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IMT PI Experience 64 (hons.) Agri.
Panelist 1
1. You’ve done a very interesting course, tell me something about it.
2. There’s a lot of debates in your extra curricular, What’s your secret to winning it?
3. Have you faced any challenges in your real life?
4.What was your favourite subject?
5. Have you read anything about it?
6. Why agri.?

Panelist 2
1. Tell me 2 or 3 points in the favour of farm bill (as i said i always go against the topics)
2. I’m a little confused, first you wanted to do mbbs, then you chose agri., then mba. What you wanna say about it?
3. what you wanna become in future?
4. How does agri. help in it?
5. Do you know about any agritech startups. What is Ninjacart?

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IMT PI Experience 65

Interview experience IMT Ghaziabad, forenoon session
Aditya Dey, 94.72%ile CAT, 8,7,7, Electronics Engineering

Panel 4, Serial 4

CT topic : Regulation on Instagram influencers

Panelist 1 (Male, late 30s- early 40s)
Q1. 4G vs 5G
Q2. What is a microprocessor? Difference between 8085 and 8086 microprocessor.
Q3. Comment about AI taking away up jobs.
Q4. Recent technology/ developments in the field.
Q5.. Which stream do you wanna pursue an MBA in? And why?

Overall very friendly, soft spoken and relaxed.

Panelist 2 (Female, late 20s-early 30s)
“I have been listening to your interview so far”
Q1. I was going through you Critical writing, do you think these Instagram influencers have been successfully in the marketing/advertisement process?
Q2. I have noticed you did some internship in sales and marketing, tell me about it.
Tell me your role in that.
Q3. What do you mean by nano/micro/macro influencers(influencing)?
Q4. Future of e-learning platforms, name 2 leading companies in the same field?
Q5. Tell me about any marketing/advertisement which attracted your attention?

Again, very soft spoken, relaxed and friendly.

Hope this is helpful, Good Luck guys..

IMT PI Experience 66

Interview Experience- 12th Feb
Economics Hons
10 months of work experience

2 panelist
P1- Male- 30-35 years of age
P2- Female- 45+

He didn’t ask me to introduce myself at all and started the rapid fire

Q1 Why do u want to do MBA
Q2 Why not take 2.5 years of experience and then do mba
Q3 What is cross price elasticity
Q4 asked me to solve a question on cross price elasticity
Q5 what specialisation you want to pursue

Some SOP related questions

He was just asking questions and asking for an answer no cross questioning or explanation was asked

P2 (Little on grilling side)
Q1. Why did you take a break in your current company
Q2. What are your 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses
Q3. 2 recent novels you read
Q4 who wrote Gitanjali
Q5 who is the father of the nation
Q6 full name of Gandhi
Q7 what Isha Ambani got in division of reliance
Q8 who is current head of Infosys
Q9 name of the 3 sharks

P2 was in a grilling mood and she really tried to get me off guard by asking questions on current affairs which I mentioned is my weakness.

Overall it was a rapid fire round and no time to think or take a pause

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IMT PI Experience 67

B.Com Hons Fresher
CT Topic: Long term Impact Of COVID-19, less sociable future generation?

PI:Two female Panelists.. I guess one was in late 30s and other was in late 40s something..

P1: Introduction (I played my safe bet mt saying cricket 2-3 times in my intro only.. Then whole PI was much easy)
P1: President and Secretary of BCCI
P1:5 Indian and 5 Overseas Women Cricketers
P1: Name 3 more each
P1: What is Mankading in cricket?
P1:Is it ethical?
P1:5 WIPL teams
P1:Do you think that KL Rahul is playing on favouritism rather than on Merit?
P1: Thank You.. Now P2 will take charge

P2:Long term vision
P2:Why IMT Ghaziabad
P2:Founder, President and Director of IMT G
P2: Favourite Graduation Subject
P2:Seven Ps of marketing
P2: Difference between brand, label and company
P2:Ways to determine price of a product
P2:What is advertising? Difference between reach and converage
P2:Adani Vs Hindenburg
P2: Thank You

IMT PI Experience 68


17 months workex in finance (Accounts payable)
WAT topic : Are you obligated to keep an employee who holds distasteful views and expresses them online.
1. 3 things you dislike about your current job
2. fav subjects (graduation )
3. What’s accounts payable
4. Accounts payable entry and inventory entry in BS
5. Why do you want to do mba
6. What are your hobbies and interests areas
7. Post mba goals
8. About my internship project
1 5 latest news headlines
2 who’s our president and what’s difference in way of working of our president vs US president
3.Some points from my WAT and discussion on same.
4. My learnings from workex

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IMT PI Experience 69

BSc(H) Mathematics (DU)
CAT 95.78.
Acads 95/94/91.63.

Q1. Question about 1 yr gap.
Q2. Practical usage of mean median mode.
Q3. View on the level of mathematical education in India.
Q4. 2 weaknesses.
Q5. View on bollywood boycott culture.

1. How to measure area of a hill or a mountain.
2. Why is there a halwa ceremony before budget session?
3. View on cryptocurrency.
4. Difference bw Taylor and Maclaurian series.
5. 3 union ministers other than defence and finance.
6. Panelist tells me you seem to be exceptional in maths. Here are the various tax slabs in the new regime. Calculate income tax on an income of 25 lakhs.

Overall experience- Quite cordial. All throughout they were smiling and remarked you are excellent as a candidate. All the best.

Hope it helps you guys.

IMT PI Experience 70

Cat- 97.8
Gem btech ece
Work ex 19 months
Wat – crisis is the best teacher
PI – 2F panelists
1. Tell me about your journey
2. Academics related 2-3 questions
3. In this wold of geo political issues, where best an Indain citizen shoud settle outside india if he/she wants to.
4. How do you update yourself with current news
I answered inshorts and all digital platforms
Then my whole interview was related to that
Like how is it beneficial than printed newspaper, what are the disadvantages, should we use it more or less
5. Then AI (mainly chatgpt) related questions – explain in simple language what is chatgpt and how to use it,
Beneficiaries of that and how will it effect different industries.
Then they said thank you , you can log off.
No mba related question and anything whole interview was around inshorts and AI.

IMT PI Experience 1

IMT Ghaziabad 10.02.2021 – Panel 12

1M (late 40s) 1F (early 40s)
Background : 40 months in IBM

90% interview was about IBM, its history, work culture, Rankings.

Other questions
– Your 1 Strength and how it is relevant in corporate, Two latest news, which sector you want to join and why? , What is tesla doing in India and where.

Nothing from video or SOP

Entire interview was in a very friendly manner.

IMT PI Experience 2

1 M around mid 30s and 1 F around 40s

First female interviewer –
Q1 – Tell me about your family

Q2 – Why you left job

Q3- Why chose HR job after engineering

Q4 – Why are you inclined towards marketing and HR both. (explained by saying how recruitment is nothing but selling a pitch to the candidates)

Q5 Why didn’t you go for a job offer from Tcs and joined a startup

Male interviewer
Q1- Explain about the British council course you did during graduation

Q2- about my food blog

Q3 – last food item you posted

Q4 – origin of that food item. (didn’t know this)

Q5- where do you see yourself in next 10 years?

Overall a light interview. In between a lil bit of grilling because of my shift from engineering to hr to marketing.

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IMT PI Experience 3

P1 (F 30+), P2 (F 40+)

Q1 : tell me about yourself
Answered (seems interested)

Q2 : you are doing so well in job. What characteristics you showed ?

Q3: any childhood incident that’s influenced you?
Narrated true story.

I am not getting my refund from Amazon why is that (I work in Amazon)
A: I don’t work in that sector but I can try some reasons and gave

P2: very unique email id why it’s like that?
A: answered (P2 :nice way of selection)

P2: what specialization you want to pursue and why
A: answered (seems satisfied)

Done… Max 5-7 mins

IMT PI Experience 4

Two panelists, one male 40+ and one female 30 +.

he asked me
Extempore was : do our bank accounts need insurance.
1. Who is head of planning commission.

2. Second law of thermodynamics

3. One math question.

4. Why MBA.

5. Any extracurricular activity other than mentioned in form.

6. What is FICCI.

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IMT PI Experience 5

P : You haven’t worked from Nov 2019…what you have done in that period ?( As I have gap year after 30 month of work ex)
Me: I answer that I was doing data analytics

P : why data analysis is used what have you learned
Me : answered ( told about a project I had done )

P : can you tell me diff between regression and co relation.
Me : answered

P : what are independent and dependent variables
Me : answered in terms of regression

Moved to next panel

P : why do you think data analytics has become so popular nowadays
Me : answered ( computational power of computer has increased and accessibility of resources is more )

P : can you tell me fintech
Me : answered

P : can you tell me about peer to peer lending.
Me : answered ( told about a start up where it is done)

P : can you tell me about investments in startup.
Me : told about seed funding and series funding.

P : can you tell me about any book prize for authors.( As I had background in publishing industry)
Me : told about man booker and arvind adiga

Asked to leave the meeting
Note :. I was explaining everything, they asked me to keep it precise !

IMT PI Experience 6

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why this weakness?

3. Why MBA?

4. Native city political and historical significance

5. Current city political and historical significance

6. Why don’t u like politics?

7. do u read news?
Then explain NEP
taunt – typical IT guy

8. Your company uniqueness?

9. What ur company is best at?

10. What u learnt in 2 years of workex?

11. Compare native and current city

time – 10 mins

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IMT PI Experience 7

P1 and P2 both males

Profile – CAT 98.45, 20 months Workex

Q1. You are working in Matrix. Tell me something about It.
Answered everything from foundation to domain to products to Revenue

Q2. How is your Company doing in the past one year
We had a huge increase in revenue due to the Anti Chinese Sentiments.

Q3. How are present scenes between China and India.
Answered with Trade Deficits

Q4. Why do you want to do an MBA.
Answered on past experience of Product Management Role
That’s all from my side

Q5. What do you mean by trade deficit.
Answered diff between imports and export.

Q6. What is beneficial for India.
Answered satisfactorily.

Q7. Favourite Subjects
A7. Computer Networks. I was like bring it on.
You must have read Tannenbaum then.
I said man this guy is an electronics engineer. I am fucked

Q8. What is Distributed File System?
A8. Holy shit I said no sir sorry I am not aware

Q9. Give me a second subject.
A9. Digital circuits.

Q10. Draw XNOR using universal gates.
A10. I am doomed. Sorry sir I don’t know.
Aisa kaise you said your favourite Subjects were this and you cannot answer these questions.

Q11. What is the difference between astable bistable and monostable circuit
A11. Not Aware.

Q12. Give me a third subject.
A12. Wired Communications.

Q13. What is UDP.
A13. Thankfully was aware and answered with example where it is used.

Thank you you can log off!

IMT PI Experience 8

1. Hi Pawan, so which production house did you work with?

2. What was the most unique and interesting thing that you learnt from your work experience?

3. Who is Savitribai Phule? (because I’m from Savitribai Phule Pune University)

4. What do you genuinely think of the farm laws?
(And then immediately gets handed over to a Sikh panelist…..that was smooth from them)

5. What do you think of the recent budget?

6. You are giving me a diplomatic answer. I want to hear your opinion.

7. You stream is Mechanical, what boost is the mechanical sector going to get from the current budget?

8. What is the gold price today?

9. What is the dollar price today?

10. What is the name of the Spacex commercial flight that is using biofuel?

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IMT PI Experience 9

Panel- 2 members (both males)

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. After doing engineering from NIT, why would you not take some experience in technical field and then MBA

3. What is your idea of business

4. Asked few questions about 3Ps related to green products

5. Whose coalition govt is functioning in maharashtra (I’m from Maharashtra)

6. Name of the coalition

7. Deputy chief minister

8. Highlights of the recent budget

9. Why a mobile is called cellular phone (I’m an ECE fresher)

10. What is the shape of cell and why is it so

11. What do you expect after a 2 year degree from IMT

12. What are the top 4 tyre manufacturers in India (based on my father’s business)

13. How do you recommend a good tyre to a customer

Thank you!

IMT PI Experience 10

P1 (F 30+), P2 (F 40+)

Q1 : tell me about yourself
Answered ( seems interested)

Q2 : you are doing so well in job. What characteristics you showed ?

Q3: any childhood incident that’s influenced you?
Narrated true story.


Q4: I am not getting my refund from Amazon why is that ( I work in Amazon)
A: I don’t work in that sector but I can try some reasons and gave

Q5: very unique email id why it’s like that?
A: answered (P2 :nice way of selection)

Q6: what specialization you want to pursu e and why
A: answered (seems satisfied)

Done… Max 5-7 mins

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IMT PI Experience 11

12th Feb, 2021 Panel 16, Slot 12
B. Tech, ECE, Male
EWS, 18 Months work Ex

Extempore on : Mental Health vs Physical Health

1. Difference between LED & LCD?

2. Probability sums

3. Hobbies

4. Name 5 south indian states with their capital

5. Through which states does the Himalayas pass?

6. Achievement in sports

7. What is I-league?

8. Defending champions

9. What happened to Mohun Bagan and East Bengal

10. How many teams in ISL, name them

11. Show top 3 extra curricular certificates

IMT PI Experience 12

Q1. Why switch from architecture to MBA

Q2. How to design Sustainable landscape at IMT

Q3. How important sustainability in today’s world

Q4. Is climate change a serious things

Q5. Why isn’t anyone talking about extreme cold

Q6. Uttarakhand GOFL reasons

Q7. IIM Ahmedabad structure debate

Q8. Why do you feel that it should be conserved

Q9. Any amazing standout building in Gurgaon

Q10. Any structure that you admire around the world

Q11. Asked questions about my startup, basically the complete revenue model and the plan ahead

Q12. Asked multiple questions about Amazon-FRL-RIL deal

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IMT PI Experience 13

Ques: where did u do ur grad from?

Ques: diff between expense n investment

Ques: Are salaries paid to R & D employees capital expenditure or not?

Ques: what is GAAP (As i quoted an Accounting standard in previous ques)

Ques: name a few Accounting standards?
Names a few n bluffed

Ques: Explain implication of LIC IPO
Told both positive n negativeQues: which field in MBA?

Ques: how to quantify risk

Ques: A vague ques on why does all the financial instruments fail or financial services scam?

A few follow ups on this
Less than 10 mins interview

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IMT PI Experience 14

Panel 5

1st panelist
1) why sales job after engineering

2) why mba now

3) work ex question

2nd panelist
1)What have you learnt in work ex

2) How will you help government in solving farmer protest

Over 10 min interview

IMT PI Experience 15

1) You are from Bsc Ag or BTech ag?

2) You have mentioned you’ve written a paper on Organic Farming? Tell us more about it?

3) You have mentioned about being a hero? You think you can be the one for the farmers and what they’re facing?

4) He grilled me on this for 5-7 mins I guess.

5) What does RBI do?

6) What does SEBI do?

7) Who is the governor of RBI?

8) You have a youtube channel? What content you post?

9) How do you think storytelling thing is gonna help you in being a manager?

10) He again grilled me on this by saying you will make better excuse than others. And blah blah…

11) What other calls you have?

12) I don’t think you’ll prefer IMT Ghaziabad over IIMs. Again the female panelist made a taunt kinda thing saying we’re waiting for a story.

That’s it.

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IMT PI Experience 16 fresher

Q:Which sector do you want to work in?
A: Fintech

Q:What’s Indian Govt take on crypto?

Q:What’s your take on it?

Q:Do you own any?
A: Yes, BC & Litecoin

Q:I want to buy. Tell me how can I?
A: Told

Q:Any policy to combat fin illiteracy?
A: PM-Jandhan yojna

Q: criticism on it?
A: Idk but educated guess

Q: LIC disinvestment: take on it?
A: Told

Q: Should crypto be in mainstream?
A: Told

Q: Talked about my summer school

Q: 3 Cultural differences UK/US & India

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IMT PI Experience 17

B.Tech ECE

P1 (50 around, Female):
Introduce yourself.
– Done as crammed up

P1: Do you have any Placement offers?
Ans: Told them about my offers, organizations and ended with the fact that I didn’t accept any when I got to know my CAT result

P1: Why MBA?

P2(50+, Male):
Tell me about 1 domestic and 1 international event of recent times which caught your eye
Answer: Being a delhite told about Farmers issue and RIL-FG-Amazon Rift.

P2: So tell me something about the Amazon-RIL-FG situation.
Answer: Thanks to Catking was able to recite the major points

P2: Now tell me about the Farmers Situation. Imagine you are the leader of Farmers. Which point will you put weight on?
Answer: Mentioned MSP and Compulsion of Written Contracts and Safety for the small scale farmers

P2 : What are Social inclusion activities and being a national minister how do you plan to inculcate that in the society?
Answer: Explained about how I hope to pursue it, mentioned about Vocational activities and Bagless days of NEP.

Thanks and Bye bye
It was for less than 10 mins definitely.. Didn’t see the exact time
I was last in my panel , Panelists were cordial
And Thankfully wasn’t asked about Grad

IMT PI Experience 18

1. Tell me something about yourself which is not in your resume

2. Integrate 1/x dx

3. Tell me the purpose of differentiation that when x^2 is 2x then what it means (really grilled me on this)

4. Tell about the pros and cons of FMCG companies doing B2C buisness (I have no where mentioned that I am interested in marketing, it was completely random)

5. Privatisation of PSUs pros and cons

6. What will you do or what should govt do about the misinformation spreading about vaccines?

7. Asked me 5 subjects which I studied in last semester and 2 questions based on that(one I was able to give ans)

8. Famous chess openings (I have participated in chess competition in college)

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IMT PI Experience 19

Fresher bcom
Last on the list
Felt they just wanted to be wrap up and go.


1. famous personality by your name

2. where did chetan bhagat studied from

3. post graduation kaha se ki usne

4. favourite subject

5. what is segmentation – explain

6. what is positioning

7. Star question- what do u think is the difference btw positioning in india as compared to THE US .

Over to p2
8. question from sop for hobby ( i am a content creator)

9. number of subscribers ?

10. what is the usp of your content

11. what did u learn from it

12. explain scope of digital marketing

The end

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IMT PI Experience 20

Dt- 5th Feb, 2022

CT Topic-:
Why is the strange phenomenon of “Great Resignation” by employees happening across industries? How to manage it? (500 words)

1. Tell me something about yourself not mentioned in application.

2. Why MBA(Not the Direct Qs. But his words were articulated around this question. Basically he was saying me to come direct to point. One liner)

3. Qs regarding my company’s share, revenue, profit and other financial stuffs and where it stands.

4. Tell me about the founders of company you are working in. After I said he asked one by one like is X is an MBA. No. Then Mr. Y is an MBA No. These people have multi billion company without MBA, then why you want to do MBA.

Discussions then mostly focused on my workex. Then suppose you got an onsite opportunity and also IMT call on same day. What will you choose and why ?

5. What is budget ?

6. What are your views on Budget 2022-23 ?

This I had prepared in detail and spoke at length. He asked to start from negatives I find about budget and what were the expectations and how the budget didn’t meet them. Then asked me about positives.
Not much grilling or cross question. IMT specific interview to be honest.

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IMT PI Experience 21

Dt- 5th Feb, 2022

There were two interviewers , male and female , both young , Around 30’s .
My CT test didn’t get submitted because my laptop suddenly got shut down in the end before submitting, but that didn’t matter much i guess , they just focus about the experience . So don’t panic if there’s any technical issue .

Interviewer 1 :
1. You already did 3 years of management in undergrad , why do you think you need 2 more years of management course .
2. Favourite subject in BBA
3. What is strategic human resource management ?
4 . What do you think about work from home roles
5. Who will win in long run Amazon or Flipkart ( this question was asked because i said i am working in Amazon customer service )
6 . What is Amazon doing different when compared to Flipkart .

Interviewer 2 :
1. Who is the father of management
2. Father of scientific management
( i didn’t know these two , so i politely declined)
3. Name 5 CEOs and how do they inspire you .
4. What is a business problem ? You can give an example if you want .

IMT PI Experience 22

(Dt- 06/02/2022 – Slot 1 )
Cat – 90.62, 28 month work ex

CT – Team leader rewarding all the team members equally even when 2 members didn’t performed well.
2 member panel

P1 – How are you? Is it your 1 st interview?
P1 – Where do you see yourself post mba?
P1 – Brief about your job role.
P1 – Mechanical Engineering to finance is a big leap? Reasons.
P1 – Interested in stock market? Are you an investor or a trader?
P1 – What’s your strategy in stock market?
P1 – How much time you spend in stock market and how you manage your works?
P1 – Do you know about Harshad Mehta?
P1 – Can you explain about the scam?
P1 – Year of scam?
P1 – Why MBA not Mtech?

So since we were talking about stock market we could continue with that itself.
P2 – What are options?
P2 – What is in the money, at the money and out of money options.
P2 – What is strike price?
P2 – Are you confident that option selling is better than buying? Why you prefer selling? reasons?
P2 – If you are selling option on expiry, who are you selling to?
P2- What is fundamental and technical analysis.
P2 – Your risk reward ratio and monthly yearly targets?
P2 – What is India VIX? How will you measure it?
P2 – How stock market reacted to budget 2022.
P2 – How do you perform fundamental analysis?
P2 – Means that you use to follow stock market related stuffs.

Overall a good interview.

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IMT PI Experience 23

Dt- 10th Feb, 2022

WAT – Business should take society along

1)Tell me some about your educational background
2) Why IMT
3) Which specialisation (I said inclination towards HR)
4) Why MBA after graduation and no work ex , btw did you have offer from any company.
5) Changes and challenges faced by HR in last 2-3 years including covid times
6) Hometown
7) Pollution in Delhi , what to do
8) Future of EV according to you
9) Is CSR mandatory ( I mentioned CSR in my WAT)
10) Meaning of your name

1) Do you remember your subjects from graduation
2) Which was your favourite subject ( I said Accountancy)
Then he asked few questions related to accountancy.

In all my experience was good , no grilling , professors were smiling and were sweet.

IMT PI Experience 24

Dt- 11th Feb, 2022

I am freshers Bsc mathematics

Wat topic – Using IT enabled surveillance system to monitor employee productivity is an appropriate and effective mechanism.


Where are you from….what is the effect of COVID in rural area..
Why do u change from BSC to mba
Which specialization want to do mba
Why that specialization
Name 5 brands u used(since I said marketing )
What is the allocation in budget on agriculture

So why IMT
Why you think you are doing good in mba in marketing…how your graduation subject help you.
Why we select you
Farm laws your view
How IMT is a socially responsible college…ur view

More over its quite intense interview …no question about tell me your self or graduation related…
P1 makes some grilling ..
I would rate it 7/10…
Note-read budget well…

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IMT PI Experience 25

Dt- 12/02/2022 , Morning slot
Mechanical engineer , Cat*92.06
7 months of work experience in Production
1 M 1F

  1. Where are you logging from?
    2. Tell me about yourself.
    3. Give your opinion on Farm laws as you are from Agricultural background.
    4. Why you quit your job?
    5. Don’t you think you can do MBA later after getting some more experience?
    6. What you want to do after your MBA to your region?
    7. What were the similarities between you as a cricket captain and Production Engineer?
    8. What have you done for farmers upto now?
    9. Who is your role model?
    10. Difference between Yorker, googly and bouncer.

Overall friendly they seemed satisfied..

IMT PI Experience 26

Dt- 12th Feb, 2022

Overall it was a nice experience. You will be well informed on the day’s process in the introduction session.

1. WAT- In view of increasing the gender diversity, your organization hires a female candidate who does not satisfy the required work experience. What are your views on it.

Interview –
1. What is the National Anthem of India and who wrote it?
2. What is the number of States in India?
3. Who is the Home Minister of India?
4. What is your hometown famous for and in which colony it was before independence?

1. Two questions on my college subjects (quite basic)

Why IMT?

Work experience
1. When was your company founded? What was its name and when it was founded?
2. Some questions about the work I do.

1. Why did you join IT after completing engineering in non-CS, IT branch?
2. What is your long term goals?

Some fun questions about movies and songs

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IMT PI Experience 27

Dt- 13th Feb, 2022

Cat score – 98.7
Profile -GEM 10/87/71
2 panelists 1 female 1 male

CT topic
Leadership is an art of working with imperfections

Interview –
1. Describe instances from your life related to CT topic.
2. What was your job role?
3. Why did you leave the job and what you did afterwards?
4. What type of business you have?
5. What did you do after you left the job till now?
6. If I have to list products on marketplaces then how would I do it?

Enter male panelist –
7. What is better to list manufactured product or trade a branded product?
8. What difficulties one face when they manufacture and try to sell on marketplaces?
9. Should you enter a crowded market space such as garments industry in your case and if yes then how?
10. Who was the business personality in news yesterday? (Mr. Rahul Bajaj)
11. Why was he famous?
12. What other businesses does Bajaj Group have?
13. Valuation of Bajaj Finance and total share in Bajaj Group?

Ok it was nice talking to you
Thank You!

IMT PI Experience 28

Dt – 13/02/2022

GEM fresher 9/8/8

CT: Leadership is an art of working with imperfections

Q: Tell me something about yourself.
Q: Roles performed during internship.
Q: Why MBA?

Q: Why MBA without workex?
Q: Difference between a leader and a manager.
Q: Is Narendra Modi a good manager?
Q: Budget highlights.
Q: South China Sea issue.

Practice from actual CAT Mocks and score 99.99%ile

IMT PI Experience 29

Dt – 14th Feb, 2022

IMT CT topic:
Passion and profession not always aligned.

P1- Female (35-40)
P2- Male (40-45)

Q1) How would your friends describe you in one word?
Q2) You worked in 1 Company for 6 months and switched to new Company (C2) . Don’t you think you should work one year more at C2 before pursuing MBA?
Q3) What kind of projects did you do at C2?
Q4) Did you do any work on Credit Modelling?
Q5) Who is your Role Model?
Q6) What are your Hobbies? <Tennis>
Q7) How would you link Tennis with your managerial experience as well as current work experience?

Q8) Where are you located currently?
Q9) You mentioned doing an internship in Belarus; what are 3 differences/similarities between Belarus and Jharkhand?
Q10) You mentioned Best Fit Solution in your CT, don’t you think Best Fit means compromising? Are you ready to compromise?
Q11) Compromises are not always negative; they can also mean compromising in profits etc.?
Q12) Sometimes compromises are not mutually exclusive to each other. Then?
Q13) Name neighboring states to Jharkhand and their capitals along with their Chief Ministers.

IMT PI Experience 30

Dt- 15th Feb, 2022

CT: India should have one Captain for all three formats of International cricket.

My background:
I’m a engineer turned filmmaker turned social worker and now a MBA aspirant.

Q: Motivation to join Teach for India/ Social sector? And the experience over the years.
Q: Why not continue in social sector?
Q: Elaborate a venture you want to setup in the future? And the motivation behind it.
Q: Is Netflix Bad or Good?

Q: Explain the gap years.
Q: Why Engineering to Filmmaking to Social Sector to MBA? How has it been beneficial?
Q: How many films you made?
Q: Why left Filmmaking as a career?
Q: Why General MBA and MBA Marketing?
Q: Critic a recent advertisement you saw.

Interview duration 17-18 mins.
Overall the experience was good. The question where built upon my answers of previous question and was a natural progression of conversation.

Tip: If you want the first interview slot. Login 15-20 mins before the login time and register yourself.
My login time was 8 am. I registered at 7:45 am and got the first slot.

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IMT PI Experience 31

Dt- 16/02/2022

There were two male interviewers…

Questions on
Q. How do we pronounce your name and what it means.
A. Explained
Q. Tell us about yourself.
A. Gave prepared answer.
Q. Difference between string based musical instrument and other instruments. [question on my interest]
A. Answered
Q. [technical question for my Data Engineer profile] what is the best data type to store data apart from Arrays?
A. Explained
Q. Explain lists and data frame difference in layman terms.[based on previous question]
A. Explained in terms of excel sheet.
Q. Why MBA?
A. Gave prepared answer. (Were smiling)
Q. Did you prepare for this interview.
A. I said yes, I did but my answers are genuine because I relate to the reason for pursuing MBA in my day to day professional life.
Q. How do you keep yourself updated with news?
A. Answered
Q. Russia and Ukraine crisis
A. Explained
Q. Do you have any questions for us?

End. Thank You!

IMT PI Experience 32

Dt- 16th Feb, 2022

2- Male panelist

Q- From where are you connecting?
Q- How far is the capital city from your place?
Q- Tell me about yourself?
Q- How can an allrounder contribute in the field of business? (Since I mentioned my hobby as cricket and also I am an allrounder)
Some cross questions on that, also I mentioned about the Kapil Dev’s 175 knock he seemed quite satisfied with it.
Q- Asked me whether I am a hard worker or a smart worker?
Little bit of grilling on that
Q- How can maths used in the field of business?
Actually there was some network issue from my side and I heard the ques to be “use of maths in general”
and I mentioned that trigonometry is used to find distance between the Sun and the stars, he started laughing on that how can it be helpful in business..

Q- Why MBA in finance?
Q- Some prominent work of Indian mathematician?
Q- Asked about the any business news I have read.
Q- Some questions on the CT topic.

Overall a good interview except that one ques where I made a blunder!

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IMT PI Experience 33

Dt- 18th Feb, 2022

WAT – Online monitoring to boost productivity of employees is ethical
Two panelists 1 male and 1 female

Male started –
Q: Tell me about yourself (he prompted me to go on twice after I was finished.. that tell more.. he looked to be doing something else and was not mentally there i think)
Q: Then why MBA?
Q: Then asked questions about my SOP that justify this and that..
Q: Then he asked me about current affairs whether i read the newspaper,,.. said about the budget.. asked to elaborate.. further asked about recent news..

Then the female panelist took over –
She was like, ‘Tell me about Ranchi what is it famous for…’ told the city of waterfalls, etc.. asked me to say more.. she went on asking me until I said about the Annual Khadi Mela…
Then she was like, ‘What are the main attractions, name of the art and people, etc.’
Then she gave a case as to how I would go on to get the artists more coverage globally… (answered).. she was not satisfied.. I tried to think and add.. then she cut me off and asked if I was interested in sports ..

She looked like she wanted to ask more.. but i was their 4th candidate and it was already after 12 by then.. so the hastily told me to log out.

IMT PI Experience 34

Dt- 18/02/2021
Panel 2 slot 2
10th: 79.8 , 12th: 95 , Cat: 99.65

CT: should advertiser take down their advertisements due to pressure from outside groups?

-Why not career in performing arts? (I had mentioned I am an actor and singer)
-Why 10th low?
-Fav subject? (Micro Eco)
-Question on elasticity and production (grilled a bit)
-Sing a song

Overall very friendly panel.

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IMT PI Experience 35

1M 1F both looked around 50

1) Are you nervous?
2) So you are webApps developer, tell me about your role
3) Why do u want to do an MBA when you have a technical background?
4) Why did you quit your job?
5) Explain about your clients (Family business)
6) How many clients do you have from government and who are they?
7) What is supervised and unsupervised ML
8) Give me layman’s terms of Random Forest Algorithm

1) So what are the 2 pros and 2 cons of 1 year military mandatory service (CT Test based question)
2) Is it ideal for India to have a 1 year mandatory service
3) Give me a SWOT analysis of your family business
4) What kind of products do you sell
5) What does green mean in your business (Mentioned about different products how some are sustainable while other aren’t)
6) What are the threat’s your business face?
7) What do you do for leisure?
8) What calls do you have?
9) I wont judge, you rank them from first to last preference and why would you choose IMT?

Interview got over

IMT PI Experience 36

CT : Every Indian should serve in Armed Forces for at least a year when they reach 21 years of age

Q: Tell me what makes Chandigarh unique.
Q: Tell me about your family
Q: 3 trending Financial News
Q: Head of Hindenberg
Q: 2 Important points of Budget
Q: 2 Advertisements which you like
Q: 2 Advertisements which you don’t like
Q: Questions related to Extra-curricular activities
Q: What other calls you have got and where IMT stands in the list
Q: Is Social Media Marketing better for B2B or B2C ?
Q: Differences between Social Media Marketing and Conventional Marketing.
Q: Gap Year justification.

1. The prompt was roughly – Even though India’s GDP is smaller as compared to the US/European Union, it outstrips them in subsidies. None of the advanced economies of the West have more than 1% of their GDP in subsidies across all of their sectors, whereas in India the agricultural subsidies alone account for 2.25% of the GDP. Write about the culture of subsidies in India.

2. The 10:30 slot topic was about how ‘content is king’ and how there’s a shift towards localised stuff from big budget VFX movies

3. The Government proposed privatization of two PSU banks in the 21-22 budget. Do you think privatisation of public sector banks is suitable in the current scenario?What could be the future implications? Discuss.

4. 2 pm : how massive layoffs by big tech silicon valley companies affect a bright spot economy like India? Discuss.

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IMT PI Experience 37

BSc Economics hons
Cat : 93.85

2 Male Panelists

M1 : Good Morning , how are you?
Me : I’m Good Sir

M1 : Tell me something about yourself
Me : Told

M1 : So you know the budget is today, so what are your expectations?
Me : Told about expectations in tax rebates

M1 : What are the tax slabs
Me : Told what i knew, also talked about betterment in ‘make in india’ initiatives.

M1: What is Monopoly , give an example?

M2: Who is Shaktikanta Das?
Me : Sir I think it’s Shantikanta Das , and he is the governor of RBI

Switched over to M2

M2 : Good morning
Me : Greeted

M2 : So it’s a science degree in economics?
Me : Explained

M2 : Tell me two goods that are not counted under GST
ME : Didn’t know , told didn’t know and that I will look it up

M2: What is profit and what is operating profit?
Me : Told

M2 : What is law of demand?
Me : Told

M2 : Are there any exceptions to law of demand?
Me : Told

M2 : So why pgdm and not Msc ?
Me : Told prepared answer

Told to log off

Overall chill panelists. Be true to yourself.

IMT PI Experience 38

Bsc Aeronautics

2 Panelist both male 30-35 age group
P1- tell me about something in the news that excited you
( Told about Last of us show and how it had resulted in the 300 percent increase in the original game)
P1- few questions regarding issues with gaming in general
P1-tell me something about your course
P1- questions about pawan hans limited(I had mentioned practical training with pawan hans as part of the course)
P1- few questions about aviation sector in India. And it’s growth.
P1- Why the switch from aviation to mba

P2-I know nothing about your course tell me something as if you are speaking to a layman (spoke about aerodynamics in aircraft)
P2- is it an engineering course or bsc
P2- there was a controversy regarding pawan hans. Do you know anything about it(answered)
P2-Said there are no aviation companies that come on campus (would work in a normal company gain some exposure and experience and in the long run would apply back in aviation sector)
P2- why IMT?
OK you may leave

IMT PI Experience 39


Panelist 1 :
Tell me something about yourself you have not mentioned in the form.
Asked names of different cryptocurrencies.
Why did ftx collapse? The core reason and not vague.
Why MBA?
What specialization are you looking for? (Told finance)
What kind of job title or job profile does pgdm finance guy have? What are the kind of jobs pgdm finance guy will have that other specialisations won’t?

Panelist 2 :
Since you are from Pune, when was Pune formed?
What are 2 major failures in your life and what did you learn from them?(Spoke at length about 1 and was asked to stop at just one).
Asked me to logout.
Overall felt quite rushed. Felt as if P1 was trying to put me in a spot.
All the best to others.

IMT PI Experience 40

92.3%ile cat 96% in XAT
10/12/UG- 10/9/9
Bcom hons, 1 year gap

CT- Privacy is redundant in the age of whatsapp , tiktok and instagram.

Two panelists – Both Males

Introduce yourself
What were your subjects in graduation?
Which is your fav subject?
Questions related to accounts
How many states in South? Name them
Is Delhi a union territory, capital, state or city
What make delhi different from other states?

Cross questioning on my CT
Asked question related to my hobby (dance) and why I thought of starting a youtube channel
Asked about my one year gap and what new hobbies or skills I developed during that period

That’s it. Overall a chill interview and more of a conversation.

IMT PI Experience 41

Cat- 95.85
Gen F
10/12/bcom H- 92.17/93.20/83.70

CT Topic- (9-9.30)
Privacy is redundant in the age of WhatsApp, tiktok and instagram. (30 minutes)


M1- very friendly
One bad thing about Agra
You did some internships. Choose one that you learned the most from & what did you learn?
Why not CA/CFA?
Your fav subjects?
Indian companies with good HR Policies that promote gender equality and inclusion
In your SOP you have mentioned university is imt a university?
Your view on the Indian economy? How is it doing now? Give some stats and facts to support your opinion.
Where is HUL based in?
One bad thing about you?

Meaning of your name
history of agra fort
Fatehpur sikri history
Who built it & when?
How many times have you visited taj mahal?
Favourite subject in class 10th? (said literature)
Have you watched Devdas? On which novel it is based and Who wrote the novel?
Inventory turnover ratio?

IMT PI Experience 42

2 Male Panelists

They got into the questions as soon as the interview started, no pleasantries and the awaited “tell me something about yourself”

Q: So you did your Bcom from DU, but you’ve done it from correspondence. Why?
A: I have a start-up and I was managing the same so answered accordingly. I mentioned considering professional courses

Q: So you did not go through with your plan?
A: No sir. I did clear two levels of CA but decided to not go through with the articleship as I felt an MBA would hone my managerial skills better.

Q: What is your start-up?
A: told

Q: What was your favourite subject?
A: Economics

Q: What under economics, micro or macro?
A: Microeconomics

He asked me about a term I haven’t heard of and I said I don’t know to which he said this is your favourite subject? How could you not know this?

Q: What is repo rate?
A: told

Q: What is the difference between RBI and Niti Aayog? Did Niti Aayog have a name that was changed to the current name?
A: told but not very accurate

Q: What other calls do you have?
A: told

Q: What is your weakness?
A: I’m a meticulous planner and get a little over-critical if things don’t go according to plan.

Q: Do you have a habit of contradicting yourself?
A: Not that I know of, sir..

Q: So, if a plan doesn’t go your way, you blame yourself?
A: Sir, it depends. It could be how the situation played out or a lack of buffer in my planning. I don’t blame anyone till I follow through.

Q: So what you’re saying is if the plan falls out and you don’t achieve the desired results you get upset and you blame yourself.
A: Sir, I’m quick on my feet. If I see a plan falling out, I manage it well and achieve the desired results.

Q: So you left your previous plan, right? Give me 3 learnings you had from it.
A: Told. I added that if a course goes against your nature, take a step back and evaluate if you’re the right fit for it. Have the courage to act on your findings.

Q: So you’re unwilling to make short-term sacrifices for say the long term goal.
A: I said I’m willing to make these sacrifices for my career.

Q: What if you find out that this programme isn’t for you? You will leave it and go start something else. What guarantee do we have that you won’t leave us and go off to pursue music or something?
A: Elaborated on being sure about Management as my vocation. Mentioned that peer-learning and classroom environment provided by the programme will hone my skills

Q: So, you’re very social and you want to make friends. You’ll come here, participate in events and party, your acads will take a back seat.
A: Elaborated on several extra-curricular certificates I have achieved while being one of the top scorers of my batch.

I have no further questions.

IMT PI Experience 43


Morning slot (2nd person to get interviewed in my panel)
CT question- Causes of “Great Resignation” and how to manage.

I found the PI pretty grilling.
I’ve given the PI last year too, that was very conversational.

2 panelists, both male.
(Didn’t even smile for a second, the whole time)

Didn’t ask me to introduce, just started shooting questions right away.

Asked questions from graduation (B.B.A.)
Journal entry, questions on inflation, favourite subjects etc.

Even after all right answers they’d say they don’t agree or that the answers are incomplete.

They cut me mid answers and said let’s move to next question. And did the same in the latter questions too.

Asked about my family and their business, got roasted a lot that whatever I’ve contributed is not enough and my degree is a waste and stuff as I didn’t use BBA knowledge anywhere. (My dad is already an MBA)
Listed down my contributions and inputs , still they weren’t satisfied and at this point I knew the nature of this PI is grilling itself.

A few current affair questions on cabinet ministers, answered.

Asked about the role I’d go for during placements, answered.

Grilled a bit on work ex. that it’s not relevant to the role and that I don’t have enough to offer, etc. (I have 21months work ex. in relevant field)

Asked about a few questions on my favourite subject, answered.

Asked to sign out. Wished me luck and they finally smiled!

IMT PI Experience 44

Profile – 96.3 9/8/8. GEM – 18 months

Panel 10- F 35 M 50
F-Tell me something about yourself
Interrupted saying this we know tell me more about your work and your strengths and weaknesses
From there it turned to only work ex related
My role and responsibilities
Define SCM and it’s pillars
9 cell matrix
What a mechie was doing in procurement
More SCM related questions
Why mba
Where do you see yourself

(Pretty good so far )
M- what is supply chain 4.0
What is GPT ?
One thing I liked and dislikes about budget 23
Thank you you can log off

It was a good experience the female panellist was chill and appreciative with I like your clarity of thought for mba and all
Guy on the other hand had poker face nothing to react (no cross questioning nothing) expect catching my mistake while explain GPT

IMT PI Experience 45

They were chill, it was like a conversation. I have work ex in taxation (EY) so was mostly focused on that and budget.

And last me some current affairs and some generally used and famous terms in taxation

IMT PI Experience 46

GEM 94.62 8/6/7
10 months workex

2 panelists male and female

F – bit chill in late 30s
M – will look to grill in 50s

F: tell me about urself
F: latest technology innovation
F: chatgpt not accurate

M: 12th marks low
M: 2 innovation in IT field
M: GDP contribution of IT sector
M: Why finance
M: role of finance in a company, grilled for 5 6 min on this only

IMT PI Experience 47

2 panelists
1M 50s 1F 30s

CT topic:
Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from the experience

1st panelists M.
Heavy discussion on the CT topic and some questions related to gurugram(as i live there)
2nd panelists F
Cross questioned me on my SOP
Asked me to think of idea within 10seconds(as i mentioned Entrepreneurship)
Heavy cross questioning on that.
Why MBA nd not job?
Overall had a good discussion with the male panelist.
Female panelist was cross questioning heavily. Kind of went like a stress interview

IMT PI Experience 48

Two panelists

1F very adorable and sweet
1M very okayish

Tell me something about yourself
What was the internship about?
Your surname matches with adani, tell me something about that!
What’s an FPO?
Your views on this entire adani saga?
What’s fav subject?
Tell me something about it?
What’s Maslow Theory?
How does it helps in marketing?
Your views on teenagers having iPhone without even settling well in life.

What’s a call option?
Can I buy it?
How does volatility works?
Do you have an active portfolio?
Have you heard about one product one service?
( Isme mereko ni pata tha and i said last entire week was busy giving interviews, to that he said ki its been in use since last 3 4 years)

I apologized and said will definitely look for it.

Overall it was more like a conversation for me. I feel optimistic and let’s hope for the best!

IMT PI Experience 49

2 M panelists-

1st panelist :

1. Tell me something about yourself.
2. What are you working for nowadays.
3. Demand forecasting
4. Marketing vs selling
5. Marketing is a tool or science or art( tried to confuse me here )
6. What is your KRA currently.
7. Why low acads in grad?
8. What all skills you have added.
9. What are you learning in current certification.
10. Cat score

2nd panelist :
Let’s take you away from marketing.

1. What are your hobbies.
2. What social causes you have worked for? ( deep questions related to it )
3. Do you think fitness industry is morally correct or incorrect?
Specially these days when malnutrition is peaking.

You can log off.


IMT PI Experience 50

IMT Nagpur, Hyderabad and Dubai

1) Tell me any subject you are comfortable with?-Micro economics
2) Tell me one specific subject-Demand
3) Tell me a product which is high in demand- Petroleum
4) Why is it in high demand?
5) What are the fears of human civilization because of petroleum?
And few more questions related to it (i don’t remember)
6) Again tell me some subject you want to talk about. I said accounts then he said it is very broad subject and asked for a specific topic. Again i said demand
He laughed saying again demand
7) Then he asked me about the relationship between demand and income
8) Any specific example of a product who’s demand decreases with increase in income.
9) What is diminishing marginal utility?
10) Give an example

Panelist 2
11) 3 weakness 3 strengths
12) News you are aware of?
Adani hindenburg
2002 Gujarat riot
Turkey earthquake (Kinda got scolded for this ki yeh news batane layak hai kya)
13) he asked me what is this adani hindenburg
14) What is short selling?
15) Where specifically the earthquake took place?
16) What was the magnitude?
17) How many countries are there in G20?
18) Name any 3 countries in G20.
19) Who is defence minister?
20) Who is finance minister?

Tips to prepare for GDPI

IMT PI Experience 51

7/9/7 – GEM – 98.83 CAT


Introduce yourself

Why 3 companies over 2 years?

What are prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive analyses? Where it is used?

What is big data?

what are the 5 V’s of big data?

Which specialization?

Why Information Management and Analytics?

What is industry 5.0?

What is regression?

What is CO mapping?

How would you analyze the health of a business?

What is the return on investments?

What is the return on equity?

What will be the first step you’ll do when you get some data of business(Data Analytics)?

You are a techy guy, then why MBA?


What are cloud services?

Have you used any virtual instances on the cloud? How?

Have you worked on VMWare?

What is Data cleaning? How you did it?

What are outliers?

Is it ok to remove all outliers from Dataset? some additional questions on it?

Overall chill interview. Panelists were smiling and appreciating my achievements. It was more like a conversation

what is meaning of your name?
Which is largest factory of HUL?
What is TFM of soap?
How much TFM should be there for soap?
What is carbon chain composition of carbon chain?
Which type of carbon chain responsible for cleaning effect?

He said he enjoyed interviewing you have a nice day and asked to log off

My background is electrical engineering 9/9/9

IMT PI Experience 52

CT: Do we really need bullet train when a significant portion of population lives below the poverty line?

2 males both in their 40s. 


General greetings

  1. Intro
  2. Asked questions from my intro 
  3. I have an online venture so asked about that and whether it’s ethical to do it along with my job. 
  4. Since I am working in IT industry, asked about the top software companies in India. 
  5. Latest news related to Sudha Murthy. I answered about Rishi Sunak. The answer he was looking for was that she got Padmabhushan (recently)
  6. I am from Kerala so asked me to recommend some Malayalam movies.



  1. Asked if I am nervous or not. I said I was in the beginning but not right now and he asked “Should I make you uncomfortable”. I said no and he laughed….
  2. Three Reason to give you admission
  3. Biggest failure in personal and professional life. 

They said thank you and to exit the meeting. 

Overall chill and conversation type of interview. Messed up a little in the ranking of IT companies and Sudha Murthy questions.

IMT PI Experience 53

2 panelist both males

GEM with 2Yrs workex in projects

 P1: So u were project enggr tell us more about the work u did? 

P1: define Project in one sentence? 

P1: Situation based question – If u were a project engineer assigned to build an Metro project. What steps/process will u take?

P1: Difference betn job and activities…

P1: Tell us any project specific terms u know? (Not able to answer as they were not specific what they want) 

P1: why u left ur job? 

P1: Business related current news? 

P1: which specialization u want to pursue ur MBA? 

P2: how’s weather in Mumbai? 

P2: define operations in single sentence ? (told but not satisfied) 

P2: so what r u hobbies? (told chess) 

P2 :world no 1 in chess ? 

P2: world no 2 in chess? And it’s representing country? 

P2: India no 1 in chess?

IMT PI Experience 54

General NE Male

(Background : Fashion)

Panel: Female aged 35ish

Male: Aged 50

  1. Where are you right now?
  2. Bengaluru
  3. Current Company, Job Role Work Ex, What do you like about your job.
  4. Answered
  5. Top Luxury Fashion Brands.
  6. Answered.
  7. Their Brand Ambassador
  8. Didn’t know, I did knew that weekend was once the brand ambassador of LV.
  9. I mentioned about my business idea, the next question was around that.
  10. Answered
  11. Why MBA
  12. Answered
  13. What are the components included in the final price for petrol?
  14. At first, I said I don’t have much clue about it, they asked to give 2 components,

I said GST, Import Duty.

  1. What % GST on petrol
  2. Given

Overall, it was not very grilling, more of a conversation.

IMT PI Experience 55


CT – Is it ok for monopolies to raise prices and earn more profits. 


  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. How do you feel about your journey
  3. What is emotional intelligence
  4. How are you different from other students
  5. What do you do when your planning fails. 
  6. Family background
  7. What is median
  8. Questions on CT
  9. What is strategic business planning
  10. What was the strategy in adani Hindenburg issue
  11. What is the fault with Current ratio. 
  12. Difference between finance and accountancy in one sentence.

IMT PI Experience 56


Two female interviewers. Age > 50.

CT – Sports unlike cricket has a bleak future, even with the private funding. Discuss 


  1. Tell me about your family
  2. Different levels of automation?
  3. What is difference between Tesla Car and google car?
  4. What is LiDar? It’s usage.
  5. Why is it the electrical vehicles are not gaining popularity among Indians and how can you solve it?
  6. What is Augmented Reality?
  7. Can you explain use of blockchain in electrical vehicles charging stations?
  8. Why didn’t you join in a company after graduation?
  9. Give me your swot analysis?

IMT PI Experience 57

M.Sc. Chemistry

CT topic – In a monopoly is it ok to raise prices and make profit?

2 panelists one male in 50s other was female in early 30s


  1. Introduce youself.
  2. Why MSc after MBA
  3. Why not Phd?
  4. Why didnt you go for MBA after BSc?
  5. What sort of research experience do you have?
  6. What was your research on? – Hydrogen Production
  7. Why hydrogen?
  8. Government of india announced use of hydrogen fuel for which sector recently?
  9. In which form is hydrogen used?


  1. 1.Do you read any newspapers?
  2. Any recent news you found interesting? Details?
  3. 3.What is the issue between China and US
  4. Who is the governor of RBI?
  5. Do you not think your 2 degrees will be wasted once you do your MBA?
  6. Do you think your research will have any meaningful impact?
  7. what other calls do you have?

You may log off. 

– they really went into the hydrogen stuff

IMT PI Experience 58

CT: In a monopoly is it ok for companies to raise prices and earn profits?

PI: 2 Female mid 40s 

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F1: Good morning. How are you?

F1: Tell me in brief about your working experience?

Some cross questions regarding that. 

F1: Such a big shift from Mechanical Engineering to Risk Management profile, reason for this?

F1: Is your role an individual decision maker? if so, what factors you keep in mind while making a decision? 

F1: Why did you leave your previous company? Did remuneration played a part in it?

F1: Which specialization you want to pursue and why?

F1: Thank you. 

F2: So coming apart from technical questions, tell me about your hobbies?

F2: Tell me something about MMA?

F2: What qualities do you think are useful as an MMA fighter as well as a manager?

F2: Some more questions on hobbies. 

F2: That’s all. Thank you. You may logout. 

Overall experience: Questions were logical and quite answerable. No CA asked. Seemed more of a behavioral interview.

IMT PI Experience 59

Profile – 8/8/7/5

Work Ex of 9 months, M.A. Economics Grad

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Two panellists

M1 (Male, 50’s) Professor 

M2 ( Male, 30’s) Alumnus

M1 – Good Afternoon, Hirender, where are you joining the interview from?


M1 – How do you detect credit card fraud?

Answered through out of pattern spends, explained what is an out of pattern spend.

M1 – CEO of American Express?

Answer – Didn’t know, said so

M1 – Ok no worries

Some famous alumni of Delhi School of Economics?

Answer – Named a few and mentioned the designations of few others.

Thanks that’s all from my side over to next panellist.

M2 – You were doing so well at Amex, why leave and do pgdm now?

Answer- Said that realised marketing is forte and have work ex as marketing analyst and have volunteered within Amex with marketing team, hence inclined towards marketing and decided to do pgdm.

M2 – What is an indifference curve?

Answer – Told

M2 – What happens when two Indifference curves intersect?

Answer – Told 

Thanks, that’s all from my side 

All the best, you can log off now.

Note – M1 was distracted and smiling at a third Person and speaking to said person as well

Don’t know whether it was a tactic or just plain disinterest

Whole process lasted for 7-8 mins.

IMT PI Experience 60

CT: managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience.

PI: 1 male 1 female mid 40s 

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M: Good afternoon. How are you?

As i was able to see only one panelist then asked about because he asked whether he is visible or not

M- then he cross questioned me on it a lot why 2, why not 1 or 3

M- then he asked are u taking coaching for pis n all as i said i have read transcripts but mentioned that i am preparing by myself

M- after that how did u prepare for interview then

M- after that my work experience 

M- then a lot of questions about marketing advertising n public relations

After that he said now the other panelist will ask you questions

F- she greeted me with now you can see the other panelist 

F- i mentioned on CT about emotional intelligence she asked about that

F- after that what is empathy and sympathy 

F- what is law of DMU

F- who is FW taylor, henri fayol, adam smith, KIM JONG ( more of a rapid fire round)

F- asked that as i mentioned work exp as working in my family business, and tried to make me nervous whether you can have that work ex or not

F- any current 4 news

IMT PI Experience 61

Profile – 92/86.5/7.1
CAT %ile – 91.21
CT Topic – Central and State election at the same time. A pipe dream or reality.

2 M ( M1- 50yr age, M2- 35yr age)
M1- So tell me about yourself.
(Answered and told about football inclination)stopped in between.
M1- which position do you play.
Answered that i was a forward later switched to defense.
M1 – Difference between forward and centre back.
Told with 7-8 points
M1- which specialisation are you aiming for?
Told marketing.
M1 – which colleges are you targeting.
IMT Ghaziabad and MICA
M1 – what did you do after completing your graduation till now.
Another attempt to cat.
M1- i am done , thanks, over to you sir.
M2 – so you watched fifa final, which team were you supporting.
Told about how i supported Ronaldo (talked about the heartbreak, as he failed to enter the finals) but then wanted Messi to win.
M2 – why Ronaldo is your favourite?
Answered with good life learning points.
M2- Why do people follow forwards more than defenders.
M2 – How do you market defender and a forward player.
Answered that defending goals is as important as scoring them.
M2 – Talked about an underdog defenders contribution.
M2 – thanks, got to learn a lot from you, you can log off.

IMT PI Experience 62

Shubham Thakur
9/7/7/94.05 CAT
GEM- Aeronautical Engineer

CT- “Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience. Discuss”

Wrote around 250 words supporting it.

PI Experience
2 panelists:- 1 male in his 30s(alumni ) and 1 female in her 50s(faculty)

Both interviewed for 10 minutes each

M1: For how long are you waiting for this PI?

Me: an hour

M1: What did you do while waiting?

Me: Going through website and looking at current affair.

M1: What particularly in current affair?

Me: Gave few examples like hindenburg vs adani, financial budget, turkey crisis.

For next ten minutes he grilled me around hindenburg Report like
1.What is shorting and longing the stock.
2. Why did hindenburg do it?
3. Are they attacking India by attacking adani?
4. Why isn’t SEBI doing anything?
5. Is government involved with adani?
6. Is rahul gandhi planning with hindenburg to attack current government?

I handled it pretty well as I knew everything about it and he was satisfied with my answers.

M1: Very Good. Now over to you ma’am

F1: You said that you went through college website? Tell me who is the director?

F1:- Any two famous alumni

F1:- IMT has how many campuses and where?

F1:- Which programs do we offer at ghaziabad?

F1:- You have founded a startup tell me two things that are advantages and two disadvantages of working in a startup when compared to big companies.

F1:- What is the nature of your startup and 4 things that you learnt from it?

F1:- Name 2 role models of yours and why?
(Named Elon Musk and Ratan Tata)

F1:- Give me one similarity and dissimilarity between them.

F1:- what is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

F1:- Why do you want to go for MBA?

F2:- Which campus would you prefer?

(gave her my preference:- IMT Ghaziabad, Dubai, Nagpur, Hyderabad)

F1:- Which domain do you want to study?
(Business analytics)

F1:- What calls do you have?
(Told her all the calls that I have)

F1:- Will you be joining IMT if you get in?

F1:- Don’t lie, you will join an IIM how can I trust you?
(Told her that I prefer Business Analytics over general MBA and that my relatives live in Ghaziabad(I lied). So if I get into IMT Ghaziabad, I will definitely be joining IMT)

F1:- Nice talking to you Shubham, all the best.

It was a 20 min interview 10 minutes by the alumni(M1) and 10 mins by Ma’am (F1).

I answered all of their questions except the name of two famous alumni. M1 tried to rattle me into agreeing on his view of the hindenburg’s intentions but I disagreed with him wherever I thought I should. He was testing me and I think I did good. Just make sure that you know everything about your work if any and current affair. Also keep your calm and composure throughout.

All the best to all of you.

IMT PI Experience 63

IMT G interview exp
92/85/86 CAT 99.80
Q1. Research paper questions from the form
Q2. CT test based question on why a few points
Q3. Why MBA
Q4. What can MBA provide that work ex cannot?
Q5. ChatGPT usage in FMCG
Q6. BARD question
Q7. Which question it answered wrong
Q8. Was BARD a knee jerk reaction from Google?
Q9. What went wrong with BARD process and how you would have handled it if you were heading the program?