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200+ Students in NMIMS through CATKing 2019

Some Achievements of CATKing Students
2019 – NMAT 247 (Highest Scorer) & NMAT Rank 2
2018 – NMAT Highest Placement (Harshini Pathak)
2017 – NMAT 246 (Highest Scorer of NMAT)
2016 – NMAT 99.99 %tile

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Students in NMIMS through CATKing 2020

27 CATKing Students convert NMIMS Mumbai. Results of 2020:

1. Preeti Naidu
2. Shreshtha
3. Saahil Jain
4. Sargam Jain
5. Poorva Mangal

6. Abhinav Narayan
7. Sujeet Gupta
8. Ashwin Ratnawat
9. Tushar Pandey
10. Aniruddha Bhandari

11. Kirti Agarwal
12. Pavan Manu Rajesh Sreerama
13. Kapil Desai
14. Ayesha Deshmukh

15. Rohit Singh
16. Sushant
17. Sonal Padhi
18. Anurag decision sciences

19. Ajinkya Ambike
20. Aditi Goel
21. Mayank Garodia
22. Pranav Goel
23. Amey

24. Nishtha
25. Purvak
26. Shivang Shah
27. Shivangi Agarwal

31 CATKing Students convert NMIMS PGDM . Results of 2020:

1. Pooja M – Bangalore
2. Ajitendra – Bangalore
3. Nikitha P – Navi Mumbai
4. Mrinal – Bangalore
5. Smit – Indore
6. Harsh – Indore

7. Shubham – Hyderabad
8. Rohit wagle- Bangalore
9. Srilekha Banerjee- Banglore
10. Kaushik Valia- Indore
11. Sharvari B – Navi Mumbai
12. Pallavi Jichkar – Mumbai
13. Rahul Dutt-Indore

14. Prinshal – Indore
15. Nikhil B – Hyderabad
16. Neeraj – Indore
17. Keshav – Hyderabad
18. Viral – Bangalore and Navi Mumbai
19. Anurag Ghosh – Bangalore

20. Aparmita Sood– Bangalore
21. Ashwini Ladda – Mumbai business Analytics
22. Nikita Sarda – Bangalore
23. Gaurav – Hyderabad
24. Shivanand – Hyderabad
25. Ankur – Bangalore

26. Tanvi – Bangalore
27. Yash Bheda – Bangalore
28. Shrinath Raju – Bangalore
29. Pragati – Bangalore
30. Shivam – Indore
31. Anvesha – Mumbai Business Analytics

Poorva Mangal, NMIMS Mumbai

I am grateful to Anisha Ma’am & Rahul Sir for guiding me throughout my NMAT CDPI preparation part which was closely monitored and it was made sure that we get feedback to improve after every mock which in turn got me finally selected. Regarding Test series, the best part is individual subject test series which is something that enables you to crack the exam as a whole. Forever thankful to further telling me that I can make it to NM this very year.

Poorva Mangal, NMIMS Mumbai

Pavan Manu Rajesh Sreerama, NMIMS Mumbai

The night class sessions by Anisha ma’am and Rahul sir for CD/PI and SOP verification were really a game-changer for my preparation and the video lectures for Hygiene questions were designed. Thanks a lot, CATKING for making my journey a success.

Pavan Manu Rajesh Sreerama, NMIMS Mumbai

Meenaz Shaikh, NMIMS Bengaluru

I think their strategic approach for exam and highly energetic & motivated faculties make CATKing different from other institutes. One should definitely join CATKing. I highly appreciate personal mentorship of Rahul sir and Anisha ma’am.

Heartly thanks to Rahul sir for helping me convert NMIMS 2017

Meenaz Shaikh, NMIMS Bengaluru




Akshit Batheja , NMIMS Mumbai

A Coaching class much more than just teaching you, it’s about guiding, helping, changing strategies according to different exams, profile building, preparing you for your interviews by taking mock sessions and finally making you believe that you can score and convert your respective calls.I feel CATKING is the name when u keep all the above things in mind. Trust me i have experienced it myself and hence i respect Rahul sir and his entire team as they really take efforts and pains to ensure that u make through and yes, i did make it through.

Akshit Batheja,NMIMS Mumbai 2017 CONVERT (NMAT 216)

Rohan Chatterjee, NMIMS Mumbai

I was a CATKing Online student. Many of you will be supporting the fact that online students do not get much attention from coaching institutes. But trust me guys this was not the situation in my case. The amount of support I got from Anisha maam and Rahul sir was amazing. They were undoubtedly the best mentors who helped me clear all my doubts and uplift my confidence before the exams.

Moreover the mock tests they provide have pretty good content. If one practices all the type of questions available in the mocks, he/she is bound to get most of the question types common in the exam. The patterns are also similar to the respective exam.

Rohan Chatterjee, NMIMS Mumbai

Akshat Bhargava, NMIMS Mumbai

the excellent coaching staff coupled with flexible class timings and convinient locations of classroom centres definitely overpowers other institutions. The study material provided is more than enough for cracking almost all National Level Management exams. The online study portal with number of mocks give you a real exam feel.

Another positive aspect of CATKing is that, unlike other institutions, they do not solely concentrate on CAT. They give due importance to various other exams like NMAT, MICAT, SNAP, CET, and International exams like GRE, GMAT to name a few.

Akshat Bhargava, NMIMS Mumbai(NMAT – 220)


To me, CATKing was more of a push that I desperately needed to get on a definitive track. Anisha Ma’am was the one who told me about MICA when I first met her, and MICA became my dream from that day on. Even though I felt Quant lectures were slow for me sometimes (in an absolute sense, this means that they were keeping it as simple as they could so that majority of the class would be able to grasp), I would still attend each one of them because there were professors who gave some brilliant tricks and hacks to solve problems in Number Systems, Geometry, and Algebra. These tricks really sped me up wrt Quants.

Rukhsar Khan,MICA Convert


Big thanks to Rahul Sir, Anisha Ma’am and entire CATKing team. I was very fortunate to make it to NMIMS. The tips and tricks given by all the faculty were quite helpful. The best part of preparation was the GDPI. We not only learnt but also enjoyed every bit of it.

Kushagra Verma – NMIMS


CATKing has played an important role in my success; they helped me gain a lot of confidence whenever I was feeling low or pressure about the exams. All the faculty were also very helpful at every point.

Purva Kamat – NMIMS


I enjoyed very bit of time studying at CATKing, yes there was always pressure before the crucial exams however, Rahul sir and CATKing team was always ready and accessible to resolve all of them.

Rudranshu Samanta – NMIMS

Jagdish Kotary

CATKing has been a very good experience for me. Apart from the written exams the GD-PI trainings were the most rigorous and the most effective. For GDPI they have a complete cheat sheet ready for all the questions that may come to you. Overall it was a very nice experience and thanks to CATKing I made it to NMIMS.

Jagdish Kotary – NMIMS

Shreya Agarwal

The study material provided is more than enough for cracking almost all National Level Management exams. The online study portal with number of mocks give you a real exam feel. Another positive aspect of CATKing is that, unlike other institutions, they do not solely concentrate on CAT. They give due importance to various other exams like NMAT, MICAT, SNAP, CET, and International exams like GRE, GMAT to name a few.

Shreya Agarwal -NMIMS

Deepak Harjani – IIM Rohtak

CATKing played a major role in my path to success. Special thanks to Rahul Sir for guiding me throughout in this journey. My success mantra: if you think and believe that you can do it, you will! This helped me boost my confidence.

Deepak Harjani – IIM Rohtak, SP Jain, IIFT, NMIMS Mumbai (Calls)



The faculty and their method of teaching especially “strategies” were very helpful and fulfilling.
Their support and motivation helped me grab a top B-school.  I would like to thank Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir for conducting lot of Mock GDPI sessions and providing honest feedback. A big thank you to the entire CATKing team!
Neeraj Ghatge – NMIMS (219 NMAT)

Anjali Lalani

It was a great journey at CATKing. The faculty here are highly knowledgeable, dedicated and never hesitate to explain a concept any number of times, till we are clear with it. Also, the guidance during the GD/PI process was awesome and very informative to crack the PI round. The mock interviews were very helpful. I can vouch for the quality of teaching by the faculty. Their support and input was of great help during the GD/PI process. I believe that they have a large contribution to my NMIMS and IMT conversion. Thanks a lot Rahul Sir, Anisha Ma’am and the entire CATKing team and I hope you help make many other dreams come true.

Anjali Lalani – NMIMS

Vaibhav Shah – IIM Shillong

I have been associated with CATKing since I began my journey; since then it has been nothing short of wonders. Coming from a Commerce background I was not particularly strong in Quants/DI or verbal either but the faculty at CATKing helped me gain excellence in these topics at ease especially Ekagra sir’s quants shortcuts. My journey in cracking top MBA entrance exams is incomplete without mentioning Rahul Sir who has been constant support and pushing me and believing in me that i can achieve great scores.He has been a true mentor and motivation in this Journey.Last but not the list I would like to thank all the CATKing faculties for their esteemed support.

Vaibhav Shah –  IIM Shillong, NMIMS & MICA


Heartly thanks to Rahul sir, for guiding a clueless girl to learn and achieve her goal of getting into one of the best B schools. After my family, i give the credit to Rahul sir and CATking to help me reach a place where I am right now.
His commendable mentorship is the reason behind my transformtion.
The energy at CATking gave me the motivation of doing MBA from top college. And now here I am sharing my experience after getting one of the best brand NMIMS.
The other faculties like Egakra Sharma, Atul Mittal, Rohit and karandeep had helped me throughout my preparation till the end.
A special thanks to Anisha Mukhija for being there everytime for my preparation from entrance exam to GDPI practice.
Meenaz Shaikh – NMIMS

Pooja Vishwakarma

Honestly the aim to do MBA from  a coveted institution was a blur aim in front of my eyes whenever I thought about my future,  until I met Rahul Sir and after meeting him and interacting with the energy which  he possessed, my thoughts changed and I felt that it’s not impossible for me to target a top 10 BSchool. And I will always be grateful for that. The belief which he inculcated  in us during our coaching was worth everything and it is because of that belief and hardwork, I was able to score a decent score of 219(99 %ile) in NMAT and 99.43 %ile in CET in first attempt. He has been a great mentor and not just him, it’s the whole team of CATKing whom I extend my sincere gratitude.
Pooja Vishwakarma – 219 in NMAT and 99.43 %ile in CET 

Harshini Pathak

As Rahul Sir rightly says, “To be the best, you have to be around the best peers”. At CATKing, I have been with people who are better than the best. CATKing has helped me not only in cracking my entrance exams, but also in growing as a professional. The amount of time they invested in us for preparing for the group discussions and personal interviews is unmatchable. End result, I got through NMIMS and now I am branded for life.

A huge thank you to Rahul Sir and team for their constant guidance and motivation. And I can say this with utmost pride that I am what I am because of CATKing.
Harshini Pathak – NMIMS – ITC 


I had taken CATKing last year and i think i made the right decision as i am now pursuing MBA at NMIMS. also cracking other exams like IIFT SNAP was only possible due to the strategies I learnt in CATKing which I think was a differentiating factor. I owe a lot to Rahul Singh sir for motivation and pep talk apart from his awesome teaching and his strategies ofcourse. Also I would like to mention the GDPI sessions in CATKing were very informative and helped me crack many interviews. Thanks CATKing once again for all the help.

Ruchita – NMIMS 



I started preparing for NMAT 3 and picked up Mocks and NMAT Maximizer post my CAT seriously. Mocks are Realistic and helped me sail the cut offs! Apart from the mocks major credit goes to Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir for providing the right guidance and making us do smart work instead of hard work.

Raj Shah – NMIMS


Shruti Singhal

These Mocks helped me making it to the NMIMS. Thanks to Rahul Sir verbal was a cakewalk and helped me to crack NMAT. CATKing made me understood that it is all about smart work and positivity rather than donkey work and no achievements.

Shruti Singhal – NMIMS

Shruti Singhal


The classroom teaching and guidance by entire CATKing Faculty made me reach up here. They played a major role in my journey from a dreamer to an achiever. I just followed the mantra of ADNL and reached my goal. CATKing provides the best mentor one could ask for.

Mihir Toradkar – NMIMS

NMAT 247 - 99.97

About NMAT by GMAC™

One of the most prestigious B-schools in Mumbai is no doubt, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), and the only key to get through the gates of NMIMS is NMAT. The NMAT by GMAC™ is a national level entrance test for admissions into MBA colleges across India. It is conducted once a year, but you have a chance to make three attempts in a 75 days window which is unique to NMAT. Here is the exam pattern:

  • Total number of questions: 120 questions
  • Examination mode: Online
  • Language: English only
  • Question type: Multiple choice questions
  • Exam duration: 120 minutes
  • Marking scheme: 3 marks for each question, so a total of 360 marks(no negative marking)

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NMAT Online Courses

Prepare for NMAT in a smart way with a comprehensive course designed with the strategic approach to Crack NMAT and make it to NMIMS!

  • Personalized Mentorship every Sun 11 to 1 pm with Ace Mentor: Anisha Mukhija (MBA NMIMS, Executive Management Harvard Business School-PMNO)
  • 40 Hours of Recorded Sessions by CAT|NMAT Toppers to Clear the Basic Foundation
  • NMATBooster Special Online Workshops. Every day class with IIM L and SPJain and NMIMS Alumni.
  •  Live Verbal Wednesday Online Workshops to enhance the Verbal Ability Section
  •  Live NMAT Special Logical Reasoning and Time Management Strategy Online Workshops Every Thursday 9 pm
  • 10 Actual NMAT Level Full Length Mocks made by NMAT Toppers (inclusive of 2 expected mocks) and 30 Sectional Tests with Actual NMAT pattern to improve your sectional time management strategy
  •  NMIMS CDPI Super 30 Dashboard to Crack NMIMS
  •  24*7 Doubt Solving on the Facebook/Whatsapp/Telegram Group Target NMIMS NMAT
  • Mocks Analysis Dashboard with in-depth section wise and topic wise analysis

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