IIM Kozhikode WAT-PI Experiences

IIM Kozhikode WAT-PI Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IIM Kozhikode WAT-PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

IIM-K Interview Experience 1

The called me before schedule to join to be prepared.Two panelists, both males P1,P2
They asked me to show the id card

P1: introduce yourself.
Me: told

P1: what do you think of your 12th score compared to degree.
Me : told

P1 : okay so tell me what work exactly you do
Me: told

P1: can you elaborate what is data modernization ( I work in this)
Me : told

P1: are you updated of current affairs?
Me : I try to be

P1: what is the difference between SEBI and RBI
Me : told

P1: what is reverse repo rate and repo rate
Me : told

P1: ok which Indian states share border with China
Me: told

P1: name a river that starts from China and enters India
Me : didn’t know told that

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P1: ok have you read about the budget?
Me : yes

P1: can you tell about 5important points
Me : told

P1: what is the latest technology which is selling well in computer industry
Me : told

P1: tell 5 south Indian states and their capitals
Me : told

P1: okay I’m done.
He signalled the other prof.

P2: okay what is quantum computing
Me : didn’t know properly still told

P2: okay you deal with data can you tell me the quanties in which it is measured
Me : could tell only till TB

P2: ok are you interested in trading?
Me : No sir

P2: do you know about it atleast?
Me : yes sir

P2: what are the exchange bodies in India
Me : told

P2: how their performance is measured ?
Me: told

P2: how nifty and sensex price is calculated
Me : told

P2: okay so you work in CTS , there is TCS also but CTS is Pvt lmt but TCS is not. So what is the difference.
Me: told

P2: so you are saying tcs stocks are listed but CTS is not?
Me: yes , but even CTS stock is listed

P2: in India?
Me : no in us

P2: how good are you in mathematics
Me : decent sir

P2: what is exponential
Me : told something

P2: how is it written mathematically?
Me : told
P2: ok what is the mountain peak which I can see behind you ( there was a photo)
Me : Kanchenjunga

P2: which range is it in
Me : told

P2: is it the highest?
Me : no

P2: are you sure?
Me : yes Everest is the highest in Himalayan range

P2: so what is Kanchenjunga ? 2nd 3rd 4th?
Me : 3rd sir

P2: what is 2nd highest?
Me : K2

P2: are you sure?
Me : yes

P2: what is the full name?
Me : don’t know sir

P2: ok so Uttarakhand in divided into two parts , (he named the two which I can’t recall) can you name any peak or range there?
Me: I know karakoram

P2: okay np,who was the first president of India?
Me : Rajendra prasad ( took 5 sec to recall is name)

P2: are you sure?
Me : yes sir
P2: okay I’m done thanks all the best !

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IIM-K Interview Experience 2

My slot was 5.30 pm but they called me at 4.30 to join soon if I can.
So I just had to wait for 3-4 minutes.
2 prof. Both Male.
They asked if I was waiting for a long time.

P1- Tell me something about yourself.

P1- why MBA?

P2- Are you only child of your parents?

P1- who was first Indian to go into space?

P2- which laptop model do you use? Where is its headquarters?

P2- Do you know anything about analytics or data science?
I just answered that I’ve done a project and 2-3 lines about that. No cross questions.

P1- Do you read any books?
The first two books I named were of Paulo coelho. They asked in btw and we had a conversation over BELIEF .

P1- hobbies?

P2- Continent which speak Spanish language?

P1- Do you know where kozhikode is?
During the whole interview both panelist were smiling and they seemed quite impressed by my answers.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 3

Two panelists, 1 female (P1) and 1 male (P2)

Workex – 24 months, data analyst

After exchanging pleasantries

P1: So you graduated from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, who is it named after?
Me: (prepared answer)

P1: So what is your job role?
Me: (prepared answer)

P1: You’ve won a couple of awards at the time of graduation, what were they about?
Me: explained the two awards. One on acads and the other was leadership. Explained the leadership award in detail.

P1: Clearly you have spent a lot of time in public speaking, so who’s the orator you look up to?
Me: Spoke about Barack Obama at length.

P1: Okay what is his structure of giving speeches? Or how do you begin a speech?
Me: Gave an answer on how to structure a speech. She asked me to use an example on the lockdown and determination for students.

Thereafter the interview became a pure conversation on the existing skill gap between the industry and colleges and how the jobs available aren’t in sync with our studies. This leads to students moving towards IT sector roles.
A very casual discussion on the state of higher education and how industry is complicit in the oft-mentioned skill gap.

P1 and P2 then asked me about ABC calls, and wished me the best of luck for the same.

Was a very nice discussion. Nothing on acads or general awareness.

IIM-K Interview Experience 4

B.com(hons) – fresher
1F 1M

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why mba

3. Teaching pedagogy of hansraj

4. About my intership

5. What is sharpe ratio

6. Accounting principles

7. How to measure profitability of a company

8. Free cash flow of a firm

1. Pm of canada

2. No. Of states of US

3. US president

4. Party of biden

5. Which party is better for india and why

6. Capital of US

7. What does DC stand for in Washington DC

8. Total embassies in Delhi

9. What is mansarovar lake

IIM-K Interview Experience 5

M1, M2; both in late 40s

1. M2: So How are you?
Fine Sir

2. M2: Where are you actually from?
I am from Bihar but currently live in Delhi

3. M1: So where do you work?
Sir I work for PQR at an oil rig and I take care of various equipments at rig.

4. M1: But there is nothing for PQR in Delhi to do then What do you do here?
Sir I have ON OFF culture and I am posted at Andhra Pradesh. I am currently giving this interview from my rig in Andhra Pradesh only. I go to my home in Delhi during my OFF period.

5. M1: OK so why do you want an MBA you are already in a high paying job?
Sir you said correctly that its paying me well but its a very niche field and I want to work in more diversified areas.

6. M1: I know people who have worked for PQR and went to Middle east now they are earning 3 crores per month, you have a great future ahead.
Sir I know oil business is a high paying job but its the not only highly paid job, there are several options as well which I want to explore

7. M1: You people just want to earn more and more money, you want to do nothing for country. How much was college fees?
Sir I have done my whole BTech in 2lacs rupees.

8. M1: See Government provide you so much subsidised education and you do nothing for country, you are wasting your knowledge and money by coming to MBA and just want to earn more money.
Sir I never mentioned in my interview that I want to earn more money, I just want to work in more diverse areas, and we can serve our country thru several means, at present we work in extreme areas and help people there.

9. M1: But you are wasting your knowledge, you shud have worked more harder and found new wells so that India’s dependance on foreign for oil reduces.
Sir to run a company not only technology is used but money management, resource allocation, people’s management is also required which help us to do our work more properly thats why I think a MBA degree will help me.

10. M1: All your answers are contradictory and not convincing, all you want is to earn more money, okay tell me names of three previous Deputy PM of India, let me check your knowledge.
Sir I could not recall at moment any name

11. M1: You could not recall or you dont know, dont lie to me
Sorry sir I dont know its answer

12. M1: See you are not ready for MBA you need to practice more, okay tell me three of your previous CMD aprt from present.
Sir at present it is Mr. ABC apart from that I could only recall Mr. XYZ

13. M1: See you dont know anything you need to prepare more you are not ready, okay tell me name of any five presidents of India.
Sir to begin with Mr. Rjendra Prasad then Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, then Madam Pratibha Patil, currently Mr Ram Nath Kovind and lastly I remember Sir Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

14. M1: Okay, good. So you r a Mechanical Engineer, tell me you have seen huge tankers of oil what is there shape
Sir they are cylindrical in shape and at ends they are semispherical in shape

15. M1: Why they are semispherical at end and not flat at needs
Sir its basically related to pressure distribution inside the vessef if it would be flat then there would be stress cencentration at the ends.

16. M1: Then what should be ideal shape
Sir the ideal shape should be spherical

17. M1: Okay from my side

18. M2: So what do you know about Kozhikode
Sir Kozhikode is situated on western banks of India and is in state of Kerala. It is a part of Western Ghats and the nearby hills are beautiful Nilgiri Hills.

19. M2: What do know about Calicut port
Sir Calicut port has huge significance in history. It was one of the major trading port of one of the European forces which I could not recall now whether it was British, french or Portuguese

20. M2: Okay do you know abt Lakshadweep island
Yes Sir

21. M2: What is the language spoken there
Sir I dont know the exact language but since it is near to Kerala then some people might be definitely speaking Malayalam

22. M2: Okay Thats all from my side
Thank you sir it was a pleasure talking to you

23. M1: Dont worry we just ask in such way it has nothing to do with your selection
Okk sir, It was nice talking to you

Overall M1 was heavy throughout the interview, he was not letting to either answer or complete my answer. He was just repeating that I know nothing and only want to earn more money. M2 was silent throughout the period and was just observing me during my interview. No questions were asked from the application form or about my hobbies. I don’t know what they were looking or how I performed. But I tried my best to not let my demeanor down throughout the grilling process.

In short Dhaga khol diye.

IIM-K Interview Experience 6

P1: Name is Lengthy , does it include inputs from your mother’s and father’s family
Me : Yes ,that is what happened , each part is an input from a family member.(About to say something..cuts me off)

P1 : So you work in data analysis ..now a days everybody is ..do you actually work on this or its just for name sake.
Me : Explained my work .

P1: What is the difference between data and information
Me : Tried to explain (There was a good amount of cross questioning )

P1: Im done I will come to the data part later

P2:Do you know equator?
ME: Yes madam..answered it

P2:Name some countries that it passes through
ME:Named a few (out of which only 2 are right)

P2:What lies at north pole and south pole?

P2:What lies between poles and equator (tropic of cancer or Capricorn?)

P2:Are you sure?
ME: Yes madam.as far as I remember those lie between respective poles and equator

P1:That is not how it is ..you cant draw equator and tropics..the way someone remembers..(goes on for a minute about it)
ME:I meant.. it has been a while since I read about those

P1:Okay..you say “I think” in your answers (which I did)..so you are not confident?
Me: It is my mannerism of answering questions

P1:ok..cool..I will not ask many qsns ..its lunch time you are hungry and we are too..tell me the subject that you are confident in
Me: Thermo dynamics sir

P1:What is carnot cycle?
Me: explained (with a lot of cross questioning and cutting off)

P1:OK..im done…you can log off
Overall 11 mins of interview with one panelist trying to stress us out

IIM-K Interview Experience 7

B.com Hons (Accounts and finance)
Work-ex 27 month.

1M 35ish, 1F 30is.

Asked me to show my ID and CAT score card.
1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What is management and fuctions of management

3. Difference between a leader and a manager

4. Asked me about reasons for petrol price hike

5. Different types of taxes levied on petroleum

6. Tell me about your co-curricular activities

7. Badminton world champion.

8. Two indian female badminton player

9. Asked me about my job role and follow up questions.

10. What is your view regarding that horrible picture of a person suffering from cancer in a cigarette packet.
Will it help smoked to quit.

11. Do you smoke 😂
I said no then he said you are probably lying, you must have atleast tried. I said I smoke hukkah sometimes but not cigarette. They started laughing.

12. Which other calls?
Thanks you, all the best.

Chilled out panel, made me comfortable and were friendly.
Also as I write poetries they asked me my inspiration and asked me to recite one of his poem.

IIM-K Interview Experience 8

Mech IITB, 1.5 years work ex
Two Panelists(1M 1F), Himanshu(H)

M: Show your ID
H: Should I screen share it or show the original?

M: Original. Screen share can be a fake too
H: * weird smile * Showed the ID

M: Tell me a joke
H: A kid and his fat aunt are walking below a bridge. The kid stops and lets the aunt walk. When the aunt asked him why did he stop, he replies, ” There is a that sign which says let the heavy vehicles pass first. ”

M: Laughs and says, dont you think that this is a sexist joke?
H: No sir, I dont think there is so much to think about this.

M: If you replace the fat aunt with a fat uncle, will it be funny?
H: To me, it’ll be.

M: Let me tell you a joke. * Tells that joke where a kid asks his parents how we are born and the father says, the your mother’s family evolved from monkeys”. Is this a sexist joke?
H: No sir, it is not.

M: Why?
H: Coz no one knows what happened to the father after that. May he RIP

M: Laughs out loud
F: You are funny. Do you have a girlfriend?
H: Yes ma’am, I do.

F: Can you hide your emotions
H: No ma’am struggle with that.

F: Since you like taking a dig on women, does your girlfriend feel bad about dating you?
H: Why will she feel bad? If she had, she wouldn’t have taken the first step

F: * smiles* Since you are so good at Maths and all, why dont you play poker in Vegas
H: That is not how my parents brought me up
Both of them laughed

M: Next time someone asks you to tell a joke, tell a gender neutral joke.
H: Sir, I will replace fat aunt by fat uncle and conduct a social experiment.

M: Yes, lets collect some data.
H: Would love to!


IIM-K Interview Experience 9

2 Panelists-1 male(30-35 yrs) 1 Female(Alumni age-25-30 yrs)
BA economics Fresher

1.Tell me about youself
Ans-Told the prepared one

2 why not pursued cricket when you are a district player
Ans-told about narrow scope of cricket in bihar

3.what is insolvency

4. What is Happines index?
Ans-Told and then some follow up questions on development economics

5.who is your favourite politician
Ans-AS I am from bihar this question was expected ..so told the prepared answer.i said nithish kumar.
then some followed question on politics.

Then female panelist started
1. Name 3 economists who have won nobel prizes.
Ans-I dont remember but I remember names of some economists but not sure about they have received the
nobel prize or not.Then named some economist.

2 Differentiate between developed and under developed countries?

3.Is india a developed countries or under developed?
Ans-Told it is developing economy.Gave reasons.

4.why MBA?

5.If I were to visit Bihar which 3 places would you suggest me to visit?
Ans- Told.Followed by questions on those historical places.

Then they Said Very well..Thats it from our side.

IIM-K Interview Experience 10

Background 95/84/79/94.58 OBC
Work ex 19 months (Infosys+TCS)

1. Tell me about your self

2. Why 2 company

3. What are difference and similarly between two in type of working culture & project

4. Reason for switch

5. What were you doing between the joining date of your new company

6. Tell me about your role

7. What is AI

8. What is recursive summarizing (my reasech paper)

9. What is supervised and unsupervised learning

10. Explain with examples

11. What are different ML algorithm

14. What is industry4.0

15. What is business 4.0

16. What is tabluea

(2 panel 1 M 1 F male ask all the questions not questions from female)
(Seems disinterested based upon my profile)
(No chance of conversion)

IIM-K Interview Experience 11

March 10 2021, CSE 2019 passout (9.2/98.4/8.2)

1. What did you do in the last 2 years?

2. Are you interested in business or management?

3. What are the subjects you are good at in CSE?

4. Is Relational Database still in use? What is the latest trend in DBMS?

5. Have you heard about Data Lakes?

6. What is Critical Section problem?

7. Is mutual exclusion is followed by it?

8. Can semaphore take negative values? (Tried to confuse a lot)

9. Is it a shareable resource that is being shared or non-shareable resource being shared?

10. If it is a shareable resource why there is a problem?

11. Travelling Salesman Problem – Time complexity?

12. What is Article 370?

13. Is there something related that is being followed by other states? (Recent happening on reservation policy)

14. Have you heard about recent OTT controversy? – Explain

15. Who is the Governer of Andhra Pradesh(I’m from AP)

16. Name 3 Forest reserves in South India?

17. A Chief Minister resigned recently, heard?

18. Which area is suitable for living low, mid or high area? Why – give reason?

IIM-K Interview Experience 12

IIM Kozhikode interview experience-
Profile- 9/9/8 Cat-94.85%le

P1- I can see you have a very consistent academic record, good cgpa, I have never scored so much marks. You are a much better student than I am so I won’t talk to you about studies. Do you know who the CM of Uttarakhand is?
Me- No sir

P1- He recently made a comment that “Women who wear ripped jeans are responsible for the moral degeneration of our society” what are your thoughts on this”
Me- Shared my thoughts

P1- Good. So you’re working in Barclays,what is it like?

P2- you’ve mentioned abacus, what is abacus?

P2- So what else are you interested in?
Me- Mythology
Spoke on this for a while

P1- Have you heard about the war in Karbala
Me- Not aware of it

P1- okay thanks, do you have any questions for us?
I thanked them for managing the entire process really well and keeping it timely. Said I really hope to be given the opportunity to join the institute.

P1- We hope to see you here as well 🙂 Thanks, you may drop off now.

Not sure what to expect from this.. There was no grilling from their end and the questions were pretty abstract. It was a short interview of about 5 minutes

IIM-K Interview Experience 13

EWS Engg (ECE) Male
10/12/BTech/CAT- 9.8,93.8,64.5, 98.31

2 Male Panelists
P1 goes through my form and I mentioned about quizzes. He says we don’t care about these jalebi competitions.

P1:- You have a huge remuneration drop, Can I know the reason..??

P1:- You have a steep decrease in your marks. But I don’t want to go into it.

P1:- What do you do at Infosys?
Explained the whole thing which I do (Manual testing)

P1:- Using common sense tell me difference between 4G and 5G

P1:- How are these allocated

P1:- How are spectrums allocated

P1:- Why were spectrums not allocated 10 years back. If they were allocated they could have used that Bands since then…??

Hands over to P2
P2:- what do you do in your free time..??

P2:- Do you read newspaper, Tell me some international news..??

P2:- Why are petrol prices increasing ??
Told about price decomposition of petrol, different state taxes etc

P2:- How can we regulate the prices of petrol..??

P2:- Why is petrol not brought under GST..??

P2:- Where do you want to see yourself in 2 years from now

P2:- your fav FMCG
Told ITC

P2:- Product portfolio of ITC
Told many and told John Players

P2:- Does ITC own a clothing brand

P1:- In my whole career it’s first time I’m listening that ITC owns a clothing brand ( Tells this with a demoralising look)
I stutter and say may be I’m wrong.
They looked unsatisfied for the whole interview. But at the end

P1:- you can Logoff Hope we come with a good news

IIM-K Interview Experience 14

25th March 2021
2 panellist one male one female

1. Who build India Gate?

2. Who build Mumbai Airport?

3. Famous Indian Architects?

4. Famous World Architectural Sites?

5. How was Statue of Liberty constructed?

6. Hobbies?

7. Why is it called Einstien Puzzle?

8. What is IQ? How is it measured?

9. Is it correct measurement for sucess?

10. Highest peak in Westernghats?

11. Highest peak of Himalayas?

12. Highest peak of Maharashtra?

13. Rivers of Maharashtra?

IIM-K Interview Experience 15

Two panelists very chill. 17 Mins Interview. We were laughing half of the time

P1: So u r from Christ University?

P1: So what have u done in the past one yr, after u graduated?

P1: Calls?

P1: Which will u choose?

P1: Why MBA?

P1: R u reading from a paper?
no, sir, I tend to speak really fast, it might look to u

P1: Did u take any coaching?
No, been in contact with some current students and alumni

P1: What’s ur biggest mistake?

P1: That’s a lie, in my time it was usually an overdose of alcohol or something
Gave an answer

P1: What ur parents do?

P1: Mother ka baad me kyu liya?
Then pulled my leg on this ques for some time

P2: So what do u do currently at ur firm?

P2: Do u read newspaper?
Some discussion about physical or digital newspaper

P2: Top 5 Companies according to market cap?
Could tell only 4

P2: What’s ur biggest drawback?

P1: U r lying, based on ur confidence u have very good public speaking skills

Thanks, Bye

IIM-K Interview Experience 16

IIM K PGP-F interview
Interview time was 11:50 but started at 11:10 itself

First starts with id proof verification
1M 1F

– tell me about yourself

– Why did you quit your job

– What is stock market

– Why do companies come into stock market

– What is repo rate

– How much is the repo rate right now(couldn’t answer)

– What is inflation rate

– How much is it right now(couldn’t answer)

– What is an ipo?

– Suppose if I give you two stocks A and B. And their past prices, can you suggest me which stock to invest in? (I said no, only the past price is not enough to suggest)

– Then what all factors do you consider before suggesting me?

– What is risk in stock market? How do you define it in the above scenario?

– Are you willing to take a risk in stock market?

– Why are you not willing to take a risk?

– What is CAPM?

– what are you from cse?

– What’s your favorite subject?

– What’s the difference between c and Java?

– How will you write a program for shortlisting students with marks above 80 in c and Java?

– What is the difference between those two programs?

-What is the object in Java?

– What was your role in capgemini?

– Why did AP split into AP and Telangana?

Ohkayy thank you all the best
Though it was a bit long(25min), they were very cool.

IIM-K Interview Experience 17

Gef fresher ece
Panel 5
Extempore- Globalization vs Deglobalization

– Which is better according to you…in general and then for India..and what policies should we make for it..

– Why MBA

– Which corporate leaders do u look upto..

– Their personal or professional skills..

– How would ur friends and colleagues describe u and why

– If same product at 10 rs from china and 12 rs from India ..where would u buy from ..what factors to consider..very long discussion on that..

– What do u look at quality or taste in pani puri and then cars..

– What factors do you consider while choosing a product and while marketing it ..

– An ece question- Doping

– And then one question
” Are impurities important in life?”

Good healthy discussion..
20-22 mins interview

IIM-K Interview Experience 18

IIM K PGP finance
1. where do you live ? where do you work, your role and products you re working on

2. why MBA finance instead of a regular ? why interest in finance being an engineer ?

3. do you have any knowledge about finance?

4. what are types of financial statements ?

5. where does balance sheet and income statement link?

6 . why reserves are liability?

7. is cash an asset?

8. types of cash flow statements

1. asked more about work ex
why is it called c++ and not c+?

2. asked if know probability
que- if I buy a product for 100 rs and immediately sell it for 100 rs. What is the probability that 100rs has the same value ?

3. CMs of Chhattisgarh, gujurat, Goa.

IIM-K Interview Experience 19

IIM Kozhikode Finance (15 min)
P1 male, P2 Female

P1- how are you

P1- meaning of your name

P1- have you done anything in pressure from your superior that is immoral

P1- How did you develop interest in Finance

P1- what is your specialization in BTech

P1- how do you calculate angles without a calculator

P1- What are logic gates

P1- explain nand Gate

P2- can you again explain me in layman terms logic gates and its use

P2- what do you want your role to be after completing the finance course

P2- what is stock

P2- what is portfolio

P2- what are NBFCs with example

P2- all the best

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