Study Buddy

It is always good to go in group than alone. So why not apply the same when it comes to your MBA Preparations.

Join the CATKing Study Buddy Program and enjoy additional discount of Rs.1000 per person when joining in a group.

Use the following coupon to get started now.

Sr. No Product  Code
1 Cat 2023 intensive buddycat23in
2 Cat 2023 turbo buddycat23tur
3 Cat 2022 advance cat22advancebuddy
4 Non cat intensive noncatintensivebuddy
5 Non cat turbo noncatturbobuddy
6 Non cat advance noncatadvancebuddy
7 Quants 22 sectional22buddy
8 Verbal 22 sectional22buddy
9 DILR 22 sectional22buddy
10 scholars catking schoalars21buddy
11 scholars 95%tile above95buddy21
12 scholars catking 22 schoalars22buddy
13 scholars 95%tile 22 above95buddy22

Note: Quantity should be at least 2. After purchase email the additional student details on