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IIM Ahmedabad Personal Interview Experiences
April 11 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

All MBA aspirants must have heard a lot of things about IIM A’s infamous interview styles. But what is the reality? How are the actual PIs taken? Let’s get to know about this today in this article, which is written by students and their real-life experiences! So let’s get started with the Personal Interview experiences of students at IIM Ahmedabad

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IIM-A Interview Experience 23

12th Feb. Mumbai

1. I see that you’ve done instrumentation and control engineering from NIT Jalandhar and currently doing Software development for 3 yrs. Why this shift?

2. Have you worked on any ML projects?

3. Tell me a few models/Algorithms you worked with

4. What is K-Means Clustering?

5. Why is this process iterative? When do we stop the iteration?

6. How to make this algorithm decide on the number of clusters on its own? (I struggled with this a bit)

7. Do you Information Theory in ML? (Didn’t know)

8. Do you know what entropy is (in ML)? (Struggled a bit but he seemed satisfied with my half knowledge)


9. Walk me through your daily routine (work ex)

10. What is the most frustrating thing in your daily work life? (Mentioned constantly changing business requirements put a lot of pressure on us developers)

11. What measures do you take to avoid this?

12. These measures are fine for a reasonable customer but what do you do if the customer is a bit difficult to handle?

13. Are you following any news? (mentioned ChatGPT)

14. With the release of BARD, what are the challenges for ChatGPT?

15. Google also rushed to market with Android, why did it turn out to be such a great product?

16. What should be Google’s line of action considering all this?

17. What is the difference between training data for BARD and ChatGPT (I didn’t know in depth about this)

18. Let’s say, there’s a customer who you know is inclined to buy your product. How will you tailor your responses from the ChatBot to make him buy the product?

19. Any questions regarding PGP at IIMA?

IIM-A Interview Experience 24

12th February 2023 -> 08:00 AM slot

The Orchid, Vile Parle, Mumbai

AWT : 20 mins. (250-300 words. One page side)

Social fabric is breaking down. People are becoming more and more individualistic. Shukracharya stated this a long time back. He mentioned this in a witty saying in his book Shukraniti. Boys and girls select their partners on the basis of looks, mothers look for financial status, while all others are only interested in food and festivities.

Analyze the argument, find assumptions of the author. Write points to support the author’s argument. Write points against the argument. 

Personal Interview –

Interview duration: 30-40 mins approx.

Two panelists: 1 Male(M1), 1 Female(F1), both middle aged, seemed like professors.

M1: Please have a seat.

Me: Thank you sir.

F1: So Ishan, let’s start with your schooling. Tell us how it was for you.
Me: Ma’am I attended school at MES Bal Shikshan Mandir in Pune, it was a very enriching experience. My parents worked hard to nurture an all-rounder personality in me, so I was able to achieve many co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements. I picked up music as my liking, and I learnt from 2nd to 12th standard, and was able to complete the Sangeet Visharad Dwitiya degree in that…. (paused.)
(She did not seem to be in the mood to pick on that, so I continued)
Apart from this I could secure NTSE, MTSE, and also got a Gold medal in National Children’s Science Congress in my 8th standard and presented my research to Nobel Laureate Dr. Venkatraman. (She seemed to be anticipating this, they were impressed by the laureate name)
F1: Yes, so what exactly was your research for that?
Me: Explained about my project, how we suggested silt as an option for land conservation.
(F1 asked 2-3 follow up questions on this project. I was able to answer the same.)

M1: So where did you get the inspiration to do this bioconservation project?
Me: Sir, my dad has been working on land restoration and bio-conservation since I was young, so it was my natural inclination.
(Both F1 and M1 asked me a few follow up questions on what exactly my dad did in that project. I explained them in detail, and tried to show my understanding of biology from it too while doing so.)

F1: Okay, so now tell me the usual, I can see in your marksheet that you did 6.76 in your third year. Why so? What happened? You got 10 GPA in the last 2 semesters, was that online that’s why?(chuckles)

Me: No ma’am last semesters were internships at OYO, so I could do well in them.
F1: Okay, so why so low in 3rd year?
Me: Ma’am so it was the year when I had core courses of both disciplines, so coursework was heavy, plus I was involved in extracurriculars, so could not focus on studies well. But I learnt from it and consistently got a good score in my 4th year, which helped me secure my internship…

F1: Okay, you worked at OYO, right? You have written quite a lot in your form, explain to us in short, what was your role? What did you do?
M1: So ma’am I worked as a Software Developer here, working on European Vacation Rental business….
(Was interrupted.)
F1: No we know what OYO does, tell us what you are incharge of in non-technical simple terms.
Me: So ma’am essentially I have 30k properties in my OVH portfolio, my task is to sell them on the OTA channels like BDC, Airbnb, Expedia, Vrbo etc…(Interrupted)
F1: Sell? I thought you do rental business?
Me: Yes ma’am I meant selling the inventory on these dates, for short term stay dates.
F1: Yes okay, got it. So what does that entail?
Me: (Explained the basic flows of OTA business)

F1: Okay, I am not able to get from your form why there is a gap in your form in your work experience. Why 2 experiences if it is in the same company?
Me: No ma’am so it was not a break, I got promoted in the middle to a SDE-2 role, so I wanted to write it separately since they are 2 different responsibilities…
F1: Okay, so there is no gap in your career, okay. So tell us how you made the BDC pipeline better as you’ve mentioned here. Give a technical answer.
Me:( Explained to her about the looping and multithreading approach, how it made the flows better and stable. Small example of the work I did.)

P1: So why have you mentioned Bachelors 1 and Bachelors 2 when you have a Masters in Biology?
Me: (Explained to him about the dual degree and how it is not a masters but an integrated course.)
P1: But why Biology and Electronics? Those seem to be completely unrelated fields?
Me: Sir even I thought so initially, but at BITS I saw multi-disciplinary research and bio-electronics is a growing field today.
P1: So give me an example of how both technologies are integrated ?
Me : (Thinking fast.) So sir in case of biosensors, both are useful. 

P1: What are biosensors?
Me: Sir they can be deployed anywhere in the body to monitor body states ( Here I was down in the rabbit hole i dug in retrospect. Hence research about things you talk in the interview)
P1: Oh so you are saying it is possible to use biosensors anywhere in the body.? I didn’t know that. Design a biosensor for me to track the kidney)
Me: Sir maybe we can track uric acid and creatinine levels using nano-sensors.
P1: No but exactly how will you convert chemical signals to electricity?

Me: (Takes a minute to think.) The body uses electrical signaling everywhere so it must be creating signals in response to high or low levels of these chemicals.
P1: No, tell me exactly how you will track these. 

Me: Sir I am not very clear about it right now.
P1: Okay what does a kidney do? How will you differentiate a healthy and unhealthy kidney?
Me: Told as much I knew.
P1: (Explained to me the difference between the two and creatinine levels and stuff) You only said biosensors can be used anywhere in the body. Brain I can accept , because electrical signals, but what about kidneys? If you can do it, a millionaire will come to you saying Ishan this is a billion business in healthcare now, right?
Me: Yes sir, it is an interesting perspective, I will definitely research that.
F1: Okay Ishan, so have you followed the last Tamil Nadu state elections? Why did DMK win over AIADMK?
(Shocked! I am a vivid politics enthusiast although that’s nowhere indicated in the form. How did she know? Also, I never tracked TN! WHY TN!)
(Regaining my calm)

Me: (Told her about Jayalalithaa demise, party infighting in AIADMK, Amma Scheme funding is cut, BJP vs Dravidian ideology conflict . Everything I knew I told)

F1: Now tell me exactly the poll issues of TN elections.
Me: Ma’am I am sorry I was not able to track the TN elections, so I don’t know the exact promises.
P1: But who is in power in TN?
Me : Sir, DMK won. MK Stalin ji is the Chief Minister currently.
P1: Oh so BJP is not in power there?

Me: No sir, it’s a very minor power there as of now.

P1: Recently Assam has decided to increase the age of marriage. Tell me what exactly are the reasons?
Me: (Takes a minute to recollect. Can’t really come up with anything cuz had not followed it)…
F1: Also, interestingly Rajasthan is decreasing the age of marriage. Why is it so?
P1: Haan Assam mein BJP hai toh wo karega, Rajasthan mein ulta hai. Aise kaise?
Me: Ma’am am I to compare these two scenarios?
F1: No, no only answer about Rajasthan? 

Me: (Tries to give an answer by logic) Ma’am it must be due to the cultural factors of Rajasthan.. Since it has child marriage…
F1: Ishan to drive me from Delhi to Bhopal, you take me to Kanyakumari. I want a precise answer now.
Me: Okay, sorry ma’am, I will take a minute. (Kept a smiling face even when that remark added so much pressure on me. I understand there is no point beating around the bush.)
Me : Ma’am maybe it was to reduce atrocities on women?
F1: But it is child marriage promotion right! Why would any state reduce marriage age?
Me: (Back to thinking. I feel this was a missed opportunity of my interview in retrospect. Should have given my perspective.)
F1: No it’s okay this was something extra we were asking. Have a toffee! Which other calls do you have?
Me: (Told them B,C,L,K,I…)
F1: Oh so all the calls, right. All the best!
(I take a toffee, thank both panelists, tell P1 that I will def research about kidney biosensor, left.)

IIM-A Interview Experience 25

12th Feb.
Two panelists: 1 M(P1) (50-55years) 1 F(P2) (30-35years)
Panel no. 7 , turn no. 3
Obc,eng, male, food technology.(91%)
Interview time: 25min(approx)

P1: what are you doing now? (Directly asked first question)
P1: why there is a gap year?….(said)
Then asked, why there is gap year after 12th.
P2: why MBA? (Said)
P1: will production executive or head won’t allow you to take decisions?(related to previous question’s answer & I’m not able to satisfy them by this question’s answer)
P1: do you follow current affairs? (I said yes)
P2: why govt. banned wheat exports during Ukraine Russia war?( Given the reason that surplus depleting and related to it, but they want more concrete reasons)
P2: what are all the subjects you have studied in your BTech.?(I thought why such question, but fortunately remembered most of the subjects)
P2: do you know about fruit processing?(said yes)
P2: choose anyone fruit you like and explain its processing part?(from farm to table)(I choosed grapes)
P2: what’s loss percentage during processing?( Here I made a mistake mentioned wrong percentage, which I later realised)
P1: do you understand statistics?( Said yes)
P1: explain normal distribution curve?
P1: do you like mathematics?(said yes)
P1: choose anyone of your favourite topics?(I choosed integration & I’m good at that)
P1: integrate e^x, lnx, e^x2.
(Solved first two, but stucked in last one, later told them it cannot be integrated)
P1: draw the graphs of these three?(related previous part)
P1: do you have any question for us?(said no and my face is down(internally,not physically), having strong feeling of interview not went upto the mark!!!)
One more thing, they forgot to ask me for a chocolate, when I was about to open the gate they said wait have a chocolate or cookie!.

IIM-A Interview Experience 26

CAT : 99.74
Interview time : 40 Min

Two Male Panelist’s- M1, M2
After greetings
M1: Tell me about yourself
– While I came across work ex they started asking about workex , what does the company do , what’s my role and how is it different from a competitor who offers the same role ? Financials ?

M1: You’ve worked in Vedanta ( previous company) for just 5 months , why is that and follow questions ?

M2: it’s good that you have recovered ( i was affected with blast inside the mine) .

M1: I don’t want to bring back those haunted memories but, tell me what is the probable reserve, proven reserve ?

M1: Is probable reserve just a range of numbers that we can expect ?
M1: okay, you have 50 black & 50 blue balls and you have 2 jars. Distribute the balls in such a manner that if I pick any of the jar and choose any random ball, the probability of blue ball should be highest. How will you distribute ?

M1: Okay, over to you sir.
M2: So, Srinivas can you tell me one of the conspiracy that happened with your previous company recently ?

M2: So, why did government actually gave away the Hindustan Zinc limited to a foreign company ( Vedanta ) , our government companies are not capable of doing this stuff ?

M2: So do you think , should government give a open bid to private companies for all the types of school we have in India ? Because they have much better resources.

M2: Tell me about some of your hobbies ? – Told about gaming , and gone to small tournaments

M2: Why do we have gaming tournaments? What is the business aspect of it ?

M2: What are some unique things which you will bring to the campus ?

M2: Tell me the thinking behind your email address ?

M2: Over to M1

M1: So do you follow any current affairs? – I told about ChatGPT and Adani vs Hindenburg

M1: Any topic in those two which you have gone deeply ? – Said Adani

M1: What are the accusations? What’s wrong with creating shell companies ?

M1: What’s the problem ? A retail investor is getting huge profits then why now suddenly a hard asset combined company’s valuation is getting dragged down ? Do you think it is justified due to the report the valuation is going down ?

M1: what is the float currently for Adani green ? What is the pledged share percentage for Adani Enterprise ? Did it decline ?

M1; If you have money now, would you invest in the Adani now ? Because now you are getting a huge discount from original ? – Said No, I believe there will a correction again and the share price will go down and that is when I will buy if I have to.

M1: Any question for us ? – asked about the college being in stones and bricks rather than fancy colours ?
M2: Explained why it is like that.

Thank you, please take a toffee!

Overall : Grilled on my previous workex which I just worked for 5 months but knew the entire story of the company, and they were very friendly and it felt more like a conversation rather than Q&A.

IIM-A Interview Experience 27

Location – Welcom ITC Hotel, Bengaluru
Profile – 9.8/82/8.8 – GEM (ECE) – 3.5 years work ex.
Two Panelists – M1 (In his 30s) and M2 (Early 40s)
M2: Tell us about yourself and your educational and work ex.
P: Gave them the prepared answer and told them that I work at Deloitte USI.
M2: What does USI mean.
P: Offices of the US in India.
M2: So do you live in the US.
P: No, but I work on US clients only.
M1: Tell us more on what you do.
P: Explained in detail with examples.
M1: Ok fine, now tell us what did you do in your engineering and what were your favorite subjects.
P: I told them about the two subjects I had prepared which were DLD and Computer Comm.
M1: Asked me rapid fire questions on the types of networks, disadvantages of each and advantages of each.
P: Answers all of them.
M1: Which one would you use.
P: Told them about how it depends on your need and number of systems you are using in the network. Personally, I have seen the bus topology being used in my labs at college.
M1: Tell me what comes to your mind when I say the application layer.
P: Told him about the OSI model and explained the application layer. He then asked me to name all the layers which I did (I had it prepared).
M1: Asked for an example of the application layer protocol.
M1: Full form ? which I told.
M1 asks me if I am comfortable with stats and probability distributions (I had them prepared a little so said yes).
M1: Asks me about all the distributions I know.
P: I told them about the normal, bernauli, binomial and poisson.
M1: How about integration and differentiation.
P: Differentiation yes, integration not so much.
M1: Ok integrate mod of log x (I had completely forgotten this so said I did not know).
M1: Ok how about a simple integration like xdx. This I told (but since he did not give me limits in hindsight I should have added the “+c”)
M2: Do you follow current news and events.
P: Yes, especially in the sports field since I am very interested in almost all sports.
M2: ok what have you been reading.
P: tried talking about adani was interrupted since they had probably heard enough about it.
M2: Then asks me to explain the evolution of the indian airline sector in the last 10-15 years. (this was completely random).
P: I started explaining but got interrupted.
M2: Randomly asks me to name the founder of Indigo and Jet Airways which I did not know. He took some other names which are apparently famous but I had not heard of them so I could not answer.
M2: Do you know any airlines in the US.
P: Delta and Southwest
M2: Can you explain the difference in their business models. I said no.
M2: Ok how about Walmart do you know their business model.
P: I said I knew a little as to how they are whole sellers and complete with Costco.
M2: interjects here and says but they have different ways to make money right ? do you know how Costco does?
Luckily I had seen a video on how Costco makes money so I was able to talk about it and I was confident on my answer.
M2: Starts to ask me more questions on general awareness but is stopped by M1 who says he follows sports more so lets ask about that.
M2: Ok tell me about all the recent Olympic silver medalists.
P: I told them majority of them but I forgot Sushil Kumar’s name (In hindsight I guess it was a good thing that I did since they could have changed the topic to why he is in jail).
I forgot the name of the 2004 skeet shooter but I knew it starts with Major so just said that.
M2: One medalist also joined the government he was also in the army Rajvardhan Singh Rathore. I intervened and said yes sir this is the name I forgot earlier he won the silver in skeet shooting.
M1: Ok I think we are done, do you want to talk about anything we did not cover during the interview.
P: talked about event management and organizations with different clubs and at Deloitte.
M1: Ok we are done take a chocolate. Good Luck.
P: Thankyou have a nice day and walked away.

IIM-A Interview Experience 1

Date: 4 April 2021 Morning slot
AWT topic: Something on Ahmedabad test match that reason for the match ending in 2 days was not because of pitch condition but because of the dominance of pace bowling made arrogant batsman used to of playing at backfoot but spin demands playing respectfully at the front foot which was missing in that test. So, the pitch must not be cursed.

Interview: 2 panelist (P1,P2)
Greeted and then interview starts

P1: Tell us about your educational and professional background.
Me: Mentioned about educational background and internships.
Then some discussion on AWT
P1: Okay so you studied BCom, what subjects did you study there?
Me: Told
P1: Since you have studied most of the subjects which we are going to teach in MBA, then why MBA
Me: Talked about syncing of those subjects with the management and getting practical exposure here along with case study approach. He seems satisfied
P1: Okay, so what’s your favorite subject?
Me: Financial Management.

Some questions on NPV, IRR and asked to use paper to show some calculations therein.
Then P2 takes in
P2: You have mentioned different types of accounting which you have studied in your BCom. Can you please tell us the difference b/w these (Financial, Cost, Management Accounting)
Me: Told. Seems satisfied
P2: Are you comfortable with statistics questions? Can we ask you that?
Me: Told them that I didn’t study it after 12 so don’t know much
P2: Okay, so are you comfortable with maths.
Me: Yes sir, I can try
P2: Some questions on matrices, adjoint, inverse, etc.
P2: What are your hobbies
Me: Mentioned about Cricket.

P2: What are the ways in which batsmen can get out.
Me: Told all which I could remember (Around 10)
P2: He asked what’s obstructing the field.
Me: Told
P2: Are you following current affairs? Any recent news that you came across
Me: Mentioned few
P2: Haven’t you heard about Suez Canal?
Me: Told that yes I know, explained a bit about what happened there (Also mentioned its sort of obstructing the field) and how it affected the trade.
P2: Okay Harshit, you can leave. You can take toffee from the box.
Thank you.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 2

Academics- 98.72/97.83/85
CAT – 99.71
37 months of work experience at Qualcomm.
26th Feb 2021
1:30 PM at Indiranagar, Bangalore
AWT – The pandemic has brought good outcomes for companies worldwide. A lot of companies have become more productive and many of them have announced permanent WFH for their employees
(something on these lines). The task was to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the given argument.

Interview – I was the second person in my panel. The first person went in and didn’t come back for more than 30 minutes during which 2 people from the other panel had already finished their interviews. I was gearing up for a long interview.
Interviews were taking place in a video conferencing room. I went into the interview room and sat at the opposite end of the screen. There were two male professors P1 and P2. P1 was elder and looked around 50 years of age. P2 was around 35.

P1 – Vinayak, tell me about your work at Qualcomm.
V – Explained what the company does and what’s my role in it. As Qualcomm is a smartphone processor maker, I had given a lot of thought to how my work as Engineer has an impact on the end product which is a smartphone. I had prepared a few points and examples where I could connect my work with the users’ experience with smartphone usage. Wasn’t interrupted anywhere in the middle while explaining. They seemed to be satisfied with the answer.
P1 asked few small things such as how many people are there in the team, how many people in design and verification teams, whether Bangalore has an independent design center, where the headquarters is located etc. It was all smooth.
P1 – What are the skills needed in your job?
V – Mentioned many hard skills and few soft skills. I was having some difficulty with hearing what P1 was saying so had to ask to repeat a few things.

P2 – You have published some papers. Was it research-based or some sort of survey?
V- This was again something I was prepared for. Could explain the paper in detail. From basics to more involved stuff which were domain-specific. I was happy that they were understanding what I was explaining. P1 interrupted and pointed out an issue with the solution we proposed in the paper. Clarified by agreeing with him and told that there was a reasonable assumption and the issue could be overcome in a certain way even though we couldn’t do that during our time on this paper. Some discussions on this and both P1 and P2 seemed fine.
P2 – You are pretty good at what you have been doing. Why do you want to come out of that and jump into MBA?
V – Explained what my goals are and what limitations my current knowledge and job roles have. Explained how MBA would help me to bridge the gap and work towards my goals. Mentioned some of my experiences from the past which drove me towards an MBA. P2 was listening and clarifying a few things all along. Also as I mentioned I want to do something on my own P2 asks whether I have anything in my mind that I would like to share. I told them nothing particular but that’s the dream I have(Later thought that this could have been answered in a better manner).
P1- What are your hobbies? What do you do during your free time?
V- Mentioned that I like reading books and why I like them. Was asked about my learnings from some of the books I mentioned. The discussion on the book “Animal farm” went on to comparison between democratic and communist forms of governments. P1 cross-questioned a few things but I managed to do just fine with it.
P1 asked for more hobbies. I mentioned cricket and also told why I like it.
In between these, the screen went off. I had to go outside the room and ask for someone’s help to turn it on.
P2 – Are you aware of the recent news around university education?
V – I was trying hard to remember it. I had read it a few months back but couldn’t remember it. Told that I’m unable to recollect. P1 asked whether I know what’s UGC and AICTE. Mentioned that I have heard about them but don’t know much about them. P1 said, “you should know all these”.
P2 asked me to explain how a university works. I was able to give a basic answer for that. I wasn’t able to understand the bigger picture of what they were talking about.

P1 said he’s done, P2 told the same. I wished both of them and left the room.

The interview lasted for 20 minutes. Overall, it was more of a conversation than an interview. Most of the discussion was around my job, the published paper, and why MBA. I had a good feeling about the interview except for the last question on current affairs and the why MBA question where I think I could have been more elaborative.
My major tip to every aspirant is to be thorough with their background. Look at your past and think what all questions you can expect based on that. If you have work experience, think about how you can explain your work to a common person who may not be familiar with your work domain.

Verdict: Converted.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 3

Interview on 2nd Feb at IIM Ahmedabad campus.
Interview was scheduled in the afternoon slot at the PP Gupta auditorium. I was fourth in my panel. The interviewer opened the gate with a smile. I was a bit nervous but the smiling face of the interviewer made me comfortable. There were two male interviewers, both of them were looking young. Let’s call them P1 and P2. The interview went like this:

P1- Tell us something about you
I – I am an electrical engineer. I belong to Beawar, Rajasthan. I have more than 2 yrs of work experience at Cairn Oil and Gas, Vedanta. My job was to look after the maintenance of electrical equipments in the area allotted to me. I did B.tech in Electrical Engineering from SVNIT, Surat. At SVNIT, I got a chance to follow my passion for sustainability and I published an international conference paper on solar energy materials. Also, I was part of various college committees and I was co-convener of the annual technocultural fest of NIT Surat. I am a sports enthusiast person, and I am a handball and badminton player. In my free time, I like to train myself for playing badminton. Also, I am practising yoga since last 5 years.
P1- Have you ever tried triathlon
I: No, I have not tried. I have tried long-distance running.
P1- Which sportsperson has recently joined BJP
I: Sania Nehwal
P2- Along with her who has also joined BJP
I: Her Sister
P2- What do you actually mean by sustainability
I: Sustainability means doing things in such a manner that they meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and do not harm our mother earth.
P2- Why you left your job
I: I was working on a 21–21 work pattern. During my 21 off days, I was able to study well, and during my 21 days on-site, I was not getting enough time for study, and there is no proper internet connectivity in the desert region. Because of this, I used to forget the topics which I had covered in my previous field break. So, I left the job on 1 September to give a focussed shot to CAT.

Also, I would have not been able to attend this interview because of this 21–21 pattern as there are no leaves allowed when one is at 21 days on-site.
P1- Why your working pattern was only 21-21?
I: The pattern was continuing before I joined the company. I do not know exactly what is the reason.
P2- Do you think, we do sustainable development without harming the earth
I: No. We have to do mining for extracting silicon for solar panels, lithium for batteries. So, we harm the earth from mining activities to extract materials for sustainable development.
P2- How oil companies a roadblock in sustainable development
I: Oil and Gas companies do lobbying to block climate change policies and research activities on renewable energy. We need more bold people than these lobbyists so that their malpractices do not hinder sustainable development. For instance, Elon Musk has released all the patents of Tesla for free to fight against climate change.
P1- If anyone has released his patent for free, can one directly use them and open a new business
I: One cannot open a new business from free patents.
P2: Can existing businesses use free patents
I: Yes, they can.
P1- Do you know which are the Dutch colonies?
I: I do not have a fair idea of this. But what I remember is Portuguese came to Goa, so might have dutch have gone to acquire some south-east Asian country.
P2- Have you heard about the country Suriname?
I: No
P1- Explain the working model of Amul
I: I do not have an in-depth understanding of the working model of Amul but what I know is that our country was facing a huge crunch of milk supply. V Kurien, the father of the white revolution, helped in the establishment of Amul which provided a proper platform to the nearby farmers to process their milk and solve the problem of milk crises of our country
P2- How humans and robots will work in the future? In isolation or collaboration?
I: collaboration
P2: Cite an example
I: Robots can work in a toxic or harmful environment in any manufacturing process and humans can check that the final product made by the robot is fit for use or not.
P2: This happens in present. Tell any future application
I: At present, I am not able to think such an application
P1- Tell us something to inspire us
I: I had organised a seminar to increase the awareness of solar energy in my locality. It was attended by local farmers and students of industrial training institute. I deliver the content in such an effective manner that two of the students got admission into a solar training institute because of that. I got to know about this when they told my mother about this.
P1: We do the same thing throughout the year, how this can inspire us?
I: Sir, I agree with this but your teachings have access to only a few privileged students of our country. You can take some initiatives to spread your teachings to the students of all sections of our society.

P1- Try to solve this, you are walking by a road, there is a gate in the way. You missed entering the gate by a probability of half. You again come to the starting point and you again miss the gate by the probability of half. The average number of attempts required to enter the gate.
I: I tried to solve this and reach to an incomplete equation of (1/2)^n =1
P2: Have you gone through the Nobel prizes of this year?
I: Not in much detail.
P2- Who won Nobel Prize this year in mathematics?
I: I do not know this.
P2: Is there a Nobel Prize in Mathematics or not?
I: There is no Nobel prize for Mathematics.
P1- Is there any Nobel Prize for poetry?
I: There is a Nobel prize for literature
P1- Who wrote our National Anthem?
I: Rabindra Nath Tagore
P2- Why did Rabindranath Tagore win Nobel Prize?
I: He wrote some beautiful poem but I am not able to recall the name of the that.
P1- Who wrote Vande Mataram? This is the most important question of the interview if you answer this, you will be selected.
I: I do not know this.
P2- Who is the Prime Minister of USA?
I: (I was a bit nervous because of the previous response) I do not know.
(The interviewer keeps quiet for some time and I fall into their trap). Can I guess?
P2: Please tell what you think.
I: I do not remember the full name; he has john in his name.
P2: Oh, John F. Kennedy.
I: No, He was an American President.
P1- Britishers rule India, and Indians copied the system of Britishers, who is the President of the UK?
I: I do not know the name of the president of the UK. I know that Mr Borris Jhonson is the PM of the UK.
P2- So, you were getting confused because of John and Jhonson. Now, tell us prime Minister and President of India?
I: PM of India – Shri Narendra Modi, President of India – Shri Ram Nath Kovind
P1- Who were the last four presidents of USA
I: Mr. Donald Trum, Mr. Barak Obama, Mr. Goerge Bush, Mr. Bill Clinton.
They offered me chocolate in the end and said you may leave now.

Practice from actual CAT Mocks and score 99.99%ile

IIM-A Interview Experience 4

Interview on 15th Feb’2020
India Habitat Centre, Delhi

WAT Topic: A discussion between two-person was given related to positive and negative effects of social media, we have to present our views on that.

We were at the center since 1 pm, Interview was around 3:30
P: How are you Nidhi? You look bit nervous
Me: I am very well sir, thank you. Honestly, I am very nervous.
P: No need to worry. Did you have your lunch?
Me: Yes, I have had my lunch.
P: How come? All candidates told us they are starving as they left for interview after breakfast
Me: Sir, I had a heavy breakfast around 11 am, I am counting that as lunch.
P: OK You have a wonderful academic record. I can see in one semester you scored 9.8
Me: smiling Yes Sir, it was in the third semester.
P: Tell me about your work at Maruti Suzuki
Me: Explained in detail
P: How to validate the process
Me: We use tools like Cp Cpk Pp Ppk
P: Please write the formulas for those and explain to me the practical meaning of those terms
Me: Drew the curve with limits and started explaining. Got interrupted before I could finish writing the formula
P: Can you draw a normal distribution curve and its equation
Me: Drew and explained
P: How will equation look in case of standard normal distribution
Me: put the values of mean and sigma as 0 1 and show them
P: Now can you tell me what will be the value of the peak of the curve
Me: I got confused, I thought they were asking for general normal distribution. Sir we would have to differentiate the equation to get that point.
P: Why do you need differentiation when you can directly put x=0
Me: realizing the question. Right sir
P: Enough of work. Where are you from?
Me: I am from Indore
P: Who was the ruler of Indore?
Me: It was ruled by Holkar family for a long period of time.
P: Where Ahilya Bai used to stay?
Me: Confused, didn’t know the answer to this. I think Indore only
P: Really. Have you heard of Maheshwar?
Me: OHH right, she was a worshipper of Shiva. There are temples in Maheshwar
P: Yes, coming to the same topic. Why is Ujjain famous?
Me: There are many religious places there eg. Mahakaal, kaal bairav etc
P: Why are those religious places so famous?
Me: Totally confused. Blank
P: Have you heard of Jyotilings? How many are there?
P2: on seeing my face, you scared her.
P: Okk what are the top models of Maruti?
Me: Swift and Baleno
P: What is Poka Yoke
Me: Explained with example
P: Why MBA
Me: Told
P: Who inspires you the most in the family and why?
Me: told
P: Okay, we are done here. If you have any questions, you can ask
Me: No sir, thank you so much for your time.

Verdict: Converted in the first list

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IIM-A Interview Experience 5

AWT Topic: Children now-a-days have more screen time. Parents feel this will affect their social life. Only if a child spends more time with their class mates, they are going to develop social skills. Write down the assumptions involved and analyze the argument.

Interview was taken by two profs after the AWT:

P1 – Hi, tell me about your hometown and what is it famous for?
Me – My hometown is Sivakasi. It is known for its fireworks and match industries. In fact, it has one of the second largest printing press setup in the world after Germany.
P1 – When do you think the firework industry started in Sivakasi?
Me – I am not sure about the date, but I have read that once Jawaharlal Nehru remarked Sivakasi as little Japan. So, I guess it should have been around since 1930s and 1940s.
P1 – What are the common problems faced by firework industries in your hometown?
Me – A lot of disasters leading to fatalities; proper PPE (Personal protection equipment) not provided; child labor prevalent in the industries.

P1 – From my perspective child labor should be allowed as at the end of the day they are earning money for the family which helps all of the family members in buying food, clothes and staying under a roof. There is no wrong in child labor. What is your perspective on that?
Me – The firework industry is quite hazardous and it requires the workers to be alert and follow the necessary precautions, which can be difficult for the children to follow owing to the complex nature of the fireworks. Also, the children need to understand the fire triangle and basic chemistry of how a cracker is ignited.
P1 – Let us assume that the children are provided with the necessary training which covers the combustion principles and proper PPE is provided to them. I still think that child labor is beneficial instead of sending them to a school. Now also, we will consider that instead of fireworks we will consider that the children are working in a printing press. What is your opinion?
Me – Children if they attend school can come to learn about a lot of things and broaden their mind. If they go and start working in factories from a young age their knowledge is limited, and in the future if the industry becomes obsolete then it will be a hard time to find a job to earn money. For instance, there is a high possibility of the printing industry reducing its scale with the rise of the social media.
P1 takes a break from question and P2 starts questioning.
P2 – So, let us talk about your work experience. What do you mean by the term bad actors which you had mentioned in your application?
Me – In Oil and Gas Industry we have maintenance records collected in a computerized maintenance management system called SAP. My job was to analyze the maintenance records and find out which instruments have been faulty with a lot of maintenance budget spent on it. The instrument which has a lot of failures are categorized as bad actors and recommended for root cause analysis. The objective here is to optimize the OPEX of a business plant by going through the maintenance records from the SAP portal.

P2 – What is preventive maintenance and are you familiar with terms like TQM?
Me – Any maintenance done on an equipment beforehand in periodic intervals to avoid a catastrophic failure of the instrument is called preventive maintenance. I am not familiar with the term TQM.
P2 – Could you explain me how the instruments are assigned criticality based on which the maintenance is done?
Me – A group of people who has industry experience meet at a workshop discuss together and based on the consensus reached assign a criticality to the instruments.
P2 – Could you talk about one of the safety incidents which happened close to 1990s related to your company?
Me – One incident which I could think of is Exxon Valdez oil spill.
P2 – Could you elaborate more on the learnings from the incident?
Me – The captain during the transit was in a drunken state and left the inexperienced folks to control the ship in Alaskan waters known for its icebergs. The ship hit the ground and the oil leaked from the ship causing an environmental disaster in the vicinity of the accident. So, the learnings from the incident were avoid alcohol consumption during transit and when in doubt always consult your experienced officer.

P2 – Now let us have some questions from your undergrad subjects. Explain to me what is impedance and what is the unit of impedance?
Me – The unit of impedance is ohms. (I was not able to explain the impedance concept clearly in lay man terms)
P2 – It is shocking that you are an electrical engineer and you are not able to explain it clearly.

Me – (Tried different explanations but did not succeed)
P2 – Ok. Now write the equations of Fourier transform and also the inverse FT.
Me – Wrote both the FT and IFT equation.
P2 – Explain FT to me in layman terms?
Me – (Tried but not convincing. Struck to me how I could have explained better once I was outside. Clue to readers: Consider the example of Prism and with that explain FT)
P2 – Who is this Fourier guy? Irritating and causing so much difficulty to all of us.
Me – Sir, at this moment I am not able to explain to you in convincing manner but Fourier and Laplace work had helped us immensely in a lot of domains such as Signal processing and control systems. Their work has pioneered a lot of innovation in technology.
Me – (Now gave a high-level overview of FT with the significance of the exponential term in the FT.)
P2 – What is the value of 𝑒−𝑖𝜋?
Me – (Asked for some time even though I knew the answer to substitute it in Euler’s equation and verify it) Sir, the answer is -1.
P2 – Why did you take a lot of time to come with the answer? Aren’t you have been never curious before that an exponential, imaginary and irrational term has come together?
Me – Sir, I just wanted to ensure the value by substituting in euler’s form. The euler’s form is related to a circle.
P2 nods.
P2 – Why do you want to do an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad?
Me – Told the answer which I had prepared before. (My answers talked about industries such as healthcare and space tech)
P2 – What is the reasoning behind developing a booster technology?
Me – Mentioned about the reusability and the cost reduction.
P2 – How does SpaceX earn most of its money?
Me – (Did not reply as I was not sure)
P2 is done with his questions and tells that he is done. P1 starts.
P1 – What are some of the things you don’t like about your college (NIT Trichy)?
Me – Told him about the heat and not proper fencing provided due to which people from outside can enter the campus at night from different locations without any monitoring.
P1 – Provide your opinion about the curfew of girls in NIT Trichy?

Me – (Told about the reasoning provided by administration and ended the conversation with my own opinion).
P1 – Ok. We are done. Thank You.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 6

Garima Bharti

Hello! This is my IIM Ahmedabad Interview this year.

Profile: X- 94.6, XII – 80.8, B.Tech (Delhi College of Engineering) – 73.52, CAT percentile: 99.90, work ex: Nil

Academic writing test: case study on freedom of expression; should there be limits or not?

Interview 2 profs. Let’s call them P1 and P2. Both middle-aged.

Duration: around 15 min

So, it went like :

P1: Tell me something about yourself.

Me: Born and brought up in Delhi. The final year of graduation. NSS Volunteer – social involvement. Learning Bharatnatym for seven years. Talked about my two internships – Delhi Metro and gas power plant. (Could have said more about fests and other stuff)

P1: Ok. So which turbine is used in this power plant?

Me: combined cycle. Two gas and one steam.

P1: What are the capacities?

Me: told

P1: What is the heat ratio?

Me: I don’t know. (Never heard the term. I think it is related to mechanical)

P1: Cost of the generation of electricity?

Me: The bill charges 5 rs per unit. So must be around 3-4 rs per unit.  (Could have talked about  transmission and distribution losses and that every plant has a different cost depending on many complex factors.)

P1: Which turbine is more efficient? Gas or steam

Me: don’t know exactly but In the case of the gas turbine, the process is faster due to instant combustion. So, probably gas turbine.

P2: So, why did u choose Bharatnatyam Dance and not any other

Me: sir, initially it was closest to my home that’s why. But then I really liked it and enjoy it a lot. It is really vibrant. That why

P2: Tell me the difference between Freedom of expression, speech, and opinion.

Me: Freedom of speech is a subset of expression. It refers to only verbal expression. An expression is a broader term and can be through a variety of means like cartoons, dance, paintings. Opinions are thoughts, they may or may not be expressed.

P2: You have not taken a clear stand. If you have to take a clear stand- should there be limits on freedom of expression or not?

Me: no. there should not be limits. But people must be made aware that they should use their rights responsibly.

P2: So, the French gov. didn’t do that? That’s why Charlie hebdo happened.?

Me: we as a society learn from our mistakes. And I think this message is clear now.

P1: But French gov. did nothing new in this direction. Me:

But many important people including the Pope have criticized the misuse of freedom of expression to offend a community.

P2: So, you are from Delhi. Do u think Delhi should be given full statehood?

Me: no. it is not practical because Delhi is very small geographically and will not be financially sustainable if made a state. Moreover, a lot of central government machinery is in Delhi like the MPs and foreign dignitaries visiting. Hence, the Centre must have the power to control them. There are two main reasons why Delhi people want statehood.  One is law and order i.e the Delhi police is not answerable to Delhi CM. and land issue – state gov. needs permission from the center on land usage. DDA is not under state gov.  I think there are better ways to resolve these. Regarding the police, one department of police can be made to report to CM. and regarding land- more representation of the state in DDA and already some steps have been taken in this direction.

P2: So, is Kejriwal mad? Making it an issue?

Me: No, Sir. There are issues. But full statehood is not practical. A better and middle path solution with devolution of more power to Delhi state would be better.

P1: But, there is even a country which is smaller than Delhi. Which one?

me: Vatican city

P1: How does that work?

Me: It is extremely dependent on its neighbors.

P2: What do you think about CCTV cameras being installed?

Me: I think it is a good step. But it is the second part towards ensuring a safe city. It will help in catching criminals. But we can not always wait for crimes to happen to catch a criminal. It needs to be supplemented with more awareness and gender sensitization and similar moves should be emphasized. (Could have also talked about terrorists and related activities)

P1: So, what kind of books do you read

Me: it keeps on changing. But recently I have been reading social books about the life of people. For instance, the last book I read was  PRINCESS: THE LIFE BEHIND THE VEIL IN SAUDI ARABIA. BY JEAN SASSON. It is about a girl who is of the Al-Saud’s family and talks about her life as a woman in Saudi Arabia.  And before that NOTHING TO ENVY: ORDINARY LIVES IN NORTH KOREA BY BARBARA DEMICK It explores the life of common people of North Korea under the dictator during the 1980s and the subsequent famine of 1990s. it is a compilation of interviews of refugees from North Korea by a journalist.

P2: What is Saudi Arabia doing about oil?

Me: It has refused to cut down oil production and because of this, oil prices have fallen

P2: What is the problem in OPEC?

Me: Saudi Arabia is a rich country with abundant oil and low cost of production. So it can afford to sell at a low price for long. Other countries can’t.

P2: Should OPEC break?

Me: No. their strength lies in staying together because then they can monopolize the market.

P2: Why do u think Saudi Arabia is not cutting down production?

Me: told about the shale gas. If oil prices remain low, then exploration of shale gas in unviable and the world would continue to depend on oil as an energy resource.

P2: Any other reason

Me: market share If Saudi Arabia cuts down production, it will lose out the market share to other countries like Russia.

P2: How is Russia’s economy dependent on oil?

Me: oil forms a huge percentage of Russia’s GDP and export. And due to the low price, it is suffering a lot.

P2: Could this be the reason why the USA is asking  Saudi Arabia to not cut production?

Me: Yes, especially because of the Ukraine – Russia conflict. A lot of other sanctions have also been imposed on Russia.

P1: So, since you have read about North Korea, tell me something about the Korean War.

Me: the communist powers mainly USSR was supporting North Korea whereas the USA was supporting South Korea.

P1: Year?

Me: 1970s, I think.

P1: Sure?

Me: I am not sure sir. Sorry

P2: Who is the dictator now?

Me: KIM JONG UN since 2011 after the death of his father. 94-2011 was KIM JONG IL.

P2: So what are the firsts about MOM

Me: three firsts-

1.      First time in maiden attempt

2.      First time in the least cost

3.      First Asian country

And overall it is a very good step

1.      Firstly, this allied tech can be used in a lot of Page on places.eg. Communication

2.      Then, PSLV is ISROs expertise, and we get a lot of international assignments for the same. It is great.

3.      It inspires young kids to take up science   Hence, it is a great achievement for the country

P2: What is the full form?

Me: Mars orbital mission

P2: Think of some first related to that

Me : (thinking aloud) Earth’s orbit to Mars orbit. But that would be done by every rocket. So, I don’t know

P1: Okay, thank you. Take something. Take all three( there were three things).

Me: Thank you, Sir. This one is fine ( picked a toffee and went )


Also converted C, L, K, S  Joining A!!  Super excited That is it. Hope it helps  All the best to everyone. My conclusion: IIMs look for positive people who show a willingness to learn and the basic ability to comprehend any situation. It is not necessary to be a master of everything- stellar academics and extracurriculars to get through. (though Grades do matter a lot!). You just have to show the interviewer your ability to think.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 7

Parth Shah

CAT: 99.89 percentile.

Before I start with Interview experience, let me introduce myself. I am a computer engineer, got 99.89 percentile in CAT. This was my second attempt for CAT(In the first one I scored 99.32 percentile). I am interested in chess, coding, puzzles, and Essays. My Written Assessment was on Hughes’ death due to bouncers, whether bouncers should be banned in cricket or not. Interview:

Two Faculties of IIM Ahmedabad. P1 and P2. Both Male aged around 45-50 years.

P1: Good morning! Have a seat. Can you please introduce yourself.

Me: I told them about my school, college, my hobbies and achievements. (The moment I said that I am interested in Logic Puzzles, P2 started writing something down in paper)

P1: So you are comp. engineer. What subjects did you study during the BTech?

Me: I told them six subjects. They needed more names. I had one subject in mind but didn’t want them to go into it. But with their forcing of more names, I added this name with two other subjects and presented the list. And they picked up the one I didn’t want them to pick. Data Mining and Warehouse.

P1 asked some questions on it, which I was able to answer apprehensively. As my father is in LIC, he asked me about the ways in which data mining can be useful in an insurance company. I answered. Till then, P2 was ready with a smile on the face and a weapon in his hands.  He handed me that paper. Which had this written on it? a=b a^2=ab a^2-b^2=ab-b^2 (a-b)(a+b)=b(a-b) a+b=b b+b=b 2b=b 2=1

P2: So what is wrong with it?

As everything wrote was logical but with a very big mistake in it. Since 2 can’t be equal to 1. This is a logical fallacy. I was able to draw his attention to the mistake present in this puzzle. And he was happy. He told me to ask one of my favorite puzzles. I asked this: There are two ways in which one way is leading to the destination. You don’t know which one. There are two persons present there: Of whom, one always speaks the truth and one always lies. You have to ask one and the same question to both of us and have to determine the right way towards your destination. What question will that be and what will they answer?

They couldn’t answer it (or didn’t want to) and asked me to explain the solution. When I explained the answer, they seemed happy. I guessed that if I don’t goof up big time, I may fulfill my long-standing dream of getting into IIMA.

P1: So you play chess. Answer these questions as fast as possible.

He had a tablet in front of him. He asked me 15 questions on chess from it which included some like what is FIDE rating, how is it defined, Against whom Anand lost recently, Anand’s rating, Carlsen’s rating, my chosen first move, E4-C6 is called what, Fool’s mate, Queen’s gambit… I answered all of the questions correctly. (After all, passion says something.)

P2: Any recent news which we may not be aware of.

As my Written assessment was on Phil Hughes. The day before the interview, another incident happened. Daniel HUGHES was hit by a bouncer in the nearly same way and his neck part got swollen and got unconscious. I told them about this incident.

P1: So, you have won two state-level essay competitions. Are you interested in essay writings.? Which essay you wrote recently.

Me: my conversation with God.

P2: Tell three things that you want to ask God if s/he exists.

Me: I will first ask him to prove his existence to all people around the world. Because people around here are taking him for granted. And, are getting advantages out of the blind faith some people are putting in. Second, I will want him to give me the courage to fulfill my dreams. I want to build a business empire which can create enough employment opportunities and in the end, I want to be active in social awareness.  Third, as Amish Tripathi has written in his books SHIVA TRILOGY, in the end, ultimate good turns itself into ultimate evil. This was what happened in the case of Somras(read the books for better knowledge about this).

So, I want him to create another parameter apart from money, for which people can aspire. Because right now though money is good it has started to turn itself into evil. Like people have started killing one another for the sake of money. Which will lead money to the ultimate evil and world will end while fighting for and against it. So, we can have another parameter so that people change their focus and money stays good for a longer duration.  I know the answer is lengthy. But the experience was of a lifetime.


Now I am going to study in one of the most reputed B-schools. IIM AHMEDABAD.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 8

Abhishek Raj

Here’s my IIM A interview in a nutshell:

Background: Class X: 96.4% Class XII: 96.6%

Undergrad: IIT Bombay CGPA (in IITB): 9.27 (out of 10)

CAT Percentile: 99.95

Work-ex: 0 (fresh graduate)

Other things of note:  I enjoy public speaking and creative writing. Dabble in stand-up comedy and football journalism.

Interview:  Two profs- both of whom I have gotten to know quite well now.

P1: “So Abhishek.. good day so far?”

Me: “More or less, though I think the next 20 minutes might have something to say”  *both of them chuckle meekly*  *I chuckle meekly*

P2: “Football blogger who has written for ESPN? You think you’re a football expert eh?”

Me: “Everything except playing the actual game sir”

P2: “You don’t play?”

Me: “I do as long as the word “play” has an extremely broad definition” *both chuckle again* *this time I don’t chuckle* *mixing things up*

P1: “So you don’t play?”

Me: “No sir. I write. I’m a vicarious exploiter of the joy of the beautiful game”

P2: “Where are Swansea City in the Premier League Table?”

Me (slightly stunned): “Umm.. 8th?”

P2: “Umm? You’re not sure?”

Me: “8th. Definitely 8th”

P2: “Definitely 8th?”

Me: “Definitely”

P2: “6th.. here see” *shows me laptop*

Me: “I’d like to go back to talking about how well I play the game if that’s alright?” *both laugh*

P1: “Abhishek why do you want to do management? You have excellent grades- just do research no?”

Me: “I can’t be a football presenter if I do research”

P1: “Football presenter? That’s your life goal?”

Me: “Yes sir”

P2: “But we don’t produce sports presenters. We produce managers”

Me: “I have no doubt. But that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t be a football presenter by doing research” *both smile*

P1: “Tell me about Biosynth (Project I worked for in IITB)”

Me: *insert gyan about Biosynth* *some more questioning about that* *some more answers* (it got technical here hence glossing over details) Finally,

P2: “Abhishek I love math. I’m going to give you a math problem. If the volume of a cylinder is fixed, derive the radius and height that will maximize the surface area”

Me: *do the problem* *make calculation mistake* (realized later) *prof doesn’t notice or care about answer* (phew!)

P1: “Okay. Thanks, Abhishek. Have a toffee”

Me: “Thank you for your time” *takes an abnormally large amount of time to pick the toffee*

P1: “We have other candidates Abhishek” *we all laugh*

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IIM-A Interview Experience 9

7th March 2021

P1: Role in current job? Told

P1: draw a graph on number of bugs against time in a software till deployment? Drew

P1: write equation for the graph

P1: write some other equation similar and more appropriate? Wrote

P2: hobbies? Told

P2: who’s the current world champion and which country? Told

P2: any current affairs in recent times? Told 5 state elections

P2: CM of each of 5 states and respective party ? Told

P2: any other recent affairs? Told vehicle scrappage policy

P2: is it implemented in any other countries and why is it required? Told

P1: ok we are done take a toffee if u like? Took

We are done. Thank you.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 10

Profile : Electrical engineering
Work Ex : Real Estate 2.5 years

AWT Topic : As per recent report of Indian Express, topper from boards are going and workings abroad . Those who choose engineering and stayed back are switching to management because of salaries. Everyone thinks of money only and put country second. Only military people thinks of country

Personal Interview :
2 Gentlemen in panel

P1: Introduce yourself
Me : Did

P2 : What are your views on AWT topic
Me : Explained and mentioned sample space taken for conclusion is too less.

P2 : But suppose it’s only for engineering students, then.
Me : Defended my previous answer and explained some more points and said something like nation need global perspective

P2 : But Nation don’t want you to study MBA as they have already gave you subsidy in engineering.
Me : Said I require both technical and managerial skills so that I can become entrepreneur and contribute to nation

P2 : How many entrepreneurs are without MBA, they why you want to do ?
Me : Explained my need to do MBA.

P1 : What’s your views on demonetization ?
Me : Said on the line as it has good intentions but implications was little wrong

P2 : What was good about it ?
Me : told about black money

P2 : What was underline assumption ?
Me : Said that people have some black money in the physical form and government is trying to get that

P1 : But according to RBI, there is 100% recovery of all printed money. Then where is rest of the money ?
Me : Tried defending answer but couldn’t

P1 : What was negative impact ?
Me : Told

P1 : Then why you said it was good move ?
Me : Tried correcting them that I said about the intentions

P2 : You worked in real estate sector , what is RERA ?
Me : Explained

P2 : Why there is need ?
Me : Told the working of RERA

P2 : Yes but why you need it ? Are you doing any frauds ?
Me : Said importance of regulations.

P2 : How the transactions happens in Real Estate
Me : Explained about contracts

P2 : How labours get the payment
Me : Either bank account or Cash

P2 : Then who keep track of that money ? Isn’t it black ? How demonetization affected this ? Do you think digital payment is necessary ?
Me : Said something on the line of having ledger but couldn’t put a strong point

P1 : What’s your hobbies ?
Me : Said classical music and trekking

P1 : what’s dimensions and weight of harmonium ?
Me : Told

P2 : Which school you follow ? Name some Ragas and their speciality.
Me : Told.

P2 : Tell me any situation in workplace where you handled something and it was special work given to you.
Me : Told a scenario

P1 : ( Asked lot of electrical questions )
What’s difference between Voltage & Current ?
What’s a Resistor ?
How you measure these quantities ? Units.
Can we change resistance ?
Me : Explained everything in detail

P2 : That’s it. You can leave.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 11

My interview was basically like a class discussion. I wasn’t asked any questions on the subject matter knowledge.

This is how it went on:

1) Basic greetings and haalchaal

2) Why did you quit your job? Follow up questions on my answer

3) View on journalism and marketing as propaganda mechanisms

4) What excites you about marketing? Lots of follow up questions based on my answers but nothing to worry as such because it was more like a conversation (basically trying to test how well I’m backing up what I say with logic)

5) Questions based on my AWT answer, lots of scenarios discussed

6) Your view on dumping all major disputed issues on supreme Court

7) What do you think are the benefits of privatisation?

8) Since you’re not from a mathematical background, how will you deal with our quant-oriented curriculum?

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IIM-A Interview Experience 12

(not verbatim) Work From Home scenario, companies told they found it to be more effective.
We had to give arguments in both support and against of it.
(20 minutes)

I was 2nd last in my panel.

Two Panelist
F(~35 years) and M( White Hair 50 years).
Both were at different place (not same room).
I had network issue so took time in connecting the Call.
So ultimately instead of the big screen they connected from Laptop. There was issue of voice quality though.

Interview Starts
M:- You have been waiting for quite a long?
I said it’s ok, no problem in that. Also told that they(Interview centre people) have some network issue so it is delayed and they are using Laptop so video and audio quality might degrade as they have not provided any headphone.

M:- Where are you working right now?

M:- What job you do?
Told I am an Android Developer and I work on Clients App. I design and maintain it.
Discussion went on the that Play Store don’t maintain and all. I explained him like they just provide the platform.

F:- So what you basically do?
I told her that I code to maintain the Android Application of my company’s clients.

M:- Oh it means your Clients have their Android Apps on Play Store and you maintain it.
Me:- Yes Sir, exactly.

M:- What you did in last year?
Told her that I utilised the Lockdown and started a venture of my own.
Explained the working model and No. Of clients I provided with the service.
Talked a little on that.

F:- Which sector you want to join?
Told about the FMCG bootcamp I did and got to learn interesting things about Product and Service launch, STP and all that. This peaked my interest.

F:- What do you want to do after MBA? And Why MBA?
I told her that during my startup I faced difficulties in the implementation of the ideas, like I was unaware of the things needed to launch a product or a service in my case.
Then I talked about my startup, how I am acting as a mediator.

F:- Cut me in between, how many clients you have served?
I told from Aug to Dec, total 55 clients.

F:- And what do you want to do after MBA?
Told that I want use the theoretical learning that I will be getting from an MBA and complement it with the practical learnings I will be getting by working in different teams and different projects in a company and apply all my learning to lead a teams and be in position to take significant decisions to impact the organisation and society.

F:- But everyone wants to lead, do you have any certain position in mind?
Me:- Ma’am if you are asking for a certain CXO position then I haven’t thought about that far but certainly I see myself in those position taking significant decisions so that I can creat a significant impact on my Organisation and society.

M:- So you have closed your startup?
Me:- Yes Sir, after the relaxation of the lockdown the supply decreased and people were preferring the original service, which was not available during lockdown.

M:- So what do you do apart from working?
Told that I am dedicated toward bodybuilding and fitness and I go to gym regularly and I read about new things happening in fitness industry and in free time I teach my cousin.

M:- Asked about cousin? Which Class? What you teach?
Told She is in 7th and I teach her all the subjects in which she faces difficulty.

M:- What achievement you have mentioned at your workplace in the form?
I explained that I am from Electronics Engg and no prior knowledge of coding. I was picked up by company in campus placement due to my analytical skills and I was told by HR that I will have to learn everything myself and then I told how I made the Android App in my 1st project from the scratch myself in less than the stipulated time which led to early opportunity I got to work on main projects way before my peers.( He said good).

F:- Do you read anything, in recent time?
I told about the different type of diets people are using now a days.
Talked about Ketogenic diet and how it is useful, how it works and that Fat is not the culprits but the carbs are explained it’s working and efficacy.

M:- Anything happened in month of Feb that caught your attention?
Told about the extradition of Nirav Modi for the fraud of ₹6498 Cr and how he is having 2 months to challenge the court orders in UK higher court but that will happen only after the order of UK Home Minister Priti Patel.

M:- Why this news grabbed your attention?
Told that it will set an example for people who are thinking that they will be safe in other countries after defrauding India and How it important to set an example by Indian Government that was trying very hard to bring the frauds back to India. Also discussed about how Nirav Modi gave excuse that in India he will not be getting fare trials.
They were Ok.

F:- “So can you tell me the marathon runner what type of different, I don’t know what, like different muscles they used?”
I told them how our muscles are of two types Slow twitch and fast twitch and we use Type 1 in day to day task and Type two in task needing explosive power.
(Male Panelist was listening carefully.)

So after that they told me that was all and I can leave.
I said nice talking to you Sir and Ma’am and left.
(No Academics, No GK, No Maths)
It was more of an interaction, no grilling or stress Interview.
23 minutes.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 13

General, Male, Electrical engineer
42 months experience- railways sector
Panel- SP- one senior male professor and YP- another relatively younger male professor/Alumni.

AWT topic: Support & opposition for work form home. I was caught unaware that we have to write on paper. Was expecting a typed one.

YP: Tell me about your job role? – Answered the normal prepared answer. Maybe he was expecting more layman based and relatable answer.

SP: why diesel vehicles are used for public transport & petrol engines for personal vehicle. Answered based on performance & price. Looked convinced.

SP: what are hybrid vehicles? Answered. No cross question

SP: 2 basic circuit theory questions to solve? Solved

SP moved over to YP for questions.

YP: Do you read news? Told about reading ET & moneycontrol.

YP: what is Sensex? Gave the full form and definition based on free floating capitalization. Asked to explain in layman terms. Explained. No cross question.

YP: is there any other stock exchange? Talked about Nifty.

There was a study done by S&P in the AWT argument in support of rise in productivity due to WFH.

YP: If you are S&P how would you approach the task of the survey? The study was taking perspective of tech companies and only from company management and owners. Talked about bringing in more comprehensive study by including all the stake holders at different levels. Also, the approach is dependent on industry.

SP: do you know about the water dispute between Nepal & India. Tried answering in a general manner bring in history of floods in Bihar. But was not convinced.
I told that I’m not sure about the specific topic.

They informed it is done. Asked me to leave.
Was leaving then S2 sopped and asked to take chocolate. Got excited about it then but now I feel it was decent but still could have been better.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 14

Panelist : 50’s and 30’s

1. So you are from nagpur, what do you like most about it

2. Tell something about nagpur?

3. How many years were you in hyderabad

4. Why Narayana not chaitanya

5. Tell me something about Aurangabad.

6. What is your fav subject
Told fluid mechanics

7. Application of FM in real life

8. What are principles used in pump
Told but they were not satisfied. I explained types of pump. Still not satisfied

9. What is bernoulli’s equation

10. Application of bernoulli’s equation

11. Why mba

12. Why mba without work ek

13. What did you learn from mechanical engineering that will help in mba
Somehow managed to tell

14. Difference between history graduate and mechanical engineering

15. Will a mechanical engineer be a better fit for this program

16. Famous engineer from maharashtra
Was not able to recall any. Then they suggested kirloskar. I knew about kirloskar, so i spoke about that.

17. Tell something about iim a

18. Hobbies and famous artists

19. Who is US president

20. Wife of joe biden and her profession
Was not able to answer her profession

21. Who is kamala harris and her profession before politics
Same, i didn’t knew her profession

22. What are various subjects in iim A
Was able to ans only 2

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IIM-A Interview Experience 15

It has two large screens one showcasing only you and other showing two panel members.
1 M (young early 30) 1 F ( early 40)

1. F: Hello How are you?
– Fine Mam. Thank you.

2. F: So you are a mechanical engineer which subject are you comfortable in?
– Mam Fluid Mechanics

3. F: Ok, do you know Pascal’s law?
– Yes Mam, it states that the pressure is distributed evenly through all surfaces in a static fluid. Its written as P= rho * g *h. ( Had to repeat the definition twice might be due to mic problem)

4. F: Ok, what is Bernoulli equation?
– Mam in Bernoulli eqn we talk about conservation of energy. The sum of pressure energy, potential energy and kinetic energy remains constant.

5. F: Ok, what is entropy?
– Mam it is a term in thermodynamics which cannot be measured exactly. It deals with system at microscopic level and tells about degree of randomness of a particle.

6. M: Can we measure the entropy of a particle by knowing its position.
– Sir as far as I recall we can measure the movement of a particle either by knowing its position or its momentum, but not both of them together

7. M: How can we measure the constant of gravity, tell me a way?
– (Thought for a while) Sir if a body falls of a cliff then if we know the height of cliff and the final velocity of body before touching the ground, we can calculate g from there.

8. M: How ?
– Sir the energy would be conserved and the potential energy converts to kinetic energy( wrote a eqn to explain)

9. M: How height of the cliff shows potential energy?
– Sir potential energy is considered from a base level and is calculated along some height from that level

10. M: If we rotate a stone with a rope along a vertical axis, can we calculate g from there?
– Sir there will be no component of gravity as it will be perpendicular to the tension of the rope. However if it rotate along a horizontal axis then the tension can be equated to tension in string.

11. How about it rotates along a vertical axis and the string breaks?
– Sir in that case the stone will move tangentially and follow a projectile. And yeah in that case we can calculate g.

12. M: You might have seen todays AWT topic? What is your take over it?
– Sir, Its a very old caricature of 2014 where NY times tries to mock India’s space endeavour. It points out at the huge budget allocation towards mars mission where money should have traced to poor people development. But we have come a long way from then and have launched Chandrayaan 1 n 2, MOM and now trying to send humans. In addition we were also able to develop farm productions as well. Thus we were able to maintain a good balance.

13. M: Don’t you think 500 crore is huge amount and spending over mars mission rather than on people welfare a good idea? I favor satellite missions because they predict floods and cyclones but why Mars mission?
– Sir twenty to thirty years back people might have thought same thing about satellite mission about why they r not spending same amt for human development. But we can see how it has worked for human welfare. Similarly we will surely get out something good from Mars mission as well.

14. M: So you will go to your company and say I want 1 crore but you do not know what to do with that, will the company do that?
– Sir I would not go directly, I would do proper planning make a proper portfolio before reaching out for money.

15. M: But here ISRO doesn’t know what it will get out of Mars, it has no planning.
– Sir ISRO has a great track record till now so we believe that it will come out with something very significant.

16. M: So you are telling that this huge money allocation is only because ISROs name, then your company does not believe over you thats why you had to reach out with a portfolio to ask for 1 crore.
– Sir My company believes over me then also I would approach them with full preparation. Isro here also has some objectives to achieve. They say that Mars had life previously and if we study its soil and formation we can get more information about earth’s soil past and how can we get more out of it.

17. M: We can ask for those information from other countries why spend so much?
– Sir we can ask for information but why depend on others when we can do something by ourselves.

18. M: That’s not a reason. If you want to study earth’s soil then be on earth only why to go out. Leave this topic for now. Tell me what is optimisation?
– Sir I think Optimisation is…

19. M: Don’t guess, tell if you dont know its ok. Its a mathematical term.
– Sorry sir I don’t know abt it

20. F: So what do you like to do in free time. Any interests in economics or polity?
– Mam I love to cook, watch movies and read something in my free time. I watch some news to remain updated.

21. F: Ok, Tell me some main points of Budget 2021.
– Mam first is that the budget allocation for medical services has increased due to Covid effect. Second, allocation to MGNREGA has decreased and is being condemned because people has lost their jobs and MGNREGA is only hope in rural areas. Third is allocation towards defence sector has increased.

22. F: Do you know abt Vehicle scrapping policy mentioned in Budget?
– Sorry mam I cant recall it.

23. F: okk, Can I ask you a question on probability?
– Mam its been time with Maths but I will try

24. F:( She gave a big question with many constraints which I could not remember now exactly, gave me time to answer)
– (Took my time but could not deduce anything, said 1/15)

25. F: 1/15, okk leave it then. So do you know about India China clash right now? What compelled China to backtrack now?
– Mam I would mention two points here. First China’s escalation was a byproduct of US China cold war. China wanted to showcase its power by escalating towards India but did not anticipate such strong reply from India. Second India gained some strategic locations near Pangong Tso lake which compelled China to de-escalate.

26. F: Your first point is Ok, but second point is after effect of de-escalation. Tell me the reason of de-escalation. The stand was for six months, why didn’t they de-escalated before?
– Mam India was trying to grab those strategic locations near the lake in these six months which compelled China to de-escalate.

27. F: Ok I got your point. It was nice talking to you. You may take a toffee and leave.
– Thank you Sir and Mam. It was a pleasure.

Overall the interview was serious. Neither of the panelist even smiled throughout the process except while greeting at the end. The male panelist interrupted me many times while answering and even smirked a fee times. Later when Mam was asking he left the interview for a while and was eating pineapple later times.
I tried best to remain calm n composed. The VC Now centre is nice and has very accommodating staff.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 16

Date- 20/02/22
Time 12:10pm
Civil Engineer, Mtech 2nd year,
2 male interviewers

Q: tell me about yourself along with what motivates you to be here.
Q: asked about internships and what did I learn from it (I couldn’t explain much as I did them in 2018)
Q: again asked why mba(because of my technical internships)
Q: what is your project explain in layman language.
Explained them nicely and we had a deep conversation over it(maybe of 10mins) They asked physics concepts & asked to draw diagram in paper (coz it was in a way related to my project).
Q: what are your hobbies. (Some cross questions)
Q: what are your views on naming conventions (AWT topic)
Some cross questions
Q: what do you know about current news
I told about hijab protest, Russia ukraine, freedom convoy Canada…
They ignored hijab & freedom convoy news & asked about Russia ukraine conflict
Then they asked me whether I follow election news… I said I don’t know.

No stress interview… More like we were having conversation.. They gave 100% attention to me and nodded to my answers.
Basically know what you are doing currently in very good way and explain it nicely.
Also have idea about election news. All the best everyone 

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IIM-A Interview Experience 17

Dt- 22/02/2022
BSc hort, MSc ag econ, 4 month AP ex

AWT topic was related to capitalism.

1) tell us about your academic journey
2)work ex as AP
3)You have cleared UGC NET then why not PhD.
4)Why MBA?
1)Why we see fluctuations in onion prices?
2)Onion export and import
3)What you learned in UG and how you used it in field?
4)Onion seasons?
5)MSc thesis? Discussion on topic
6) How good is your math?
7) how to calculate maxima and minima?
8) In which industry you would like to work after mba
9) commodity exchange platforms in India and any one international.
10)Are you married?

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IIM-A Interview Experience 18

24 Feb 2022
Engineer- Computer
Panel -4
P1: male (50)
P2 : female (30-35) may be alumni
P3 :observer

P1: Tell about your work ?
P1:So can you tell difference between RDBMS and Object-oriented DBMS ?
P1 : Types of NOSQL
P1: explain Mapping with example
P1 : can you give example when can key-value is used
P1 : what’s difference in RDBMS table and NOSQL table
P1 : why you use python and not java
P1:What is document type of NoSQL
P1: give example with code (code discussion for next 5 minutes )
P1: If x=2 and Y=3 can we assign X=3 and Y=2 without third variable and if yes how
(Explained with algorithm)
I will hand over you to mam


Tell me something about your work ex?
So you work on data handling…
1. How Russia-Ukraine war will impact world economically ( explained with oil prizes, Nord 2 , and stock prices of NY stock exchange, BSE and Shanghai stock exchange)
2. So what do you think about Donald- Putin relationship (explained .. gave reference of accusations of Russia interference in 2016 election)
3.Why Russia-USA relations are not good and few cross questions…(explained in detail from outcomes of WW2, Stalin-roosevelt , breakdown of USSR, nixon- brenzev , Gorbachev Nobel prize, and finally Putin era (about 5 minutes answer)
P2: So what is the reason behind war …( Talked about European union and NATO… Russia don’t want NATO forces touching borders of Russia… And Ukraine want to be part of EU… Talked about Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk situation and reason behind Russian attack.. also talked about double standards of USA and EU.
P2: So what do you think who will win Manipur election … I said BJP+NPP alliance + gave reason
P2: You have good knowledge of Politics then why Engineering and now MBA … (I said I like to keep myself updated… And although I have few knowledge… I am certainly not interested in politics.. i also read about sports, technology… Then gave typical answer of why MBA after engineering
She was smiling all the time
P1: so tell me about hobbies (sudoku, logical puzzles and trekking+ bike ride on weekends)
P1 + P2 : informal talk about hobbies
P1 : Ok we are done… Plz take a chocolate… I said I took one after my AWT.. he tried 2/3 times… I finally said… Actually currently i am working from home and I don’t get time to exercise …Ok then you can leave

Both panelists were chill and cool. Happy with the conversation!

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IIM-A Interview Experience 19

Date: 28.02.2022

Profile: General, Non-Engineer (Lawyer), Male.

CAT: 98.95 percentile

Previous Academics: 95 (10th), 95.6 (12th), First Class (UG)

Analytical Writing Test (AWT) Assignment: A line of argument was presented to us for our analysis thereof. The word limit was 250-300 words. The time limit was 20 minutes.

Personal Interview (PI)

Panel Composition: 1M (30s), 1F (30s)

The members were both active from the beginning and did not at any point completely hand over questioning to the other, but were rather asking questions alternately.

The Questions:
1) Why MBA? (Some grilling here)
2) What is Burden of Proof? (Lots of grilling here: discussion of why it is there, exceptions to it, exception under Company Law and Rape cases, false cases of rape, is it doing more good than bad or not, is a reversible burden of proof against fundamental rights etc.)
3) What are your hobbies? What did you learn from them?
4) What is a derivative (in maths).
5) Tell us about your work.

Note: these were just the main lines of questioning but the interview took long – about 25 minutes.

Overall impression: the panel was tough and willing to argue. But keep a cool head, I believe they were more interested in whether you get easily flustered or not, rather than what you say per se.

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IIM-A Interview Experience 20

28 Feb 2022
P1 (female ) P2 (male)
Lasted for around 30-35 minutes

AWT topic – Make patriotic movies tax free in all states pros and cons

P1- Tell about work
What is MPC ?
Asked about current bank rates
P2-Difference between Supervised learning and statistics regress
Follow up questions based on it
Pro / con about metaverse
Asked about Hobby
Told about chess
Tell me about recent chess news
(Pragg beating magnus)
How chess can help you in other domain
Tell what fascinated you while working in Amazon

P1 –
Any burning issues you would want to improve in india
Said about farmers (give more provisions )
Asked if it is good if more people become farmers instead of doctors

Overall a good conversation. The panelists seemed happy and satisfied!

IIM-A Interview Experience 21

BA & MA English
Percentile: 97.74


A passage with the idea that Gen Z is more confident about relationships and dating, and that they give importance to being themselves in such cases. The questions were – what were the author’s assumptions? What will you say to support the claim? What will you say to oppose it?

Total time: 50 min

M1 M2
Started off with a little bit of chitchat, did you have lunch, when did you reach Ahmedabad, where are you staying etc.
Workex questions

Q: Tell us more about the company?
A: What is your role in the company?

Q: What is the process you follow while preparing visuals?
A: What is a recent social media campaign you ran?

Q: Where do you find new clients?
A: How do you prepare a shortlist of them? Is there a criteria?


Q: You did your MA in Literature at NIT Trichy. What is such a degree/department doing in an engineering institute?
A: How were you enriched by/did you enrich the diverse student group on campus?

Q: Did you do any co-projects with the other departments?
A: You had a course called Research Methodology, what did you study there?

Q: What kind of methodologies have you studied about?
A: Asking out of curiosity, what kind of methodologies are used in a subject like Literature?

Q: What have you used for your research paper?
A: Questions followed on performance studies, which is what my paper is based on.

Q: You talked about different perspectives. What if there’s a problem that needs a proper, objective solution?
A: What if biases come into play here in the name of subjectivity?

Q: Because you mentioned postmodernism for subjectivity and objectivity, do you know about ontology and epistemology?
A: (knew about ontology well)

Q: How does ontology come into play in an objective world view? Elaborate with an example.

I’ll say a sentence, please write it down. (this was to check the knowledge in English. The sentence was ‘I thank my parents, the Pope, and Vivekananda’. The objective was to check if I’d add the Oxford comma, the one before ‘and’. Without that the meaning of the sentence will change. It seemed like a question they asked others as well cause M1 mentioned everyone got this wrong)

*Basic math questions were asked, related to
time-speed-distance, geometry.
I got there on a flight so they asked the height at which the aircraft flew and how much that is in km*


Q: What excites you?
(Since I answered music), Name a few people you follow. Name 2 of their creations each.
Q: A musician passed away recently, who was it?
Q: Don’t you listen to new English bands? (Since I mentioned The Beatles)

Q: What is another thing that excites you?
A: Creative writing

Q: Since you write poetry, who is your favourite poet?
Q: You’ve lived a good part of your life in Kerala. Name a few Malayalam poets and their works.
Q: Where is Ireland? To which side does it lie wrt to the UK?
Q: What is the difference between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland?
Q: What are the constituents of UK?
Q: What is Brexit?
Q: Did UK leave or Great Britain?
Q: What is the Commonwealth?
Q: Is India part of it?
Q: What happened in 1950?
Q: Do you have any questions for us?

IIM-A Interview Experience 22

Same as this
PI experience –

P1- M(45)
P2- M(30)
How are you, are you comfortable? Let’s begin the interview
1. Tmay
2. What makes you unique
3. Specialization?
4. Opinions on media transparency
5. ChatGPT

1. Why MBA
He started using hindi
2. Why as a fresher, why after btech, why marketing
3. Let’s give you a case study
There is a restaurant in your area with good food but get’s rarely any customers what will you do
(Now we both had a conversation in hindi about this as he said mai bhi to bol raha hoon bolo hindi mai hi bataao)
Any questions?

Overview – chill panel and had a good conversation with them, obviously there were areas to impove but it was good in my opinion

IIM-A Interview Experience 23

Venue: IIMA New campus
Date: 5th Feb, Time: 13:15
Interview panel: 7

Awt topic: Since teenagers in today’s use little lies in relationships to impress the date. Relationship is not the same for them as it was before.
Contrary to this Gen Z consider it to be honest and confident. It is better to be rejected than lying.(not able to recall whole but concept was more or less same)
Give the assumptions made by author, arguments in support and counter to it.

Two panelists: 1M and 1F
Duration: 28-30 min
Q1: Tell me something about yourself. Were you able to manage transition of language from 12th to graduation?
Q2: As you are mechanical engineer, have you studied fluid mechanics. Questions like Bernaulli’s equation, Reynold’s transpose theorem, Euler’s equation.
Q3: Favorite subjects in UG-Thermodynamics and heat transfer
Q4: Why you like heat transfer?
Q5: 2nd law of thermodynamics.
Q6: What is entropy and what is it’s significance?
Q7: What are some of your learnings from your work at both technical and personal level?
Q8: Why do you want to do an MBA?
Q9: Who are the competitors of your company? Why your company holds such a large share is it quality or something else? What are the things your company is doing to grow?
Q10: Price comparison of products of my company and similar product of competitors.
Q11: What kind of inventory management models did you use?
Q12: Why did you changed the organisation?
Q13: Shat is your role in current work?What kind of tools do you use for project monitoring?
Q14: Apart from regular work how do you stay updated with the new trends in your fields?
Q15: Suppose I and my colleage wants an health insurance, what are the factors will you consider for deciding the premium. I told 3 and she asked that write 4 more which you think should be considered.
Q16: Where have you travelled outside south gujarat( I have been studying and working since last 7.5 years in nearby area)

Overall mixed experience. No current affairs,hobbies, strength&weakness questions. A lot emphasis on academic despite work ex of 3.5 years.

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Rahul Singh

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