Must read books to improve RC for CAT

Must read books to improve RC for CAT

Must-read books to improve RC for CAT

Reading Comprehensions form one of the trickiest portions of the CAT exam. With a range of abstract topics followed by inferential questions, this area will test your abilities to the fullest. RC for CAT is a crucial section since around 40% of the questions in the Verbal Ability section are asked from these passages. Improving on RC is important because if you do well at RCs,  you will do well with other related questions like Para-jumbles and Para-completion also. In this article, we will explore Must read books to improve RC for CAT.

So, to solve the reading comprehension questions, one must be able to:

  • Understand the crux of the passage
  • Answer questions based on the text provided
  • Develop a perspective on the tone & tenor of the narration
  • Infer or deduce logical arguments

The most followed rule in the RC section is to understand what you read. It will prove a boon for you if you are able to read fast. But the speed is always secondary to understanding.

You must answer these questions before starting your preparation for RC:

  • What are the types of questions that are asked in a Comprehension?
  • What should be the strategy to follow for answering Comprehension?
  • What skills can be tested in Comprehension?
  • How should one improve in Comprehension?

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The ideal way to improve your accuracy in reading comprehension is to read more. Reading accompanies with regular practice can help you sail through this sub-section very easily. It is inevitable to remember that the only way to improve your reading skills is through regular and thorough reading. But the question that arises is which books should be ideal for CAT preparation? It is important to remember that aspirants should not stick to just one genre while perusing through the books. We have assorted for you a list of books which are categorized as per the level of difficulty and are a good amalgamation of a variety of genres. Please note that this list is exhaustive but not enough. You can explore all genres that suit your interest but at the same time improve your reading skills and enhance your learning.













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