Last Minute Preparation Strategy for CAT 

Last Minute Preparation Strategy for CAT 

Candidates follow their approach to score well during the CAT preparation period. However, when only a few days remain till the big day, the last-minute CAT preparation approach comes in helpful.

Last-minute CAT strategy is critical for acing the most difficult admission exam for Management of Business Administration (MBA). Prior to ten days before the exam, it is considered critical to prepare and take the appropriate actions for CAT preparation. Every year, before the exam, take the CAT mock test, which is issued by the exam authority, to become more familiar with the CAT question material. Read the entire story to learn about the last-minute Preparation Strategy and Tips.

Tips and Strategies for Last-Minute Preparation

Prior to a few days of CAT, one should assess how well they are prepared to deal with exam day pressure. Aside from that, how will you apply the concept while answering a question on exam day in order to maintain accuracy and manage time? Check out the CAT last-minute preparation ideas that can be used during the CAT last-minute preparation approach to achieve the desired score.

Regarding CAT preparation, the last five days have been completely different and significant compared to the early days’ preparation method. At this point, candidates should trim their CAT preparation and avoid doing things like adding new topics to explore, devoting too much time to lengthy questions, and being overconfident about the CAT. These are the items included in the CAT last-minute preparation approach. This post is for individuals taking the CAT; it comprises all of the crucial ideas and techniques that must be followed at the final minute.

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Avoid Studying New Topics at the Last Minute for CAT

In these critical days, learning a full topic will lead to confusion. The biggest disadvantage of learning a new topic is that it reduces the level of comprehension and makes it difficult to remember previously learned topics. Candidates should only concentrate on and polish issues in which they are confident. Experts advise continuing to refine learned topics and gaining a grasp of them. On exam day, prior to answering any question from the section, spend 5 minutes scanning the section to determine which questions to tackle first so that time is efficiently handled.

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Every day until the exam, review previously prepared notes.

According to experts, it is best to undertake last-minute CAT preparation with prepared sticky notes and not touch the books used during the early days of preparation. Doing review through handouts will help you brush up on topics where you are confident. Sometimes candidates can easily figure out the answer merely by looking at the notes (This clearly saves candidates time if they will be able to do the calculation in their mind). In addition to saving time, rehearsing with handouts in the last days of preparation will increase the candidate’s confidence. As a result, applicants are encouraged to avoid preparing textbooks and other study materials in the final days before the CAT preparation.

Continue taking practice tests in the last days of CAT preparation.

It is always preferable to offer mock tests every day. But due to the length of the CAT curriculum, many applicants will be unable to do so. However, in the final five days of the examination, one should take mocks and keep track of the time. While taking final mocks, one should create the atmosphere of being in an examination hall by setting aside their phone, locking the door, having your rough sheet and a pen, and setting the timer.

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Quality (rather than quantity) should be your yardstick.

Candidates should avoid answering questions about which they are unsure first. By doing so, one risks losing confidence at the start of the exam. To begin, kids should answer questions that they can answer while reading the question. Candidates should set aside difficult questions at the start of each section. As it will help them to enhance their overall number of attempted questions.

Maintain your speed and accuracy level.

In every entrance exam, losing speed and accuracy is a nightmare. When the exam day approaches, keep the focus on them because speed and accuracy are essential components of the CAT. If someone is looking for a way to retain speed and accuracy. The solution is for applicants to try to boost their calculating speed in a smart way. Do as much mental calculating as possible. According to the prior year’s trend, the questions posed in CAT do not require complex computation. So candidates may simply conduct the mental calculation; try to avoid using an on-screen calculator to save time. There are numerous strategies for increasing mental calculating speed available on the internet and in textbooks. Those questions concerning logic will be simply handled by performing mental calculations. This is one of the most crucial CAT last-minute preparation tactics.

Time management that works

Candidates should consider time management after they have mastered speed and accuracy. First, students must determine whether they are capable of completing a segment within the time limit. When it comes to CAT’s time management plan, one should divide their time into three areas. In the first section, one should tackle those questions that they can answer while reading the questions or that need a bit of math. Following that, candidates should choose questions that they believe they can answer but require more time to do so. Finally, applicants take such time-consuming and difficult questions. A good percentile will be achieved by a candidate who is able to solve 75 percent of the questions. Candidates can stay tranquil on exam day by practicing time management.

All an MBA applicant needs are the appropriate guidance, the right attitude to preparation, and the most effective tactics to crack the CAT. Several video lessons on various CAT exam topics are available on CATKing’s Youtube channel. As it will help applicants fulfill their dreams of passing the CAT and enrolling in their favorite management school.


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