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SJMSOM (IIT Bombay) Personal Interview Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

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SJMSOM (IIT-B) Interview Experience 1:

1. Tell me about yourself. something not on resume - Told 2. Do you want to add anything - told about family 3. Do you bully your brother? 4. Asked some medical questions as parents are doctors. 5. Are all joints movable? 6. White patch when you press your thumb? 7. Regions in Maharashtra? which region nasik belongs to? 8. Biggest Difficulty faced in work ex ? 9. Biggest achievement in work ex ? 10. What are types of testing ? 11. what is black box and whitebox testing? 12. which development tool you use? 13. Which Database you use?what is Join? Types of joins. 14. Governer of Maharashtra? 15. Why MBA? 16. What do you think is the probability of you not getting selected? CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

SJMSOM (IIT-B) Interview Experience 2:

3 panelist 2M , 1F F1: So your name is unique why not sanjana? How did you get this name? Me: told about it F1: So tell me about yourself Me : told M2: what is the difference between function oriented and object oriented programming Me : told M2: can you give example Me: told M2: how are class function object different Me : told M2: what is techstack Me : told but wasn't sure if it M2: who is Cognizant CEO Me : told M2: ex CEO Me : told M2: how is policy in CTS different from TCS and Infy Me : told but not sure what he meant by policy M2 : what is the ig policy Me : not sure he asked ig or it I asked him twice but couldn't answer M1: ok so you were a full stack developer Can you explain the stack Me : told M1: you currently work as BI so what it is Me : told M1: can you tell on some technology you deal with Me : told M1: okay can you name some etl process that we have in market Me : named around 12 , he started laughing M1: ok election time in wb, how many seats you have Me : told M1: lok Sabha ? Me : told M1 : who is the chief judge of West Bengal Me: no idea M1: no problem, when is the election Me : told F1: Ok so wb has seen a lot of communist influence can you tell me the difference between communism and socialism Me : told F1: socialism and capitalism Me : told F1: can you tell me about the recent scraping policy Me : told F1: what is bs6 rule Me : no idea F1: what is the major source of income for wb Me : told F1: what % does agriculture has in GDP Me: told F1 : service ? Me : told F1: okay I'm done you can leave now have a good day and all the best. Overall around 15mins interview it was .

SJMSOM (IIT-B) Interview Experience 3:

GEM CAT 98.45 ECE 20 months Workex Q1. Introduce yourself Briefly? Answered Q2. Which Product do you Manage? Answered. Q3. What is the Process? Told him the process from Requirement Gathering to Recycle with recent release example. Q4. What do you do in it. Explained our B2B sales model and explained how we gather requirements and than how we translate into deciding which material lens, sensor and Processor to use in the Product. Seemed Satisfied. Q5. Why MBA Answered Q6. Which of these would you not learn by continuing working. I said my company employees engineers even for marketing roles so all of us think on similiar lines So an MBA would help to diversify my role ,diversify my knowledge and help me be better fit for my organisation. Seemed impressed. Q7. Which newspaper do you read? Hindu Q8. Have you followed the budget? Yes Q9. Tell me your opinion on it? Told it was a good budget as it foccused on infusing capital in the economy. More allocation in health, privitization of entities like LIC and IDBI. Also talked about PLI and Atmanirbhar bharat Q10. What do you think about privatization? I said in free market there is no government control besides if they privitaze banks they would not need to infuse capital again and again in banks causing more pressure on goverment expenditure. (Said good) Q11. What was previous year fiscal deficit? 9.5 percent Q12. Where do government get money from? I said loans, through disinvestment, through GST, Through excise duty of 34 rupees per litre in petrol. (Again said good) Q13. Any questions for us? I asked 2 about DIKSHA and Exchange program End CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

SJMSOM (IIT-B) Interview Experience 4:

Mechanical Engineer. Work ex in Aerospace business. P1 1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Which all calls you have? Where you want to go and why? ( IIM-B and IIT-B) 3. Hobbies 4. Airlines and Market share. 5. Why not career in Sports? Importance? 6. Why Biden won? 7. Vice president current and former of US 8. 3 lady ministers in india. P2 9. Derivatives. 10. Regression lines 11. How you will make flat plate

SJMSOM (IIT-B) Interview Experience 5:

1 finance professor and 2 alumni 1. Tell me about yourself? 2. What is economic survey? Budget? Difference and who presented 3. What is NCLT?What does it do 4. 1 math puzzle 5. India's GDP? China's GDP? 6. What happens if exchange rate increase? Currently 1$=73 INR right .what if it goes to 85 INR 7. Name few women entrepreneurs you look up to. Their qualities 8. Ethical dilemma question: Which company will you choose to become the CEO . ITC (where tobacco products share is 40%) or Pepsico (which sells sugary carbonated drinks) 9. Business is all about profit and loss. Will you get compromised to sell unhealthy products for more profits? 10. What is your current job role? 11. Tell me 3 factors you consider before starting a business 12. What other calls do you have? And preference order Thankyou CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

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