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VGSOM (IIT Kharagpur) Personal Interview Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources.

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VGSOM (IIT Kharagpur) PI Experience 1:

27 Feb 2021, 11:30 AM (About 12-15 mins) 2 Panelists (Male - Both had their cameras off) P1 - Where are you? Hometown or workplace? P1 - Are you still working or are you on a break? P1- Tell me about yourself, briefly. P1 - Mention 4 qualities that a manager should have. (I had prepared 3, so talked about the manager being a leader, faced a cross question, which I tackled by citing an experience) P1 - Difference between growth and development P1 - I'm done. Over to my colleague. P2 - All questions on work ex. P1 - Any question that you would like to ask? (Asked) P1 gave a detailed answer. Both the panelists sounded very friendly (couldn't see them) and let me complete every answer without interrupting.

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VGSOM (IIT Kharagpur) PI Experience 2:

28th Feb 2021, afternoon slot Two interviewer : M1 and M2 M1: So please introduce yourself M1: Are you still working? Can you explain your day M1: please explain the BI process M1: which sectors client do you have M1: so how is Ur computer science degree helping you in BI M1: ok suppose I'm your client how do you will you deal with me M1: how do you deal with data M2: what is the difference between structured and unstructured data M2: give example M2: what is page fault(couldn't answer) M2: what is the difference between tree and graph M2: can you give a brief algo on how to find if a graph is a tree M2: how do you use BFS? ( I had told about DFS) M2: suppose you have 100 lines on how many points do they intersect with each other at max? ( Had to use paper to solve it, he was not interested in the answer but in the process showed him how to derive and he helped on it solutioning too.) M2: tell me 5 imports and exports of India ( could tell 3 only ?) M1: okay so what happens it a country imports more and export less M1: how a country's import export effects the economy M1: how can India achieve 5 trillion economy through export? M1: Is that the only way to achieve? M1: do you have any questions for us? It was a pretty long interview 25-30 mins. Phew!

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VGSOM (IIT Kharagpur) PI Experience 3:

My background: ECE Panel number: 13 with 3 interviewers (1 industry professional; 2 profs: 1 from ECE and 1 from Management) (i) From the industry professional: 1. Tell us about yourself. 2. Tell us about your profile at work. 3. Why then switch from tech to MBA? 4. What if for some reason you cant pursue MBA, what is your plan B? (ii) From the ECE prof: 1. Played totally on telecommunication. Nothing on electronics (although I had described my work-ex in analog power design) . 2. what was there in telecomm 20yrs ago which has changed now? 3. working of packet, message, ckt switching. 4. Congestion and queuing. 5. Analog vs digital communication, modulation, adv/dis-adv. 6. What is VoLTE and its major players. 7. TDMA,FDMA,CDMA 8. Are we using wired communication somwhere now or totally gone wireless ? (iii) From the Business management Prof: General topics: -BSE,NSE, crude oil prices,USD to INR exchange rate, the 2G scam, what was being auctioned in that scam? 1.  Some questions from my hobbies: on Table tennis: its notable players in india, past champions; On yoga: Yoga was part of which ancient book, what are the 4 vedas, name some modern yoga gurus. 2. What do you think is Patanjali's business model? how does it compare with Amway's?

VGSOM (IIT Kharagpur) PI Experience 4:

GEM IT Engg 21months work-ex 2panelist 1F 1M 1. Tell us about yourself 2. Discrete distribution and its types 3. Diff between GDP and GNP 4. Draw a Tan curve 5. Supervised and Unsupervised Learning algorithm with example(workex) 6. Diff between AI and ML 7. If someone takes credit of your work, how will you handle the situation. 8. Waterfall model 9. Spiral model 10. What is caching 11. Poisson Distribution, Bernouli Distribution 12. Any Management subjects in your undergrad? Project mgmt 13. Five topics u learn in Project mgmt 14. OSI models-Networking 15. What is Serializable Schedule-DBMS Overall an okay-ish interview. Could not answer most of the Maths questions. Technical intensive with no current affairs questions!

VGSOM (IIT Kharagpur) PI Experience 5:

VGSOM Kharagpur: 6th March 3 panelists, 35M, 40M, 50M GEM 33 months Infosys, 97.98% CAT Interview: 1. Tell me about yourself that is not on your CV. 2. What was the work you did in Infosys? 3. So, basically your work was Installation not Implementation in SAP technology. How Implementation differs from installation? 4. Tell me about a saying in Electronics for Chip making advancement or Law? Ans. Moore's Law, explained that. 5. What is the limitations in Moore's law? 6. Why these days people are able to make Billion dollar companies with just few people? Ans. Gave eg of Whatsapp- 20 employees in whatsapp during selling it to Fb. Differential value addition for coders compared to Agriculture or a clerical work. 7.

What is Unemployment? Is a person preparing at will is unemployed? What is disguised unemployment?(all questions on my previous answer) Electronics & Maths 8. P3- Tell me about Op-amp and it's sign? 9. Zener diode and sign? 10. Trade unions bargaining process? Ans. Collective bargaining and last resort Labour tribunals. 11. Resistor colour coding scheme from an eg? When i couldn't answer, he explained and then i completed how it works. 12. Pi matrices multiplication? I don't remember anything sir, simple matrix multiplication only. 13. Vector multiplication. Somehow gave some answer.

14. y=mod(x) graph, and why can't yiu differentiate at x=0. 15. Why can't we differentiate at edges? 16. Tell me about Maxima? How we find it? What are the conditions where Maxima can't be found in 2nd differential? Why it is negative in 2nd differntial? 17. Is high fuel prices disinventive to Carbon economy? Explained that High prices is because govt want to maximize tax revenue. He wasn't satisfied but he explains his rationale. 18. Views on Electric vehicles. 30 min interview. 2nd panelists didn't ask anything cause he wanted to ask more on SAP domain, and i has limited knowledge on it. Overall it was smooth, answered most except some tough on maths. They want Brevity in answers.

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