IIM Bangalore Personal Interview Experiences

IIM Bangalore Personal Interview Experiences

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Read about Personal Interview experiences of IIM Bangalore candidates.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 1:

Written Ability Test (WAT): 11th March 2021, 8:30 am. It was conducted online.
Topic: Intensive irrigation and excessive use of chemicals cause degradation of land. But it is inevitable owing to increasing demand. Discuss and suggest measures to mitigate this challenge.

We were given 30 minutes to write ~250 words. I was blank for the first 3 minutes or so, as I felt I had no idea on the subject. Nevertheless, I started with an introduction paragraph (just rephrasing the topic), came up with two points (that’s all you need) and elaborated them in the next two paragraphs. The WAT at IIM-B is more of an elimination process, so as long as you are structured, coherent and grammatically correct, you’re good to go.

Online Interview. 22nd March 2021, 4 pm
Panelists – P1 (Male, mid 50s), P2 (Male, early 30s), P3 (Male, early 40s)

P3: Hi, please show me your ID proof.
I showed him my PAN card.
P3: Do you know what the letters in the PAN indicate?
Me: I know that the fifth letter in the PAN is the first letter of my name. I’m not aware of the remaining characters, sir.
P3: Cool (looks at P1) You may proceed, sir
P1: So Gopi, briefly talk about your company and your role at your workplace.
Me: Explained. Emphasized on a project with a major healthcare client.

P1: So how much domain knowledge do you have in healthcare? And do you make decisions on healthcare projects in your company?
Me: Explained with an example that we would need specific information while doing a particular project to understand and diagnose an ML model, so domain knowledge helps. But I haven’t been involved in the business making process yet. And that’s exactly why I would like to do an MBA.
P1: What would you like to do after your MBA?
Me: Explained.
P1: So the government spends a lot on subsidizing education at the IITs. But clearly, your chemical engineering degree is just for showcase, isn’t it?
Me: Talked about how most of the learning at the IITs happen outside the classroom and that’s how I was able to build my skills in the analytics domain. It’s not really necessary for a student to contribute in the same branch that they studied in undergrad.
P1: What will happen once you come to an IIM then? Will you ditch the course curriculum for “out-ofclassroom” learning?
Me: No sir, the courses taught during MBA impart the necessary skills for you to thrive in the corporate world and are very relevant to the industry, unlike the B.Tech curriculum.
P1: Ok. Can you talk about some computer vision use cases using ML in finance or manufacturing?
Me: Talked about using deep learning for handwritten OCR in financial institutions and automatic detection of product defects in manufacturing.
P1 was satisfied, and P2 took over.
P2: Companies like Flipkart and Tesla don’t produce huge profits, but they are still very valuable. Why do you think that’s the case?
Me: (after thinking for some time) They have captured a huge market share and built a solid customer base. Additionally, they have also succeeded in marketing their respective brands. Investors would always value a company based on the return that they get while selling their stake. Maybe they see a lot of potential business growth in these companies, so they are valued highly.
P2: Okay. Next, imagine you’re a CEO and the previous CEO of your company was fired for corruption. As the next CEO, what would be your first steps?
Me: I fumbled big time while answering this. I talked about setting up an internal committee to identify the reasons and audit any future transactions. I know it sounds stupid, but this was the first time I felt just a hint of nervousness in the entire interview.
P2: (thankfully, he moved on) How do you keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the tech world?
Me: I don’t follow any particular source sir, my Google News feed takes care of it. (P2 smiles) At times, I read AI news, The Verge etc.

P2: So apart from your project, can you talk about any other application of computer vision in the healthcare domain?
Me: Talked about Brain Tumor Segmentation
P2: Okay, I’m done.
P3, who was smiling throughout the whole thing, then took over.
P3: Most of the questions have already been asked, but I would like you to talk a little more on the CEO question (oops!) Setting up an internal committee? Will that really be your first step?
Me: (after half a minute of thinking in vain) Sir, since the image of the company may have been tarnished, I would also put out an official communication to the shareholders to assure them that this wouldn’t happen again and all necessary action has been taken.
P3: (not satisfied, but still smiling) Can you think of something else?
Me: (in a last minute attempt to salvage the whole thing) Sir, I don’t know why, but I’m not able to think of anything else right now. (insert cold sweat emoji)
P3: That’s fine. Think about it when you get the time. So, what are your hobbies?
Me: I usually spend my free time reading books, watching cricket or playing chess.
P3: What was the last book that you read?
Me: The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. It talks about black swan events; events that are highly improbable but have an extreme impact like the 9/11 attacks or the 2004 Tsunami.
P3: So how do you protect against such events?
Me: It depends on the kind of event. But crudely, there is the barbell strategy where you first hedge for the worst possible outcome, and then take risks on top of that. For example, in investing that would mean around 85% of the portfolio invested in low risk assets and the remaining in extremely high risk assets. This ensures that you have limited downside, but unlimited upside potential.
P3: Okay, last question. Who is your favourite chess player?
Me: Mikhail Tal
P3: Agadmator’s youtube channel?
Me: (Lol) Yes, sir
P3: That’s it, we are done. It was nice getting to know you. All the best!
Overall Experience – Very friendly and chilled out panel. It was more of a conversation than a typical interview. The overall interview was for exactly 20 minutes.

Verdict: Selected 🙂

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 2:

Online Zoom Interview for PGP 2021–23
Scheduled time: 10:00 am
Background: 10th: 10.0 / 12th CBSE: 90.4% / UG: 9.87
Mechanical Engineer with 33 months of work experience in the Plastic Manufacturing Industry based in Dubai.

I had booked a private meeting room for the interview since I wanted to be free from any distractions and not face potential internet connectivity snags.

Prior to that day, I had to take permission from my manager for this interview (For obvious reasons, I didn’t state to him why I would be late that day).
I reached the venue and settled down to drink a glass of water. As I reclined on the chair in the room sinking at the moment, I looked back at the grind I had to face for the past 1 year to get to that interview day.
With every nearing movement, I became restless, quite unsure of what the interview holds for me in store. I set up my desk in that private room, set up my laptop, and logged into the zoom waiting room. It was 10:15 am already, and I received an email from IIMB stating that the interview had been deferred by an hour. That was it. My anxiety was through the roof!
The next one hour felt like the longest hour of my life. I thought of glancing at the macroeconomic data of India and had expected questions related to economics (since my WAT performance was satisfactory as per my standards). But later, I decided against referring to anything at the 11th hour. The next hour was spent by me strolling back and forth inside the room. Finally, I joined back the zoom meeting room after an hour to meet the interview panel around 11:30 am.

2 Prof (let’s call them P1 and P2), 1 Alum (let’s call him A)
During the entire interview, P2 occasionally smiled and was cheerful overall.
P1 looked disinterested and occasionally looked straight at the screen. Alum had a stoic face, not giving away any emotion.
*I greeted both the Profs and Alum. Showed my credentials*
P1: Hello Rahul, Good afternoon. Are you in Dubai right now?
Me: Yes Sir, I have joined you from Dubai.
Alum: So, which all US universities have you applied to.
Me: Sir, I applied only to IIM Bangalore. (I had only applied to IIMB)
All 3: *In disbelief* Yaa right. *All 3 smile* * Chuckles all around*
Me: But. That’s the truth, Sir!!
P1: That’s alright. So Rahul what do you do?

Me: *Started with a well-prepared answer* I’m Rahul. I have been working at a plastic manufacturing firm in Dubai for the past 2 years. I manage 2 plants and am responsible for maintenance *Fumbled in between* *Did not end as I wanted it to* *Strike One*
Alum: So Rahul. Yours is an interesting profile. You are into the plastics industry. Do you think you’re doing the right stuff by working here?
Me: You mean am I being ethical?
P2 joins in: Yes exactly. Aren’t you harming the environment?
Me: Sir, But the concept of being ethical is subjective. Every industry faces the same issue. Even finance faces such ethics issues.
P1 jumps in: Answer the question…!
Me: I do believe that there is a bit of harm involved here. But if you look on the other end, the plastic we produce is used in the vital pharmaceutical industry. But if you ask me, in the long run, I would not want to be involved in this industry.
Alum: Choose from the two options: “High paying job where you harm the environment or a low paying job with no harm to the environment”
Me: Sir, I would choose the low-paying one….
Alum: Alright. I’m done.
P2 takes over
P2: Who is the director of your company?
Me: *Answered*
P2: What is the annual revenue of your firm?
Me: Around AED 10 million annually (Now this is something I had remembered vaguely. Later, I realized that this data is available on zoom profile online from which the Prof referred for validating my answer)
P2: What is the profitability of the company?
Me: Uh…Sir profitability!!? It’s not a…
P2: Oh yes.. it is not a public firm
P2: So you are from Madurai.

Me: Ah yes. Sir, my mother is from Madurai.
P2: Can you compare the population density of Thanjavur and Madurai.?
Me: Ahhh. I think Madurai must be densely populated since it has traditionally been a bigger city than Thanjavur.
P2: By that argument, Delhi is denser than Tokyo. What are the values of population densities?
Me: My apologies Sir. I am not sure.
Alum: So Rahul. You have worked on oil spill clearing drones in your undergrad. Something major happened in 2020. Could you tell me what happened? It was near Siberia.
Me: I’m not sure Sir.
Alum: It was an oil spill in Russia. Alright, what’s the annual plastic generation in the world?
Me: *Answered*
Alum: So what % of plastic ends up in the ocean?
Me: I am not sure Sir. *Gave a random number*
Alum: So, a lot of plastic ends up in the ocean. Now can you correlate the plastic in the ocean and the Siberia incident in 2020?
Me: *Inner fictional writer activated* Siberia is in eastern Russia. It’s an icy region. Maybe there was a ship capsizing due to the plastic which ended up in the ocean, creating an oil spill.
*All P1, P2, Alum laugh out loud*
Me: *Gave a faint smile*
P2: Which question are you comfortable with Production or Maintenance?
Me: Let’s go with Production.
P2: Okay. What is ERP?
Me: *Answered*
P2: Who is your manager? And how many report to you?
Me: *Answered*
P2: So Rahul, you are working at this plastic company now. Where else you have worked at?
Me: I have interned at Emerson.

P2: Emerson is fine. Which one do you think is competitive? Emerson or your current firm?
Me: Sir. But both operate in different sectors. Emerson Rosemount is in Oil & Gas business. Comparing would be like comparing apples and oranges..!
P2: Do you consider yourself competitive or were you some aam student in your undergrad.?
Me: Sir, I get it. I consider myself competitive.
P2: Then answer my question
Me: Sir, I think Emerson is very competitive. They have expanded all over the world. So naturally, they must have been.
P2: Can you compare the structure in Emerson and your current company. List 2 points?
Me: *Answered*
P2: What percentage is operating at your current firm?
Me: I don’t know. I think it must be around 25%
P1: So, Rahul you have mentioned in your SOP that you produced some plastic shields for COVID. How many did you produce?
Me: Sir around 2500
P1: So you have mentioned in your SOP that the failure of the face shield has led you to choose a career in management. Is that right?
Me: Yes Sir
P1: What could you have done differently.?
Me: Sir, I was ready to scale up the production of the face shield. But the management was not in approval of that.
P1: So you blame the management now?
Me: I’m pretty clear on my stance Sir. Yes, I do blame them.
P1: I think we are done here. Any questions for us?
Me: No Sir.
P1: Thank you, Rahul. You can drop off
*Interview over*

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 3:

WAT Topic: Reasons behind the recent glacier outburst in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. I was upto-date with this particular topic, so I believe I wrote a decent essay.

PI: There were three male professors in the panel. I will be referring to them as P1, P2 and P3.

Me: Good afternoon, Sir!
P2: Good afternoon. Show me your id proof.
Me: Showed him.
P2: Ok.
P1: Do you know CAD?
Me: Yes, sir.
P1: What is the full form?
Me: Computer-aided design, sir.
P1: Asks a few more questions on CAD. I was able to answer most of them. The professor offered a few hints when I was unable to answer a question. Then he moved on to the next topic. What is the inverse of a matrix?
Me: Told him
P1: Asks a few follow-up questions. I was able to answer all of them. He seemed satisfied. I’m done, Ashutosh.
Me: Thank you, sir.
P2: Did you sit for placements?
Me: Yes, sir. Told him where I got placed.
P2: Why do you want to do an MBA now? You seem to have a decent CGPA in your undergrad. You surely can ace the CAT exam again, given your background. Why not try after gaining some work experience?
Me: Told him a well-rehearsed answer.
P2: Interrupts after every statement that I make. That is a rehearsed coaching institute answer. I’m still not convinced. Anyways let’s move onto your SOP.
Me: (gave an embarrassing smile) Ok, sir.
P2: Asks a few questions related to my SOP and grills me there as well. Ok, Ashutosh, I’m done.
Me: Thank you, sir. Slightly relieved that he stopped, but I was pretty much convinced that I had lost the
P3: (smiles) Hi Ashutosh. Asks a few questions related to the positions of responsibility I held at IIT Madras. (Had mentioned it in my SOP).
Me: This was my strong suit, and I had to seize the opportunity. I explained all about my work and how it helped me grow. I was asked a few hypothetical questions as well.

P1: You mentioned data science in your SOP. How is your job related to the field?
Me: Explained. There were a few follow-up questions as well.
P2: Ok, Ashutosh. We are done. Do you have any questions for us?
Me: No, sir.
P2: Ok. Thank you.
Me: Thank you, sir. It was lovely talking to you.
P2: (smiles for the first time) Likewise. Even though I pushed you a bit, I enjoyed our conversation. You can leave now.
Me: Thank you, sir. Pretty much convinced I won’t be meeting him at IIM Bangalore.

Verdict: Direct convert

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 4:

Both WAT and PI were conducted online and both of them were on different dates.
WAT Topic: Comparison between allopathy and homeopathy and which treatment will you recommend to the government of India.
PI Experience:
Three panelists – 1 Alumni (P1) and 2 Professors (P2, P3)

P2 – Good Morning. Welcome to the PI process of IIM Bangalore. (Introduces the other panel members and lays out how the interview will proceed). We will try to make this experience stress free and all the best. (Over to P1)
P1 – Good morning. Hope you didn’t get anxious while you were waiting for the interview
Candidate – I was able to relax myself and am feeling confident now.
P1 – Nice. It is good to know that it helped you. Ok. Let us get started with the interview. Since you have worked in an energy company, what do you think about the energy scenario in India?
Candidate – India’s energy needs are hugely reliant on coal and thermal energy. Apart from energy demands are generated using the hydroelectric projects. Recently there has been a push to adopt green energy.
P1 – What do you think about solar energy?
Candidate – Manufacturing of solar panels has been on the rise but still in my opinion it has to go a long way in meeting significant levels of energy needs.
P1 – Ok. What is this buzz around green energy?
Candidate – Green energy helps us to meet significant levels of energy and it also helps us in reducing carbon footprint in India. The call for its adoption has been growing in light of the recent extreme climate change events and the conferences such as Paris Climate Treaty, 2015.
P1 – Can you explain what this Paris Climate Treaty is about?
Candidate – Yes. The conference attempted to address the issues related to global warming. Their main thought process was to limit the increase in the global temperature by the end of the century not more than 2 degrees Celsius and at the same time aggressively adopting steps to limit the increase to 1.5 degree Celsius. Suppose if the increase was to be more than 4 degrees Celsius then a lot of economic and political issues can take place and slowly the earth can become more inhospitable to the future generations.

P1 – Ok. I understand that. Now let us go through your SOP. I went through your SOP and you had mentioned your long term goals. But I would like to understand one thing from you, since you are an engineer by background you can try for software jobs and get higher packages. Why IIM B?
Candidate – (Mentioned why MBA answer and how I will get to learn various facets of business which will help me in the long run)
P1 – I am done. Over to you professor (P2)
P2 – Ok. Now let us start. Let us talk about your company and your work experience.
(This part of the interview was more oriented towards the company related questions, and the management structure of the company – CEO, Chairman. Then the questions were more about the history of the company and the impacts of the incidents. (Note: For candidates with work from a MNC, be thorough with the company, CEO, Chairman, history of the company, any M & A related to your company and suppose if it is listed in public how it is faring and the sentiments of the investor))
P2 – (All the questions were related to work ex). Now, the professor (P3) will take over. Over to you, sir

P3 – Tell me about the three significant things/events from technology which has made a huge impact,
Candidate – First, will be the development of the space industry. Even though there is a lot of opposition against spending huge bucks in the space program development, in my opinion I believe that the advancement of the space program has helped humanity advance by leaps and bounds. Second, will be nuclear energy and the final one will be the internet. (Cross-questioning for a few mins based on my response and the interview concludes)
P2 – Your interview is over and now you can log off.
Candidate – Thank You.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 5:


Let me give you a brief introduction of myself for a better perspective- Hailing from Jaipur, Rajasthan.  90+ percentages in 10th,12th.  B.Tech in computer science from IIIT-H with an average GPA, good background of participation in an organization of cultural events.  ~3 years of work-ex as a network consulting engineer.  First attempt at CAT.  Calls from IIM B, L, I, K and new IIMs.  IIM Bangalore’s interview was my 7th and last interview of this season (gave SP Jain, XLRI and other IIM interviews before that – the ‘B’est was left for the last I guess! ) and I carried forward the previous interview experiences to this one.

Date – 19th March; Time – 2 pm; Venue – IIM Bangalore

I reached the venue at 1 pm. We were assigned panels and made to sit in a queue in front of the interview rooms. After a brief verification of our documents/proofs, we were called in panel-wise for WAT(Written Ability Test).

WAT topic – Safety of women in India can only be brought about by a change in the societal mindset.

We were given a rough sheet attached to the answer sheet and 30 minutes time limit to complete the task. It was advised to use 10 minutes to create a rough outline and 20 minutes to write the essay/note. I created a section-wise rough draft (intro, major issues, root cause, measures that can help, conclusion) and completed writing the essay well before 30 minutes were over. Both rough and the answer sheet were collected for evaluation.  After the WAT we waited for our turns to be called in for the PI. Some of the candidates were keenly observing how long each person’s interview was lasting for (somehow it is a common belief the longer you last, the more chances you have). After 4 candidates before me, there came my turn to go in.

Panel members: 2 male Professors (P1, P2), 1 male alumnus (P3)

P1 : *smiling* Hi Nikhil, go ahead and tell us about yourself. 

Me : * well-rehearsed reply* Talked about my school education highlighting academic achievements. Moving onto B.Tech with more emphasis on participation in co-curricular activities and then highlighting the 3 years of work-ex in one of the leading network equipment and services company. Mentioned some of the clients that I handled and being a part of the recruitment team as well.

P1 : *scrolling on his laptop* So, I see you’ve got a pretty decent job and you seem to be performing well, why do you wish to pursue this course?

Me : (this was nothing but a why MBA question. There is no right or wrong answer for it. Best way is to convince yourself with a good reason first and explain the same to the panel) Told them how I am a person who likes to work in teams and how the nexus between technology and business strategy excites me. Having good technical know-how and corporate exposure, I wish to make a larger impact on business and this seems to be the perfect time and place to get equipped with the required skills. *replied to this answer while addressing each panel member so that it convinces all of them*

P1: You mentioned the business strategy. What do you think is the business strategy of your current employer? 

Me : *thanks to the regular interactions with the leadership team I had a good idea of this* Mentioned how the company has a kind of monopoly in the networking products and how aggressively it tries to maintain that. Market developments are closely monitored and any new prospective technology is adopted by R & D or by acquiring smaller companies/start-ups.

P1 : *excited by the mention of acquisitions & start-ups* Any recent start-up acquisitions by the company?

Me: Told them 2 recent acquisitions and one major acquisition in the past.

P1: Why do you think they were acquired? 

Me: Told how the company wanted to enter into a new domain of services (Data centers, Cloud) and the acquisitions provide a well-prepared base for a bigger company to easily flourish into.

P1: Do you think after the acquisition the smaller company is able to develop as freely as it was developing earlier? 

Me: Replied how it is a trade-off for the smaller company to gain from the bigger company’s resources but at the same time restrict its own growth towards the goals of the company acquiring it. Many a times smaller company prefer not getting acquired as they can develop into something bigger. Also added that if I would have been running the start-up, I would have not preferred getting acquired because the fact that the bigger company is acquiring proves that my company has some potential.  *P1 looked quite impressed with my replies* P1 looked at P2 and so the turn went on to P2.

P2 : *looking very grim* How much knowledge you have about the position of your company in the market and its performance? Do you follow it? 

Me: Replied with the recent quarterly performances. ( couldn’t recall the exact numbers). Mentioned stock values and explained about recent downfall and how we went back up.

P1:*chipping in* What is the revenue and net income? 

Me: Replied correctly.

P2: Tell about any 2 major current economic crisis.

Me: Mentioned the fluctuations in global oil prices and the Eurozone crisis.

P2: What exactly is happening in the Euro-zone and do you see it affecting the Indian economy? 

Me : *had read a lot about it so replied patiently and in full detail* Told how countries like Greece have led to a total breakdown of the euro-zone. Mentioned some amends which can be made to deal with it. Also, told how in the longer run it can affect not only India but other economies as well.

P2: Do you know about the PIIGS (pronounced as pigs!) nations? 

Me : *hearing it as pigs I smiled, was like where did this come from*  Told them no, I have no idea.  P2 looks at P3 ( the alumnus who was silent all along). 

P3: Do you read business-related texts? 

Me: Not much. I read about the ongoing trends but not so much of business literature as such.  P1, P2 & P3 share a glance and then P1 says: ok Nikhil, that will be all. All the best. I thanked them and made my way out.  I come out and the guy who up next said “Bhai, tum to wapis aane ka Naam hi le rahe the. You were there for like 35-40 minutes.” I didn’t realize how time passed away as I was involved in the conversation really well. Also, I later realized that it was me who did most of the talking and explaining to the very few questions posed to me by the panel.  Overall, the interview was focused on my work-ex, knowledge about my employer company and my take on the current business strategies. The panelists were very calm, thorough professionals and gave a lot of opportunities to speak. It was more of a conversation than an interview.

Verdict – Converted! \m/Takeaways: Be thorough with what you are mentioning in the interview. Panelists pick on things you utter which they find intriguing or relevant. ( that is why it is generally said – YOU drive your interview). Display honesty and maturity in answering any opinion related questions. Take it as a conversation and not as a viva.  Hope this helps. All the best to all the IIM aspirants. 🙂

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 6:


Prologue: Amidst a normal work schedule that my body and mind had got used to in the past two years, working as a Member Technical in D. E. Shaw India, I decided to move on in the direction of pursuing my dream for higher education. In the foresight, back then, I would have almost 3 years of work experience by the time I start my endeavor. Thus, I decided to attempt the Common Admission Test (CAT). I had thought, accompanied a decent education profile of percentages in the nineties in Class X, Class XII and Undergraduate studies, an extremely high CAT score will guarantee me a call for an interview in the reputed IIMs. I started with my efforts in the direction to succeed in the CAT. Little had I known that my efforts will fall short in the crucial exam, getting me a meager CAT percentile of 94.44. That was shocking and devastating. But the true surprise came when I still got a call from IIM, Bangalore. More about this prep story later, now moving onto the experience.

The Interview:

Time: 9 a.m.

Location: IIM, Bangalore – my first ever rendezvous with the beautiful city.

Around 27 candidates divided into three interview panels.

After the Written Ability Test (will share the experience separately), it was the time for the interview. From the background where I got the call, I was thinking “I’ve got nothing to lose. If anything, I might as well be the last candidate on the list whom they decided to call for an interview. It feels good to be here sitting inside the campus, while outside, there goes on such a huge business going on to get people into these walls. This is a privilege. I am fortunate. And privileges are not some things to be worried about, privileges must be enjoyed. Hell yeah!” Interview panel: P1 – Dr. Charan Singh, P2 – Dr. Jishnu Hazra P3 – IIMB Alumni Here you go. As soon as I enter the room, even before sitting in my chair, they ask me about a topic that I had mentioned in my Statement of Purpose related to my job.

P1: You have mentioned “Difference in viewpoints of trader vs risk manager”, can you elaborate on this?

Me: Sir, this is a presentation that I had given to my team that talks about how the views differ between a trader and a Risk Manager in the world of investment banking and trading. Generically, a trader wants to maximize the profit and returns, thus he is willing to take more and more risk. The job of a Risk Manager is to monitor various exposures and focus on reducing the risk involved. So in some way, it’s a tussle between a trader and a Risk Manager, more like a tussle between an optimist and a pessimist.

P1: But a trader also has to worry about the risk, he may stand to make huge losses if he takes unnecessary risk. Why do you think he will be reckless?

Me: Sir, it’s not about him being reckless but when you see from the perspective of loss that a trader can incur, at most, he’ll be fired but for the firm, that loss can be much more damaging. Thus that’s the exact reason that they have a Risk Manager to monitor various exposures.

P1: But each trader has a capital allocated to him so even if he wants, he cannot wipe out the entire firm’s capital, so why do you think that is even a possibility?

Me: Sir, I agree that there is a specific capital with which a trader is allowed to play with but in reality, in the world of hedge funds, the capital number that you see is the leveraged capital. Thus because of leverage, there exists a possibility that the loss can wipe out much more capital than what has been allocated. Also, I won’t say a trader can wipe out the capital of the entire firm but he can most certainly bring the particular group down. And that is significant damage to the firm. Generally, there will be trades that a trader wants to perform and Risk Manager will take a call, depending on various exposures, as to whether to allow that or not.

P1: So you can call Risk Manager as an umbrella trader or a trader who can moderate other traders depending on his view.

Me: Yes, sir. I could say that.

P1: I see that you have mentioned “Idea Generation Workshop” in your SOP. What is an Idea Generation Workshop?

Me: This was an initiative taken by a professor at the college to promote innovation in day to day student life. I used to be a coordinator along with him.

P2: How do you promote innovation in day to day life? What was the agenda?

Me: It was a full day workshop where there would be inspirational stories and videos. Some real-life stories like how Chik shampoo founder shook the Asia wing of Hindustan Lever Limited and how Goonj the NGO helps people with clothing etc. The basic fundamental that innovation can be taught and can be learned if you have the right attitude. In the end, students would be asked to come up with proposals to some day to day problems that they face. This program was even conducted for the faculty in the institute. Stories of innovation at the grass root level have been really inspiring.

P1: Do you think you are creative?

Me: Yes, I think so. I wouldn’t say I am the most creative person in the world but yes.

P3: (Nodding) That’s fine. Do you think a trader should be creative?

Me: I think a trader has to be creative, Sir. As you know, in some places, a trader is called a gambler. To be able to beat the competition, the trader has to come up with an innovative combination of certain instruments to maximize the returns. Also, a trader must trust his intuition while making certain decisions that might be highly risky.

P3: Who are the people that have inspired you? Who are your idols?

Me: Raghuram Rajan, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and in sports, Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

P3: Have you read any non-fiction books or biographies that have inspired you?

Me: (I haven’t mentioned passionate reading as my hobby anywhere.) Sir, I do not get time to read biographies as such but I read up various articles about any innovative thinking and these people that I have mentioned above. Let’s say Raghu Ram Rajan, he is like a superman in his career.  The stories like how he had talked about fat tails in the real estate markets before the Global Meltdown, but that paper was not well received in the world. How he’s worked towards taking measures that have helped the Indian economy recover from where it was when he took control.

P1: Tell us what is a regular day like.

Me: It’s generally a mix of work, exercise and recreational activities. Regular work and a fixed duration of fitness exercise in the evening daily.

P1: (Interrupting) So, as per your schedule you have time. It’s just that you choose not to spend it on reading books.

Me: Sir, I agree that I have time and it’s the priorities according to which I distribute it on a given day. Given the sitting nature of my job, I have come to understand the importance of staying fit. Historically, I haven’t always enjoyed good health, that’s why the daily fitness regime has helped me in keeping me fit and full of energy that can then be used for work. Looking 10 years into the future, I feel staying fit is absolutely necessary to keep myself motivated. So far as reading is concerned, I devote my daily time in reading various articles on the Internet.

P3: I think that’s reasonable.

P2: You mentioned Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Why not Gavaskar? Gavaskar was a great player considering the quality of bowling attack and conditions back then. He is an even greater player than Dhoni.

Me: Sir, I agree that Gavaskar is a legendary player and not to demean him in any way, I have been a fan of the way MS Dhoni acts as a leader.

P2: (Cutting me in midway) Everyone talks about a person when he is successful. That’s no big deal. People talk about Dhoni because he has been successful, why would that matter?

Me: Sir, I have been a Dhoni fan even in times when he faced massive defeats overseas. It’s his qualities that I really appreciate.

P3: (Interrupting) Which of his qualities interest you?

Me: Sir, his most important quality of staying calm under pressure scenarios. Also the fact of treating victories and defeats equally, developing a process, backing the youngsters in their bad patch… P

1: (Snapping me) Anyone has a good patch and a bad patch. I have a good patch today, tomorrow I will have a bad patch. That applies to anyone. 

Me: Sir, he’s supported his young players through their bad patches and given them confidence. As a leader that is very important. Also, even after a defeat, he would talk about the positives from that contest.

P1: That’s the job of a captain, isn’t it? Ganguly will say that after the match, Dravid will. What’s the big deal about it? Me:

Sir, I agree any captain will say that after a match. It’s just that I respect Dhoni because he has acted in that direction. There was a time when we got Irfan Pathan, RP Singh, Laxmipathy Balaji, they shone in their good patches, rocked the international scenario, but when their bad patch hit, we no more see them anywhere. Dhoni supported his players and they are now giving results. The youngsters in the current team have won 6 out of 6 world cup matches on foreign soil.

P1: What is your view on failure? We see your academic profile and it seems you have been a topper throughout and you don’t seem to have experienced any sort of failure. You talked about Raghu Ram Rajan, he was a topper in his life and your academic profile looks kind of similar.

Me: Sir, an academic record doesn’t always show the kind of failures that I have experienced, it has just highlighted my achievements.

P3: What is one failure that you want to quote from your life? Also, can you tell us your learnings from that?

Me: An incident of failure that comes to my mind is after the X exam for National Talent Search Examination. After clearing the state level examination, and then the national level examination, I couldn’t make it through the interview. Maybe because of my discrepancies of comfort level with the language or any other lack of knowledge. I come from a small town and almost everyone knows you once you achieve something, and telling the truth, there are many who assume that you are going to be successful always and others somewhere want you to fail. I was a kid who wanted to go for 100/100 and always thought that if you put efforts, you will always get results. The biggest learning for me at that age was that the result is not in your hands. You might put all your efforts and yet might fall short. There are so many different variables in operation. You should be ready to accept failure. Sometimes, it is good to be detached from the race and give your best. If you give your best and you deserve it, you will get it. The unnecessary burden of expectations hampers your performance. I have carried that learning all along with my life.

P1: What if you don’t make it through to IIMB today? As you said, people will be knowing that you are appearing for this interview and there is that pressure and everything. What will be your reaction if you fail to make it to IIMB?

Me: Sir, I agree IIMB is a great institute and I really want to study here but, I am sorry, if you don’t select me, it won’t mean the end of the world for me. It won’t mean I am incompetent. It is just that I have a different skill-set and your requirements are different and I don’t fit in those. I will try again next year. But it won’t be like I will keep trying blindly if I feel that IIMB is not my cup of tea, I will evaluate my options and choose what suits me best.

P1: Let’s say if you don’t get IIMB and you get IIM, Trichy. What will you do?

Me: Sir, frankly speaking, I don’t have a call from IIM, Trichy.

P1: That’s fine. Let’s assume hypothetically if you had a call from IIM, Trichy and you converted there but not in IIMB, what would you do?

Me: Sir, with the kind of opportunity cost I am putting in, and the place where I am right now, to reach the next level, IIMB is the right place for me. The excellent peer group and the distinguished faculty at the institute makes it distinctive. I might not be able to derive the same value from IIM, Trichy. Also, I don’t want to come across as a person who wants to do MBA for the sake of it. In the hypothetical scenario, I will evaluate my options and probably might not accept the offer by IIM, Trichy.

P2: Do you have any questions for us?

Me: What are the recommended finance courses offered at the institute as electives?

P2: You will get enough choices to choose from ‘if’ you get into the institute. There is a lot of variety available.

Me: Thank you so much, Sir.

Epilogue: After waiting eagerly for the results through the times of uncertainty when I oscillated between hope and probability of getting rejected due to CAT score, I got the result as General Merit List W/L 20. This triggered a period of 23 days full of incremented hope, with the knowledge that there still existed a probability of not getting through. But I guess, that period was marked more by relief than anxiety. I had more reasons to be hopeful than ever. Definitely more than the reasons I had on December 27th when CAT results were announced. Finally, on May 8th, I got the email saying “Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have been offered admission…” and it felt really special. More than the interview experience, this is an experience of hope and taking a leap of faith in life.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 7:


Venue: New Kenilworth Hotel, Kolkata

Two panelists: P1 and P2.

First 15 minutes:

P1 asked lots of questions on Physics, which I answered. We then had a brief discussion on Bengali food and books. Everything was perfect until this point.

Last 5 minutes:

P2: So why do you want to leave all your science-y stuff and come here to learn how to sell toothpaste?

Me: I don’t plan to go into marketing, sir. I want to gain a basic knowledge of the various aspects of running a business. I want to build my own company, and once it’s set up, I would like to handle some of the technical aspects.

P2: What sort of company?

Me*described my idea and plan of action in detail*

P2: You seem to have everything figured out. What do you need an MBA for? Go ahead and build your startup right now.

Me: Sir, at the moment I don’t have a deep enough understanding of how businesses and markets work. I think an MBA will teach me the basics… *interrupted*

P2: Do you think we teach entrepreneurship here?

Me: Not exactly, sir, but the course content is very relevant to someone who wants to start a business. IIMB also has the NSR cell that helps entrepreneurs… *interrupted*

P2: Name some of the startups in India.

Me: Flipkart, Paytm, Ola Cabs… *interrupted*

P2: Do you know anything about the founders of these companies?

Me: I know their names, Sir. Sachin Bansal founded… *interrupted*

P2: How many of them have MBAs?

Me: None of them do, I think. They are all engineers.

P2: Do you think they had sufficient knowledge about how to run businesses?

Me: I’m not sure sir… they might have got other people to handle the business while they tackled the coding part.

P2: Exactly. They handled the “technical” part.

Me: …

P1: We’re done. Have a nice day.

Verdict: Rejected.


  1. It seemed from P2’s expressions that he wanted me to counter him and was disappointed when I couldn’t.
  2. I didn’t have enough presence of mind to evade the obvious trap. The panelist probably knew I would name companies like Flipkart, Paytm, etc. I should’ve named companies founded by IIM grads instead, like Quikr and Naukri dot com.
  3. Just wanting to be an entrepreneur isn’t a good enough reason to do an MBA. We must also be aware of how our MBA will help the startup. On a normal day, I can list many reasons why an entrepreneur with an MBA might be more successful, but somehow I didn’t think of mentioning these during the interview. Maybe the pressure got to me.
  4. When I said I want to handle technical aspects, I might have given a wrong impression. I should’ve clarified that I’m interested in subjects like Operations and Supply Chain, which I am hoping to learn in an MBA program.
  5. This interview was a good learning experience. The subsequent interviews went along the same lines and I was able to hold my ground.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 8:

F1 – old
F2 – young
M1 – young

F1 – questions from SOP

F1 – questions about different genres of art (mentioned in SOP)

F1 – name a couple Indian artists of the modern generation

F1 – modern art vs old Indian art

F2 – job related stuff

F2 – revenue model of YT channels

F2 – alternate platforms for YT. Alternate revenue models.

M1 – Greta Toolkit – why

M1 – what do you think about environmental impact about farm laws (related to my SOP)

F1 – any questions from you

Total time : 25 mins interview

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 9:

Profile : Electrical Engineer
Work Ex : Design in Real Estate 2.5 years

Panelists : 1 Lady 2 Gentlemen

Questions :

1. Explain job profile.

2. Why left the job ?

3. Why there was fire in Serum Institute ? What precautions could have taken ? Is there any Norms for fire protection

Then remaining Interview went on regarding Energy Sector.
4. What is cost at generation, distribution. Very detail discussion on current energy scenario and what can we do in future.

5. Asked a lot about Nuclear and Solar power plants. Technical, Business and Environmental aspects and challenges. Cross questions at every point.

6. And Lastly Why MBA.

Duration : 25 min
No Work Ex
No Gk or current affairs
No HR questions.

Overall Experience : They were checking depth of knowledge and business plus technical aspect. Also they cross checked whatever figures I’m mentioning. And One panelist was taking stressed interview.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 10:

1. Didn’t ask me about my favourite subject and all, directly asked about compiler design course. Did you do it?

2. When you call any function how does it get executed in background?

3. There are 2 functions F1 and F2, what will happen if F1 calls F2.

4. Can we access arguments of F1 in F2.

5. Some questions on pointers manipulation and pass by value, pass by reference.

6. Factorial program difference between recursive and iterative solutions in terms of memory, time and stack.

7. Where are global variables stored

8. There are 100 students, what distribution will their average height follow?

9. What will be mean and variance of distribution

10. 100 apples, 3 boxes, number of ways to divide them in way that boxes will have 20, 30 and 50 apples.

11. What is central tendency theorem.

12. Tell me about your company.

13. Tell about company product.

14. What benefits do your product offers to customer

15. Revenue, CEO, CTO of company

16. What work do I do.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 11:

Fresher CSE

Started with id proof
1. What changes did you face in studies during covid time ?
Had discussion about this and related conditions.

2. What subject did you like most in engineering?

3. Explain Recommendation system of Amazon and myntra?

4. Explain the maths behind it??

5. What are your hobbies?

6. Do you know anything about current affairs??

7. When did lockdown started?

8. When did it end?? ( I said I do not know the exact days and was grilled at this point)

9. If not get selected in either of A, B, C what would you do?

10. Anything that happened last year apart from covid?
I started answering this question by telling about how China is trying to increase its influence in South China Sea.. And how it is trying to make string of pearls around India
They interrupted in between
Saying both things do not seem related…. I tried to answer that they are different events but are related because india is becoming powerful nation in indo-pacific region but again they interrupted and asked

11. Why I want to do an MBA?
I started giving answer they again interrupted saying this is not your answer this is taught to you by coaching Institute… I said this is based on my real life experiences…
They did not hear…. And said that’s it… You can now Leave the meeting

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 12:

20 min Interview
It was a nice experience with lengthy and detailed conversations.
B.tech CSE 3 yr exp

1st Panelist Male –

1. which part of the country are you from?
– Told I am from Nashik.

2. what is the population of Nasik?
– around 15 lakh

3. How is the covid situation in Nashik?
– Told there are rising cases and lockdowns imposed.

4. Why do you think there are not enough Indian Software companies?
– Told there are bigger western companies and that there are so many engineers with only a fraction with competency.
– Told we need an ideological shift from financial security based employee career goal.
– Told about lack of entrepreneurial mindset.

5. What can be done to spread this entrepreneurial mindset?
– Education with change in curriculum.
– Awareness programs with different media channels.

2nd panelist (F) –

6. Where do you work and what is your work?
– Told about product portfolio I worked on.

7. Asked more about the product features , how data is generated and who are the clients and users of the software?
– Answered

8. How is data privacy handled?
– Answered with a guess.

9. What is the role of a prod man?
– Told

10. If you became the product manager of your product today, what will you do?
– Told about vision .. interrupted asked roadmap.
– Told about re-evaluating requirements and features and future development plan.

11. What is the role of customers in this ?
– Said surveys and feedback as in agile methodology.

3rd panelist Male

12. Did you enjoy engineering? Why did you score average ?
– Told I accept my mistakes and have self belief.

13. what did you achieve in extra curriculars ?
– Told about tennis tournaments.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 13:

Date – 13/02/2022
Panel 7, Slot 1 (8.30am), 2nd in Panel
Duration – 15-20min
PI started around 9.20am.
Panelist – 2M, both looked like prof.

Profile – Engg in ECE, 7 months work ex

Questions asked –
– What are you currently doing?
– UG question – JK Flip Flop, D Flip Flop, What is thyristor and one more name I don’t remember.
– I have done a training workshop with Terence Lewis so question about him. Dancing style difference between Ganesh Aacharya and him. Any signature move. Where is he from?
– Graph of e^(-x)
– Which states are surrounding your state? Do you know which is the ruling party there?
– Any international affairs, I mentioned Russia-Ukriane, Semiconductor and Poland-Belarus
– Some discussion about Russia-Ukriane
– PM of UK, France, Germany, Australia
– Do you know anything major that’s going on in UK.
– Is Jammu Kashmir part of India? Something happened in 2020? What was it? (Answered about Article 370)
– Any questions for us.

No HR questions. No grilling. Overall a chill PI.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 14:

IIM B interview Experience : 15/02/2022
10:30 AM Slot
Three panelists (3 Profs)
Duration : 35 mins

1. Show me your ID Card
2. Tell us with your 5 years of FCI experience at this juncture why MBA?
3. Tell us about the mandate of FCI .
4. What are the performance metrics of FCI ?
5. Discussion about FCI, MSP
6. Discussion on farm bills
7. What do you do in your free time?
8. Immediately After MBA what plans?
9. Will you go back to FCI after your MBA?

Overall a good experience , it was more of a discussion than a question answer session

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 15:

Dt- 17/02/2022

Work Ex – 18 months – Software Engineer, Versa Networks
10th – 91, 12th – 85,
Grad – 8.4 (IIT Tirupati, Computer Science),

CAT – 99.85

So you live in Godrej colony, does this mean someone works there?
Where do you work?
What does your company do?
What’s exact thing you do? Tell me only brief.
Who are your competitors.
Where do you rank among them.
So you are from IIT Tirupati. How many IITs and how many IIMs are there?
Do you think we need those many IITs and IIMs?
Do you think so many people from science background and phd holders will be ready to be professor?
Tell us about professors at your IIT.

So they were all experienced from other IITs or big guys from other IITs, means all were pretty old?

Why do you want to MBA? (Started giving prepared answer, stopped me)
No, Not all these answers. I am hearing this from 5 days now.
Tell exactly why do you want to do. (Told that I want to pursue PM roles)
What does Prod man do?
Why interest in PM from engineering domain, any experience in company where not being PM u are losing something?


I was reading your SOP, you mentioned that after being insecure, you will be improving. Explain that.

Everyone who comes here feels security, that they will get job and good infra in campus. But you are saying that u will become insecure?

So you think we all will make you insecure?

Won’t that build up stress on you?

Tell market size of you company domain.

Did pandemic help your company?

How much did it help?
Tell something hot topic happening globally and nationally.

Told about Russia – ukraine and Hijab.

Do you think third world War will happen. (Started explaining from Russia ukraine perspective, stopped and said leave Russia, tell generally).

Told about it can happen over natural resources, she asked if it’s happened with India in past?

So tell us about floods in Tirupati, last year.

Why those floods happened?

Your hobbies?
Everyone plays and watches Cricket, kuch aur nhi khelate.

Told Badminton

Do you read books? You will have to read alot after coming here.
( said started reading last year and reading 2 parallely and told name)

Thinking fast and slow (one of the book I read) tell me about that book.

Give some examples from that book.

Who is author?

Any special thing about author?

You are reading one book from last year, and started laughing.

Overall a chill PI.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 16:

Panel 13 – 22 Feb 2022
Slot 2 time 10.30 (interview at 12.15)
GEM; 7 months of work experience in Software Development

1. Introduce yourself and Why MBA. Please tell us anything apart from learning and helping society.
2. What was the favourite course in HSS?
3. What books did u analyzed?
4. What is the controversy around Midnight’s Children?
5. Was DeMo good or bad and why?

1. Give me the glimpse of OTT industry.
2. Business model of OTT
3. List the stakeholders.
4. Tell me an increasing function with a decreasing rate.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 17:

22/02/2022 – 2:30 PM ( lasted for almost 30 minutes)
3 panelists – 1 alumnus (A), 2 professors (B,M).

A asked to show my ID.
A- Which subject would have you chosen in your undergrad degree if not mathematics.
A – You are a pure science person, then why you chose maths, it’s theoretical?
B- What were your expectations from your B.Sc. in mathematics.
B- Maths is a boring subject. I hate maths. Tell me a reason why I can’t do away with it?
B- Which branch of mathematics has maximum application? Is it your favourite subject?
( a short discussion on calculus & mechanics followed)
B- Let me give you 2 qs. on logarithm (shared his screen). These are very simple nos. without logs, why do you mathematicians make things complicated by using these things ( mentioned one of his friends who likes maths who has told him mathematicians unnecessarily complicate things).
B- What is simplex? Have you heard about it? Can you give an example? (spoke about LPP)
A: Where do you use LPP?
M- From your second year onward your grad marks have improved drastically, what was the motivation?
M- What are the differences between handball and football? When do you get penalty/yellow,red card in handball? ( I had mentioned in my SOP that I was the captain & goalkeeper of our school handball team)
M- What are your hobbies?
( discussed on Agatha Christie & Hercule Poirot)
M- What are your favourite books by Christie?
M- So, you’re a Poirot fan; why not Miss Marple?
M: So, what would you like to do after MBA- join the corporate or do something of your own?
M- Why would a builder be interested in hiring a person from the maths background?
(talked about geometry & calculus)
M- Since you’ve graduated in maths, you want to pursue an MBA in finance? (told no)
M (surprised) – Why? Then marketing or production?
B- Tell me what all skills do you have.
M- Why not join a NIFT? (told my drawing is poor)
M- Why an MBA and not a course? (want to learn the business side as well)
B- Thank you, you may log off!

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 18:

Interview Duration: 15 mins – Dt: 24/02/2022

NC-OBC, Hotel Management Grad.

Extempore: Shortage of Semi-conductor.

Time given 1 min but after 10 sec asked me to start speaking.

So, you have mentioned that you read Novel, which novel you have read recently and what are the life lesson which you have learnt.

If you want to open a Hotel, tell me what are the procedures and Tactics you will apply before opening it.

Which place and why??

Goa, so, in Goa there is a fluctuation of tourist and mostly we see the rise in the month of December tell me what you’ll do to sustain your business and profit.

What about BnB and other cheap alternatives.

Which subject you liked in your graduation and why?? ( told them Strategic Management)

Tell me porter forces, define it.

Tell me in whose name Bidhannagar was build and when? (current address Kolkata)

Tell me what Manner is famous for??

On whose name Manner dargah was inaugurated??

Tell me about Phulwari Shariff and on whose name it was built and when?? (permanent address Patna)

Tell me about the history of Golghar??

Tell me about Ashoka Regime?

You know about the fire in Ashoka regime and what Caused it and what was the aftermath??

Tell me why Patna museum is Famous for and name any statue name which is there in Patna Museum??

Tell me the name of places who shares their border with Ganga River.

Can you name the Character in 3 idiots who plays the role of Photographer and what is his actual name??


You mentioned that you do coffee art, tell me what it is ??

That’s it, no question from Current affair, no Why MBA and overall it was grilling interview mostly history base and GK.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 19:

IIMB – 25/02/2022
(3 panelists, all faculty)
CSE, 1.5 yrs workex (IT)

P1. Work related questions. (Can chatbots understand everything we say).

P2 – What News do you follow
P2 – Hijab Case opinion
P2 – Questions about company.(vernacular support, how many products do they handle, was your product built from scratch, future of yours in your company, headquarters, are co-working spaces good).
P2 – 5 Companies headquartered in Hyderabad.
P2- 5 Private sector banks
P2- 5 Public sector Banks

P3- Business Models difference between Amazon Marketplace, OYO, Uber. (lot of cross questioning)

(No questions from SOP, no technical or academic questions)
19 mins

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 20:

IIM B Interview Experience – 25th Feb 2022 – 2:30PM

3 Male Panelists
Profile – 94/95/90 – 1.5 Year WorkEx Tech


1. You work on a website and mobile app. How does it differ in terms of the content you show on both?
2. Can you elaborate about this Pepsodent Germicheck Campaign and what did you find interesting in that? (Had mentioned it in the SOP)
3. You have mentioned about a bicycle sharing project you had developed in your college. How was it implemented? Why the final implementation different from your initial proposal?


1. You have switched from Core Engineering to Tech and now want go to Management. Can you explain? (An iteration of why MBA?)
2. Do you think you have not ulitisized your core knowledge of CHE which you studied for 4 years?
3. This trend of people leaving sciences to go into tech, is that good?
4. Do we really need so many apps and software technology in every field?


1. Millionaires and Billionaires in India are increasing. Do you think is it good or bad? (Replied that it’s good)
2. So consider you are the Finance Minister of India, how will you help increase the number of millionaires and billionaires? (Felt like a trick question)
3. Don’t you think this can lead to increase in income inequality?
4. How you do you think the government can help here?

Interview felt okayish. It was a pretty intense conversation with a lot of rebuttals. Defended most of them. Was about 30 min long.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 21:

WAIT TIME: 5 min DURATION: 30 min
WAT TOPIC: Education moved to digital during the time of COVID-19. Write a few pros and cons of online learning/online classes. (Something similar)

PANEL: P1 – Deepak Chandrasekhar, Professor P3- Alumni( Female)
P2 – Suresh Bhagavatula, Professor
P1, P2 – Good Morning
P3 – How are you?
You are from Electrical and Electronics engineering right? How is electrical and electronics different?
Tell me how can you say electrical and electronics are different on a differentiating factor?
Did you study Signal Processing? What is a signal?
How do you want to relate electrical and MBA? Do you wish to work in EV industry?
What do you think are the challenges faced for EV in Industry?
What about supply side?
Do you know about 4 day work routine? Where it was recently ratified?
Take 30s to take stance on “Should India follow the 4day per week schedule” and talk on it for a minute and half.
You don’t have work ex? Did you receive any offers?
Why didn’t you join?
What do you think Infosys, TCS Wipro offer? What kind of business are they?
It is said it is difficult to open business in India? Tell me why? Before that, tell me what all are needed to open business in India?
P1 interrupts and ask – Is there anything related to government or governance?
I saw from the SOP that you studies Business Economics in college? Can you tell me any concept you remember from it?
Is there any goods that do not follow the law of demand and supply?P1Do you have any questions for us?

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: It was mix of technical and application mostly revolving on EV and startup. The panelists were chill and had a smile on face always. There were no direct questions and had gone in a flow.

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IIM Bangalore Interview Experience 22:

IIM B Interview Experience – 26 Feb 2022
3 P1,P2,P3 (alumni)

P1 – Tell me about yourself , why MBA ?

I had told I have qualified RMO in 10th
can I ask a rmo type question


Real RMO question based on factorisation and finding number of factors

I had also mentioned about chess

How many max bishops you can place on board so that they can’t attack each other

Asked me about my internship in ISI
Asked about the profs there (he knew some of them )

Also asked why I took admission in iit instead of ISI

My boold group was B+ , give an estimate of number of people in Nagpur (my hometown) with same blood group

Asked my package (I hadn’t mentioned it on form)
32 LPA(Amazon)
Why do you want to leave such high paying job

Asked about company
Stock value

I had mentioned about AI and ML
Asked about some algo and asked the approach required for a case in self driving car

He asked about some terms I had used in sop like” value” based growth and
“Holistic approach”

At the end asked any questions I had for them

Overall interview lasted for 30 minutes was chill and felt like a conversation
They stressed a lot on what was written on the SOP

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