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Qualities of Successful Distance Learners.
April 19 2024

It is said that distance learning is not for everyone, and it is true. It is difficult for a student to complete his/her distance education if they don’t possess the following qualities to successfully complete any distance learning program. Thus, making an individual a successful distance learner.

 Motivation: A student should be self-motivated and should know whether they really want to go for that course. Even the working professionals should have the motivation which is so high that it makes them open their laptop after coming home to complete their daily studies online.  

Patience: There are many problems that one can encounter during distance learning. There are problems that neither the student nor the teacher can solve which are technological, problems where you can’t solve your doubts face-to-face. Students should also be focused on their studies.

Independent: One should be independent and responsible for whatever they do. They must gather their resources and all the required notes on their own. There is no one to help you with your doubts, notes and to ask you whether you understood or not. So in distance education you are all alone unlike the traditional one.

 Organised: There are students who manage work and studies both at the same time, there are some who manage family, work and studies all three at once. For them it is important to have organising and management skills. As it is important to meet your deadline in terms of completing your homework.

Execution: Students should know how to execute their plans and the whole course program. They must take the initiative to give time for their studies and to know when to give importance to what. They must plan their whole day where if they are working they will know when and at what time slot they will dedicate for the learning.

Evaluation: Students should be able to evaluate their performance and keep track of things. Things like their weak points, time taken to complete each topic, & time taken to understand each concept. https://catking.in/2017/05/22/never-late-start-distance-learning/

 Conclusion: At the end we can say that this article explains how one can complete their online course successfully and what are the qualities that help you do that.  

Rahul Singh

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