CAT Exam- How to crack an IIM CAT 2019 Special Workshop with CAT Toppers

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Why you should attend this CAT Workshop?

Why MBA: Many students are not aware about the best options for them post Graduation. This workshop will help them understand if MBA is a good option for them.

How to Crack CAT: Many students have a misconception that CAT is tough; we burst this myth and give you significant information about how you can crack this exam.

Questions like should you go for a job before MBA or not will be answered. Also prospects of growing up the corporate ladder without an MBA will be discussed.

In the workshop we will be explaining you about the things the IIMs consider before giving you an interview call. There are students who score good in CAT exams however fail to get an interview call from the top IIMs. This will be from the perspective of both engineering and non-engineering students.

We will discuss the complete CAT paper pattern; which will give you more confidence about the exam.

Get to know 4 Most Repeated Topics to crack CAT 2019. These topics are some of the most important; if you are to score well in this exam.

Complete postmortem Analysis of past CAT exams. Get the list of most repeated topics.

Understand how Non Engineers can crack CAT & make it to IIMs.

Get ideas on how to take the bull by the horns; understand the tips and tricks which will take you to a long way in your quants preparations.

Understand which profile has a weightage in the top B-Shcools.

Confused between the two stream (MBA & CA); we will help you understand the return on investments and the prospects for both the options.

Meet the Toppers of various MBA exams who are entering the Top B-School. Get tips from the horses mouth.

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Session Venue & Timings

Place Day Time Contact No.
Andheri Saturday 6.30 to 8.30 pm 9833982635
Borivali Sunday 10 to 12 noon 9833982635
Powai Sunday 11 to 1 pm 9833982635
Pune Saturday 5 to 7 pm 9833982635

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Indian Institute of Management

Neha Rathore

Deepak Harjani

Prathamesh Gawade

Aftab Mulani

Ishan Gangar

Kedar Bhat


Radhika Sule


Ammaar Golwala


Renu Tolani


Gaurav Deshmukh

Manmeet Kaur

Rashi Motiani

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