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Secret To Crack LR


Secret To Crack LR

A lot of people find Logical Reasoning (LR) tough; especially for exams like CAT, XAT, NMAT etc. However, the right approach towards your preparation can help you master this section.

Logical Reasoning is a section that requires two things; practice, and familiarity. Sections like Quants and Verbal Ability contain a lot of questions that require you to know certain concepts like mathematical formulas or grammatical rules, beforehand. However, logical reasoning hardly has any questions that need you to know important concepts beforehand.

The only thing that you need to know is how to solve the question, quickly, and accurately.

The following points below, tell you exactly how to approach this section, while preparing for Logical Reasoning:


Give sectional tests and mock tests to evaluate your progress. Sectional tests are the tests that are based on individual topics. Mock tests contain all the different sections w.r.t. to a particular exam.

Once you are done with a topic, attempt the sectional test/practice questions.

From the mock tests, keep analyzing each and every question that you get wrong. Keep improving on such questions and make sure that your accuracy and speed increase in successive mocks.

     Be Aware

While solving different types of questions in Reasoning, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. There will be some questions that you will almost always solve correctly. These are your strengths. Again, there would be some questions in which you will often get stuck. Such questions/topics will come under your weaknesses.

Once you have a good idea about the strong and weak topics, you can plan and practice accordingly.

Solve at least 6 problems from your weak areas, everyday.


Keep solving puzzles regularly. Majority of the students get stuck in puzzles, on the day of the exam. This is because puzzles usually come with a lot of information. The information leads to more cases and possibilities, thus making the questions complex, and time consuming.

Therefore, keep solving puzzles regularly. It will increase your speed, familiarity and accuracy in solving them.

 Look into the past

Check out the past papers of the respective exams that you are planning to give. Analyze the Reasoning section carefully. Try to gauge, how much of your strengths or weaknesses appear in the papers. This will give you a brief idea about the weightage of the questions.

Also, notice the difficulty levels of all the questions. How difficult are the questions that belong to your strong areas? How easy are the questions that belong to your weak areas? These are some of the questions that you need to ask, while analyzing past papers.

    Never Give up

Do not give up on a particular topic/subject. There may be certain questions that you may not get right even after solving it more than once or the solution of the problem/puzzle may be a bit complicated. On top of this, if you come across such questions in your weak areas, you may get tempted to skip the question.

However, avoid doing any such thing. When faced with an obstacle, try to find help from someone you know. If you have joined a coaching class, you can ask the doubts to a faculty. Or you may even ask a classmate or friend who knows his/her way around such problems. There may also be similar solved examples and solutions on the internet, which you will find if you look a bit harder.

However, don’t spend hours looking to find the solution to a problem. Your end goal is to keep building familiarity with all the problems. Just make sure that you don’t leave any problem/topic out of your preparation.

    Make Studying Fun

Logical Reasoning questions are similar to Sudoku, Crossword puzzles, riddles, etc. Therefore, solving these games will develop your thinking ability in the same way as reasoning questions.

You can solve such types of games now and then, just to refresh your mind.


Be regular in solving LR questions. Also, make sure that you keep revising all that you have learnt. If you keep solving the questions regularly, your preparation and mastery over these questions will progress steadily.

Practice at least 10 sets/cases of LR every day.

Tips to Crack SAT

General Tips to Crack SAT

1. Use the process of elimination

All questions on the exam are multiple choice questions (except the essay of course),

hence using the process of eliminating option helps the student focus harder on the

relevant options and choose the correct option.

2. Understand what the question is asking for

Questions can be slightly tricky and could sometimes provide excess information to

confuse the students. Make sure you understand exactly what the question is asking

for and pick the answer accordingly.

3. Use official SAT material for practice

It is very important that you use official SAT guides and books for reference when

preparing for the exam. This is because the official guides are based on past SAT

tests and are the closest to what your exam may look like. At CATKing we provide

the students with official SAT material. This only makes your life easier as we have

compiled the most relevant material into a customized package for our students to

excel the exam.

4. Do as many practice tests as you can (minimum 4 recommended). Start following the

actual format and time yourself. Use the actual test rituals. Understand your

mistakes and try your best not to repeat them.

5. Start prepping for the exam approximately 3 months before attempting the actual


This is advised but may vary depending upon how good the student is at acquainting

himself/herself with the content and nailing the practice tests.

6. Do not over-exhaust yourself whilst preparing for the test. Make sure you are not

mentally SATurated

7. Prepare for the essay option too

Attempting the essay definitely gives the candidate a step ahead of the others who

have not bothered to attempt the essay. The essay topics are usually based on

discussions and assess the students’ knowledge of reading arguments and

reproducing the relevant ones.

8. Take it seriously – first, step toward college application process

Your entire college application process can largely depend on your SAT scores. Based

on these scores you can draw up your college list, set goals and dwell the career path

for your future.

9. Don’t be afraid to skip a question and come back to it later (especially for math).

Make sure you come back to it though.

10. Use your breaks wisely. Hydrate yourself and use the bathroom. Maybe have a small

snack to keep you going.

English Reading Tips to Crack SAT

reading tips 

1. Improve your vocabulary – read read read

2. Read the introduction to the passages

3. Pay special attention to italicized, bold and underlined text

4. Use the strategy that works best for you – either skim through the passage first and

then jump to questions; or read the questions first and then skim through the


5. Do not spend too much time reading the passage. If you feel stuck, read the

questions and then go back to the passage

English Writing Tips to Crack SAT

SAT Exam 

1. Pay attention to the “no error” option. It is very tempting to select that

2. Know the grammar rules

3. Be familiar with the types of question that typically appear in the SAT test

4. What may “sound” right, may not always be right

5. When speaking to friends and family, try to notice if they are making any

grammatical errors and think about how you would correct them according to SAT


Math Tips to Crack SAT

math tips 

1. Memorize the formulas and understand certain facts

2. Get basic laws and principles cleared

3. Try to back solve the problem to ensure every step makes sense. Make sure your

answer is within reasonable bounds wherever possible

4. Be able to perform basic calculations

5. Underline the important words in the question

How to Perform Well in SAT ?

The SAT exam not only tests your math and English skills, but it also tests your patience. The

more you attempt practice tests according to the actual test conditions, the easier it will be

for you to complete the exam on the final day.

There is no harm in attempting the SAT more than once. Most universities only accept the

best score. Feel free to reappear.

Even though the essay is optional, make it a point to attempt it. This is because you would

already have surpassed the competition from students who did not attempt the essay.

Ultimately it comes down to how much effort you put into acing the SAT. Be aware of your

mistakes and avoid them in the future. Don’t get intimidated by something surprising or

tricky on your actual test. If something like that shows up, approach it with a calm mind and

do your best to crack it.

Get some sound sleep before your actual SAT exam. Have a healthy and filling breakfast, as

it is a long test. Be confident because you would have (or at least should have) prepared and

practiced for 3 months before taking the actual SAT.

 Top Schools in U.S.A

Top Schools in US for SAT Exam

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Crack NMAT with NMIMS Alumni


Talk to NMIMS Toppers

About NMAT

NMIMS is one among the quickest growing and therefore the top, private University within the NMIMS Campuscountry. It’s undergone an incredible transformation since its commencement. Today, it stands as an outside imposing University with seven specialized faculties and 2 off-Campus operations, with associated intake of over 6000 students and over two hundred full-time college members. From its temporary location at Bhaidas area, it has moved to an out-size complex of over 40000 sq feet where it stands today as a landmark in Vile Parle, an affluent community of urban center.

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Mentors at CATKing

Rahul Singh (Founder & CEO)

Studied at NIT Surathkal ,SP Jain and Harvard (SPNM) scholar
Previously worked at Wipro and General Electric
“It's the how that makes all the difference.”

Anisha Mukhija

Studied at MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute Of Management Studies & Harvard(PMNO)scholar
Previously worked at Henkel and Marico
“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”


NMAT Registration Process

What is NMAT and who conducts this Examination?

NMAT is an entrance examination conducted by NMIMS Management Aptitude Test is a national level entrance examination. This examination is managed by the Graduate Management Aptitude Council (GMAC). It is a postgraduate level examination that’s organized to get admission in Master in Business Administration or alternative graduate management degree programs. These programs are offered by varied faculties like the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Study (NMIMS) and other colleges.

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NMAT Strategies

NMIMS Call Converts

What helped Neeraj? Our Strategies!

The faculty and their method of teaching especially “strategies” were very helpful and fulfilling.
Their support and motivation helped me grab a top B-school.  I would like to thank Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir for conducting lot of Mock GDPI sessions and providing honest feedback. A big thank you to the entire CATKing team!

How Anjali converted NMIMS?


It was a great journey at CATKing. The faculty here are highly knowledgeable, dedicated and never hesitate to explain a concept any number of times, till we are clear with it. Also, the guidance during the GD/PI process was awesome and very informative to crack to grueling PI round. The mock interviews were very helpful. I can vouch for the quality of teaching by the faculty. Their support and input was of great help during the GD/PI process. I believe that they have a large contribution to my NMIMS and IMT conversion. Thanks a lot Rahul Sir, Anisha Ma’am and the entire CATKing team and I hope you help make many other dreams come true.

How did vaibhav overcome his weakness in Quants and LR?

IMG_6122 (1)

I have been associated with Catking since past 1 year and my journey has been nothing short of wonders. Coming from a Commerce background i was not particularly strong in Quants/DI or verbal either but the faculty at catking helped me gain excellence in these topics at ease especially ekagra sir’s quants shortcuts.My journey in cracking top mba entrance exams is incomplete without mentioning Rahul Sir who has been constant support and pushing me and believing in me that i can achieve great scores.He has been a true mentor and motivation in this Journey.Last but not the list i would like to thank all the catking faculties for their esteemed support.

Here is Meenaz’s experience of success

“Heartly thanks to Rahul sir, for guiding a clueless girl to learn and achieve her goal of getting into one of the best B schools. After my family, i give the credit to Rahul sir and CATking to help me reach a place where I am right now.
His commendable mentorship is the reason behind my transformtion.
The energy at CATking gave me the motivation of doing MBA from top college. And now here I am sharing my experience after getting one of the best brand NMIMS.
The other faculties like Egakra Sharma, Atul Mittal, Rohit and karandeep had helped me throughout my preparation till the end.
A special thanks to Anisha Mukhija for being there everytime for my preparation from entrance exam to GDPI practice.”

Pooja Vishwakarma

“Honestly the aim to do MBA from  a coveted institution was a blur aim in front of my eyes whenever I thought about my future,  until I met Rahul Sir and after meeting him and interacting with the energy which  he possessed, my thoughts changed and I felt that it’s not impossible for me to target a top 10 BSchool. And I will always be grateful for that.
The belief which he inculcated  in us during our coaching was worth everything and it is because of that belief and hardwork, I was able to score a decent score of 219(99 %ile) in NMAT and 99.43 %ile in CET in first attempt.
He has been a great mentor and not just him, it’s the whole team of CATKing whom I extend my sincere gratitude.”
Thank you.

Harshini Pathak


As Rahul Sir rightly says, “To be the best, you have to be around the best peers”. At CATKing, I have been with people who are better than the best. CATKing has helped me not only in cracking my entrance exams, but also in growing as a professional. The amount of time they invested in us for preparing for the group discussions and personal interviews is unmatchable. End result, I got through NMIMS and now I am branded for life.

A huge thank you to Rahul Sir and team for their constant guidance and motivation. And I can say this with utmost pride that I am what I am because of CATKing.


I had taken CATKing last year and i think i made the right decision as i am now pursuing MBA at NMIMS. also cracking other exams like IIFT SNAP was only possible due to the strategies I learnt in CATKing which I think was a differentiating factor. I owe a lot to Rahul Singh sir for motivation and pep talk apart from his awesome teaching and his strategies ofcourse. Also I would like to mention the GDPI sessions in CATKing were very informative and helped me crack many interviews. Thanks CATKing once again for all the help.



I started preparing for NMAT 3 and picked up Mocks and NMAT Maximizer post my CAT seriously. Mocks are Realistic and helped me sail the cut offs! Apart from the mocks major credit goes to Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir for providing the right guidance and making us do smart work instead of hard work.



NMAT needs practice – and it’s all about Speed . Give 5 days back to back to attempt these mocks and sail through. I followed the strategies provided by CATKing Faculty. They helped me a lot a guided me through out my journey from a dreamer to an achiever.


Shruti Singhal

These Mocks helped me making it to the NMIMS -2015 -2017. Thanks to Rahul Sir verbal was a cakewalk and helped me to crack NMAT. CATKing made me understood that it is all about smart work and positivity rather than donkey work and no achievements.

Shruti Singhal


The classroom teaching and guidance by entire CATKing Faculty made me reach up here. They played a major role in my journey from a dreamer to an achiever. I just followed the mantra of ADNL and reached my goal. CATKing provides the best mentor one could ask for.

NMAT 247 - 99.97

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10 Ways to Crack BAT(TISS BBA Entrance)

Tata Institute of Social Sciences is one of the most prestigious colleges in India. It is the best in India when it comes to the field of HR. But,HR isn’t the only field on offer here. TISS offers B.A. programmes at the Tuljapur,Hyderabad and Guwahati centers.

1.B.A. (Hons) in Social Work with specialization in Rural Development – Tuljapur only.
2. Integrated BA-MA Programme in Social Sciences – Tuljapur,Hyderabad,Guwahati.
The entrance exam is held in the month of April every year,with the classes commencing from July. Here are some tips to crack it :
1. TISSBAT is a computer based test held in centers across the country. So make sure, you are acclimatized to reading and writing from a computer screen since this is an important factor while writing essays.
2. Know your exam –
The exam consists of 2 parts. Part A will be a 60 minute test with MCQs on current affairs, social awareness,logical and analytical reasoning,carrying 60 marks. Part B contains a written test with a set of descriptive questions in English. Both parts have separate cut offs.
3. Prepare well for topics such Profit and Loss, Averages, S.I.,Probability, Ratio,Proportion and Variation in Quants and Arrangement questions, Alphabet/Number Series for LR.
4. Practice writing essays on trending topics so that it teaches how to put up an interesting discussion for varying topics of interest.
5. The GK section requires you to be well versed with current affairs of the world as well as static knowledge including Media/Ads,Economy. Be informed about the new laws in the country and government schemes. This is usually a make-or-break section since people usually take this lightly.
6. Do not leave any part since it is mandatory to clear both of them separately.
7. Improve your speed of writing since Part B requires you to write two short answers in 30 minutes for 40 marks.
8. Once you clear the entrance test,you are called for the PI round. 50 marks are given for this round. Make sure you are confident and come across as a genuine person during the interview. Practice mock interviews with friends and family so that you get used to it.
9. Reading newspapers is a habit that helps not only for exams but for the overall development of a person. If you haven’t inculcated it yet, today is the best time to start.
10. In the interview form, write genuine answers and not copy pasted answers from the internet. Most importantly, know why you really want to do a B.A.!
All the best!

Tips to Crack Data Interpretation in CAT Exam

Data interpretation (DI) is among the most interesting topics that can come in an entrance exam. In DI students will be given the information and questions about something and they have to answer it after interpreting information. This particular sub – section have 16 questions weightage in CAT. Now we know that 16% of CAT exam will be DI, let’s look at some- tips to crack Data Interpretation,CAT2017, CAT exam,Strategies for CAT, Strategies for DI,DI in exam.

    1. T – S – C – F:


    How did vaibhav overcome his weakness in Quants and LR?

    I have been associated with Catking since past 1 year and my journey has been nothing short of wonders. Coming from a Commerce background i was not particularly strong in Quants/DI or verbal either but the faculty at catking helped me gain excellence in these topics at ease especially ekagra sir’s quants shortcuts.My journey in cracking top mba entrance exams is incomplete without mentioning Rahul Sir who has been constant support and pushing me and believing in me that i can achieve great scores.He has been a true mentor and motivation in this Journey.Last but not the list i would like to thank all the catking faculties for their esteemed support.

    What you need to crack Logical Reasoning ?

     What do you need to Crack CAT Exam 2017 Logical Reasoning Section?                                                              Here comes another part of the CAT exam.Logical reasoning with 16 questions weightage has a very limited type of questions that come in the CAT exam. This is the 2nd section in the CAT exam 32 questions with LR 16 questions and DI 16. The topic which was asked from LR in CAT was Analytical Reasoning, Matrix and puzzles. The level of difficulty of this question was difficult as compared to the other sections. But with the practice and strategies one can score decent marks in this particular section. To help the students for the strategies here we provide 5 tips to crack the LR part of the CAT exam.


    Crack CAT with IIM Alumns

    About CAT

    The Common Admission Test also known as CAT is an entrance test for getting admission into various b-schools of India. The exam is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) across various centres across India. Since, it is a computer based test students are allocated centres that’s convenient to them for commute. The exam is held once in a year thus giving enough time for students to prepare for the same.

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    Mentor at CATKing

    Rahul Singh (Founder & CEO)

    Studied at NIT Surathkal ,SP Jain and Harvard (SPNM) scholar
    Previously worked at Wipro and General Electric
    “It's the how that makes all the difference.”

    What is the square root of 123454321

    a) 1111111

    b) 11111

    c) None of the above

    d) Cannot be determined

    Show Answer

    Answer: Option B

    Explanation: The square root of 123454321 is 11111.

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    CATKing was of great help while putting together my SOP. They helped me identify my strengths & put them across with the “Mican edge”. They also played devil’s advocate with me and got me geared up for potential obstacles.

    I have seen many candidates come a long way under CATKing’s guidance as they’re very well acquainted with the process

    Rahul Jawahrani
    Rahul Jawahrani
    Day 1 MICA Spot Offer

    I would like to thank Rahul sir for firing spark in me to prepare for CAT’15 and go for MBA. I was not sure whether to go or not for MBA but introductory session by Rahul sir motivated me and I decided to prepare for CAT’15. His quote ‘Success is the best revenge’ kept me motivated throughout the preparation of CAT’15 as I wanted to prove a point to someone.
    Though I could not attend many of his sessions of verbal due to my professional commitments, I used to remember his motivational words while preparing.
    Once again thank u CATKing and Rahul sir for helping me securing much coveted IIM Bangalore seat, the best in India as per HRD rankings.
    I wish all the best to CATKing and its CAT aspirants.

    Vivek Kshirsagar
    IIM Bangalore

    Being a CA student I had no clue about the MBA system and how to prepare for MBA entrances, but the guidance provided by CATKing helped me sail through the entire process. Their study material and mocks helped me to prepare for CAT in a structured manner, also the training given for group discussions and personal interviews was phenomenal.
    I would like to give a huge shout out to all the faculties at CATKing. Rahul sir is truly the king at motivating students and he has even helped me improve my communication skills which will help me even in my MBA.Faculties like Ekagra sir, Atul sir, Manoj sir have always been there to clear my doubts and queries. Would like to also mention Anisha Mam who was a constant at the Interview preparations and always ready for any help. A heartfelt thank to the entire CATKing team!


    My association with CATKing began with the start of my MBA entrance preparation. Rahul sir’s workshop is the best thing that I have attended till date. I received a thorough strategic plan for my approach and preparation for all the exams including MICAT. After having cracked MICAT, CATKing was the only coaching institute which had 14 days of intensive preparation series of GEPI session that helped me immensely to secure a confirmed offer from MICA for the 2016-2018 batch. I owe my success to CATKing.

    Ammaar Golwala

    Excellent faculty with every individual being an expert in their subject. Rahul sir is undoubtedly the best teacher for English. Ekagra and Rohit Sir got my quants concept clear. Followed by Atul sir with his tips and tricks for solving advanced quants problems. The best part is that everyone is a MBA grad from one of the best colleges in the country. Workshops conducted for every exam helped understand the the paper the better and crack it smartly. Reaching out students through social media was a big benefit to keep us updated with every event happening. GK sessions held on Facebook was a great way to study the subject. Also, every teacher is a true motivator !

    gaurav deshmukh (1)
    Gaurav Deshmukh
    CAT 96.18 percentile

    10 Tips to Crack XAT

    XAT is an entrance test that is accepted across 100 institutes in the country apart from XLRI that conducts it every year. It is a paper-based test conducted on the first Sunday of the year . The pen-paper exam gets its edge through the section that’s not common to the rest of the entrance exams: Decision Making. The approach to excel in this exam needs to be a little different but the essence of it is more or less the same.

    1) The verbal and logical ability section has since always, been majorly dominated by critical reasoning and reading comprehension. Hence, quick reading and comprehension skills need to be developed, which can be done only through practice.

    2) For decision making and analytical judgement, you just need to ensure that the decision that you are taking is unbiased. It should not favour one particular party which means that it needs to be ethical and balanced; keeping the perspective of all stakeholders involved in mind.

    3) For the aforementioned section, it is also important for you to not lose objectivity in the entire process and to not let your own biases cloud your judgement.

    4) Quantitative ability and data interpretation require what they need in any other entrance exam; strong conceptual base and good application orientation.

    5) Environment plays an important role in XAT because the general knowledge section is majorly based on economics and business related facts of the current time. Apart from current events from past 6 months, it is essential to brush up knowledge on books, prizes and awards.

    6) The second additional section that XAT has, that CAT doesn’t have, is the essay writing section. Historically, XAT topics have evolved from abstract dimensions; maybe a phrase or a poem with a deep psychological connotation attached to it. Read newspapers like The Hindu to become comfortable with a gamut of topics which could come for the XAT essay writing section.

    7) Unlike MICAT where creativity is analysed, for XAT, the ability to provide logical arguments overpowers anything else. It is important for you to develop coherence of thoughts by reading and practising.

    8) Speed and accuracy form a major part of any entrance exam that is testing your managerial skills. Ensure both.

    9) Time Management and Prioritisation are the key contributors to success. Hence,they should be developed accordingly, both while preparation and while giving the test.

    10) Practice so well to figure out how much time you need to clear cutoffs of every section. Because ultimately that’s what matters.

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