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SHOULD I DO A 1 YEAR MBA? (ft. Great Lakes PGPM Students): -
May 15 2024

Here in the speakers list we have Great Lakes Gurgaon present students who got placed in Paytm and CyberTech, with approximately 6-7 times more salary package than they previously had. They had 3-3.5years of work experience hence, they opted for PGPM which is a 1yr program in Great Lakes. Let us see their discussion where they answer questions related to the same: CAT online courses  

How to decide whether you want 1year MBA?

  • Here, both the speakers listed their reasons in which the prominent one being if you are someone who has significant amount of work-ex, you might get overwhelmed with the work routine and you opt for MBA for several reasons. But if you take traditional degree of 2yrs which will land you in same package as 1yr MBA then why to waste time and opportunity while you still have the chance to grab it.
  • Decision of MBA also depends upon where we are in our corporate journey and what we aspire or aim next for.
  • It is imperative that you know about the corporate setting and basic knowledge of MBA so it makes a little more relevant to you than fresher’s.

CAT online courses and mocks  

Do you feel left out among freshers? Well this is the most frequent question cum dilemma the work-ex-students face while joining B-schools for 1year MBA and are hesitant about it.

The students answer the following points:

  • Considering the curriculum and batch of PGPM program the students enjoy diverse work-ex which gives them exposure, broader perspective of the curriculum. Even the lecturers get an opportunity to gain different perspectives while teaching.
  • You need to be young at heart and keep focusing on gaining experiences and getting better ones.
  • Missing of Internships- The hectic program of PGPM does not provide internships to students as there is limited time. Instead, they provide live lectures which are very much alike so interacting with people in management setting is still there.
  • Also, internships are proposed to freshers mainly as they do not have any knowledge of corporate before entering job roles but in PGPM, students dealt with already have work-ex so it does not make much if a difference.


  • The PGPM program since it is of a year only, has pretty hectic course, specially the initial 4months. Assignments might get too hectic on top of the vast curriculum and limited time but once you get a hand of it, it will be fine then.
  • Within 1 month of the program, you need to start electing your specialization and after 2-3months the specialized courses or electives start getting taught too.
  • Resume Building- Just after college starts, students start getting guidance from placement cell to build their resume and after 2 months or so placements are started.

CONCLUSION: If you are someone who is in a dilemma of joining PGPM program over PGDM then feel normal and take that leap of faith because it helps us grow 360-degree perspective to align your long term goals. Also, go ahead and take up the course without paralyzing your decision in overthinking and wasting your time. You will never regret taking this course. Have faith and do your own research before joining any b-school like checking the specialization the college is offering, average package, type of focus on work-ex students, connect with alumni network and then take your decision but choose a good college for doing the same.

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Anisha Mukhija

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