SPJIMR WAT-PI Experiences

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Process at SP Jain this year: WAT followed by Group Interview-1. If selected then Group Interview-2. No Psyshometric Test. Total process:2-3 hours.

WAT: What is the biggest cultural shock you have faced in India or Abroad?

Group Interview I:

1. Tell me something about yourself, also mention something that is not in your form.
2. Picked up on my hobby, and asked what did you read last. Summarize the plot for me.
3. Picked from my intro and asked why was I promoted at work. Follow up questions on that.
4. Asked about what I have done in my current project.
5. What role are you expecting post-MBA
6. Which company will recruit you for this PM role.
7. How will whatever you’ve learned at work will help you at Microsoft. (I answered Microsoft for the previous question)
8. What are the phases in Product Management
9. How is it different from SDLC and what is SDLC
10. What SDLC model do you work on. Describe it.

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Group Interview II:

1.Give your opinion on women in the workforce
3. Tell me how covid has impacted you personally and professionally in one line.
4. Gave a situation, where you’re the team lead, and have a critical task to deliver within a deadline, but one team member is not delivering as expected. How would you handle this situation?
5. If you’ve tried everything and still there’s no change in his performance, will you escalate him to your supervisor, and he’s a close friend of yours, so if you escalate, you’ll tarnish your relationship with him. What will you do?
6. Considering the current situation in India, one thing that you want to pick up and improve which will help the country.


WAT: In a country like India, do you think jury trail would work? Why or Why not? (20 mins max 500 words)

Panel was from Marketing (P1) and Finance (P2). There was 1 candidate apart from me.

P1: We read about your form, Tell us few highlights about yourself mentioned in or out of the form for 1-2 mins?
We answered.

C1 mentioned economics, history, and current affairs as his interests. C1 has an IT background (I think C1 applied for Finance as an interest) and recently joined a working professional.

P1 to C1: What do you like in economics?
Some follow up questions on what C1 mentioned w.r.t stocks
P1 to C1: What is history of Pune? (Pune is C1’s home town)
P1 to C1: What do you think about MSP?
P2 to C1: Do you know about pigeon hole principle? They asked few other algorithms from DAA subject
P2 to me: Do you know about pigeon hole principle? (Asked few more algorithm questions)
P2 to me: Tell us any 2 excel functions which we don’t use commonly? What is what if?(as I mentioned in certification section)
P2 to me:Tell us what is emotional intelligence? (as I mentioned in certification section)
P2 to me: Tell me about a recent air strip which came in news from Ladakh? What is the heighest peak and the height in Ladakh? What lake is there? (Since I mentioned nature as my interest)
P2 to me: Tell about your work exp role?
P2 to me: What is Agile methodology? How is it different from traditional methodology?
P2 to me: what is spiral methodology

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WAT topic: If complete work from home were to be put in practice, what’s your take on it? (20 mins- 500 word limit)

Group 1 interview – (4 candidates and 2 panelists)

1 min introduction followed by the reason for choosing the specialization? (common question to everyone)
Then technical/academic questions in the respective specialization.
Overall a short interview.. Just 30 mins for 4 people.

Group 2 interview- ( Again 4 candidates with 2 panelists)

Started by picking a few lines from the form B and asked reasons or further explanations for whatever was written.
Questions around compassion and as to how you showed compassion in your life were asked.
The questioning in this round was very subjective and differed from person to person based on what was written in the form B.

Final question – are there any qualities of yours that we missed out on or didn’t discuss or not mentioned in the form and that you think would make us select you for SPJIMR?


My slot was 1st one at 8AM. They checked the identity card 1st and gave us the instructions for further process. The WAT timing was from 8:40 to 9AM. 20mins and 500words limit. The WAT link will appear on your dashboard at the exact time.

WAT Topic : What is your take on complete work from home?

Then we were allotted to our respective panels in sometime for GI1.

We were four students (Applied for 4 different specializations ) and 2 panelists.

1st qn was to tell something about yourself in 1min that is not mentioned in the forms. This qn was common for all. Then they started interviewing candidate by candidate of each specialisation. Nothing was asked in between to other candidates.

IM : Describe about your work. What is Data Analytics? Tell about 2 projects you have done regards to that. What is big data? How is it related to Data Analytics? What is the future in IT and what are the new technologies?

Ops: Projects you are taking care of? Any conflicts that you have faced at site? What is effective and efficient operations?

Finance: Advice for someone new to stock market and why? How will you evaluate a company which is new?

Marketing: Describe about your role. How do you find your potential customers? How do you meet the demand and evaluate it? What made you interested in Marketing? Which company’s sales strategy did you like and why? Which advertisement did you like? How do you connect 7Ps of marketing in your role? Who all are your competitors and what are your strengths and weaknesses compared to them?

These are the qns I remember.There were other qns too. It takes around 1-1.5 hours to announce the results of 1st round. I (Marketing Profile) didn’t get selected for the next round. 2 out of 4 (IM and Finance) got selected for next round.

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Round 1 –
1.Tell me about yourself
2. What did you work on at nomura
3. How can you use RPA in Ashok Leyland
4. How can you use RPA in warehouse
5. They asked questions related to drama and acting as I had mentioned it in my form.

Round 2 –
1. Why is the need for 2nd interview
2. You cannot understand your spouse in years how will we judge you in 45 mins
3. They asked me some questions related to answers on my form.
4. What is negative marketing
5. How will you strike out balance between the balance between negative marketing.
6. Should reservations be gender based – why and why not (Discussion around the same)
7. Should vernacular languages options be considered in exams
8. What makes you laugh alot?
9. Any questions for us


WAT topic : With whom you would have a dinner with and why if given an opportunity? (Renowned person dead or alive)
Specialization : Finance
B.Tech Chemical Engineering Fresher

GI 1 : Tell me about yourself?
What is EGS?
Stock Market advice for risk averse and risk taker ?
Mutual funds for short term long term?
How have you placed your portfolio?
What is a balance sheet ?
Difference in P&L and balance sheet?
What is written on 1 rupee note? Is it an asset or liability to the govt. Of India?
What is liability?
What is PE ratio ?
Telecom merger in indian industry?
Penny stocks? Value stocks? Growth stocks ? Equity?
What are plastics ? Future prospects of chemical industry in india ?
What are Thermoplastics?
Difference between injection and extrusion?
What is downstream product ?
Is plastic a downstream product?
GI1 results awaited

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GI1 –
Judges panel : One Finance professor and one ma’am ( not sure what she teaches )
Candidates: 3 girls and 1 boy – 1 CA, 2 experienced IM candidates ( myself and another guy ) and one Marketing fresher.

They went sequentially, one by one, asking specific questions on our chosen specialisations –
Some of the questions I remember are –

Candidate 1 ( Fresher, Marketing)

Can you mention some job profiles you’re interested in post MBA?
Name one strong marketing campain and one that failed and why do you think they did so.
Why marketing
Can you name a few tools that are used for Marketing these days?

Candidate 2 ( CA)

Mostly technical questions.
She had transferred jobs. Why the transfer ?
What is a balance sheet?
Something to do with assets and liabilities..
If you were stuck in a lift with the RBI governor, what tips would you give him?

Candidate 3 (me)

Lots of finance questions so far, you must be bored!
What kind of work did you do in your company ?
Have you talked to some people who are currently working at your desired job profiles?
What were some of your learnings from managing an event at college ? ( Form A )
Can you talk more about your academics? ( Form A )
Why are engineers obsessed with the e ( natural log or ln ) – why such an inconvenient number ? What is its significance?

Can you solve x ^4 = -1? ( I answered but Sir asked me to take some more time and get back, so I missed some of the follow up questions which were asked to the other IM candidate. )
A common question for both the IM guys –
Why are big tech companies not willing to set up their offices in India?

Some common questions that were asked to everyone:
If you were stuck in a lift with Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, what would you suggest to include in the upcoming budget?

GI2 –
Some Form B questions-
What is passion?
Why did you write a particular statement in your form?

I had mentioned reading, so they asked me what kind of books do you read, and follow up questions based on my answers. My learnings from the books I’ve read, how do I apply the learnings at my current job etc.
Some other common questions for discussion ( this round was more of a discussion and less formal, but I found it trickier than the first round overall ) –

1. What is your take on celebrities taking a strong stand on a public issue? Is it right or wrong?
2. So if I’m an actor, but I have a strong opinion, should I keep quiet thinking of my power over people ?
3. Your friend cheats on an exam and you find out – he apologies and says he will not repeat it and begs you to not report, and reporting will lead to expulsion and will ruin his future basically, what will you do? This is not his/her first time doing something like this as well
4. How has the philosophy behind Indian Cricket changed over the years ?

If I have one tip, it’ll be – Make sure you’re thorough with your forms A and B and can back up any statements in it. 🙂


I had the 9:30 slot…..our WAT topic was mountains, forests and beaches what is your ideal vacation and why

In Round 1 we had 3 panelists and they were pretty sweet…didn’t grill us or anything …initially they asked us about ourselves and then all their questions revolved around that….very few technical questions….I am a CA so they asked me one journal entry and whether a pen will be an asset or an expense and since I said I want to do banking they asked me the difference in investment banking and private banking

In round 2 we had 2 women panelists, 3 women candidates and 1 male candidate so the conversation was more about gender biases in a corporate environment . Then the discussion went to parental support while children take unconventional decisions. We briefly discussed on a few topics like this. It didn’t seem as though the topics were pre planned as they kept changing the direction of the discussion on the basis of the responses we gave.

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GI – 2 – 2 panelists, 3 candidates

All the questions were asked to common. Grasping views of everyone.

Questions :

How’s your day ? How’s the process experience ?
What are your family members doing ?
One candidate was asked about the story about his pet and ask us to give our learnings from it.
Views on mental health.
What you like & dislike about your parents ?
What kind of person you would like to live with ?
What you like about SPJIMR apart from Social aspect ?

Overall experience : It was more like conversation than the interview. Pretty chill and good atmosphere. They just want to know you better and hear your stories.

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WAT – is there necessity to address mental health issues at workplace ? Why ?

GI – 1 – 3 panelists, 4 candidates

Candidate 1 ( Finance ) – Lots of finance based questions. topics like Beta value of company and investment banking, work experience related questions.

Candidate 2 ( Finance ) – He was Fresher Engineer. so basic questions on finance. Related to family business. Subjects learned in engineering and sports.

Candidate 3 ( Marketing ) – he had worked with Ford so questions regarding that. Examples of Marketing campaigns. Should SPJIMR do marketing campaign ?

Me ( Operations ) – Questions based on my work experience. How engineering related to your work experience. Questions on electrical engineering. Tell any one incident through which you got interested in operations.

Common Questions to all : Why you want to do this specialization ? What knowledge you have about it ? What role you want after your MBA

Overall Experience : At first you have to wait for around 15-20 min in lobby. Then after instructions you go to write your WAT for 20 min ( 500 word limit ). You have to time yourself & submit manually. Then you will be redirected to meeting room. Interview was like personal interview only. Asking specific questions to each and not jumping Questions among candidates. No stress interview even if you answered something wrong panelists were taking it normally.

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Gem fresher
Specialization – marketing

6 panelists – 2 faculties, 4 applicants (2 with work experience, another one I guess was a fresher along side me )

P1: introduce yourself apart from your CV

P1 : What is marketing according to you?

P2 : What is a brand? Explain with an example

P1 : Why MBA in marketing after civil engineering?

P1 : HUL’s Glow and lovely controversy

P1 : How ethics works in marketing/role of ethics in marketing
Explained with an example of Ambush marketing

P2 : During lockdown, show fairness cream brands continue promoting their product or not? And how if not?
Talked about reduction in their promotion and inventory due to pandemic and focus on other brands and CSR campaigns

P1 : key takeaways from the interview
Told what new stuffs I learned from other applicants.

40-45 mins. Overall a smooth experience with no grilling on any answer.
Was cross questioned a couple of times on other’s answers.

Verdict : Rejected for GI 2


WAT- how has lockdown affected online and offline retail

2 panelists
3 candidates (1 marketing (me), 2 Fin)
All freshers

2 common qns to all
Tell me about yourself not mentioned in your form?
Why this specialization?

To me(fresher, civil engineering)-
P1: so every fresher says that they chose marketing because they worked in college fests, do u have the same reason?
Me: answered

P1: what are your goals?
Me: answered

P1: so consider yourself the brand manager of coca cola. How will you design a marketing campaign to sell cocacola in 3 poor villages of odisha where people can’t afford biscuits also?
Me: took some time but answered in detail and answered few cross questions on it.

P2: what type of bridge is sea-link ?

P2: why are cables there on a bridge?

P2: Can there be a bridge with single column?

P2: Difference between railway bridge and road bridge?

P2: How Japan infrastructure deals with regular earthquakes? From design point of view?

To others, they asked from academics as well as from finance.

1. What do you learn from your mothers?

2. Will you do a particular task given by your boss if it is out of the office (personal)

3. What have you done for your mother recently without letting her know not on her bday or mother’s day?

4. Which book have you read and why?

5. Give 1 word for GI-2

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Bcom (H) final year
Specialization – finance
4 candidates all freshers inclusive of 2 marketing

2 panelists both female
1 from fin
1 from marketing

F1 – tell me about yourself to all in 1 min other than the form that you have written.

F1 to me- Fav sub

F1 – types of financial statements

F1 – Why balance sheet is known as balance sheet

F1 – What are long term debts ?

F1 – Types of long term debts

F1 – What is goodwill?

F1 – Top line and bottom line

F1 – What is cash flow and types of activities ?

F1 – How bad debt is shown in cash flow?

F1 – What is working capital and operating cycle?

F1 – How to utilise effectient working capital?

F1 – What type kind of asset goodwill is?

F2 – asked me about my nasa astronaut training programme.

F1 to another finance candidate almost similar question except what is gaap and ifrs . And whose rule we follow in india.

F2 to same girl above asked about our learnt computer languages and how they are related.

F2 to next male marketing guy who was a bba student

F2 – Asked why mba in marketing ,

F2 – Internship ,process and his role, startegy used in company.
Not much remember

F2 – And last guy from mechanical engineering was seriously grilled

F2 – Why mba in marketing

F2 – 4p model

F2 – How tesla is different from reva and why it is famous.
And the answr was hilarious
Because tesla runs on solar and battery power , so panelists told him that we should keep our tesla in our sun then why we should charge.

F2 – Asked about myntra controversy , how govt should market the farm laws and advice to got on marketing startegy,

F2 – Asked about skimming marketing, where he answered as by lowering prices of existing successful product
Which panelists replied as not satisfying answer around 3 to 4 times to him in different cases.

And wat topic was how social media is creating negative or positive persona?


Accounts and Finance fresher
3 candidates
2 Marketing specialization, 1 Finance(me)

1. Tell us about yourself to everyone

2. It’s obvious for you to go to finance and you’re a perfect 10 grad right so tell me about the economy right now… before budget, its effect on sensex

3. I mentioned about expenditure…so explain how this will benefit the economy

4. Give the name of this theory. What is free economy, Keynes theory ….I didn’t know these and I had to clarify that I’m an accounts and finance graduate and not economics major

5. What fo you refer for daily news. Speak something from ET

6. I talked about privatisation so some questions on that

7. Gave a case study to on IRR , NPV and DCF to solve

8. Explain this case study to a layman investor

9. Which field do you want to join

10. Difference between investment banking and commercial banking
Qualified for GI 2

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