tell me 3 manegerials skills u have learnt from being at Palce Comm.
-why have u mentioned excel skills and some cross questioning on it?
-what work you did by organizing National Science Week?
-Why do you have comparatively less cgpa in 3rd and 4th semester as compared to other sems?
-Why MBA and some cross questioning in it?
-Do u know about basics of finance and what have you read mention some terms?
– Who is the Governor of Jharkhand?
-What is RBI?, Governor of RBI?, What does RBI do?, Is it a Govt. Entity?
-What do you at at your work? Describe about it
-Any managerial work u have done at your office?
-Checked all my certificates and asked about some committees

Overall, very conversational interview and definitely they were asking more questions from the answers I told.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 74

GI2 – 22nd Feb – 9am slot

WAT – How will you explain the working of landline telephones to someone who is born in 2005? Give some examples.

PI – 5 members in the panel

2 Professor – 1F from HR department, 1M from Strategic department

1. Started with tell me about yourself that is not in the form – round robin
2. Then one situation given – Bhartiya Bhavan is veg campus, what is your opinion, why is such a situation.
3. Then if you want to convince the management to introduce non-veg, how will you do that, given the upper management panel if mostly of 80+age and have been following this tradition – Cross question on every opinion and round of discussion on this.
4. Then 2nd situation, recently in an office no smoking rule was implemented, and there is CMO who is a chain-smoker but performs well. You are an HR manager and someone complained that CMO is smoking in the staircase. You call him and talk to him about this complaint and he counters it by saying that when he joined, there was no such rule and also where he smokes, no one is present around there (no passive smoking). How will you approach this situation -discussion and debate happened in this question quite lot.
5. If you have anything to ask us?
Thank you! You can leave..

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 1

NM Bombay MBA Analytics “detailed” WAT-PI experience, 10th March 2021

Candidate background: GEM, good acads and overall good profile with achievements and experiences.

A write-up about how the Indian fruit market is more than half flooded with imported fruit, some politician commenting on that. Passage was in a tone to seek importance and solution for our in-grown fruits to avoid imported fruit market.
Answer: couldn’t write much, could write up only three paragraphs with mere 3-4 lines each in that given Google form for answer. Starting from the crux of the problem to kinda reaching the possible solutions.

PI experience: (had to wait for like 3 hours)
All 3 Female (F) panelists.

F1 – Senior citizen, apparently looked a bit tired and in hurry. Slightly irritable but matured, knowledgeable and experienced.
F2 – younger dynamic lady with a smiling face and charm throughout the process.
F3 – younger lady with moderate poise and grace throughout.

F1: So briefly introduce yourself
Me: Tried to be quick enough and could tell introduction in a sequence till the graduation experience but suddenly stopped then, so couldn’t say anything about workex

F1: quickly gimme an insight what’s happening with our economy currently and the situation beneath.
Me: tried to explain her the post Covid downfall and adversities. And tried to recollect some pre Covid situation with examples.

F1: If given a chance, what would you recommend to better the situation.
Me: talked about educational reforms and reliefs in tax and upliftment of make in India rigorously.

F1: coming from an engineering background and industry, didn’t expect you to say to our Prime minister about education reform for economic development. You could pose a better option.
Me: tried giving instances for enhancement of ease of doing business and the associated practical constraints in Indian market with it, make in India campaign and vocal for local and how authorities can ample the resources and funds for in grown material.

F1: I’m done, you may continue (passing the mic to F2)

Conversation with F2: (pretty interesting)
F2: you’ve mentioned about APJ Kalam sir as your idol in your SOP, can you name his autobiography?
Me: told about the wings of fire and that I had read it.

F2: you talked about make in India, what’s that? How’s it different from made in India?
Me: explained the make in India concept. Cited examples and references. Gave the difference of made in India by starting that it’s the past form of verb make, so for that we are rest assured. We need to focus and push on make in India.

F2 gives a smile at the Grammar wit thing.

F2: you were talking about a national achievement in your pre grad time, what was that, how you reached there?
Me: explained them in detail.

F2: you’re into design and creativity and also your achievement is in creativity. What else creative you like to do as an interest?
Me: mentioned oratory, blogging, poetry

F2: what’s your favourite poem.
Me: thought a bit and just said “Mahabharat” (especially the Bhagwad Geeta part)

F2: now you’ll have to recite a verse from it.
Me: thought about a bit. Recollected the verse I could remember “yada yada….” Made a tiny negligible error but rectified it and she smiled a bit in that lil awkward situation.. haha

F2: she said you seem to know this shlok. Asked me it’s meaning
Me: explained in detail. Also told that my initial recitation might be a bit here and there but I corrected and I’m in and out overwhelmed with the very essence of this verse.

F2: you seemingly tend to have a righteous inclination in your ways and path and after I heard your previous answer it becomes quite apparent.
Has ever in past any such situation arised of conflict and disagreement where your morals and the others person’s didn’t gel well? if ever the other person is in authoritative position how would you deal with that?
(This was a genuinely very good question)

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 2

09th March 2021
Civil engineering 1 yr work ex

Panel 1 ( male )
1. Do you know who regulates stock market? (mentioned stock market in SOP) – Answered
2. Who regulates financial institutions? – Answered
3. Who is the head of SEBI & RBI? – Not Answered
4. Questions on work ex. – Answered with justification

Panel 2 ( male )
1. Have you read any Management books? – Answered
2. Why MBA? – Answered
3. In which companies did you invest? – Answered
4. Name the PE ratios of some auto stocks – Not Answered

Panel 3
1. You mentioned you tackled problems in your company. Explain with example. – Answered
2. Name 7 types of construction in civil construction – Answered (there are only 4)
3. Any other Management bookS? – Answered
4. Why Civil Engineering? – Answered

Pretty chilled interview.

NMAT 2021 Strategy by Rituja 265 Scorer, NMIMS Mumbai Merit Rank 12 

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 3

WAT was easy.. It was about cloud computing and how it is the future.

No GK, No Current Affairs…

1. Which company you want to join and why?
2. Explain the quote I wrote in my SOP?
3. Explain mean, median & mode with examples.
4. Fav books – Mentioned I am an avid reader
5. Fav author
6. How was covid and what did you do during it .
7. Why switching and not focus on banking and finance? – Doing a diploma in it from BSE
8. My 3 learnings and how will they help you in MBA?
9. When to hold sell and buy stock?

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 4

Profile: Nmat 251, workex 14 months as Technical Analyst in Banking industry
3 Male panelists

Panel 1
1. Tell me any experience from workex and rate it with explanation.
2. Tell me about a situation where you were supposed to take a tough decision which had negative impact.

Panel 2
3. What was your job role in organization?
4. Why MBA now since you had a great role?
5. Why did you leave your job and what you did in this period?
6. What do you feel made your organisation successful and what attributes about it you’ll carry with you?
7. Your organisation was in news with RBI. What went wrong?
8. People often say your organisation is like a bureaucratic government department. What are your views on it and why?

Panel 3
9. Why should we select you at NMIMS?
10. Which specialiation and why?

Overall interview lasted for 13-15 minutes. Was allowed to complete my answers. Panelists are expressionless throughout the interview. Literally…

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 5

24th Feb.
2 Male and 1 Female Panelists

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Tell me about your academic achievements till date.
3. Why MBA? Why not GRE? As you have very good Acads.
4. Tell me more about your company. Told about various sectors and financial statements about them and current scenario.
5. What did you do in your job?
6. Tell me about people management and how you managed it.
7. Tell me about some instances where you resolve any issues.
8. Tell us about current maintenance practices followed by you in the company.
9. Which field you want to join post MBA and why?
10. Tell us more about Indian FMCG sectors and companies.
11. What do you do in your free time? Favourite sports?
12. Correlation between chess and life.
13. Tell us more about the most challenging aspects of your job.
14. What do you like and dislike the most in your company?

Overall 15 mins. No grilling. Mostly focused on Workex.

Learn for NMAT from the best experts.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 6

Panels: 2M 1F

1. Why MBA? (Told idea of entrepreneur)
2. Asked about it
3. Asked to do entrepreneurship course from NMIMS
4. Why consider you above someone who wants to go in some company?
5. What does your friend like about you?

1. Ask something regarding interest in tech or no?
2. Any business paper you read
3. Any business news in 3-4 months..told budget
4. When it came out?
5. What did you like?..told privatization
6. What things are privatized?
7. Who presented budget?
8. Secretary of FM

10. Repo rate
11. President of US
12. Something about his book I didn’t knew

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 7

Panels: 2F 1M all chilled

1. Tell me about yourself
2. Football clubs and international team u follow
3. Who are their managers?
4. Why those teams?

1. What’s your job role?
2. Would any change in schemes of retail affect your team?
3. What specialization?
4. Why Finance?
5. What are the fields you can get into through Finance?
6. What is F&O?
7. Who is RBI governor?
8. Who is the Governor of Maharashtra?

1. Other hobbies (workout and listening music)
2. What scheme related to fitness govt launched in past?
3. Do u practice yoga?
4. Mention some asanas
5. Role model other than Ronaldo that I mentioned

Overall very good interview experience and cracked jokes and made them smile and laugh wherever possible.

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 8

2 M, 1F Panelist

1. Why MBA?
2. Who is the 15th president of India?
3. Would you like to become RBI governor? Why? How?
4. Why Engineering?
5. SOP-related lot of questions

1. 2 Learnings from a start-up
2. Prominent faculty from NMIMS
3. Start-up culture in India
4. Govt. Role in it
5. How has been pandemic to you?
6. Why coding skills? (Mentioned I learnt them in lockdown)
7. Why c++?
8. Why not java?
9. How is it going to help you?

1. What do you like about your city? (Bhubaneswar)
2. What do you dislike?
3. What do you like about Cuttack? (Neighbouring city)
4. So Finance? (I said no sir, Marketing)
5. So FMCG?
6. Sell me coconut oil. Give me 3 solid points. (He was bald)

Intially started with stress interview but then I handled it somehow with other 2 panelists

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 9

1. Describe yourself in 10 secs.
2. What is IOT?
3. Describe your work.
4. What happened at NSE today?
5. Sectors which one should invest in
6. What is hyperloop? (Couldn’t answer)
7. Have you met with a person of different personality than yours?
8. What did you learn from it?
9. Why MBA when you have a good job?

Overall not satisfied with my interview. ( It was average )

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 10

NMAT score – 248
10th – 95%
12th – 88.4%
Graduation (B.Tech CSE) – 93.9%
Work ex – 18 months @ Deloitte

Interview Questions –
1. Tell us something about yourself.
2. Which specialisation?
3. Marketing vs Sales
4. Why did Tata Nano vanished from the market?
5. Should we bring private sector in the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine?
6. You are already in Deloitte. Why MBA?
7. What did I do at the NGO? (mentioned in SOP)

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 11

Serial no 01
Around 25 mins
Three panelist p1(F ,40 years), p2(F, 40 years) p3( M ,50+ years )

1. Greeted nd asked how are u ?
2. Den asked r u nervous?
3. Which stream ? Y marketing?
4. Fav campaign?
5. How will u take forward?
6. How will ur friends describe u ?
7. Mention ur leadership experience and strength ?
8. Had mentioned about cricket so p3 jumps in and asks who is the defender, forward, mid fielder of ur organization? ( I had no clue about football )
9. If there is a team of 6, how will u score?
10. Ronaldo is getting all the attention but the defender isn’t, how will u make him appear in the headlines?
11. What ur daily work day looks like?
12. Ur name means happiness, what was the happiest movement in ur life?
13. How will u make ur parents happy?
14. If u r sitting with ur 4 friends how would u make them happy?
15. What is India’s GDP?
16. Tell in terms of Indian rupees.
17. What is Fiscal Deficit?
18. Y is govt expense more?
19. Followed by more questions related to income and expense
20. U r an extc engineer, how would u digitalize everything and bring in new technologies?
21. Followed by some more technical questions and some scenario related question to market a campaign nd increase ur target audience which I don’t remember

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience 12

2.5 yrs Workex – Oracle

1. About work ex
2. Tell anyone business leader you follow in India apart from Ratan Tata and Dhirubhai Ambani (Role Model)
3. How will you manage covid crisis from managerial’s perspective?
4. Which specialization?
5. Python and R – Any projects and certifications?
6. Big Data
7. Stock Market – My Final year project was on that
8. Name any two positions you wanna work post MBA.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 13

Profile : 9.5/91/8.17
Workex : 18
NMAT Score : 250

P1 :
1. Tell me about yourself
2. What is Corporate Governance?
3. Name 3 CEOs globally
4. Who is CEO of Bajaj?

P2 :
1. Why MBA?
2. Which domain u want take in MBA?
3. How do u raise capital for a company?
4. Difference between Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist
5. What are recent changes in labour laws?

1. Tell me a stressful situation which u faced with the team

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 14

3 panelists

1. Tell me about your acads
2. What role do you do in your job?
3. Few questions related to that

Switches to other panelist –
4. Why MBA?
5. How MBA will help you, you can do M Tech and all or read books on business etc?
6. Many people don’t do MBA and degree yet they are leaders
7. Goals short term long term and medium term

Moved to other panelist.
8. So your answers are related to tech field. What else do you know about outside your tech field. Have you gone out and explored other areas? Asked to explain a scenario. (after saying yes to that)
9. Explain RCEP and India’s exit
10. Was cut short and asked about trade deficit.
11. Trade deficit of India – couldn’t answer
12. How trade deficit impacts dollar value? (something like that) – couldn’t answer
13. Largest economy – Answered
14. Asked about the value – Couldn’t answer

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 15

(It majorly revolved around my graduation)
P.S. I am a fresher.

Q1. Why MBA after Architecture?
Q2. What has 5 yrs of Architecture taught you?
Q3. Any architect you admire? What is his work like?
Q4. What elements from his work, do you like to incorporate?
Q5. What is the balance of importance between the structure and design of a project?
Q6. Function or form? What do you follow?
Q7. Which specialisation do you wish to pursue?
Q8. How will you integrate operations and Architecture?
Q9. One thing you feel missing in today’s real estate projects?

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 16

1. Give a short introduction about yourself
2. Explain your work
3. Why MBA now? Why not MS? Why study so many unnecessary subjects and spend so much, rather you can switch companies to learn?
4. How many customers does your company have? And some more questions on my company?
5. What is PLI scheme?
6. Can it give returns in 1-2 years?
7. Which all sectors do you guys have clients from?
8. In the current India, which 2 sectors have maximum growth potential? – Answered Ed.Tech and Manufacturing
9. What is this years budget doing for these 2 sectors?
10. Why don’t you join Air Force? – My father’s in Air Force
11. Tell some negative points because of which you want to leave the defence lifestyle

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 17

8/9/9 Fresher Marketing

Nmat : 255
3 panelists.
1 male (40+) 2 females (40+, 30+)

F1 : Why marketing after Civil Engineering? – Explained
F1: Cross questioned on my answer – Explained again
F1: Which brand do you like? – Answered with the reason
F2: which is the most valuable brand in the world
Me: I haven’t read about this but ACC to me it’s Apple
F2: 4Ps of Marketing – Explained
F1: Are there any more? – Answered with explanation
M1: Why did you mention this quote? Is this to impress us? – Explained that it has relevance with my experience and not just to impress
M1: Do you know who is Albert Einstein? (quote was of Albert Einstein) – I was expecting this question and then answered who’s Einstein and his works and the rest.
M1: Do you have anything to ask? – I asked about Atal Incubation Mission but they did not seem interested and told we do not know much.

6-7 mins really quick interview

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 18

3 panel – 1 young lady (F1 ), 2 middle aged professors ( M1 and M2 )

F1 – Tell me something about yourself.
F1 – Why do you want to do MBA in marketing? You have mentioned it in SOP.
F1 – Can you tell how would you convince the users to HRMS products? (related to work ex)
M1 – You left job after 6 months?
Me – Yes
M1 – Why ?
Me – Told due covid related… increased working hours + to prepare for MBA exam
M1 – Okay, do you follow news?
Me – Yes, a bit .. mostly related to my field (BIG MISTAKE)
M1 – Did you study about budget?
M1 – Okay, tell me a recent news …
Me – Told about BUMBLE IPO , was going to say about Byju’s acquisition..
M1 (Interrupting) – Okay, so what did you do after you left job.. did you do anything apart from preparing for MBA?
Me – Said was able to pursue my love for fiction (reading books)
M1 – Okay, so convenience this panel why we should select you for MBA ? Bcz we have people with far more work exp …you won’t be getting much points for 6 months ..if any and you even left job for MBA prep.. Will you be able to multitask? Bcz we would be having people who would be able to do so? And what about MBA pressure?
Me – I gave answer along the lines that I was a B Com graduate, and was the only one in the BD team of an IT company. So I believe I have ability to learn quickly + multi-tasking is something which an MBA would teach me (I couldn’t judge if he was convinced or not)
M2 : Tell me about the product (app) on which you were working on….Who was your market?

Ended with Thanks.
Lasted 15-16 minutes

Checkout: NMAT Preparation Plan

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 19

2 male, 1 female panelist

M1: Briefly introduce yourself in 30 seconds
M1: Tell us about the kind of work you do + what’s your project about
M1: What kind of a company you would like to work in?
M1: Okay great, any particular company in particular?
M1: Okay how is FMCG coming up with stores that enables auto checkout system?
M1: How is FMCG benefitting from technologies?
M1: Since you mentioned Big Data and Analytics, how are they benefiting from that exactly?

Okay I’m done

M2: Highlight your workplace achievement
M2: Let’s check your current affairs/GK, any major news
M2: What’s the difference between actual price we pay for petrol and the crude one?
M2: Tell some budget highlights
M2: You mentioned about tax on education sector, what kind of tax is it?
M2: Okay. Since your client is from telecom domain, what are the challenges and opportunities for telecom domain – Sir can I take 30 seconds to think about it?
M2: Sure but I believe you can handle parallel questions so here’s a question for you, what could have been introduced in the budget?
M2: So do you remember the previous question I asked? You may answer that now
M2: Okay so you mentioned the problems for telecom sector. Do you think Jio’s monopoly is good for masses?
M2 to Female panelist: I’m done ma’am you may proceed
F: That’s enough I guess, no questions from my side. Thank you. (Smiling)
M1: All the best (Smiling)
M2: You may leave now (Smiling)

Overall friendly panelists but cross questioned a little.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 20

1. Tell me about yourself
2. Why MBA HR?
3. Why not Marketing and Finance?
4. Tell me about your favorite internship experiences
5. Your fav company you would want to work in
6. Strengths and weaknesses
7. What will HR professional do in today’s scenario?

Learn for NMAT from the best experts.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 21

BMS – Fresher – Nmat score-263

1. Why MBA?
2. Views on women empowerment
3. Why less women in top management?
4. Do you read newspaper?
5. 3 news from today
6. Why less innovation in finance industry and in general in India?
7. Why Indian economy slowing down and how does budget address it?
8. Digital well-being
9. Do you track your digital well-being?

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 22

Economics grad
21 months workex in Digital Marketing.

2 males & 1 female
No grilling & they were smiling throughout while listening intently.

It was majorly driven by my SOP, no Acads no GK

1. Why MBA? (some cross questioning here)
2. How I’d explain my work to a layman?
3. One major contribution made by me at workplace
4. One weakness

That’s it.

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience 23

GEM – 9/9/7
B Tech Civil Engg- PEC Chandigarh
26 months work ex – Engineering design & construction in Atkins
NMAT score-245

1) Tell me about yourself
2) What were your roles & responsibilities?
3) According to you, which two sectors will boom after covid pandemic?
4) Two salient features of Budget
5) Any Acquisition/merger in Ed Tech industry
6) Where do you see yourself 5 year down the line?
7) What difference did you find between indian engineers and engineers who worked with you from the UK team during your job?
8) What do you think is the most important vertical in a corporate? – HR/Finance/Operations/Marketing
9) How has new technology helped e commerce industry?
10) What have been your learnings from the Pandemic?

PS-1 female panelist & 2 male they were chilled out.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 24

3 panelists (2 women W1, W2; 1 man M1)

Interview was based on my SOP –
W1 – You have a lot of social inclination, let’s see what have you done in the project? (Regarding my project)
W1 – So, where did you get the inspiration to do something like this?
W1 – So, what did you learn from it? What was the end objective?
W2 – How did you learn in engineering that helped you in accounting firm?
W2 – What has been your experience like in the corporate?
M1 – Tell us about the internship you did in BD role in college?
M1 – How long have you been working?
M1 – Why MBA and not go and work in NGO because of your social inclination?
M2 – What you want to achieve in life? Where do you see yourself in few years down the line?
W1 – Do you think business has anything to do with the society?
W1 – What are the various verticals of business?
M1 – Tell us about your parents.
W2 – Tell me if you have done any social activity in your company?
W1 – Are you aware of CSR report of your company? Do you know any change in the law for CSR?
W1 – What do you read in your free time. Any book that you have read recently.

Thank you, we are done. All the best.

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience 25

Education: BE CSE
Work ex: 0

2 male panelists 1 female panelist (M1, M2, F1)

Kept switching turns between themselves a lot (so the order is vaguely correct)
Lasted roughly 10 minutes

M1: So walk us through your day – Told something and mentioned that I read today’s headlines
M2: What did u read? – Told 4-5 headlines then interrupted me
M2: Engineering and MBA are so different, how do u justify? – Told
M2: Grilled me a little on that
F1: You’re into dancing a lot. If u were to set up a company for dance how would u go about it and how would an MBA help u? – Told
F1: Big Data is talked a lot about today. How is it relevant to mba or a business? – Told
M1: Who is your role model? – Mentioned
M1: No, you’ve talked about climbing the ladder. Who is your role model when it comes to leadership? – Had to make something up on spot
M1: Why? – Also made something up
M2: What are the courses provided in the first year of MBA? – Made vague guesses
M2: Cross questioned on that a little
M2: You did computer engineering, what is the diff b/w structured and unstructured data? – Guessed
M2: Was that a guess? – A bit of it
M2: Okay I’m done. Sir?
M1: I’m done too. Ma’am?
F1: Same here, you may leave. Have a good day. – Thank you

All three panelists had a pleasant disposition overall and smiled a lot. Also no severe grilling. And no GK.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 26

(A B.Tech. CSE pass out student with 10th -94%, 12th– 90% and graduation-83% and 18 months of work experience with a reputed Information Technology company).

-Introduce yourself.
-What was your job profile?
-How do you manage your work? (System Integrator)
-What did you learn at your work?
-What are your weaknesses and do you plan to overcome these?
-Who is the chairman of the Planning Commission of India?
-What is the capital of Uttar Pradesh?

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 27

(A B.Tech. CSE student with 205 NMAT scores and having 10th -85%, 12th- 60.4% and B.Tech.- 72.4 %, 6 years of work experience with an NGO and interest in the stock market).

Why did you start working with NGOs?

Why do you want to come back and do an MBA?

What is the difference between a share and a bond?

How does a company price a bond?

What would you give more importance to Job or Organization?

Tell us in one line why are you coming back from the spiritual world to do an MBA?

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience 28

(A 98.6 NMAT percentiler from Kashmir with 10th -87.2%, 12th-81.5% and B.Tech. in Industrial engineering -67.1%).

Introduce yourself.
What are the modifications railways is planning to do?
Do you think those modifications are enough?
Name the company involved in the chopper deal?
What is the recent happening in that case?
What is your job profile?
Who are your clients?
Why did you switch to IT after doing Industrial Engineering?

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 29

(A 211 NMAT scorer with 10th – 94.5%, 12th – 92.6% and B.Tech. in ECE – 9.42 CGPA).

Why do you want to get into NMIMS Mumbai?
Why MBA?
And why don’t you join research with such good marks?
When did you realize you wanted to do an MBA?
What did you do in college events?
Which things did you learn from your college activities?
What has been the biggest challenge you faced in your life so far?
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NMIMS CD-PI Experience 30

NMIMS – 10/02/2022
Acads 80, 80, 75
GEM Fresher
B.Tech – Mech
Nmat – 260
Two panelists both male around 40-50 yrs
(Note: If you want connect earphone for clarity)

P1- Give a brief introduction – Answered as prepared. Mentioned about quality management
P2: Where do u see yourself in 5-7 yrs? – To start business
P1: Name some pharma companies. Have u done research in that sector? – Not much (true answer helps)
P1: How human capital affects quality of a manufacturing sector? – I requested to give clarity on what’s human capital just to be sure. Got good response.
P2: How exactly will u develop relation with worker? – Answered
P1: You mentioned about quantitative methods for business as your interest. How it helps in improving quality? – Answered
Done with interview.
P1 : Sorry there was bit delay due to technical issues. – No problem sir. It was worth for the wait..
It was a chill interview. Overall good experience. Very friendly

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 31

WAT: India has almost the same number of vehicles as does the US, yet the number of fuel stations fall acutely short in comparison. India has about one third the number compared to that of the US. But opening of new fuel stations is practically and economically impossible due to the soaring land prices. This market dynamics led two IIT graduates to think about the concept of mobile refuelling and they conceptualised ‘MyPetrolPump’. MyPetrolPump is a mobile fuel station that comes to the consumers’ doorstep to deliver fuel. The duo started commercial operations in September 2017.

Since then, MyPetrolPump has served over 2000 large volume B2B customers. They have also catered to more than 2000 small and medium businesses. The startup allows 20 litres as a minimum quantity of diesel that can be serviced for schools, hospitals, apartments and commercial setups. The process to order is simple for potential customers. One can install the app and place the order online based on their location and chosen time of delivery. The fuel is then delivered in specialised refuellers to service the requests.

Currently their model is B2B but they plan to cater to B2C in the next phase. Discuss the factors leading to success, the initial challenges that this start up might have faced and can their success of B2B be replicated in B2C space.

10th Feb 2022 Morning Slot
GNEM Fresher
BMS Grad ( Finance )
Acads : 8/9/9

Panelists : 2 , 1 male (40s) , 1 female ( Late 50s )

F1 :
Q1: Where are you from
Q2: What have you achieved so far in your college ( answered )
Q3 : What changes would you bring to your locality if you were the mayor of Delhi ( asked because I’m from Delhi )
Q4: Tell 2 things about your college that you are proud of
Q5: How did your college manage with the online education

Q6:How would you manage with someone who’s really aggressive because of which the work of others gets overshadowed ( answered but did not seem quite convinced)
Q7: What is your specialisation
Q8: what field of finance would you like to work in later on
Q9: Do you wish to become an entrepreneur in future

The interview ended here

No grilling , panelists were very friendly and no questions on GK / Current affairs

Learn for NMAT from the best experts.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 32

NMIMS Mumbai MBA(10 Feb 2022 Morning)
GEM Fresher Electronics and Instrumentation
NMAT score 258
Acads – 95/82/71.8

WAT – * Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence are the words we are hearing everywhere. Most of us keep hearing these words and associate them to a hot new trend and might Google them to come across terms like mathematical models and algorithms. Product Managers (PM), future PMs and anyone who wants a simplified high-level overview of ML can view that ML is a solution which is adept at solving problems involving data.

As a PM, one is faced with multiple challenges at business and product levels. ML can be a powerful instrument in your toolkit when you know how to use it. Ambiguous knowledge can lead to actions such as picking ML as the topic and trying to force fit ML’s application in any given project. This sort of approach makes ML the problem which it isn’t.

Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that gives computers the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience much like a human without being explicitly programmed. Discuss how ML can be used in managing traffic on Indian city roads *

Number of panel members – 2
1 F(40s), 1M(50s) – very joyful and welcoming
Interview experience
Greetings exchanged:
F – Tell us something not in your SOP
F – Asked me if I have placement as I was in final year
F – Don’t you think you can contribute after coming with work ex rather than coming now, cross questioned me since I already got placed in consulting firm( Justified it with my goals and internship experience)
F – So you are in Instrumentation background
1) What is a smart transmitter?
2) 2 wire, 3 wire, 4 wire transmitter
3) Orifice application
4) What is Thermocouple?
F – I am done, moving on to M

M- asked the same thing about work ex( then asked if I had been preparing for exams with internship or final year)
M – Tell me diff between adminstration and management? ( Tricky but thought about it and answered what I knew)
M – Free time what do you do?
M – How would you describe in one line how social work helped you develop ( Had an NGO exp for 3 years)

Total time taken for the interview -( 7-8 mins)
Pretty much chill, no grilling as such, nothing on GK/Current affairs, cross questioned on why MBA straight after college ( as I am fresher)

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 33

Dt- 11 Feb 2022

I just had my NMIMS Mumbai Interview today.
Sharing the summary :-
-Tell me something about your college life.
-What did u do in gap year
-What about CA now? (Since -I have my CA finals next year)
-Why mba right now and not job?
-Do u think mba is a must to become an entrepreneur?

-Any entrepreneur you know of who did mba before starting his business?

Panelist 2 :-
-Since you’ve mentioned Peer learning, tell me how would you learn from them since they are at the same level as you are.
– Any alumni of NMIMS you know of? (I mentioned 1 + 2 of my friends studying there)
– So, he asked me do you know of any more alumnis?
– Differentiate between GDP and GNP
-If Infosys sells goods in US, then will it be added in GDP or GNP?
– Which city do you belong to
– 2 things you would wanna develop there?

And then said I think that’s all, thank you.

Learn for NMAT from the best experts.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 34

NMIMS-12 Feb’2022

Engg(IT),1.5 yrs workex

WAT – decreasing fertility rate and economic growth of India

Q) where are you from
Q) Why did you leave your job
Q-Which specialisation would you like
Q) Why HR from IT when IT is doing so well.
Q) What do you know about HR. What have you read.
Q) Diff between HR Management and HR Development
Q) What according to you is the company in India which has the best HR department.

2 Panelists. The interview began suddenly .A short interview – they said that they didnt have a lot of time (not in a rude way). Was being cut whenever i tried to tell a story behind the interest.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 35

NMIMS interview – 12/02/2022
Score – 247
Profile GEM 10/87/71
2 panelists both male in 30s

1) Started directly with why scores dropped in 2nd year, any special reason?
2) asked about languages written in SOP like jCL, COBOL
Asked use of some functions in these languages
– said I haven’t used them so I don’t know
3) asked job role in detail
4) why move to MBA
5) asked to narrate an incident where I failed in ECA activity and how did I overcome
6) asked why don’t you want to expand your business
7) what type of business you want
8) do you have any new business idea
Enter panelist 2
9) why an IT company after mechanical
10) why didn’t you choose IT/CS in the starting
11) which specialization in MBA, forced to select one
12) what type of consultant you want to be
13) having only 1 year experience, do you believe you can consult mahindra & mahindra
Ok thankyou for your time
You seem to have great drive and energy
It was wonderful talking to you
You can log out

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience 36

COVID 19 and the Great Lockdown highlighted the fact that access to the Internet is crucial for socioeconomic inclusion. Half the world does not have access to the Internet. As the following map clearly shows, the digital divide has become a chasm. Going forward, this divide will only worsen global inequity; lack of access to affordable Internet will affect the running of businesses and make the rich nations richer; and the inequality within nations will increase the gap between the privileged and the disadvantaged.

There is very little that policymakers in emerging and developing economies can do to bridge this gap. In India, the situation is even more dismal; according to a report by an international agency, merely 8.5% of school students have Internet access. Considering the fact that 66% of Indians live in rural areas, a sizeable percentage of people stay in regions where internet access is minimal. The pandemic has deepened the cracks in society caused by inequity; and the scars will persist for decades to come.

Morning slot 11:30 am – 15/02/2022
NMAT 244
fresher (BBA)
Two panelists 1M and 1F

M: tell me a bit about yourself

M: you are interested in marketing, we are not offering marketing, we only have seats in HR, would you like a seat in HR?
(I was confused and I thought this was another interview)
Me – I’ll look into it sir.

M: (laughing) you should be determined about your field.
Me – I thought there was some confusion sir.

M: okay, tell me about some marketing campaigns which led to increase in sales of the company.
Me – mentioned ambush marketing, Burger King targeting Mcdonalds

M: great, give me some more examples
Me – so there is this American restaurant- (interrupted)

M: give me examples of india not outside
Me – told about Pepsi sponsoring IPL, but coca cola targeting its campaign and selling coca cola tshirts and brands outside cricket stadiums

M: so do you think this type of campaigns are ethical
Me – as long as the companies have healthy competition, I think it is ethical.
But if a large company is trying to crush a small brand, i dont think it is ethical.

M: okay, any subject you studied in graduation
Me – yes sir, there was a subject in my 5th sem, services marketing

M: what is difference between services-based and product based (something like that)
Me – production and consumption of a service is done at the same time

M: okay, continue
Me – (giving examples) like a hair salon

M: The buffer for a product based business is called inventory. Do you know what a buffer for service based business is called
Me – I’m not very sure sir

M: it is called the waiting line ( went on for about 20 seconds teaching about the waiting line)

M : okay over to you ma’am

F: so do you have work ex or have you done any internship
Me – yes ma’am, in TuteDude which is an e-learning platform

F: so what are the disadvantages of e-learning which you feel would lead people to not opting for it?
Me- mentioned doubt solving, and that physical classes are more interactive ( she misheard ‘physical’ for ‘digital’
And said that I was contradicting my own statement, even I was confused what was she saying)

F: oh you meant physical not digital

F: any business news in the recent times which you would like to mention
Me – mentioned about boAt IPO

F: Any company which brought in ipo recently and did not perform up to the mark and the price fell ?
Me – yes ma’am, Paytm was in the news

F: okay I’m done

M: by what percentage did the price fall though?
Me- I’m not very sure about that sir.

M: okay thank you, you can log out

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 37

NMIMS 16th February 2022
Panel: both males
First male->
1. What were you doing in the waiting room?
2. What did you read about?
3. What’s trending Today?
4. Can you elaborate more about your work in AI and AR?
5. Elaborate more about your startup.
6. Explain the timeline of your Startup
7. Why do you want to MBA and leave the startup and who will take care of it?
8. What will you gain from an MBA?

Second male->
1. Why MBA?
2. You can be Mark Zuckerberg or Dhirubhai Ambani and run a startup without proper education
3. Why is education needed for running a company?
4. Which specialization do you want to do MBA in?
5. Which brands do you admire in marketing?
6. Why Aditya Birla group?
7. What marketing campaigns did they do?
8. What specifically do you remember about the Campaign?
9. What did they do in promoting Ultratech cement?

The panelist was good but, the second panelist grilled me for the campaign and to prove we don’t need the education to become a successful entrepreneur.

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience 38

Dt- 17/02/2022

Profile – 10/12/college – 10/95/59.53
NMAT – 247
Work ex- 2 years work ex in capital markets team of SAMCO (law firm)
Panel 18 – both male
1) what kind of work I did in my job?
2) why not pursue an online course if wanted knowledge? Why to go for a MBA ?
3) difference between trademark and copyright and how I ll be able to contribute in classroom on that basis?
4) is mba+law new in India? Why to pursue MBA coz none of specialisations have any commonality with law and if there is explain why?
5) which specialisation would I choose?
6) short term and long term plans?

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 39

18th Feb 2022, NMIMS Interview
NMAT: 247
GNEF, 10/95.2/8.7 (BMS Fresher)

M: When did you graduate? What did you do after that? Did you look for a job? Why did you decide for an MBA?
M: 3 subjects you have studied and favourite
M-What is beta
M: Is there any difference between beta and randomness? If yes, what?
M- Have you studied the analysis tools? What models can be used to predict sales forecast of next month?
M: Specialization you want
M: What are the 3 most important functions of an organization? Why?

F: Since you mentioned insurance, why do you like it?
F: How are losses compensated? Principle backing insurance and companies?
F-What is done with the premiums?
F: What if there is suddenly any loss that needs to be compensated?
F-Budget news related to insurance
F: What is disinvestment?
F: LIC disinvestment advantages?

Panellists were in a hurry, were cutting all answers after hearing what they wanted to. But generally sweet, didn’t grill.

Learn for NMAT from the best experts.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 40

CD-PI Experience shared by a student (He scored 213 and converted the call)

Post-NMAT when you get a call you have to send a list of documents to NMIMS Mumbai within a deadline. (They also accept it by hand when you reach there for NMIMS CD-PI).

Part 1 -> They ask for an SOP. It’s a standard SOP which should include why MBA, why NMIMS, and why you. Make a story of your past experiences that have built you to this point where you feel that NMIMS is the best option for you.

Part 2 -> Submission of documents.

Part 3 -> Reach Mumbai for the CD-PI process.

Part 4 -> Dress well. Wear a blazer and a tie.

Part 5 -> CD – Case discussion process. The group is generally of 10 people and, the topic is detailed. Not a 2-3 line topic but a case on which you need to discuss specified points.

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Now, this discussion mostly turns into an Arnab’s NewsHour debate. Everybody shouts.

Thus, You won’t get a chance to speak if you don’t cross others. However, here is the catch. There are 2-3 panelists who will silently monitor you. Don’t shout or interrupt others if you are not getting a chance to speak. Rather, try to get in 2-3 good points and that should see you through. Try to manage the chaos and allow the silent ones to speak(brownie points). Don’t break the rules of a GD. That’s important.

Part 6 -> PI – Personal Interview – usually a panel of 3 interviewers

If you have work ex be thorough with it. Know what you do and what you want to do post MBA. Be calm and confident because they will ask you tricky questions and stress you a bit. Make sure you know what kind of industry you want to enter after MBA @ NMIMS and check on last year’s placement stats. If they ask you questions that seem to harass or derogatory, don’t lose your cool. They are testing your composure.

Know the current affairs to be on the safer side.

Checkout: NMAT Preparation Plan

Other basic questions are, Why MBA? And why NMIMS? Why Marketing? What is marketing all about?

Part 7 -> If you convert the call be ready with something like 10lacs, which you’ll have to deposit the first year fees either at their campus or through bank transfer.

Hence, the CD/PI process is not tough. They assess your personality and your clarity.

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

Some points to Remember –

Points to remember1) Only an excellent score in NMAT is not sufficient to convert.

2) Overconfident candidates, very strong high scores, have failed to convert in the past years.

3) There is a 1 out of 2.2 conversion rate. So, chances of converting NMIMS are quite high, as compared to other B Schools, with the number of seats in Core is 540 and HRM is 60 (provided you do well in both CD and PI processes).

4) NMIMS has a 30% reservation for girls.

5) There are 2 rounds: Case Discussion and Personal Interview. Separate CD and PI are held for Core and HRM.

6) So, If you have a low score which is just near the cutoff, you would have to ace both the rounds to get through.

7) If you have a very high score like 230+, you have to make sure, that you don’t mess up either of the 2 rounds.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 41

31st Jan , morning slot

BSc Economics hons from Calcutta University

Orientation :
started around 9 , taken to a huge auditorium

Walkthrough through the whole process

Went for the Wat/Watson Test in a computer lab .

Wat was a paragraph and info on China’s youth on video game addiction and how did they tackle it.
Question: Should other governments do the same?

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Write in 200-300 words

Watson Test : based on assumptions, conclusions , inferences ,

Taken to a waiting room and called according to serial numbers

PI :
Group 6
Last person in the group

1M , 1F
M in 50’s
F in 40’s

Small room , you’re literally in a cell with the panelists


F: Tell me two things that you wouldn’t want us asking
Me: was bowled over , but told anyways , M said he would ask me questions on one of the things but didn’t in the end

M: So how does it feel to be the last person to be interviewed
Me : Told , that it was ok , was just a bit anxious.

F: Mention two strengths and weaknesses , explain
Me : Told

M: What do you want to achieve by doing mba
Me : Told prepared answer

F: What are your hobbies, do you play any sport
Me: Told

M: What are the subjects you’re currently studying in this semester

F: What is diminishing marginal utility, explain
Me: Told

F: Mention a failure in your life and how did you overcome it

The male professor’s father and sister did bachelor’s from the college i am in, so had a conversation of sorts and he told that many people from economics background are in the college etc

Overall a good experience
I didn’t feel it to be grilling even tho they were seeing that if i can handle pressure or not , interrupted a few times in between and such.

Staff was helpful and kind.

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience 42

My background
BSc in Math

Two panelists, 1 male 30 to 40 and one female 35 to 45
(One panelist is a faculty member and another is an outside expert.
I think the male panelist was expert.)

Told me take seat.
Female(F): Tell us about yourself.
F: Tell us something that was either very good or very bad about the budget.
F:Which specialisation do you wan to do in MBA?
(Told that I would like to explore all the fields , but if I must say one, then it is financed)
F: Tell us about some financial concepts.

Passes to the male panelist
M: So you like math a lot!

(I gave a pause)
M: I’ll take it as a yes!
Tell me about (a+b)^2.
M: How do you use it in daily life?
(Previously I had said in TMAY that I realised that math was not my true passion)
M: If you do an MBA now and do finance and realise you don’t like it and shift to marketing, then aren’t you depriving someone of their seat? It’s like an engineer doing doctor!
M: When is ur train? I think you need to hurry up.
You may leave now.
(Actuall I was among the last ones as per the order to be interviewed but i got shifted to no.1)

Overall interview experience (in terms of emojis):
All of them were warm and kind , even the interviewers were chill and smiling .
Most importantly I loved the experience.

You guys will love too and all best everyone!

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience 43

Morning slot.

WAT : Gender stereotype reasons

2 Female panelists,
One friendly, other one blunt.

1. Tell us about yourself
2. What stage of UPSC cleared. What went wrong ?
3. Tell about the start-up currently working at
4. Tell about your role in Workex
5. What challenges at work
6. What is a Sustainability report (based on my workex)
7. Meaning of  Carbon credit
8. Tell about a latest current affairs news

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 44

Afternoon slot
Nmat score – 235

Graduation in banking and finance from Delhi University
Workex 6 months ( completed graduation in july 2022)
Started with orientation. This is a 45-50 min process where you get a chance to interact with the candidates appearing. You are able to make friends during this time which lightens your mood and calms all the horses.

Wat is for 20mins and this is after all the systems are checked and you’ve read all the instructions. Wat was case based where ABC corp used AI and machine learning to identify it target audience and increase sales so we had to write about it for 200-300 words. Hassle free process.

10min break in case you need water or something.

Watson test has 5 sections based on inference assumption and conclusion. But don’t worry this is something new for everybody and before every section ample amount of examples and instructions are provided for you to understand also the timer stops during examples and instructions so that you don’t waste time.

You’re moved to the waiting area where tea and biscuits are available for you to have.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 45

2 panelists(1M 1F)

Tell me something about yourself.
As soon as I mentioned about my workex he started questioning me about it without letting me to complete my introduction (gives you a chance to drive your interview )
5-6 questions about my workex.
What skill have you learned in the last six months?
2 more questions about the skill.
If you are selling mixer grinder on Amazon and a customer buys it and finds everything satisfactory but breaks it by mistake and then put it in refund. What will you do will you accept it and how will you ensure it never happens again?
5-6 questions about my SOP.
I had used cheap word in my SOP to build a story about my workex and she pointed towards it and asked if it is right to use this word in the SOP then asked tell us a project or company that failed due to using cheap in it marketing.
I couldn’t answer this.
Then she asked why did nano failed and all three of us laughed it out because she gave me the answer.
Then she asked the field I want to do mba in then 2-3 questions from finance field as I said that.
She asked if you’re giving this interview as a mock interview for IIMs or next year.
Then finally she ended by telling me to ask a question from her.
Quite a good experience as the interaction with peers before PI makes it easy and fun.
I was free by 3:00 pm as I had the first number in my group.

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience 46

Interview Transcript
Profile – 243 NMAT, B.Tech IT, 10 Months WorkEx

Briefing about the whole process – WAT, WATSON & PI started at around 12. The process went on in the same order. PI finished by roughly 5. There were 4 other candidates left after me.

Panel 12 – Typical good cop bad cop setting
1M – Interrupting in between, wouldn’t let you complete, stern face
1F – sweet, seemed interested

Greetings exchanged
M: Is it good evening or good afternoon?
F: TMSAY, Cross-question on undergrad project. What did you do? Which Programming languages did you study?
F: About Work Ex.
F: Why HR?
M: Father in defence, why don’t you join too? HR Related concept?
M: Tell me one bad incident you encountered at work

No GK or Budget questions. The panel didn’t ask enough questions tbh. Seemed to be in a hurry to wrap things up.

WAT: Something to do with applications of AI and ML in increasing Marketing campaign’s results

Weightages: NMAT 50%, WATSON 20%, PI and WorkEx 10% Each, Acads and WAT 5% each.

MAKE SURE TO CARRY YOUR MOBILE FOR LOGGING INTO GMAIL Ignore the email by NM saying mobile phones aren’t allowed.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 47

B Com (Mumbai University) (65% marks), Workex in family business (19 months), Completed Graduation in June 2021

2 panelist(1M 1F)
I was last in my Group
Q. Tell me 1 advantage and disadvantage about being the last candidate?
Q. What others told, how were the panelists?
Q. Tell me something about yourself.
Q. What was your role (workex)?
Q. Why do you have poor acads in undergrads?
(* I was ready for this question, gave a prepared answer)
Q. How will you cope up with the Academic rigour in MBA?
Q. Which specialization to choose?
(* I said finance )
Q. Asked me about recent new in stock market.
(* I said Adani and Hidenberg )
Q. Asked details on it.
(* which i answered )
Q. What are your hobbies?
Q. More question on hobbies.

All in all interviews was chill, panelists were very encouraging.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 48

Mechanical engineer
22 months workex in IT

2 panelists ( male and female )

Question based on SOP ( about my research paper and major project )
Few follow ups on that
Workex related –
About my role
Some questions about the client (as I mentioned in above question)
What are my key contribution

Interview lasted about ( 5 min)
That’s it! No hygiene questions
Panelists were very chill!

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 49

Morning slot WAT was regarding why boys and men conform to stereotypical masculinity

PI – 1M & 1F

F1 asked about me choosing another city for BBA and why (I am from Mum, grad in Bangalore) and details about what did I learn from bangalore as a place.
She asked a bit about workex and why did I leave in just six months,

M asked which subjects I liked in my graduation, said matketing. Was asked about the 4Ps basic, then which is the fifth P. I talked about the other three new ones which comes under services so he said there is fifth new P for products called packaging. A little more about the details of these was asked.

F asked why NMIMS and the name of the marketing faculty there. Then what defines a leader, the two main qualities you think that are for a leader not just a manager.

M asked about what will I bring to his classroom. And since I was part of a sales job and had a good conversion rate he said try converting us to selecting you.

No gk was asked and the faculty was pretty sweet laughing and chilling with me instead of any grilling.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 50

Morning slot.

Case based WAT. Para was about how women in a certain family were treated badly and the men considered themselves above them. How would you bring about a change against this situation.

Watson test

1 male(PM) panelist( early 50s), 1 female(PF) panelist(late 50s).

PF- What is your hometown? What is it famous for?
PF- What is your family bg?
PM- You are from a technical background, why MBA? Cuts my answer tells- everybody says the same thing. Justified by making more points.
PM- what is business analytics?
PF- difference between business analytics and big data?
PM- how will budget affect the startups?

Lasted for 10-15 mins.

Panel may cut your answer in between and jump to other question. Keep calm and have a smile on your face. Don’t panic of there try to get you off track. Should have a good presence of mind.

Overall smooth experience

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 51

NMAT: 246 BCom (H) Experienced

Here is my experience:

WAT: Case study on UPI and cash transaction data

Interview: Two panelists: 1 male and 1 female

M: Tell us about yourself and asked questions on my work ex.
F: Tell us two strengths and two weaknesses
F: Tell us about a recent headline
Me: Mentioned Adani-Hendenburg case
F: What do you think is SEBI’s role in the case
Me: Answered
M: Asked questions from my SOP like which area do you want to work in etc.

The interviewers were quite chill and smiling.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 52

NMAT 240/ B.Com(H)/ Fresher
1M 1F
M- Where are you from?
M- Asked someting about Human resource management.
M- What is NPA?
M- How would you explain it to a 5 year old?
M- What is balance sheet and trial balance?
M- Dream company.
F- Which company would you join after MBA.
F- 3 things you liked about the budget.
F- Formula for Current ratio.
F- Income tax slab in new regime is beneficial for whom?
F- What is working capital? And its formula.
Both – Okay we are done here.
(Thoughts – They were in a hurry. Everytime I was answering they were like “make it quick pls”. I was one of the last candidates maybe that’s why it was a quick interview but I am not optimistic about it)

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 53

NMAT 258, Engineer, 20 months work ex (6th Feb Afternoon Session)

WAT: Case study on how women tend to buy beauty and hair products in a certain time period and reasons behind it

Interview: 2 panelists, both male, M1 and M2
M1 relatively young, 30-35
M2 45-50

M1: Tell me something about yourself

M1: You must be having a high paying job, why do you want to leave it and do an MBA?

M1: You said you are working as a Business Analyst, what’s the difference between Analysis and Analytics.
Was answering but M1 interrupted in between..

M1: Just give me a straight answer, difference between analysis and analytics.
Answered in two lines, seemed satisfied.

M1: What do you bring to the class?
Then M2 took over.

M2: You have done your engg. in Petroleum, their are so many high paying jobs in that field, why MBA?

M2: You said you are interested in sports and analytics, if say Dream 11 comes and gives you package of 5 crores, would you take it or pursue MBA?
Tricky question but answered.

M2: What is OPEC?
What is difference b/w oil producing and refining?
Does India produce oil or only refines.
Simple questions from my graduation, answered all.

M2: Last question, can you name 3 notable alumni of NMIMS?
I had memorized 3, could remember 2 and told.
Both of them had a huge smile and said thank you, you can leave now.

Overall an extremely chill interview, didn’t feel like a stress interview at any point.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 54

06/02/2023 Afternoon slot
M1 (Female 30s)
M2 (Male 40s)

M2: What did you do at Amex?
– Told them what I did, described how I was responsible for various aspects of whether to process/decline small business loans, create monthly MIS reports etc.

M1: Why did you leave Amex? ( I have a gap of 8 months)
Told them that was working as a volunteer within Amex with the marketing team, realised my potential and decided to move laterally to marketing team, however was told qualifications were not relevant for marketing role, so took a gamble and decided to try getting a marketing job while parrallely preparing for mba entrance.

M2: Given your background in economics, why not finance and why marketing?
Said that have tried finance and marketing both while working, so felt that forte is marketing.

M2: Follow-up to previous question – Then why master’s in eco, and not mba directly?
Told them that had a genuine interest in eco and that aspects of eco like production and pricing decision are used in marketing.

M2: What is difference between nominal and real gdp

M2: Diff between yield and coupon rate of debt instrument?
Didn’t know , said so politely.

M1: Thank you, thats all from our side, best of luck.
(Thanked them and left.)

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 55

Nmat 238
BBA Fresher
Panel 2
1M 1F

2 what is current ratio
3 what is management accounting
4 Any 2 recent mergers.
5 Questions about my internships

1 I had mentioned reading about the automobile industry so he asked me to recommend an EV for him and follow up questions in it.
2 what is more important top end or bottom end of Income Statement

That’s all
It was a very chill interview.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 56

Date – 07 Feb

P1 : M P2 : F

F: Tell me about your education 10th, 12th n undergrad all 3?
F: Okay u also have work ex tell me about that
F: How do u think u will be able to cope up with Mba after working for a while? (It was roughly 5-6mins till here as there was cross questioning in work ex n everything)
F: Ok do uk what is monetary policy? What is the role of a central bank?

Finally comes to Male Interviewer

M: What do is IPO n FPO?

Ok that’s it. Thank you!! Have a nice day

F kept interrupting n felt like a rapid fire with her

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 57

Date – 07 Feb (afternoon), Group- 2, S.No.- 2
NMAT- 235, GEM (29 months exp)

P1 : M(50s) P2 : F(30s)

M: Tell me about yourself
F: Justify your low Grad marks
F: What do you know about Case based learnings in NMIMS?
M: Tell me about your major project (mentioned in TMAY), little cross questioning on that
F: Why did you leave your company?
F: Talk about any current affairs news in 30 secs (didn’t get enough time but talked a little about Adani-Hindenburg)
F: Describe yourself in 2 words

That’s it. Thank you and have a nice day.
Duration- 10 mins

Both panelists were pretending to be friendly and F was smiling throughout the interview as if she was getting interviewed, but overall chill panelists.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 58

7 Feb Afternoon Slot, 4 pm( 8th serial no. Out of 12)
NIFT Delhi Fashion Tech Fresher
Nmat: 237

2 Panelists
1 M- 50+ 1 F- 35+
M- Introduce yourself ?
M- What’s the connection of a NIFT student with MBA?
M- So you don’t have work ex? You’re a fresher…….. that’s great
i smiled in ?????
female penalist noticed, smiled back
M- So you wanna be like Manish Malhotra?
M- Do you consider being an entrepreneur?
M- What do you bring to the table?
M- Do you have a manager role model?
F enters
F- What are the sustainability challengers in your industry?
F- Do you know anything about green washing ?
Long discussion on green washing
F- So i think that’s it
M enters again
M- what are your passions?
M- Who’s the current badminton Indian champion?
M- It was great to talk to you
F- All the best

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 59

Date – 07 Feb (afternoon), Group- 10, S.No.- 3
P1 : F1(30s) P2 : F2(50s)

FV Walk us through your profile
F1: You say you played in interschool football team. Which position?
F1: Did you follow the world cup ? Which team were you rooting for ?
F1: Analyse the world cup for me.
F1: Name 3 industries whose business grew because of the World Cup
F1: Name a few things that is common in a football player and a business manager.
F2: Name 1 football leader.
F2: What leadership skills does he have
F2: What is the most important thing to a leader ?

That’s it. Thank you and have a nice day.
Duration- 10 mins

Both panelists were pretending to be friendly and F was smiling throughout the interview as if she was getting interviewed, but overall chill panelists.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 60

PI Experience
GEM Final Year
NMAT Score 248
Time: 20-25 mins

  1. Why MBA if ure final year student
  2. What is ACM?
  3. Give AI algos + 2 cross-question
  4. What is ChatGPT model? + 2 cross questions about my ML project
  5. Explain CNN + 1 cross question
  6. Explain XIRR
  7. What is risk adjusted book value?
  8. You don’t know AI, u talk about investments…. u don’t know book value (throw off attempt)
  9. You don’t have an desire to learn (throw off attempt)
  10. Give book value of HDFC Bank
  11. Tell me 5 technology stocks, market cap, and their PE ratios
  12. Why is Adani falling? Don’t give me Hindenburg report and Mauritius funds as reason
  13. Explain in technical terms how the share price is falling Stocks is pure science and you don’t even know the technicals (throw off attempt)
  14. How do you use PE ratio? + 1 cross question that they didn’t allow me to answer
  15. How did u get money for stocks… u have 0 Work Experience + 4 cross questions
  16. Why are you not going for finance then?
  17. Ok, so what all u know, this will not help u in MBA. So what will u do in MBA here? 
  18. Want to say something?
  19. (As I Ieave, sir throws surprise question). Are u a registered investor?

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