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How To Prepare for the GRE in 10 Days?
April 23 2024

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is the most popular admissions test for graduate schools worldwide. It has primarily three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Ability. Before starting GRE prep, it is necessary to keep in mind that the GRE paper is designed for students across the world with different academic backgrounds. So the questions are fundamental. However, as the GRE tests the logical ability and aptitude of an aspirant, it has an extensive syllabus covering a wide range of topics. Read on to know about the GRE prep in 10 days.

How To Prepare for the GRE in 10 Days?

Once you understand this context, let us come to the topic of the article. So you have just 10 days before your exam. And you are yet to start with your GRE prep. The situation is tough and the task seems impossible. But don't worry.  We will give you a day-wise schedule to streamline your GRE prep and make it the most effective for a good GRE score.

For these 10 days, forget everything and just focus on your GRE prep. Be ready to give a minimum of 7-8 hours every day and you will surely get the results.


GRE Exam Structure:

Let us have a quick look at the GRE syllabus, number of questions, and duration. Quantitative reasoning: It is further segregated into four parts.

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data analysis

Verbal reasoning: This part is further divided into four parts.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Sentence Equivalence
  • Text Completion

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Analytical Writing Ability: This part has two tasks.

  • A 30- minute “Analyze an Issue” task
  • A 30- minute ” Analyze an Argument” task

In the first one, you have to evaluate a certain issue, consider its complexities, and develop an argument with reasons and examples to support your views. For the Argument task, you are expected to evaluate an already given argument according to specific instructions. You need to evaluate how logical the argument is through the given evidence.

Paper Format:

  • 158+ for Verbal, 159+ for Quantitative, and 4.5+ for Writing, and an overall score of 318+ which places you into the 75th percentile or higher
  • The test is section-adaptive, not question-adaptive


  • Computer-based exam- 2 Sections, 40 Questions, 70 minutes
  • Paper-based exam- 2 Sections, 50 Questions, 80 minutes


  • Computer-based exam- 2 Sections, 40 Questions, 60 minutes
  • Paper-based exam- 2 Sections, 50 Questions, 70 minutes

Books for the GRE Prep:

Considering the paucity of time, don't confuse yourself with more than one book. The best book to refer to is:

  • ETS Official Guide (OG) – for GRE

It is the official book written and compiled by actual paper setters of the GRE.  The book will give a very clear idea about the paper pattern, type of questions, and formats.

This is the book to refer to if you are just starting your preparation now. However, if you have some prior knowledge of the GRE and have done some amount of GRE prep earlier, then utilize this time for practicing more questions from the GREKing Free Ebooks.

  • Greg Free GRE Ebooks

The content of these e-books is designed keeping in mind the actual GRE paper. The questions are of different difficulty levels to help you from the amateur stage up to the pro level.

Some of the Ebooks are:
1. GREKing 50 Most Repeated Words
2. GREKing 50 Must Solve Text Completion Questions
3. GREKing 50 Must Solve Sentence Equivalence Questions
4. GREKing 100 Must Solve Quantitative Comparison Questions

You can get the ebooks here. We are adding more Ebooks every day so that you can have access to more resources. So be sure to check back and refresh the website regularly. How To Prepare for the GRE in 10 Days?

GRE Prep Schedule- Day-wise

Things to do every day along with the mentioned tasks:

  • Read one article from either the New York Times, Economist, Wall Street Journal, or Forbes
  • For Vocabulary, go to the GREKing Youtube page. There are several Daily Vocabulary videos. Watch one or two videos a day and learn all the mentioned words

Day 1

  • Diagnostic GRE Mock:
    • Take a diagnostic GRE mock test to assess your current level of preparedness and identify areas for improvement.
  • Analyzing Question Types:
    • Identify the question types where mistakes were made during the mock test.
    • Categorize the mistakes as follows: a. Unaware of the concept: Lack of understanding or knowledge about the concept being tested. b. Unable to understand the concept: Difficulty comprehending the question or applying the concept correctly. c. Time Management Issues: Ran out of time to complete the question or section, leading to errors.

Day 2

Focus on Verbal Reasoning for today's GRE prep. You know the three question types. Choose each question type one by one. Then go to GREKing's Youtube page and watch the videos on each type of question. Give practice tests. Alternatively, if you have the GREKing course, then go through the foundational videos on your course dashboard. After this solve practice questions of each topic from the official topic-specific GREKing free ebooks.

Day 3

GRE Quant Syllabus - Arithmetic:

  1. Study Material:

    • Refer to Arithmetic practice questions in the ETS Guide.
    • Alternatively, utilize the GREKing Ebook 'GREKing 100 Must Solve Arithmetic Questions' for comprehensive practice.
  2. Practice:

    • Dedicate time to practicing Arithmetic questions from either the ETS Guide or GREKing Ebook.
    • Focus on mastering Arithmetic concepts and solving a variety of question types.

GRE Verbal Practice - Reading Comprehension (RC):

  1. Focus Area:

    • Concentrate on practicing Reading Comprehension questions.
  2. Practice:

    • Solve as many RC questions as possible to improve comprehension skills and familiarity with GRE-style passages.
    • Utilize practice materials available in the ETS Guide or other reputable GRE preparation resources.

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Day 4

Follow yesterday's approach for GRE Prep. However, instead of Arithmetic, focus on Algebra today. For Verbal Reasoning continue with Reading Comprehension practice.

Day 5

We will be dedicating another day to GRE Algebra, as there are multiple topics. Besides, if you are yet to complete some amount of Arithmetic practice, you can focus on completing it today. For Verbal practice Text Completion questions today.

Day 6

We will change the pattern of GRE Prep today. Give another GRE mock. The Official Guide will have 2-4 Practice tests. While you are yet to revise Geometry, it is necessary to review and analyze how far you have come in your past five days of GRE preparation. Once you are done with the mock, practice one GRE AWA essay. You will get multiple AWA topics from the GREKing Youtube/Facebook page where we share weekly practice topics.

Day 7

Start with the Geometry section of the GRE paper. For Verbal, focus on practicing Sentence Equivalence type questions from the Official Guide or GREKing Free Ebook- 'GREKing 50 Must Solve Sentence Equivalence Questions'.


Day 8

Give me another day for your Geometry revision. Also, wrap up any leftover Quant topic that you couldn't practice in time. Practice from the GREKing Ebook- 'GREKing 100 Must Solve Geometry Questions. For Verbal, practice Critical Reasoning type questions today.

Day 9

Start with the Data Analysis type of questions. As you would realize after practicing a few questions, the data in this question format is straightforward. However, the questions are calculation-intensive. So the goal is to practice more and more questions to get used to the format. Next, give another GRE full-length mock test.

Day 10

Write one AWA essay. Do not give any GRE mock today. You learned a lot of things over the past 9 days. So for today, go over all the old topics, revise the formulas, and look at past question papers. Revise the vocab words learned. Your GRE prep is done. Relax, eat healthily, arrange your documents, and sleep early.

You will do good! Believe in yourself and stay calm!

All the best!

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