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Established in 1996, IIM Indore is the sixth in the family of state-supported management schools. Since its inception, IIM Indore has been acting as a leader in the field of management education, interfacing with the industry, government sector and PSUs. IIM Indore is registered as a Society under Societies Registration Act, 1973.

Situated atop a scenic hillock, the 193 acre campus of IIM Indore provides an ideal backdrop for contemplative learning. IIM Indore has the latest in teaching aids, rich learning resources, a strong IT backbone, state-of-the-art sports complex and hostels as well as contemporary infrastructure.

IIM Indore-2023
Highest Salary
(In Lakhs)
Rs 1.15 CR
Average Salary
(In Lakhs)
Rs 30.21 LPA
Median Salary
(In Lakhs)
Rs 27.2LPA
Number of Companies 200+
Batch Size 572
Fees  20,11,800
Exams Accepted CAT
Director Director: Dr. Himanshu Rai
PhD , IIMA, Ex Dean of MISB Bocconi and
Ex Professor at SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy
Cutoffs 90%ile
Batch Profile 35% - Female
65% - Male

21 m - Avg work-ex
1-2 years - 44%
< 1 year-  30%
2-3 years- 21%
3+ years- 5%

MBA candidates with work
experience- 28%

Admission Criteria Stage 1  10th Standard,SSC Score = 39 x [Zcandidate−Zmin ,Zmax−Zmin ]

12th Standard,HSC Score 20 x [ Zcandidate−Zmin  ,Zmax−Zmin ]

CAT 2022 Overall Score = 20 x [Candidate's CAT overall Score ,Highest CAT overall Score ]

Diversity Factor (DF) = 6
Composite Score = Sum of the above Scores

Note: Z candidate, Z min, Z max for 10th Standard/ SSC Score and 12th Standard/ HSC Score are computed
using the normalisation process.
Admission Criteria Stage 2 10th Standard,SSC Score 12.5 x [Zcandidate−Zmin ,Zmax−Zmin ]

12th Standard,HSC Score 10 x [ Zcandidate−Zmin ,Zmax−Zmin ]

CAT 2022 Overall Score 20 x [VARC: 18.75 ,DILR: 9.375, QA: 9.375 *Highest CAT overall Score ]

PI Score 80 x [ Zcandidate−Zmin ,Zmax−Zmin ]
Final Composite Score = Sum of the above Scores

Note: Z candidate, Z min, Z max for each component are computed using the normsalisation process.

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