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CAT Exam reading comprehension sources
April 30 2024

How to ace in VARC section:

  • To ace in the VARC section, love AEON essays. Start with them. A minimum of 50 essays should be done in total by November. To start with, read AEON in three phases- start with AEON Ideas, then move to AEON essays and then finally switch to AEON Psyche.
  • In an essay, start with reading and understanding the Headline correctly. Then understand the briefing below it. Once done, read about the author of the essay to get a rough idea of what the essay revolves in.
  • When you come across any difficult or new word then immediately stop and read about its meaning in detail. Relate those words as per your own understanding. Re- iterate the meaning of the passage to know if you are in alignment with what is written in the essay, correctly.
  • Be okay with breaking your flow of reading in hunt of vocabulary but pick up where you left off. It is very important to grasp the meaning of each passage in order to understand the summary. Be disciplined to read an essay every day with myriad topics and try to broaden your horizon.
  • Finally, write each vocab word in your notebook along with its meaning, example sentences too if required. Keep on revisiting those words to remember them.


 Must do things:

  • Ensure you complete 1 topic in 15days i.e. from beginners to advanced level. For e.g. take up Arithmetic and study from Mon – Fri for 2 weeks and sat-sun is only for Consolidation.
  • Re-iteration Process- Post completing a topic analyze and observe the level of difficulty and frequency of the question in previous years and then sit with topics that need your attention.


Resources/Books/Reading material etc. are like your weapons so chisel them and sharpen them as much as you can in order to make your attack successful. Here are some methods of keeping them:

  • Always keep books from a coaching center. CATKing has Bibles for beginners to advanced levels of Difficulty.
  • These books should be from in the form of online mode only as the aspired exam is in online mode.
  • Take Real CAT mocks and do the Analysis. We recommend taking CATKing mocks as here every mock is solved by CAT topper and curated by alumni of the same college that is setting the paper so that line of sight is maintained that way.
  • Do not give mocks that demotivate you drastically.


In conclusion, we shall revise the CAT schedule for preparation quickly.

  1. Every day 1hr of self-study is a must.
  2. For April/May/June: Take up 2hrs of studies in total daily (1hr coaching+ 1hr self-study)
  3. For July/Aug/Sept: Increase studying to 4hrs daily (1hr coaching+ 3hrs self-study)
  4. For Oct-Nov: Turn the world upside down for minimum 6-8hrs of study daily (2hrs coaching+ 6hrs self-study).
  5. For Office Going chaps: Start with 1hr of study before Office and 1hr after office then gradually increase up to 2hrs for time being, daily.

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