How to Crack LR in MBA CET?

How to Crack LR in MBA CET?

What is the MAH-CET Exam? How to crack the Logical Reasoning(LR) Section in MBA CET?

MAH-CET  full form as Maharashtra common test cell is a Maharashtra based exam given by around 70 to 80 thousand students every year. It is a computer-based management entrance test. The exam is conducted for admission to management courses such as MBA / MMS at various institutes in the state of Maharashtra by the Technical Education Directorate, Maharashtra. This exam is considered as the most unpredictable one. In this article, you will learn about tips and strategies to crack the LR  in MBA CET.

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1. Logical Reasoning :

The Logical Reasoning is major part of the CET, which consists of around 75 questions from the 
LR section. The CET paper does not have negative marking and all questions are of mark each. The section’s difficulty level is easy to moderate. So make statement about solving approx. 10-15  questions on a daily basis. Let us see an example in the Logical Reasons section for each type of sum asked.

Major topics to cover from LR are :

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  •  Puzzles

This is the most important topic in the logical reasoning section and thus requires a lot of practice. There are about 5-6 puzzles asked in different types in examinations as shown below. It contains total of 25 questions and it is this segment that can be targeted at least 15 correct questions.

Generally, one puzzle of each type given below is asked. Different types of puzzles are:

  • Floor-Based 
  • Day-Month-Year
  • Ranking Based
  • Linear or Circular Arrangement

Eight different people viz A, B, C, D, W, X, Y, and Z are sitting around a circular table facing the center but not necessarily in the same order. Each is from a different location, viz. Jaipur, Darjeeling, Mumbai, Chennai, Lucknow, Surat, Ooty, and Kanpur but not exactly in the same order. B sits third from Mumbai to the west. Only one person from Lucknow (either from left or right) sits between B and the one. The Darjeeling one sits second to C’s right. C is neither from Mumbai nor from Lucknow. C is not an immediate neighbor of neither B nor the one from Mumbai. Only three people sit between C  and the one from Kanpur.

Only one person sits between the one from Darjeeling and Z (either from left or right). X sits to the immediate right of the one from Jaipur. C is not from Jaipur. The one from Chennai sits to the immediate right of the one from
Surat. Only two people sit between W and the one from Chennai (either from left or right). Neither W nor D is from Lucknow. A is not an immediate neighbor of C.
Which of the following is true with respect to the given information?
A) D sits second to the left of A.

B) D is from Darjeeling.

C) The one from Ooty is an immediate neighbor of Z.

D) Only two sit between C and X when counted from the left of X

E) None of the given statements is true

  • Syllogisms

Statements: Some Cats are Rats. All bats are tables. All Rats are Bats.

I. Some Cats are bats
II. All bats are rats
III. All tables are cats
IV. All bats are cats
1. Only I & II follow
2. Only II follows
3. Only I & IV follow
4. None of these
  • Coding-Decoding

In a certain code language,
Too clever is dumb‘ is coded as S1I B3D O2T R5C‘;
You are your choices‘ is coded as E2A R3Y U2Y S6C‘;
Good things take time‘ is coded as S5T E3T D3G E3T‘;
Keep calm and solve‘ is coded as D2A P3K E4S M3C‘.
How is the word ACHIEVE‘ coded in the given language?
A) E7A

B) R6E

C) E6A

D) R5A

E) A5R

  • Input-Output

Analyse the data given below and answer the following questions:

Input: box books balloon begin blossom bloom back belong

Step I: blossom box books balloon begin bloom back belong

Step II: bloom blossom box books balloon begin back belong

Step III: box bloom blossom books balloon begin back belong

Step IV: books box bloom blossom balloon begin back belong

Step V: begin books box bloom blossom balloon back belong

Step VI: belong begin books box bloom blossom balloon back

Step VII: balloon belong begin books box bloom blossom back

Step VIII: back balloon belong begin books box bloom blossom

Based on this, find the output for the input given below.

Input: rural ride revise rotate rule race rabbit register

Q 1. How many steps are required to get the final output?

  1. Eight
  2. Nine
  3. Seven
  4. Six
  5. Ten

Q 2. What is the 3rd word from the left in step VI?

  1. Register
  2. Race
  3. Rabbit
  4. Revise
  5. Rural

Q 3. What is the position of “rural” in Step III?

  1. 2nd from the right end
  2. 4th from the left end
  3. 4th from the right end
  4. 3rd from the left end
  5. Exactly in the centre of the line

Q 4. Which word is second to the right of the fifth word from the left in Step VI?

  1. Rotate
  2. Rabbit
  3. Race
  4. Rural
  5. Ride

Q 5. Which step is “revise ride rotate rule rural race rabbit register”?

  1. Step VI
  2. Step V
  3. Step IV
  4. Step II
  5. Step III
  • Direction Sense

Point A is 19m to the south of Point B. Whereas Point C is 17m to the west of Point A and Point D is 7m to the north of point C. Also, Point E is 6m to the west of Point D and Point F is 6m to the north of Point E. Lastly, Point G is 8m to the east of point F. Point H is 6m to the south
of point Q.

What is the distance from point C to point H?
A) 6m

B) 8m

C) 9m

D) 2m


  • Blood Relations

A is the father of only B and D. D is married to E. E is the only daughter of H.G is the only sibling of E. J is married to H. J is
the grandmother of P. G is unmarried. F is the brother-in-law of D.
How is D related to P?


B) Mother

C) Aunt

D) Father

E) Uncle

  • Series

Find the missing number in the given series 4, 18, ___, 100, 180, 294, 448.

  • Clocks

A clock gains 5 seconds for every 3 minutes. If the clock started working at 7 a.m. in the morning, then what will be the time in the wrong clock at 4 p.m. on the same day?

  • Calendars

Today is Monday. After 61 days, it will be:

A. Tuesday

B. Wednesday

C. Thursday

D. Saturday

  • Odd one out.

In each of following questions, four words have been given of which three are alike in some way and one is different. Choose the odd one out.
1. Dollar
2. Peso
3. Ounce
4. Euro

Try to cover all types of questions that can be asked once you pick up a topic for solving. This will eliminate the chances of getting stuck on the final day.

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2. Critical Reasoning :

CR becomes the next subject of focus in CET. Around 25 to 30 questions are asked on the final day from this section(Strengthening, Weakening, Assumptions). To be good at CR, try to solve around 5-10 questions of CR every day.

  • Critical Reasoning

Statement: Courier company A had a delay (in delivery) rate of 3.2% whereas company B had 20% higher delay in delivery than
A. This shows that A is more efficient than B.
Which of the following weakens the above statement?
A) The total profit gained by B managed to catch up with A for the first time this month since the start of the operation.
B) The amount of fragile materials damaged during transit is higher in B than in A.
C) B supplies 85 percent of its courier regions with rough terrain and bad weather conditions, as opposed to A, which mainly delivers.
On the plains
D) A charges Rs. 25 extra per kg of material delivered as compared to B.

E) None of these

  • Strong & Weak Argument

You have to pick from the given options the arguments which are/are strong pertaining to the given statement.
Statement: Should the government introduce air-ambulance (helicopter service) for an emergency with immediate effect in the city
Argument (I) No, the city has only two helipads and the two are at least 25 km from the nearest hospital.
Argument (II) No, certain cardiac patients can not be air-lifted due to the risk involved.
Argument (III) No, this is a cause of noise pollution in the city.
Argument (IV) Yes, the fee for air-lifting patients in City A would be Rs. 10,000 compared to Rs. 11,000 in many other cities.
A) Only (III) is strong

B) Both (I) and (IV) are strong

C) Both (II) and (III) are strong

D) Only (I) is strong

E)None of the given arguments is strong

  • Course of Action or Cause & effect

Statement: Children below 7 years of age are incapable of grasping a concept well which is explained with the help of text only.
Courses of action I: More pictures should be included along with tests in all books for children below 7 years.
Courses of action II: Tests should be broken into small paragraphs for easier learning for all children below 7 years.
A) either I or II follows

B) neither I nor II follows

C) only I follows

D) both I and II follow

E) only II follows

  • Assumptions or Conclusion

Statement: P > A > S < R < K; G > O < S > L > Z
Conclusion I: O < R
Conclusion II: L > A
A) if only Conclusion I is true

B) if only Conclusion II is true

C) if either Conclusion I or II is true

D) if neither Conclusion I nor II is true

E) if both Conclusions I and II are true

3. Visual Reasoning :

It’s a new topic for all the MBA Aspirants. Please, don’t take this topic lightly. It’s a game-changer.

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