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How To Prepare For CAT Within Two Months?
May 06 2024

Time does not wait for anyone, whether you are in your final year of college or a working professional. With only two months till the exam, every candidate should be thinking about how to make the most of their time. You must have already practiced a large number of questions, and now is the time to prepare for the exam in the next two months. The significance of this time cannot be overstated, since it distinguishes between exceptional and average preparedness. Here are some tips to help you easily pass the CAT exam.


CAT Preparation Strategy in 2 Months

Run tests under similar conditions:

If you intend to take the CAT, you should begin preparing for it in an atmosphere that closely resembles the one in which you will take the test. Many online CAT preparation websites offer computer-based practice tests with timers. Also, no distractions should be allowed while taking the tests.

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Mentors have a part in shadowing the experiences they had when studying for the exam. You will gain an understanding of the exam and the proper techniques to behave throughout the exam. This can assist to reduce your sense of isolation and will give you the impression that there were others who fought the same battle and won. The perspective and vision will assist you to stick to the same, which will undoubtedly affect your performance.


Daily routines:

Because these two months are critical, you must do things that will indirectly assist you to prepare for the examination. Using a word-building tool - such as scrabble or word games - will help you build the vocabulary needed for the test. Put your intellect to the test with everything you come across. Do some mental calculations before purchasing anything. Instead of using calculators, try doing daily calculations mentally. Although the CAT allows the use of on-screen calculators, experts highly advise against using them because they will reduce your speed in answering questions.

Read novels for verbal.

A reading habit is essential for improving your comprehension and critical reasoning abilities. Reading a variety of genres will always help you adapt to the surprises that the reading comprehension section of the exam may throw at you. The test will include at least three reading comprehension sections. Reading will thus help to improve the speed and efficiency with which the RC problems are solved. Also read: CAT Verbal Ability Preparation

Stay Motivated:

According to CAT toppers over the years, one significant piece of advice is to know your weak areas better than your strong ones. The trick is to keep motivated and not become discouraged by your deficiencies in those areas. Instead, work on them and prepare using various techniques.


Determine your objectives.

Set long-term and short-term goals for yourself. Break them down into parts and work hard for them with dedication and persistence. More importantly, learn for your life, not only for the entrance exam. The CAT assesses future managers' general abilities. The CAT is not an exam that should be taken and then forgotten. The exam tests time management, critical reasoning, how excellent you are with figures and language, and how logically you make decisions in the shortest amount of time. As a result, CAT preparation should be done with the goal in mind.

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Conduct numerous practice exams and evaluate:

For the time being, the most important task is to prepare for the exam by taking at least three CAT mock examinations per week. Evaluating your mocks is also critical and should be done after each mock. Mock tests let your arm yourself with the same pattern as the CAT. Although the CAT is known for surprising applicants each year with changes in the pattern, CAT hopefuls should be aware of the possibility of changes and prepare appropriately. Mock tests are a crucial tool in this approach. With only two months until the exam, take the advice above to make the most of your limited time. Download the to obtain a complete tailored CAT preparation experience you can check  CATKing’s Youtube channel.

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