Importance of reading newspapers for Verbal ability preparation

Importance of reading newspapers for Verbal ability preparation


Newspapers is a vital component of life. Newspaper reading is a good and useful habit. Through newspapers, we will get to know the current affairs about our country as well as foreign countries. Readng newspapers provide wide range of benefits for students. Reading newspapers is very important for all competitive exam aspirants. From the point of verbal ability preparation of CAT and other entrance exams, reading newspapers is very important. Preparing for CAT 2018 by giving mocks and sectional tests is all fine but in order to master the skill of cracking reading comprehension questions, all the aspirants need to develop the habit of reading newspapers.

Why is reading newspapers important?

Reading newspapers will also help to improve one’s language skills and communication skills. By reading newspapers regularly your reading speed increases and this will help in reading the RCs given quickly. Articles, editorials are all written by experts, reading those will help to improve your vocabulary also. Newspapers have loads of information about the current affairs, politics, science and technology, education, sports and stock markets which will help the aspirants in GD/PI rounds.

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Group discussion topics will be mainly on current affairs hence reading newspapers will help the student in a long term. Further for essays in the WAT conducted during the GD/PI round, the essays are asked mostly on the current events and recent happenings. Reading newspapers will also help you to know about statistics, facts and figures which a student can substantiate it during group discussions. This will give the student an upper edge when compared to other students.

Regularly reading newspapers will help you in increasing your reading speed. It will also help you clarify and understanding the concept given in short time, high speed reading clubbed with understanding the statements in the first attempt will help you to save a lot of time in solving the Reading Comprehension and Data Interpretation problems in CAT.


While reading newspaper if you come across any new word or phrase, try to guess the meaning of the word according to the context given in the article. Then after guessing verify it by referring the meaning of the word in the dictionary. This exercise will help you in remembering the word and you will never forget. Try to use these new words in your daily conversation, writing or chatting and inculcate it everywhere so that you won’t forget and your vocabulary is enhanced.

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Important points to remember while reading newspaper:

Front Page: The front page of the newspaper is reserved for important and breaking news, this will be mainly related to current events happening, hence be smart and identify and filter out which news is important and read only the relevant news which will help you preparation. Filter out all the irrelevant news and don’t spend time reading such kind of articles.

Regional news: This section is not important and can be skipped.

Editorial and Opinions: This is the very important section of the newspaper, these section will help you in widening your knowledge base, vocabulary, language skills etc. Reading editorials are very important because these are written by experts and these will help you in your preparation for the exams.

National news and International news: These section are very important for increasing your general knowledge for the interview rounds.

Business section: This section will help you to increase your acumen in the field of finance and stock markets. Hence filter out relevant data which might help you for the preparation.

Sports: Glance through this section. As this section contributes for many current event related questions in the interviews or the General Knowledge section in the XAT, SNAP exams.

Take a note of all the facts and important news separately, revise these notes before the exam or before the interview. This will help you to remember the event on the final D day.

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What to avoid while reading newspapers:

  • Avoid going through the unnecessary advertisements given in the newspaper
  • Avoid gossip columns and crime news which of no concern to them, these news will be of no use for your preparation

Best practices to read the newspapers:

  • Quick scan of the newspaper will give you a clear idea about what to read and what to ignore
  • Mark news words and phrases with a pen and quickly find the meanings of those with the help of dictionary.
  • Articles on the editorial page are highly recommended and one must spend maximum time reading these editorials thoroughly with patience. Key to success in improving your reading comprehension is to read editorials daily and understand it.

With all these benefits by reading newspapers, every student has to inculcate this habit in order to excel in the verbal ability section. Reading newspapers regularly will also make your general knowledge section a cake walk. To sum it up, reading newspapers regularly is an extremely helpful activity for all the students.6

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