Strategy for IIFT GK

Strategy for IIFT GK

The people who have cracked IIFT are the ones who were well-prepared for every section. In IIFT, most of the students are able to score in the 4 sections of Quant, DI, Logic & Verbal Ability. However, the GK section in IIFT is usually the deciding factor for the overall scores. Knowing how to score in this section will be essential for every student who plans to get into IIFT. But, before knowing how to prepare for General Knowledge, you should have an idea about what to expect in the section.

Following is the average break-up of questions in the General Knowledge Section of IIFT:

iiftCurrent Affairs in Business & Finance → 5-6 questions

Business Abbreviations & Terms → 1-2 questions

Politics/Environment/Welfare → 2-3 questions

Awards & Recognitions → 1-2 questions

Technology/Medicine → 1-2 questions

History & Geography → 5-6 questions

Brands & Companies → 2-3 questions

Current Affairs → 5-6 questions

Books → 1-2 questions

Sports → 1-2 questions

Focus on the topics above. Most of the questions can be categorized into the topics given above. Apart from the above topics, questions may come from other random areas as well. So be well-prepared for any surprises.

Now, knowing the different subject areas of the questions isn’t enough. You should also keep in mind the types of questions that may differ with respect to each exam. Now, IIFT gives some questions on GK in the Match the Table format.

Knowing these small nuances is essential for a calm approach towards the questions.

Following are some tips and guidelines to help you in your GK prep:

1)      Newspapers: One of the most trusted sources of General Knowledge. Papers like The Times of India & The Economic Times can keep you updated about recent business news and can also help to familiarize you with the different financial terms involved.

2)      Planning: Don’t just randomly read articles as you like. Make a schedule. Take some days and finish Static GK topic-wise. Take 3 days and devote it to, say Awards. Next 3 days, begin and finish Business Abbreviations & Terms, and so on. The number of days per topic depends on you. Just make sure that you implement it. Along with this, keep reading magazines/newspapers everyday to stay updated on Current Affairs.

3)      Revising: It so happens sometimes that you may study a particular subject for GK and not remember it, say maybe 7-8 days later. Your mind has a tendency to forget the facts that it doesn’t regularly come across. So keep revising every topic/subject that you finish. This will make sure that you don’t forget what you’ve already learnt.

Following these guidelines won’t make you an expert on General Knowledge. GK as a subject has infinite information and it is not possible to devour it all. What these guidelines will ensure is that you won’t be unprepared for the GK section in IIFT. You may not be able to answer all the questions. But you will be able to answer more than most of the students (who don’t pay as much attention to Gk as they should). And that is what will make all the difference.


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