Welingkar GDPI Experiences

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Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive Welingkar GDPI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources. For the newest(current year) experiences scroll below and read experience number 15 onwards.

Welingkar GDPI Experiences:

1. R. Samyuktha – PGDM in Healthcare Management 2019-2021

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

Welingkar Institute was the last stop in my journey of the B-school admission process. So, I was well prepared for the GDPI and had some prior experience so I wasn’t nervous and was well relaxed during the entire process.

I liked the look and ambiance the Mumbai campus had as soon I stepped in and was well guided by the student volunteers and professors. We had a brief meeting with the college professors and current students on the courses offered and the kind of facilities the college had. We were also given a chance to ask questions. Once the introduction was over, we were allotted the group discussion rooms and were made to wait for our turn.

My group had 10 members. We were called in and the topic given to us was the “pros and cons of blockchain technology”. We were given a notepad and pen and 5 minutes to jot down our thoughts on the topic.

The discussion began on time and I took the stance of it being advantageous and posed my points in that direction. The discussion was very professional and I did not have any unpleasant experience in the GD room. Everyone was given a chance to contribute their points.

Once the GD was wrapped up, we were asked to wait for the PI session. One by one, the members of my group were called in for the interview.

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Personal Interview

Finally, it was my turn. I was interviewed by two panelists.

I was asked to introduce myself, and also to talk about my work experience. They also questioned me on the program choices I had opted for in the application form, especially on why the healthcare program. The panelists were friendly and listened to my answers and asked certain clarifying questions from my response.

They then moved on to some technical questions, and since I had some interest in stock market technical analysis, they asked me to explain certain analysis methods. The conversation then went on to my hobbies and since my hobby was reading, they questioned me on my favorite authors and books.

I liked the PI process because I was able to talk about my areas of interests and hence the questions did not make me feel uncomfortable. After waiting anxiously for the results, I was thrilled to know that I was selected for the Healthcare management course in the Mumbai campus. I was excited to embark on a new journey in a relatively new industry and so far the journey has been nothing but eventful and full of new experiences.

2. Reshma Xavier PGDM 2018-20

Like every other candidate even I was aspiring to do an MBA. And it was a dream to do MBA from a reputed institute like Welingkar. So along with the entrance exam preparations, I had also started attending seminar, which was conducted in Welingkar that would explain about how to go about and prepare for the interview, and the interesting  part was that the students themselves was guiding us.

After the CET results, I had got a call from Welingkar for the GDPI round. I couldn’t control my happiness as I had got a call from the college that I really wanted, but then it was time to perform in both GD and PI to achieve this milestone.

For the preparation of Group Discussion, below ae the few tips I had followed:

  • Read the newspaper daily like Economic Times, Mint, Business Standard etc. 
  • Practice GD with your friends
  • Watch news, at least headlines, so that you may get to know if you missed anything
  • Contact seniors from the institute to guide you on the possible topics
  • Search online for the topics and the important points that need to be highlighted

So it was my turn for the GD. The topic given to me was “ Will the upcoming of automation create jobs or reduce jobs “. The GD went quite well as everyone had a fair chance to speak and a lot of good points came up as well. 

After the GD there was no elimination round so we were directed to the Personal Interview (PI) round.

For the preparation of Personal Interview, below ae the few tips I had followed:

  • Firstly, know yourself well. By this I mean if you have a work experience, think about the way you are going to portray it. Go through the projects that you have worked on. If you don’t have work experience nothing to worry about, revise your final year project. Be clear with the concepts that you have learnt in your Graduation.
  • Study about the courses that they are offering 
  • Basics of MBA and its stream like Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations
  • Why do you want to do MBA – This is a sure shot Question

Personal Interview

So in my PI all the above questions were asked and additionally there were some more questions like

  • How many books have you read ?
  • Welingkar offers you multiple streams to do an MBA, which you can select based on your priority, so I was asked why did you choose these streams.

So after all these questions my PI concluded, and I was told that they would let me know the results.

As there were many applicants, even my heart started pounding with the stress that whether I’ll get through or not. 

Then after two weeks I got a mail stating that you are selected, you may come and take admission.

I was so happy with that mail, I was just waiting for the next day to arrive to take the admission. When the day came, I went and took the admission.

So this was my journey to Welingkar. Hope you could learn something from my experience.

All the Best !!!

3. Uttkarsh Ashar | PGDM Media and Entertainment (19-21)

Group Discussion Stage
Topic | Is GST beneficial for the Indian Economy ?
Duration | Approximately 2-3 minutes to gather your thoughts and write them down in the notepad
provided then another 10-15 minutes for discussion.
➔ Focus on adding relevant points to the discussion (in a non-aggressive manner) and making sure the
group isn’t stuck on any one point/argument but rather there is an exchange of opinions. The idea is to
reach a group consensus with everyone having made valuable inputs to the finally agreed upon
➔ While points discussed may be both supporting or opposing the topic; the panelists encourage the
group to sum up the discussion and agree on a few final concluding points either for or against the
topic (ONLY ONE).
➔ So if the group is in disagreement in the end that’s a negative. The majority has to try and convince
the others.
➔ Adding to the discussion, being civil to your fellow participants and moving the discussion forward
(TIP : Take the initiative to summarise everyone’s points and structure them properly for the
conclusion) will all help you stand out.

Personal Interview
Having worked in the Advertising industry for about 2 years, the majority of my interview was CV
centric and involved discussing projects I worked on while in office.

Q1.Tell us about your journey until now and why you are the right candidate to pursue PGDM at
Welingkar Institute.
➔ I completed my schooling from St.Joseph’s High School which is closeby in Wadala and then went on
to pursue Junior College as well as my undergraduate studies at R.A.Podar College which is also a
part of the esteemed S.P.Mandali Group. Like most of the commerce students, I too gave an attempt
at cracking the Chartered Accountancy exams and came quite close to cracking the first level but then
decided against pursuing it. During my final year of undergraduate studies, I applied for a Copywriting
internship at a leading advertising agency – Leo Burnett. Interesting enough, they picked me as an
intern but for the Brand Strategy Team and not the Copywriting team. Soon after my graduation
results, I started working with them full-time and did so for about 2 years. Eventually, I realized that it
was time to expand my knowledge by formally pursuing Management Education and equip myself
with the right skills for the next chapter of my professional journey

Q.2. Give us a brief understanding of what your profile entailed at Leo Burnett.
➔ I was a part of the Experiential Marketing division at Leo Burnett and started off as a Brand Consultant
on a contractual basis and eventually became a full-time Brand Associate in the Strategy vertical. My
core job revolved around understanding what would work for a brand in the Events and Activation
space and create a holistic strategy by understanding the market, consumer, insights and current
industry trends.
Q.3. Can you give us an example of a project that you worked on that you are really proud of?
➔ To be honest, I am proud of everything I did during my time at Leo Burnett. Due to the vast expanse of
the Publicis Network, I was lucky enough to work on client pitches for a variety of brands across
industries with special emphasis on Automotive and Technology. Being an automobile and technology
enthusiast since childhood, Leo Burnett was the perfect platform for me to leverage my curiosity in
these industries and conceptualize relevant Experiential Plans for the agency’s clients.

Q.4. Technology brands sound interesting to work on. Is there a specific project that you would like to
talk about in that domain?
➔ There was a pitch that we were working on for a leading Global Ecommerce retailer (cannot mention
the brand to maintain confidentiality) which was looking to expand its footprint across Tier 2 and 3
towns in India after successfully launching the brand in Metros and Tier 1 cities. We worked
extensively with one of the most renowned research agencies in India to understand where the answer
lies to this problem statement. Over the course of a few days, we understood that there is a popular
ticketing agency/ cyber cafe setup that holds a lot of trust and has high presence in the target market.
The final strategy was based on partnering with this store to open temporary pop-up shops for the
Ecommerce brand and drive familiarity among the target audience. By leveraging the trust among the
consumers for the popular ticketing agency, we aimed to instill a sense of trust for the Ecommerce
brand as well. Even though this project was not implemented across the nation, it was a great success
in the areas where it was implemented and was a great learning experience for me as a strategist.
The panelists then conversed with me to know about the background of my family members and how
they have influenced my decision to pursue further studies.
Post this, the interview ended and the panelists wished me luck for the selection process

Key pointers that one should remember (which worked in my favour):
1. Be well-groomed and well prepared for the interview. (Obvious but still mentioning it)
2. During the interview, be cheerful and attempt to maintain eye-contact.
3. Think of an interview as a conversation which will culminate based on your own answers.
4. If you do not know the answer to a certain question, just say you don’t rather than pretending to know.
5. Be honest at all times. (Trust me, the panelists will figure it out in a second if one is bluffing)

4. Reshma Xavier- PGDM(2018-2020)

A journey to Infosys……

Getting placed from a B-school is what every MBA student looks forward to, and I was one of them. After getting into Welingkar, my next aim was to grab a campus placement from the Institute. The road to this destination was not that easy as there were many candidates in the same Institute who has equal and even more potential than you. So it was clear that hard work is the only way through.

So while I was in my 1st year itself I got in touch with my Seniors for resume corrections and some tips that I need to follow to crack the interview.

So when I joined back the Institute after my Internship as a 2nd-year student, my resume was almost set. I just needed to modify it according to the requirements.

Some tips for resume building:

  • Be clear on what you want to showcase in your interview and then build your resume
  • Keywords are a must. You can get a list of keywords available on the internet and choose those words that are applicable to your resume. As most of the resume goes through algorithmic procedure.
  • Make sure you have some numerical that showcase your efficiency
  • Understand the company requirements properly while submitting your resume
  • Get your resume reviewed by seniors and professors it’s a great help

As the resume was ready, I was waiting for the companies to arrive. After a couple of companies came Infosys Limited. It had offered multiples profiles to apply.

 We had four rounds for selection

  • Psychometric Test
  • Resume Shortlisting
  • Main Interview
  • HR Interview

For the Psychometric Test, we were given role-based questions and questions related to decision-making skills. In order to prepare for this test read through the case studies that would suffice.

For your Resume, kindly do follow the above-mentioned steps.

For the Personal Interview, it started with,

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Questions related to my work experience
  • As I am of Student of PGDM-BD, I was asked why did you choose this particular stream
  • What is Design Thinking?
  • About my Hobby ( as I had mentioned it in my Resume )
  • Details about my MBA Projects
  • Explain about the certifications that I had done and written on my Resume

As I had work experience of 2.5 years, most of the questions were revolving around it.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Be very proactive 
  • Practice interview with the help of professors and seniors
  • Talk about the latest technology that they are using and how your projects are in line with their
  • As its an IT firm, brush up on some Technological terminology
  • Be very alert 
  • Before going for the interview understand the qualities that they are looking for in a candidate, they’ll tell you about this during the company presentation

The HR Interview consisted of query solving for the candidate, verification, explaining about the locations and training.

Finally, the results were out after a couple of hours.

And thus the happy news to my ears arrived that, I am selected.

This was my journey to Infosys Limited.

Hope you could learn something from my experience.

All the Best !!!!

5. Aarya Gupta

PGDM EBIZ (2020- 22)

Because of Covid-19, my interview was conducted online through Zoom meetings. The meeting link was shared with us a day before and I had an afternoon slot. I remember there were two-panel members. Both were the faculties of WeSchool.  After testing the audio, the GDPI process started. Since it was an online GDPI, I had an extempore at the place of group discussion. The topic was given to me and I had to speak about it for 5 minutes. 

Before starting extempore, they briefed me about the whole process.

Panel 1: You have to speak about the importance of leadership skills and your time starts now.

Me: By giving examples of good leaders like Ratan Tata and Narendra Modi, I spoke for 4 minutes. 

Panel 1: Would you like to add something or conclude it, you still have 1 minute.

Me: I gave a short conclusion.

Interview Round:

Panel 1: What is the best innovation of all time?

Me: Internet

Panel 2: Give me a few examples of the latest service or product which has changed our lives drastically?

Me: Ola and Uber, e-learning platforms (I know I could have given many examples, but I was a little nervous)

Panel 2: You have written about CRM in your response sheet, tell us it’s importance.

Me: Ma’am, I know a little about it, but I think it is highly important to maintain a good relationship with your consumers. Not just to get new customers but also to develop a good relationship with the existing customer. Today every business is adopting this technology to enhance their business. It helps in identifying sales opportunities and maintaining a good relationship with consumers with the help of email marketing, sales calls, etc.

Panel 2:  Why PGDM from WeSchool?

Me: I always wanted to pursue my MBA from a good college and getting into a good college is highly difficult these days. Currently, WeSchool is my first choice on the basis of what I have scored in the entrance exam. It has good faculty members and I talked to a few seniors and they gave me a good review of it as well. 

Panel 1: Why Ebiz?

Me: Although it is not my choice, this pandemic has shown us its importance. Today almost every business has its online presence. E-business has a huge potential in the future as well, this is why I have opted for it. 

Panel 1: What are your hobbies?

Me: sir, I like reading novels, Khaled Hosseini is one of my favorite authors. I also play guitar and sing, although I am not trained, I try to sing. Due to this lockdown, a few new hobbies have become part of my life like cooking and painting.

Panel 1: That is nice, do you have any questions you would like to ask from us?

Me: Sir, as this interview has been conducted through Zoom, I have a small question. There is a lot more controversy about Zoom meetings, as it is trending today that it is not safe to use zoom for meetings. This application is not just being used for e-learning but also by politicians, what do you think, whether we should continue to use it or boycott it?

Panel 1: Yes, I have also heard that news. I would say, it’s like a knife. You just have to be careful with it. That’s it. 

Me: Thank You, sir, Thank you, ma’am. 

Panel 1: Thank you, God bless you.

Panel 2: Thank you.


GD Topic: ‘Is Mars mission justifiable for a country like India?’

Date: 9th February 2019

I think like most of the MBA aspirants, I felt the jitters before entering the GD room too. 

But the good news is student volunteers and professors made me very comfortable with their approachable attitude. The process was very smooth and well-coordinated.  

My GD-PI process started with registration followed by verification of all the documents and a presentation to orient the students about We School and different programs. They divided us into different groups for the GD-PI process.

The panelists seemed friendly. They provided us with batch numbers for the GD session and the marks were allotted by the panelists for the respective batch number. The Group Discussion started with a bell and the allotted 3-5 mins to prepare for the topic. The GD session went for approximately 20 minutes. Fortunately, my session went well. It wasn’t very aggressive and chaotic. This did boost my confidence for the next round, which was the personal interview round.

Personal Interview Experience:

The student volunteers asked us to be ready for the PI process as soon as our GD session was over. They provided PI room details to every student along with some refreshments.

My panelists were two elderly gentlemen who made me feel at ease within minutes with a normal conversation about my process so far. The PI round went for approximately 40 minutes.

Here are some questions from my PI process:

  1. Hi, tell us something about yourself
  2. Explain to us about your work experience
  3. What challenges did you face at your workplace? How did you overcome these challenges?
  4. Why do you want to pursue an MBA?
  5. I see you have applied for three programs at We School. What was the thought behind applying to these programs?
  6. I see you have applied for the Business Design Program. Can you share something about the design thinking approach? If you see this approach has been deployed to design We School’s Campus. What are your observations about the same?
  7. Share something about your favorite book or any books you have read so far.
  8. What is your greatest achievement?
  9. What are your hobbies?
  10. Do you have any questions for us?

Key takeaway:

  1. PI round would be based on your CV
  2. Be prepared with some points to justify the course you are planning to pursue at We School
  3. Be honest about your skills and work. They would appreciate it.
  4. Smile and be confident

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7. Eva Maheshwari

PGDM, E-business(2020-22)

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the world, while we stay safe at our homes with schools and colleges shut, there is a mad dash to compensate for the lost time by introducing various models of online learning and conducting admissions through the online process.

With the lack of availability of traditional means of college admissions, students, just like me, were frantic about admissions looking for a silver lining during such catastrophic times. However, the online mode of admissions came to our rescue.

I had gone through a similar admission process here in WeSchool. Everything went off without a hitch. I remember calling and sending emails time and again whenever I had any issue regarding my application and they sorted it out. For my every query, the college administration was prompt and helpful.

My GDPI was scheduled for the morning shift. I received the link a few minutes prior to the reporting time. I was nervous as it was going to be my very first interview at an online platform. The process started at the right time. The panel had two college faculties. They briefed me about the whole procedure. It was going to be a two-fold process. The first phase was an extempore in which I had to speak on the given topic for five minutes followed by the PI part in which I was asked some general questions about my course preferences and how the current business situation is affected by the Coronavirus crisis and a few more. This two-way interaction went on seamlessly for approximately half an hour. Personally, I had a wonderful experience with the mode, mostly because both the interviewer was pretty cordial.

The entire session was so hassle-free, with no waiting in queues for the panel called, unlike the conventional way. We did not have to travel all the way to some other city and get interviewed in unfamiliar surroundings. Sitting in front of a camera-enabled screen, on your couch in the formal attire, at your own home, was all it took to make me a part of this eminent institution.


8. Sheetal Sippy 

PGDM Healthcare (2019-2021) 

Group Discussion & Personal Interview Round

After the conundrum of entrance tests, being called for a GD-PI round by an institution of your choice is exciting but a nerve-racking process. I had received a GD-PI call from Welingkar Institute of Management, Research & Development in phase 1 of their process and as the Healthcare program of this institute was at the top of my preference list, I wanted to give it my best shot.

On the D day, the Group Discussion commenced with a set of ground rules by two very approachable panelists. The topic provided to my group was, “Indian Banking Sector.” They informed us in advance about our time limits and emphasized maintaining decorum during the discussion. Around 8 students were a part of 1 panel and the set of rules laid down earlier led to a very healthy discussion where students got ample time to put forth their views.

Post this round I was called in for an interview which comprised of 2 male panelists. As soon as I entered they were able anxiety took over me as it was a big deal for me to be a part of this particular program. The panelists made me feel comfortable and gave me a few minutes to settle in. The interview kicked off with a round of general questions about myself, my academic journey, work experience, and my interest in healthcare and extracurricular activities. This was followed by questions related to government insurance schemes and their pros and cons. I was able to express my understanding of the Ayushman Bharat (Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna) Scheme and lay down its benefits to the Indian Healthcare System. Following this, I was asked about the loopholes present in the scheme wherein I was given the chance to elaborate on my views. I was told that I have an interesting take on the matter and I was given ample time to express why I would like to align myself with the program.

Overall, the college had a very positive vibe and student volunteers were present to guide us at every step. The process was very smooth and there wasn’t a single moment where I felt lost or overwhelmed because of lack of communication. Kudos to the entire management committee of WeSchool for being welcoming to MBA aspirants and making them feel at ease during such stressful situations. 

9. Khushi Singh

PGDM Ebiz  Bengaluru Campus(2020-22)

GDPI Experience

GD Topic: – Does India winning or losing the Cricket match impact the brand value??

There were a group of about 10 people who were asked to sit according to the number allotted to us before in the G.D. room. Then we were given a pen and paper with the GD topic written on the card. The Group Discussion started with a bell and everyone was given 5 min to think and write (if one wants to). After 10min discussion on the topic, we were asked to write down the conclusion on the given topic for that about 5 min were given to us.

Immediately after that, we were called for a Personal Interview. So, we all were divided into two and allotted different room no for PI. The personal Interview consisted of two panelists.

Personal Interview

Panel 1&2: Hello, Good Afternoon!

Student: Good Afternoon sir!

Panel1: So, tell me about yourself?

Student: I gave my biodata.

Panel1: So, you have prepared for UPSC to tell us about it something?

Student: I explained everything.

Panel1: So, what did you learn from failure?

Student: So, I put forward some of the positive aspects I have learned during my journey at UPSC.

Panel1: So, okay tell us which subject was your favorite during preparation?

Student: I said I considered economics as my strong part. 

Panel1: Okay, that’s good! So, what are a three-sector model in economics that divides economies into three sectors of activity?

Student: So, I answered Primary (Agriculture), Secondary (Industry), Territory (Service).

Panel1: So, how much service sector contribute to the Indian economy?

Student: So, according to the economic survey of 2019-20, the Service sector contributes about 55% of the share to the GDP of the Indian economy.

Panel1: Okay, so what do you mean by E-Business and give us some examples?

Student: I explained everything.

Panel: Why despite earning losses by companies like uber n all they are still investing so much in the country?

Student: I answered this but the panelist was not very much convinced by my answer.

Panel2: Ok, so tell me some of your strengths?

Student: I answered that very confidently.

Panel2: So, why MBA and not any other government exams?

Student: I explained my reasons and so they were quite convinced.

Panel2: If you don’t get through the webinar then what other options do you have?

Student: I said if not webinar I will try to get into other colleges and will do an MBA.

Panel2: Okay! Then, both smiled and said okay so do u have any questions for us?

Student: I said no sir. Thank you!

Panel 1&2: Thank you, and all the best!

10.  Two panelists – one in his 60s, one 40s.

Q1. Hi Santosh how are you doing, had lunch?
A – I’m good sir, yes had lunch. Welingkar provided us, had that.
(both smiled at each other)

Q2. Tell me something about yourself, Santosh?
A- I am a pharmacist by degree, graduated in 2016. During my college, I was a part of the Placement Committee, participated in District level CSR activities, and won a few prizes for Intercollege dance competitions. Got campus placed as a Clinical Data Manager in TCS and worked there for 15 months. Later, I got into management related roles, got the opportunity to Work for 3 months as a Project Co-ordinator for A Vodafone Sponsored NGO. After which I joined CATKing Educare which is also my current company, its a coaching institute, I started as a Business Development Executive, moved onto HR roles later and last year contributed to 20% of the Companies Revenue and got promoted to Head of Operations Role. Also, I’ve been working with NGO AIESEC for the past couple of years.

Q3. What is AIESEC? What did you do there?
It’s the world’s largest Youth Based NGO Sir. Its presence is in 126 different countries. We have different departments, I work for the Incoming Global Volunteers one. We have several projects here, from rural woman empowerment to teaching underprivileged kids, they can choose a project and work towards it. I work as a team leader for one of the projects, so from promoting my project to, taking their interviews, helping them for a visa to their accommodation where everything is taken care of by us. Even planning their day to day activities.

Q4. The interesting thing to do, good. Okay… Tell me What are the two learnings from a recent book you read?
(He didn’t ask me to name the book so I came up with any two learnings that would make him believe I’m a good candidate for the college 😂)

One I believe it’s essential to be ready to learn always, you must have the zeal and fire in your heart to know more. I think that’s very important.

Second I would say, one must always be down to earth regardless of his or her position in an organization. People who are modest can do wonders.
( Then I realized he might ask me to name the book I derived these learnings from so I mentally thought of a book name to bluff 😂)

Q5. Why Healthcare after experience in Marketing?
I’ve always been interested in the pharma world Sir but in TCS I was more inclined towards the management-related work that was given to me hence I decided to explore that field and when I did that I was really happier and more fruitful so I decided to stick to that.

Q6. Okay, and Why MBA?
Honestly Sir I never considered doing an MBA, it’s only when I started working with MBA graduates from IIM Indore, SP Jain, and NMIMS I realized I lack a lot of theoretical knowledge which helps them in the practical world. Hence MBA. And when I researched about it I got to know about Healthcare MBA which is a dedicated course so then I was more interested.

Q7 Okay that’s why you applied for only Healthcare.
( I actually applied to everything except healthcare, but my percentile qualified me only for Healthcare, unfortunately. But here he assumed I’m focused so I couldn’t kill his image of me 😂)
Yes Sir, but if given an option I’d like to go for Media too.
(He said but you’ve applied only for Healthcare so I guess that’s not an option now, I said yes right. )

Q8. Two things essential for the sustenance of an organization according to you? Apart from Measures to build Sales.
A- Employee welfare (explained that a little example of a pharma company ) and moving forward with the latest trends.

Q7. Example of Pharma companies that are into digital marketing?
A- I think all companies are into Digital marketing Sir, digital marketing was a big thing two years back however now everybody is into that so there needs to be something new that companies need to come up with I guess.

Q8. Personal and professional long term goal?
A- Personally Sir I would want to be in a position wherein I’m able to establish an animal hospital, I metropolitan city like Mumbai has only one animal hospital ( he said he’s aware of one in parel, I said yes named it, and said its the only one) and Sir of course like any other child I want to see my parents be extremely proud of me.
Professionally, I see myself in a leadership position in one of the world’s top companies. (Secretly, I want to travel the entire world, all 190ish countries😂 )

Q9. Green hair makes you feel confident? (he smiled)
A- I blushed, said I colored my hair a month back, and felt confident before that too but yes right now I feel more confident. I wasn’t anticipating a GDPI call or else I’d definitely delay coloring. (he laughed and said he’s not judgmental about the color of my hair. It made me happy I smiled)

Q10. What are two things that are of value to you pertaining to your work experience?
A- People Management – I learned that and I believe it’s of utmost importance.
Example – Vodafone Sponsored NGO where I handled 10 teachers who taught English to underprivileged kids of BMC schools.

Concluding Note:

Just being Positive – Things can go wrong, sometimes you are not responsible for it but it’s how you react to it that matters the most.

They both smiled and said that’s it thank you.

11.Aditya (PGDM)

Panel: How was your day, had lunch
Student: It was fine, yaa. Welingkar gave us refreshments, that only
Panel: How was your GD? What was the topic
Student: As tomorrow it is world women day, it was women in the workforce
Panel: Did women dominate
Student: no, they were 3 and it was very good
Panel: What are your views on Women empowerment
Student: until and unless the mentality of works being defined for genders changes, the situation will not change. Almost 67% are rural, so their notion is why send women for works? This needs to be solved
Panel: Why you left?
Student: I recognized that the entry-level is not allowing me to perform my abilities to the fullest.
Panel: everyone in every profession start with a scratch
Student: Sir, but the credibility for the post after MBA Is different than basic graduation and it is higher.
Panel: so what are your strengths
Student: Good leadership qualities, Pressure handling capacity, and good listening
Basically, when I was in school I came across my stammering, and also over a year I developed myself. In childhood, no one allowed me to talk so the only job is to listen, this developed my listening abilities, and also my writing skills developed
Panel: That’s absolutely fine, I was also a stammerer up to graduation, and let me tell you you are not a stammerer now, I am Happy that you converted your weakness into a strength
Panel 2: I thought you would ask him how you recovered
Student: No sir! I will ask him when I will in we school
Panel: So you may be having a lot of Freinds?
Student: yes! And also my writing ability got converted into content writing and done certain projects with renowned production houses
Panel: Do you know about the economic slowdown, what are its problems
Student: Basically, NBFC and Burst of Real estate bubble, basically we have 18 lakh crore unsold and also companies are paying 16% tax and growth is 9%.
Panel: ya ya! How is share price defined?
Student: no sir, not much information about that
Panel: it’s fine! I just asked. What you will select after coming here??
Student: marketing, because I would love to be presentable and would be more fluent.
Panel: Why e-business
Student: I have seen people, who are not acquainted with systems in my company, so we forced to be techno-savvy and also colleagues say, I learned the SAP and Suggestion scheme portal fast. You have software learning ability
Panel: you were Sap Abp or functional
Student: Functional, like PO, GR I know how to make and I was using my head account, I was not having access
Panel: Nice pleasure meeting you Aditya!!! do you want to ask something to us
Student: No Sir
Panel: Thank you, Aditya

12.  GDPI Experience

Group Discussion Room
I had an amazing set of panelists.
GD Topic: Branding is nothing, it’s all about the product

The Group Discussion started with a bell and there wasn’t any specific time allotted for people to prepare for the topic but they were told to speak whenever they wish to speak everyone without creating any nuisance in the room spoke really well and kept their point in front of the panelist. Immediately after that, I was called for a Personal Interview.

The personal Interview panelist consisted of 2 people (male & female) and their first word before starting the interview was “RELAX” then they asked me certain questions regarding my reasons for doing an MBA, Then they asked me to introduce myself to them later the conversation was directed towards My job experience and later they asked me the current exchange rate for USD/INR and the reason for it falling down the interview got over after this.

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13.  GDPI Experience

Creativity Test:
Topic: MAGIC (worst word for me at that time)
But I was prepared for the worst which helped me a lot. After a wait of half an hour, we were taken to the registration room where we were allotted rooms for our Group Discussion and other Registration requirements then we were taken to the Group Discussion room.

When I entered I saw 2 elderly madams whose facial expressions looked as if they were bored with this process after so many interviews.

GD Topic: Indians perform better as individuals or in a Group.
The Group Discussion started with a bell and there wasn’t any specific time allotted for people to prepare for the topic but they were told to speak whenever they wish to speak everyone without creating any nuisance in the room spoke really well and kept their point in front of the panelist. Immediately after that, I was called for a Personal Interview.

More GD Topics and expected Interview questions

Personal Interview Room

The Panelist were 2 very friendly professors and as usual their the first thing they told me was to relax.

-Later I was asked about my college

-They asked my opinion on does Colgate Company gives false promises while advertising their product to which my reply was “I don’t know about Colgate but I don’t think so Bournvita, Complan or Boost are any way useful to kids, I mean how can drinking Chocolate make me strong in fact “Nachnika Laddu” is way better than them.” To which they laughed really hard.

-Then they asked what about fair n lovely to which I replied that I have no idea about it as I never used the product because I am happy with my complexion to which they laughed again.

-They asked me the difference between Finance & Accounts to which I replied I have no idea and the professor who belonged to a corporate world said that you are sitting in front of an accounting genius and if this if your reply he won’t let you enter his class to which I replied that I will refer the notes given by him and secondly search over the internet, ask sir for extra classes and won’t leave him until all my concepts get cleared to which they laughed again.

-Later they asked me about my work in Rotaract Club and all the events as one of the panelists if a Member of a Rotaract Club Himself followed by a lot of questions about my Hometown Nagpur, the reason I want to do an MBA, why did I apply ONLY for Welingkar.

The Interview got over and they gave their final words by saying “You did very good but we can’t guarantee you anything hope for the best & Best of Luck.”

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14. GDPI Experience

WE experience-19th May,9:00 am

I woke up at 8:50 and it takes 20 mins from my place to reach WE School. I was there by 9.30 but was still allowed to give the Interviews without any issue and, then we were separated into groups. After a good wait for about 30-40 minutes where they were explaining about their courses like Retail, healthcare, rural development, etc. They requested if someone has to ask any questions but no one was willing to ask any, they even said +5 marks to anyone who asks, this made a few people. ask questions. (No marks were added)

Then we were taken to a GD room where a group of about 10-12 people was & 2 topics were given 1 had an option to select any one of them, the topic was ‘What is more important for a country Like India-Industrial development or Environment protection’.

I started the topic and tried to structure, after me, a girl spoke with quite good confidence and stated her points later a student started contradicting every statement in order to come to the attention of the panelist I found him to be a bit aggressive as he started bombarding with the negative contradiction by proving peoples statistics to be wrong. The panelist consisted of an elderly lady and a disinterested man who was literally trying to sleep. Register here to convert Wellingkar call

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Interview Room

After that came the Personal interview round the person who went before me took good 20-30 mins which made me a bit scared as to why is he taking so long. The panelist consisted of 2 professions which I have named P1 and P2 and the conversations Started

Me: Hello.
P1, P2: Hello, So tell me something about yourself?
Me: I gave my biodata
P1: So you did BA in Economics?
Me: No Sir, I mean yes Sir, but I also did Aircraft maintenance engineering as a full-time course which is a licensed course
P2 (impressed): That’s great. You did Engineering and BA together. Tell me what did u learn during you OJT as you mentioned here?
ME: I explained everything.

P1: Why MBA than?
ME: knew the gravity of this question in my case & nailed it, they looked convinced.
P1: What do u mean by inflation?
ME: (WTF???!?!?)… Sorry, Sir.
P2: He is asking you what do u understand by the term inflation? (Even he must be laughing inside)
ME: I explained the way I knew.
P1: Assume if you were a financial advisor to Pranab Mukherjee what will you do to Strengthen the Rupee
ME: I explained to which he replied I am not interested in Marketing
P1: Tell me about CR.
ME: Said a bit
P1: (stopped me) And explained it correctly.
ME: Thank you, Sir.
P2: Books you read?
ME: Thousand Splendid Suns
P1: Was making fun of the title & asked me to tell the story.
ME: Explained!
P2: Nice storyline…
ME: Hmmm…
P1′s Phone rings…
P2: So what do u understand by biz design?
ME: Sir, actually I am just interested in core MBA, specialization-marketing.
Both the professor shook hands with me and the interview got over.

Welingkar GDPI Experience 15:

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Are you nervous?

3. Have you heard about Ashoka University?

4. Tell us how the universities should conduct the exams in the recent times?

5. If exams are cancelled, how the students should be evaluated?

6. How do you keep updated?

7. Social media:boon or bane.

8. How to keep oneself away from the negative side of social media?

9. Tell us a news other than COVID.

10. Do you love animals? Why don’t they commit suicide?

11. I see you have applied for PGDM in both the campuses.

12. Tell us an instance where you played an important role.

13. What do you understand by a leader?

14. Name an HR personnel you idealise. Which of his personality traits attract you?

15. Name of finance and home minister.

16. A few more questions about myself.

Welingkar GDPI Experience 16:

1. Tell me about your work experience.

2. Learning from work experience and how will it help you in personal as we as professional growth?

3. Asked about my hobbies and learning which I learnt from my hobbies.

4. Questions related to experience.

5. Why PGDM?

6. What inclined you towards RBA? (As I given RBA as my 2nd option)

7. What is IOT and Industrialisation 4.0?

8. Why mba after engineering?

9. Some situation based questions?

10. How do you define yourself as a leader?

Went for approximately 30 minutes.
Interviewer were chill. They asked you as many questions as possible till they get each and every information about you and your work experience.

Must read you application and discriptive easy before interview and Just be prepared for unpredictable questions.

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Welingkar GDPI Experience 17:

2 female panelists
Young and friendly

I am a fresher, engineer

1. Tell me about urself

2. Why mba
Describe an incident that happened to you because of which u decided to pursue management education

3. Why pgdm core first why others next

4. Role model?

5. Hobbies

6. Strengths and weaknesses

7. Where you want to work in the future? Job roles? Verticals?

Many questions based on what you have answered in the descriptive essays.
The questions that were asked in descriptive essay are repeated so be thorough with ur answers u described in the application.

Situation based questions…
8. A scenario is given and how will u be able to find innovative solution for it?

9. Industry 4.0

10. Digital transformation

11. Significance of e business

12. What is IOT and its applications…

13. What kind of business problems you would you like to solve in the future??

Welingkar GDPI Experience 18:

– tell me something abut yourself

– how much you rate yourself as a leader, explain situation where you use leadership or team management skills

– work ex related discussion

– As I am pursuing CFA also, so they asked some normal questions to finance

– Tell something about good financial companies with example

– question on explain databases such as capital IQ, how to use in work role

– discussion on weakness and strengths

– why PGDM core and with which specialization

– how do you choose one option from the two correct once.

– As I am a district level player in cricket, they asked normal things on that as well

Time : 25 mins approx

Welingkar GDPI Experience 19:

-tell me about yourself

-challenges faced in magaing particular event that i was managed during graduation

-why many given preferences pgdm along with other

-business situation based questions for R&BA,retail

-ML in healthcare

-prefered role after placement

-questions related to eassy topic

Overall experience – it was good,Interviewers were friendly and more tending to discussion type instead of grilling
Time-approx 30mins

Welingkar GDPI Experience 20:

– Tell us about your internships and the role you played.

– 4 lessons that you learned from your internship

– How do you handle crisis management

– how do you deal with toxic people at workplace and cross questions about that

– How do you work when you’re vulnerable and cross questions about that

– Any 2 products that being promoted through technology

– What is unique about you, why should I prefer you over the other candidates

Overall experience – They grilled me by asking about my internships but they were friendly and it was a good discussion.
Time approx 30 mins

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