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Ways to easily clear the NMAT Exam with Self-Study
May 16 2024

The NMAT exam preparation approach should preferably be established well in advance in accordance with the updated NMAT exam format and syllabus. NMAT will be held over a 75-day period from October to December, with the option of taking either an online computer-based exam in examination centers or a centrally standardized test Internet-based test from home. The NMAT exam score will get you into prominent MBA programs like NMIMS Mumbai, XIMB, VIT, and many more.

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Understanding The NMAT Exam.

After acknowledgment of the exam pattern, one could start his/her preparation. Understanding the exam fundamentals briefly is equally important. The aspirant needs to attempt all 108 questions to get a maximum score of 360. Each question carries 3 marks without any negative marking. However, there is a section-wise time limit. A candidate who passes one section cannot return to that section before the time limit expires.

Here you can check out the details of the time allotted in each section as well as the questions in each section.

  • Language skills have 36 questions with a 28-minute time limit.
  • Quantitative Skills has 36 questions with a 52-minute allotted time limit.
  • Logical Reasoning has 36 questions with a 40-minute allotted time limit.

Selecting the Best Study Material

NMAT preparation books and study materials, whether online or offline, play an important part in helping you do well on the NMAT exam. Toppers' recommendations for the finest NMAT preparation books

The Graduate Management Admission Council has published a detailed "NMAT Preparation Guide". This book is a genuine and official study guide. The book includes the syllabus, basics for preparation, access to Mocks, a CD for preparation, prior questions, and likely questions, among other things. This preparation book may be purchased online at a price of Rs.600+.

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A Practice Mock Test for the NMAT Exam

NMAT Mock Tests are the primary exam preparation materials. Along with mock exams, NMAT Exam Quizzes help you improve your speed and accuracy in NMAT studying.

GMAC also releases mock tests and sample test papers for the NMAT. Furthermore, sample papers produced by top experts and NMAT toppers are available to aid in your preparation. Don't forget to take the mock exams.

Strengthen your weak concepts.

It is typical for us as candidates to be specialists in one subject while being utterly unfamiliar with questions in other sections. Do not fall victim to overconfidence. It could backfire on the day of the exam. Concentrate all of your attention on your weak concepts. It is best to start with solved examples. After that, practice using the handout provided at the end of each chapter. Also, NMAT mock test paper for a better understanding and grip. If things get rough, turn to your mentors, peers, fellow aspirants, or the internet for assistance.

How to pass the NMAT exam without coaching and only self-study?

There is no substitute for self-study for NMAT preparation. A candidate does not require coaching unless you get stuck. To avoid wasting time, experts recommend that you begin your NMAT exam preparation with self-study. Then, gradually shift to a combination of self-study and coaching guidance.

  1. Self-study is the greatest preparation plan for the NMAT exam, but time is still a significant consideration. If you get stuck on a question, don't be afraid to move on. Later, seek the guidance of an NMAT preparation professional to help you get out of the bind.
  2. Most aspirants with an engineering or other technical background find it simple to get along with Quant, DI, and LR, but they find Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension to be too challenging. This is where they require expert advice.
  3. NMAT preparation requires you to increase your speed and accuracy because the time to answer each question is less than one minute. It will thus not be enough to achieve a high overall score. You must also achieve a high sectional score to be considered for shortlisting at NMIMS, XIMB, or other top B-schools accepting NMAT scores.
  4. NMAT 2022 preparation should prepare you to sit for 2 hours without a break. To accomplish this, you must take more mocks.


To summarise, I recommend taking the Crack course as well as the mock test series. CATKing NMAT courses and strategies have helped many candidates get admission into their desired colleges as well as admission to the best MBA programs in India and abroad. As a result, our team will work hard to provide you with the best service and resources for your NMAT exams.

According to the NMAT toppers, time management and consistency are also essential for success. To improve your results, keep notes, formula sheets, and journals.

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