To get into IIMs, scoring high percentile is not sufficient, there are other rounds in which you really need to excel to get into your dream B school once you get a call from the institute. These rounds are Writing Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) round. In this article, we will be discussing tips for WAT-PI for IIMs which you need to keep in mind while going for these two rounds

WAT tips:

  1. Don’t Use Jargon

While expressing your thoughts, always keep in mind that you are writing for someone who is not aware of the jargons that you use and might find it difficult to comprehend those jargons. Many of you might have corporate experience and with each organization comes a different set of terminologies which you generally use theirs. But remember the person assessing your writing skills might not be familiar with all those terminologies. You should certainly describe various aspects of your life-your leadership skills, your career journey, and your achievements but do so in such a language that is understandable to your reader. And in case you are a fresher, opt for the common language you have been using in your school days rather than the jargons that you come across while communicating with your friends and surroundings.

  1. Keep your content interesting

The person assessing your writing skills must be reading of hundreds of essays, and if he gets to read the similar kind of content which everyone has already written, he will definitely lose interest.  Start off with something which intrigues an interest in the reader’s mind and keeps it that way. The moment he feels the writing is similar to all other applicant’s content, he will definitely lose interest. Keep the reader engaged in your content.

  1. Believe in showing rather than telling

If you want to convey something about yourself, don’t start merely by just telling. Try to show it by depicting the instances, directly the reader can interpret what you are trying to tell. By depicting the instances, an image that something has actually happened is created keeping the reader engaged in the content.

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  1. Be Concise

Try to use short sentences to create more impact because they are direct and to the point. Try to avoid unnecessary phrases just to lengthen the sentences. Phrases, such as “the fact that” are usually unnecessary.

Use proper transitions and vary your sentence.

The best content contains a variety of sentence lengths mixed within any given paragraph. The transition in the sentence is not limited to words like nevertheless, furthermore or consequently rather it should come through a natural progression.

  1. Stay Focused

Many students turn the personal essay into a complete autobiography as they find it difficult to explain so much about them in a short essay. Try to make a list of all those experiences about which you want to write and think through them and present in a structural concise manner. And keep in mind that your entire content should support the central theme.

  1. Revise
    The last step is to revise once whatever you have written. Have a thorough revision and check where the improvement is required and do the needful.


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PI tips:


  1. Don’t give redundant answers

Always remember the person sitting across the table taking your interview has surely studied more and has more knowledge on the topic on which he is asking the questions. So it does not make any sense to bluff or try to mislead the interviewer. Once you start bluffing, the panelist with creating an opinion for you and may end up grilling you. It is always better to politely accept if you don’t know something.

  1. Avoid stretching

Do not go on speaking simply for the sake of speaking. Always keep it crisp and concise else you might end up saying something unconsciously just because you were in the flow. This might lead you in the trouble and may further end up in grill or stress interview.

  1. Frankly say “yes” if you are nervous

In many interviews, the interviewer asks if you are nervous or not. In case you are, you can frankly tell the truth. There is no point in hiding because it will be all over your face and your body language will also depict the same. But in case you are confident enough, politely answer that you are not and you are looking to have an interactive session.

  1. Have a thorough knowledge of whatever you have mentioned in your resume

All the things that you have mentioned in your hobbies and interests which you have filled in your form, be thorough with it. You can definitely expect a question based on your resume in your interview. The hobbies that you filled up in the form should be well known and practiced by you. If your hobby is music the interviewer will expect that you must know the instruments, personalities, Awards and so on.


The most important tip to follow in PI round is to keep your eyes and ears open. You should not only be ready to face the ‘n’ number of questions from panelists but should look like that you are very keen to answer them to your level best.


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