Welingkar GDPI Experiences

WE School GDPI

Welingkar GDPI Experiences

Welingkar GDPI Experiences

Welingkar Personal Interview Experience:

Two panellists – one in his 60s, one 40s.

Q1. Hi Santosh how are you doing, had lunch?
A – I’m good sir, yes had lunch.. Welingkar provided us, had that.
(both smiled at each other)

Q2. Tell me something about yourself, Santosh?
A- I am a pharmacist by degree, graduated in 2016. During my college, I was a part of the Placement Committee, participated in District level CSR activities and won a few prizes for Intercollege dance competitions. Got campus placed as a Clinical Data Manager in TCS and worked there for 15 months. Later, I got into management related roles, got the opportunity to Work for 3 months as a Project Co-ordinator for A Vodafone Sponsored NGO. After which I joined CATKing Educare which is also my current company, its a coaching institute, I started of as a Business Development Executive, moved onto HR roles later and last year contributed to 20% of the Companies Revenue and got promoted to Head of Operations Role. Also, I’ve been working with NGO AIESEC for the past couple of years.

Q3. What is AIESEC? What did you do there?
Its the world’s largest Youth Based NGO Sir. Its presence is in 126 different countries. We have different departments, I work for the Incoming Global Volunteers one. We have several projects here, from rural woman empowerment to teaching underprivileged kids, they can choose a project and work towards it. I work as a team leader for one of the projects, so from promoting my project to, taking their interviews, helping them for a visa to their accommodation where everything is taken care of by us. Even planning their day to day activities.

Q4. The interesting thing to do, good. Okay… Tell me What are the two learnings from a recent book you read?
(He didn’t ask me to name the book so I came up with any two learnings that would make him believe I’m a good candidate for the college 😂)

One I believe it’s essential to be ready to learn always, you must have the zeal and fire in your heart to know more. I think that’s very important.

Second I would say, one must always be down to earth regardless of his or her position in an organisation. People who are modest can do wonders.
( Then I realised he might ask me to name the book I derived these learnings from so I mentally thought of a book name to bluff 😂)

Q5. Why Healthcare after experience in Marketing?
I’ve always been interested in the pharma world Sir but in TCS I was more inclined towards the management related work that was given to me hence I decided to explore that field and when I did that I was really happier and more fruitful so I decided to stick to that.

Q6. Okay, and Why MBA?
Honestly Sir I never considered doing an MBA, it’s only when I started working with MBA graduates from IIM Indore, SP Jain and NMIMS I realised I lack a lot of theoretical knowledge which helps them in the practical world. Hence MBA. And when I researched about it I got to know about Healthcare MBA which is a dedicated course so then I was more interested.

Q7 Okay that’s why you applied for only Healthcare.
( I actually applied to everything except healthcare, but my percentile qualified me only for Healthcare, unfortunately. But here he assumed I’m focused so I couldn’t kill his image of me 😂)
Yes Sir, but if given an option I’d like to go for Media too.
(He said but you’ve applied only for Healthcare so I guess that’s not an option now, I said yes right. )

Q8. Two things essential for sustenance of an organisation according to you? Apart from Measures to build Sales.
A- Employee welfare (explained that a little example of a pharma company ) and moving forward with the latest trends.

Q7. Example of Pharma companies that are into digital marketing?
A- I think all companies are into Digital marketing Sir, digital marketing was a big thing two years back however now everybody is into that so there needs to be something new that companies need to come up with I guess.

Q8. Personal and professional long term goal?
A- Personally Sir I would want to be in a position wherein I’m able to establish an animal hospital, I metropolitan city like Mumbai has only one animal hospital ( he said he’s aware of one in parel, I said yes named it and said its the only one) and Sir of course like any other child I want to see my parents be extremely proud of me.
Professionally, I see myself in a leadership position in one of the world’s top companies. (Secretly, I want to travel the entire world, all 190ish countries😂 )

Q9. Green hair makes you feel confident? (he smiled)
A- I blushed, said I coloured my hair a month back and felt confident before that too but yes right now I feel more confident. I wasn’t anticipating a GDPI call or else I’d definitely delay colouring. (he laughed and said he’s not judgmental on the colour of my hair. It made me happy I smiled)

Q10. What are two things that are of value to you pertaining to your work experience?
A- People Management – I learned that and I believe it’s of utmost importance.
Example – Vodafone Sponsored NGO where I handled 10 teachers who taught English to underprivileged kids of BMC schools.

Concluding Note:

Just being Positive – Things can go wrong, sometimes you are not responsible for it but it’s how you react to it that matters the most.

They both smiled and said that’s it thank you.


Panel: How was your day, had lunch
Student: It was fine, yaa. Welingkar gave us refreshments, that only
Panel: How was your GD? What was the topic
Student: As tomorrow it is world women day, it was women in the workforce
Panel: Did women dominate
Student: no, they were 3 and it was very good
Panel: What are your views on Women empowerment
Student: until and unless the mentality of works being defined for genders changes, the situation will not change. Almost 67% are rural, so there notion is why to send women for works? This needs to be solved
Panel: Why you left?
Student: I recognised that the entry-level is not allowing me to perform my abilities to the fullest.
Panel: everyone in every profession start with a scratch
Student: Sir, but the credibility for the post after MBA Is different than basic graduation and it is higher.
Panel: so what are your strengths
Student: Good leadership qualities, Pressure handling capacity and good listening
Basically, when I was in school I came across my stammering and also over a year I developed myself. In childhood, no one allowed me to talk so the only job is to listen, this developed my listening abilities and also my writing skills developed
Panel: That’s absolutely fine, I was also a stammerer up to graduation and let me tell you you are not a stammerer now, I am Happy that you converted your weakness into a strength
Panel 2: I thought you would ask him how you recovered
Student: No sir! I will ask him when I will in we school
Panel: So you may be having lot of Freinds?
Student: yes! And also my writing ability got converted into content writing and done certain projects with renowned production houses
Panel: Do you know about the economic slowdown, what are its problems
Student: Basically, NBFC and Burst of Real estate bubble, basically we have 18 lakh crore unsold and also companies are paying 16% tax and growth is 9%.
Panel: ya ya! How is share price defined
Student: no sir, not much information about that
Panel: it’s fine! I just asked. What you will select after coming here??
Student: marketing, because I would love to be presentable and would be more fluent.
Panel: Why e-business
Student: I have seen people, who are not acquainted with systems in my company, so we forced to be techno-savvy and also colleagues say, I learnt the SAP and Suggestion scheme portal fast. You have software learning ability
Panel: you were Sap Abp or functional
Student: Functional, like PO, GR I know how to make and I was using my head account,I was not having access
Panel: Nice pleasure meeting you Aditya!!! do you want to ask something to us
Student: No Sir
Panel: Thank you, Aditya

GDPI Experience

Group Discussion Room
I had an amazing set of panelists.
GD Topic: Branding is nothing, its all about the product

The Group Discussion started with a bell and there wasn’t any specific time allotted for people to prepare for the topic but they were told to speak whenever they wish to speak everyone without creating any nuisance in the room spoke really well and kept their point in front of the panelist. Immediately after that, I was called for Personal Interview.

The personal Interview panelist consisted of 2 people (male & female) and their first word before starting the interview was “RELAX” then they asked me certain questions regarding my reasons for doing an MBA, Then they asked me to introduce myself to them later the conversation was directed towards My job experience and later they asked me the current exchange rate for USD/INR and the reason for it falling down the interview got over after this.

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GDPI Experience 2

Creativity Test:
Topic: MAGIC (worst word for me at that time)
But I was prepared for the worst which helped me a lot. After a wait of half an hour, we were taken to the registration room where we were allotted rooms for our Group Discussion and other Registration requirements then we were taken to the Group Discussion room.

When I entered I saw 2 elderly madams whose face expression looked as if they were bored with this process after so many interviews.

GD Topic: Indians perform better as Individuals or in a Group.
The Group Discussion started with a bell and there wasn’t any specific time allotted for people to prepare for the topic but they were told to speak whenever they wish to speak everyone without creating any nuisance in the room spoke really well and kept their point in front of the panelist. Immediately after that, I was called for Personal Interview.

More GD Topics and expected Interview questions

Personal Interview Room

The Panelist were 2 very friendly professors and as usual their the first thing they told me was to relax.

-Later I was asked about my college

-They asked my opinion on does Colgate Company gives false promises while advertising their product to which my reply was “I don’t know about Colgate but I don’t think so Bournvita, Complan or Boost are any way useful to kids, I mean how can drinking Chocolate make me strong in fact “Nachnika Laddu” is way better than them.” To which they laughed really hard.

-Then they asked what about fair n lovely to which I replied that I have no idea about it as I never used the product because I am happy with my complexion to which they laughed again.

-They asked me the difference between Finance & Accounts to which I replied I have no idea and the professor who belonged to a corporate world said that you are sitting in front of an accounting genius and if this if your reply he won’t let you enter his class to which I replied that I will refer the notes given by him and secondly search over the internet, ask sir for extra classes and won’t leave him until all my concepts get cleared to which they laughed again.

-Later they asked me about my work in Rotaract Club and all the events as one of the panelists if a Member of a Rotaract Club Himself followed by a lot of questions about my Hometown Nagpur, the reason I want to do an MBA, why did I apply ONLY for Welingkar.

The Interview got over and they gave their final words by saying “You did very good but we can’t guarantee you anything hope for the best & Best of Luck.”

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GDPI Experience 3

WE experience-19th May,9:00 am

I woke up at 8:50 and it takes 20 mins from my place to reach WE School. I was there by 9.30 but was still allowed to give the Interviews without any issue and, then we were separated into groups. After a good wait for about 30-40 minutes where they were explaining about their courses like Retail, healthcare, rural development, etc. They requested if someone has to ask any questions but no one was willing to ask any, they even said +5 marks to anyone who asks, this made a few people. ask questions. (No marks were added)

Then we were taken to a GD room were a group of about 10-12 people were & 2 topics were given 1 had an option to select any one of them, the topic was ‘What is more important for a country Like India-Industrial development or Environment protection’.

I started the topic and tried to structure, after me a girl spoke with quite good confidence and stated her points later a student started contradicting every statement in order to come in the attention of the panelist I found him to be a bit aggressive as he started bombarding with negative contradiction by proving peoples statistics to be wrong. The panelist consisted of an elderly lady and disinterested man who was literally trying to sleep.

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Interview Room

After that came the Personal interview round the person who went before me took good 20-30 mins which made me a bit scared as to why is he taking so long. The panelist consisted of 2 professions which I have named P1 and P2 and the conversations Started

Me: Hello.
P1, P2: Hello, So tell me something about yourself?
Me: I gave my biodata
P1: So you did BA in Economics?
Me: No Sir, I mean yes Sir, but I also did Aircraft maintenance engineering as a full-time course which is a licensed course
P2 (impressed): That’s great. You did Engineering and BA together. Tell me what did u learn during you OJT as you mentioned here?
ME: I explained everything.

P1: Why MBA than?
ME: knew the gravity of this question in my case & nailed it, they looked convinced.
P1: What do u mean by inflation?
ME: (WTF???!?!?)… Sorry, Sir.
P2: He is asking you what do u understand by the term inflation? (Even he must be laughing inside)
ME: I explained the way I knew.
P1: Assume if you were a financial advisor to Pranab Mukherjee what will you do to Strengthen the Rupee
ME: I explained to which he replied I am not interested in Marketing
P1: Tell me about CR.
ME: Said a bit
P1: (stopped me) And explained it correctly.
ME: Thank you, Sir.
P2: Books you read?
ME: Thousand Splendid Suns
P1: Was making fun of the title & asked me to tell the story.
ME: Explained!
P2: Nice storyline…
ME: Hmmm…
P1′s Phone rings…
P2: So what do u understand by biz design?
ME: Sir, actually I am just interested in core MBA, specialization-marketing.
Both the professor shook hands with me and the interview got over.

Following are the GDPI Experiences of the students at Welingkar, Bengaluru which happened on 29th and 30th of April.

Student 1

In the GD Room

GD topic: Indian firms are investing in the US, is it right or wrong?

First, it started with the registration part with our scorecards and admit cards. After that, we were given a presentation on Welingkar College by its students. Then we began with the Group Exercise which includes Group Discussion and written test. The topic was given and some facts were also given regarding it.

We were given 5 minutes to think, 15 minutes to discuss and 10 minutes to write the conclusion.

In the PI Room

Then the PI took almost 25 minutes. They asked me all general HR related questions, my background, and profile based questions. The basic questions were like, “Why MBA?” and stuff related to it. I would suggest you all to thoroughly go through and be clear about why you want to do an MBA and what are your future plans.

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Student 2

In the GD Room

GD topic: “India’s economic growth is closely related to women empowerment.”

The statistical data was given. It viewed a graph showing the use of mobile phones, hygienic products, etc and the number of people who used to use these things in the years 2005-06 and 2015-2016.

Student 3

I had my interview on 29th April.

GD topic: “Women Empowerment”.

They literally grilled us!

In the PI Room

My whole interview was based on the one sentence which I had said- “I want to do MBA in HR”. They asked me to tell them about my educational background, why MBA, why HR, what is emotional balance, how can I handle stress, etc. Then they made me play the role of an HR manager and asked about HR policies.

They asked me, “Why Welingkar?” After I answered, they said “This is the most common answer every candidate replies. Tell us about something that differentiates you from them”.

They would contradict everything that you would say. Better to prepare well on what you are going to say. Be clear and prepared to tell about why you want to choose one specific subject. Then they will test you completely on that part.

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Student 4

I’d my Welingkar Interview on 29th April. Super cool panelists!

They only asked me about the MBA and why finance? They kept discussing these two questions only.

All the best to you guys! Just be convincing.

Student 5

GD topic: “Domestic Tourism in India has now come of age”.

In PI all generic questions were asked. Nothing related to current affairs. Overall it was a good experience and the whole process took us around 3 hours.

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Student 6

GD topic: “Earning from sports in India has increased over the last decade”.

GD was pretty chilled out.

In PI they asked me about myself, what I’ve understood about management during college and working days, asked me an example where I’ve managed any event or function which wasn’t successful and how did I save myself from the situation and what did I learn from it?

 Student 7

CD Topic: “Indian Sportspersons have multifold income sources”

As far as CD is concerned the topic is going to be a little twisted. They took us to a projector room and on the screen, they showed us the incomes of various sportspersons. And their incomes were compared with those of the common people. Two rounds of PI were conducted after CD.

PI Topics: “PGDM” and “Other PGDM Programs”.

They had all of my forms of other PGDM programs and based on those they asked me questions. You have to be specific about what you answer to their questions. They will try to trick and confuse you. You have to be sure and firm about what you have written in the forms and what you have said. Try to answer in the same manner as you have filled for forms of other programs.

So it’s up to you whether you want to go for the motion or against the motion.

Topics for written case studies:

  1. Can Indian sportsmen do better in international gaming?
  2. Do you think India can come up in international sports?
  3. Write down some points discussed in the case- Donald Trump Politics.

Topics for GD:

  1. India’s economic growth is closely related to women empowerment.
  2. Indian sportspersons have multifold income sources.
  3. Earning from sports in India has increased over the last year.
  4. How do you relate an MBA to engineering?
  5. Difference between commerce and e-commerce.
  6. Opinions on the fall in bank rates.
  7. What are C2C and B2B?
  8. What are the effects of the government on business?
  9. Tell about the impact of Brexit on India.

Tips for GD/PI:

  1. Questions are based on what you’ve written in the forms.
  2. Learn basic concepts and terms of the specialization for which you have applied.
  3. Read the topics of the current affairs.

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