SCMHRD GE-PI Experiences

SCMHRD GE-PI Experiences

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SCMHRD GE-PI Experience 1

GE –
Can voilence and foul language be justified on OTT platforms
Group was good. Healthly discussion. No fish market

It was all about me.
1) tell me about yourself

2) why mba

3) competition i went for

4) your role in the competition, your learnings from it

5) what you did during the lockdown, what did you learn

6) challenging situation faced

7) learnings from that

8) what did covid teach you

9) are you implementing that in your life?

10) any setbacks during covid.

They were very friendly.
All the best everyone.

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SCMHRD GE-PI Experience 2

GE topic: Can India become a superpower by 2030 post covid?

6 people.. Little bit fish market but overall good.. 20 min..
Individual entry first for 1 min each..
Then GD for 12 mins..and then conclusion everyone for 30 sec each.

Interview: 1st one for the panel I was allotted.. 10 mins.
1. Tell me about yourself. Which branch.

2. 2nd law of Thermodynamics.. didn’t remember..

3. 3rd law Newton..

4. Why left the job.

5. Which stream Interested and why..

6. Which company you want to join and which position you see yourself in the couple of years.

Overall very friendly chat.

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SCMHRD GE-PI Experience 3

G.E.= India envisions to become a global superpower by 2030

1) Introduction

2) what is pi and what is the significance of it?

3) real life use of calculus?

4) what inspired you to take maths?

5) Conflict you faced while working for your club and how did you convinced your senior

6) you have done many management courses , so why do you want to do mba?

7) you mentioned you want to work in a MNC , why would you not work in an indian company?

8) suppose a company is offering you huge ctc , but the work culture is not that good. What would you do?

9) do you have any questions for us?

SCMHRD GE-PI Experience 4

GE Topic:
There have been technology interventions in every sector are automation and Ai going to increase or decrease employment opportunities.

PI questions
1) Introduce your self apart from application form

2) Why MBA

3) Have you read newspaper today headlines dont you think they are waste of time

4) You have been part of many committees you seem like a leader from your profile what according to you is ideal team

5) Qualities of Leader

6) Difference between manager and leader

7) IT main coding karne ke baad MBA q karna hai

8) Achievements recent

SCMHRD GE-PI Experience 5

GE: Is online education new norm?
1.2 minutes given to everyone for speaking on it, then 12+2 minutes for GD.
One guy was not able to speak, so coordinator asked the person who was speaking to let the other guy speak( never experienced coordinator doing this)

Holy hell, one of the panelist was same as was in SCMHRD MBA core. I was worried that he might recognise me from two days before.

1. Tell me about yourself

2. what skills you have gained?

3. what is structured vs unstructured data

4. What is SaaS?

5.  a situational question where I was asked, suppose you are head at call center receiving 100’s call per day, how would you manage that data and create a solution around it using ML/AI.

6. types of data

7. what is data mining

8. what is cloud computing

9. real world example of AI

10. what makes you happy

There were 2-4 more questions, overall majorly technical interview for me, could not answer 2 or 3 questions but rest went fine for me.

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