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Yash Parikh a Welingkar Student to be proud of

Yash Parikh is pursuing his MBA in E-Business (Marketing) at Welingkar Institute of Management Studies. He has always been passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Graduated in 2015, Yash was always a curious person, who wanted to explore new things. That’s what probably led him to become a GNIIT & later an MBA student after completion of his graduation in 2015. You would not find such diverse experience in all but Yash is an exception. He has been associated with brands such as Microsoft (7 months internship) and Thomas Cook (2 months internship).

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In last 5 years, he made sure his curiosity is used to develop strong skills in the domains of his interest. The same passion has earned him a good amount of appreciation on renowned platforms like Linkedin and also from many of his managers, with whom he interned.

Recently, he is working Elysium which is an AI  (Artificial Intelligence) project for Welingkar Institute of Mangement Studies, Bangalore.  Elysium is a chatbot which is active on Facebook Messanger, it is currently in an initial phase of development.

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All this started when his professor (faculty of  Cognitive Computing); in one of the lectures assigned the students task of building a working application on either IoT (Internet of Things) or AI (Artificial Intelligence) or present on the same subjects. Given the curious nature of Yash and his passion for the subject he took the bull by it’s horn and started deep diving in the IoT, AI and Machine Learning.  Post that he started watching videos on how a chatbot can be created esp. if the students are non-engineers. After watching around 29+ hours of content on youtube and implementing the same; Elysium was born on 17th Sept 2017.

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Initially, he used  IBM’s Watson platform but given some technical limitations, he had to switch to some other platform. Once the bot’s phase I was ready it was submitted to Facebook for review. They examine all the bots submitted and only approve it to be live for the users if it meets their guidelines.  At first, Yash faced rejection, however,  given his strong determination he came back and improved upon his work, this time Facebook had to accept the bot into their ecosystem and make it live for the world. When he presented his work in the class; both the students and the professor loved his work.

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For many students that would have been a happy ending; however for Yash given his extra passion for perfection, it was just the beginning. He wanted to take it further and make it accessible on other platforms as well. On achieving this feat, his story was not only published on Inside IIM as a Press Release but also helped him gain appreciation on Linkedin from around the country. The college Dean and Faculty were not only proud of him but also spread the story on their networks giving him and his college the appreciation they deserve.

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Yash’s story tells us; that if we have a strong will we can achieve anything in life. Just like he created a bot even though he was a non-engineer, you can also achieve the impossible, just with your determination and hard-work.

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Welingkar GDPI experiences 2017

Following are the GDPI Experiences of the students at Welingkar, Bengaluru which happened on 29th and 30th of April, 2017.

Student 1

In the GD Room

GD topic: Indian firms are investing in the US, is it right or wrong?

First it started with the registration part with our score cards and admit cards. After that we were given a presentation on Welingkar College by its students. Then we began with the Group Exercise which includes Group Discussion and written test. The topic was given and some facts were also given regarding it.

We were given 5 minutes to think, 15 minutes to discuss and 10 minutes to write the conclusion.


Welingkar’s PGP in Operation Management

What is PGP in Operations Management?

Operations management refers to the business practices administration to create the maximum level of efficiency possible within an organization. It is concerned with converting labor and required materials into goods and services as efficiently as possible to optimize the profit of an organization.This program will enhance your skills and knowledge to become a professional in Operations to function any enterprise in business sector- either manufacturing or service .This
option is chosen by future managers who are interested in the crucial area of Indian Government I.e Operations ,who have released a manufacturing policy. The Post Graduation Program in Operations Management module covers some of the contemporary challenges faced within the corporate arena. Accordingly, production planning and control, project management and world-class manufacturing are among the many critical concepts covered in this module.

Why choose PGP in Operations Management?

This Post Graduation Diploma, seeks to provide students the knowledge base relating to this operating core, to help them become domestically and internationally competitive in building robust processes and systems within an Organization. Made available through the Hybrid Learning mode, this module is highly recommended for managers working in the operations department of large multinational and Indian conglomerates.

  • Course curriculum is designed based on inputs from diverse industry professionals and  acadmia.
  • The content includes subjects which are vital to give a broad picture of operations, impact at the enterprise level and vice versa.
  • The importance of operations of any enterprise will be brought out so nicely in this  curriculum that all aspiring future entrepreneurs, operation managers will be greatly  benefited from this programme.

How good is the PGP in Operations?

WeSchool’s PGP in Operations give the best of teaching and learning experience to students through a unique methodology. While on one hand, the program adapt modern teaching techniques to help students learn continuously and conveniently, from anyplace and at anytime, also doesn’t undermine the effective traditional teaching system, where students receive printed course materials and get to meet and interact with their peers. To make the process of learning more engaging and interactive ,Weschool continuously endeavor to add value to the program  leveraging on its unique  structure.

Career opportunities in PGP – Operations Management:

Operations Management is the heart of any company. You would normally start in a line associate position reporting up through a supply chain department or a plant manager. You would have   specific responsibilities such as monitoring warehouse inventory levels, vendor management or shift supervisor. In time you could rise to be a plant manager or a VP level person overseeing a broad range of operational tasks in a company. Ultimately, an operations manager has the opportunity to rise to become the Chief Operating Officer.

Some of the key opportunity areas are:

Operations Manager                                                             Materials Manager

Purchasing Manager                                                             Industrial Production Manager

Operations Research Analyst                                              Quality Assurance Manager

Facilities Coordinator                                                           Logistics Manager

Top -recruiters for Welingkar’s PGP in Operation Management:

Accelya Kale Solutions                                                         Accenture  

Aditya Birla                                                                             IT American Tower Corporation

Cap Gemini                                                                             Cognizant

Datamatics                                                                              Egen Solutions

Flexiventures                                                                          GEP

Google                                                                                      Infosys

Welingkar’s Certificate program in Supply chain management

What Is PGP in Supply chain Management?

Supply chain management involves optimization of operations by maximizing speed and efficiency. Speed is essential because its important to deliver fast services to customer . This can , however increase the cost and hence its necessary to maximize the efficiency. The Welingkar PGP in Supply Chain Management open admissions for 11 months divided into two semesters.

Semester 1 consists of following subjects:

  1. Principles of Management.
  2. Organisational Behaviour
  3. Business Communication
  4. Product management
  5. Purchasing and Material Management.

Semester 2 consists of following subjects:

  1. Stores Management.
  2. World Class Manufacturing.
  3. Logistics and distribution Management.
  4. ERP and Web Based Supply chain management.
  5. Global supply chain management and outsourced manufacturing.

Why to choose Certificate Program in Supply chain management at Welingkar?

  • This program enhances your professional skills and optimizes the profit for the organization through effective supply chain management.This program will help one sharpen their skills to leverage the advantage of  ideal supply chain.If one aspires to be a future manager , who has an inclination towards optimization of cost of an organization and maximum market  penetration of its product.
  • This course curriculum is designed on professional inputs from various fields  including both industry and academia.
  • The content of this course has both theoretical and practical approach.
  • Working professionals can also get benefit from this course with distance learning and Sunday classes.

Any one including freshers, supervisors, executives and middle level managers  can build their careers in SCM.

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What is the benefit for doing  PGP in Supply chain Management?

The Major elements of supply chain management as a manager are managing process, assets involved and flow of materials and the information required to satisfy customers demand. Supply logistics accounts for more than 20 % of an organizations total cost. On the revenue end the decision in supply chain is linked with the Market penetration. Hence there is huge area of involvement for the future Managers.

Career opportunities in Supply Chain Management:

A career in Supply Chain offers exciting challenges, travel opportunities with excellent
remuneration. It provides various job opportunities in clearing, freight forwarding organizations, couriers, forwarding companies, third party logistics industry. A degree in supply management gives the candidates job opening not only within the industry but also in the companies in the outside sector as – Customer Service Manager, Fulfillment Supervisor, Supply Chain Analyst, Consultant, Transportation Manager, Warehouse Operations Manager, Shipping Coordinator, Export Executive, Expeditor, Purchasing Manager, Supply Chain Software Manager, International Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Managers.

Top recruiters in Welingkar for Supply Chain Management:

Lokus Design ,Awacs India ,Gamble Gaming ,K Education ,Mahindra Holidays, PrepHungry , Regenesys India ,  Sambhav Jewels ,Smaaash, TCY Online, Vaibhav Global Limited are the few top notch universities for Supply Chain Management.

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Welingkar Bengaluru Campus

How is Welingkar Bengaluru campus?

Welingkar Bengaluru is located in Silicon Valley of India. The Welingkar Bengaluru campus is designed to nurture Design Thinking and Innovation. The current campus is a demonstration of this intention that it nurtures the business pioneers of tomorrow who will collaborate and innovate to make their mark on a global scale. It has the latest state of the art facilities that facilitate the good learning environment.

Welingkar’s Bengaluru campus was inaugurated in 2008. Welingkar has an extensive and green campus set up on a 1.5-hectare property in Electronic City, Bangalore, as part of more than 180 IT companies. The Bangalore campus is known for its wide selection of Career Management Center (CMC) events involving several industry sector round tables to engage senior members of the company and invite them to various discussions in Welingkar, where students can also present their projects. There are annual sporting events like Jogabonito and We-cricket where the students as well as the teachers participate. There are various college clubs: MPower, The Marketing Club, Arthakul, The Finance Club, Ethnos-HR Club, Operations Club which organize annual events, round tables, lectures allowing students to create industrial links, Interact with experts. In the field.

Welingkar Bangalore offers 60 seats. Its average is about 6.5 to 7 lakhs.

Courses offered

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management(PGDM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (E-Business)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Business Design(PGDM-BD)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Healthcare
  • PGDM-Rural Management (Emerging Economies)
  • Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • Post Graduate Program in Entrepreneurship
  • Business Management for legal professionals
  • Post Graduate Program in Telecom Management (PGPTM) and Certificate Course in Telecom Marketing & Management (CTMM)

Hostel and Amenities

  • The name of the Hostel is Wood Stock Ambience.
  • It is located at a distance of 5 kms from the college campus.
  • It provides bus for transportation.
  • There are about 95 rooms allotted to boys and 47 rooms allotted to girls.
  • It provides 24 hrs water, electricity and also internet facility.
  • Intercom service is provided for communication purpose.

Other amenities

  • It provides outdoor as well as indoor games facility.

Outdoor: Basket ball, Volley ball, Badminton court, Swimming pool.

Indoor: Table tennis, Carom, Chess, Billiards.

  • It provides other services like party room, Laundromat, ironing service, convention hall, cyber cafe, cafeteria, parking space, gym.


So Welingkar Bengaluru is a decent college to pursue MBA.  After considering the fees, the average package and the amenities it is fairly a good college to apply for.

Hybrid MBA : The X Factor of Welingkar courses

What is Hybrid Online Learning?

Hybrid course joins the online study and on campus study in one program. These can be especially beneficial for those who are not convinced by the idea of a complete online study. The hybrid concept is that half of the essential components are complemented by the campus study and half is completed online. However, the pay ratio may differ depending on the institution’s guidelines, so students should always check with their local student departments to determine how hybrid courses are balanced.

Why to choose “Hybrid Online MBA” specialization at Welingkar?

Welingkar’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) can be availed in the Hybrid Learning mode, which operates on a unique hybrid structure combining effective online and offline study formats to help people learn conveniently.

Due to geographical barriers and the high cost factor, students from smaller towns often find it difficult to attend a conventional MBA program. Hybrid program from Welingkar Institute of management actively diminishes the boundaries of distance and cost and helps you fulfill your Academics ambitions.

New technologies offered by Welingkar institute such as Video lectures, E-learning , Online video library have made Hybrid Learning an increasingly popular option. Hybrid Programs at welingkar is tailored to enjoy ‘Continuous Learning’ while at Home, Work or Play.

Hybrid Learning can provide a great career advantage for women who aspire to enter in the corporate world. Women who are able to become micro entrepreneurs receive tailored course content that will help them realize their entrepreneurial dreams. In addition, women with restricted movements due to family commitments can acquire valuable professional learning through WeSchool’s hybrid programs.

How good the course is?

The Hybrid program provides learning through a number of tools like Elearning session, Video lectures, personal contact program, virtual classroom session, online video library etc. And, on weekends, a number of workshops, industry visits etc. are planned at Mumbai campus which can be joined by students on optional basis as per their convenience. The examination process is also having flexibility of time and location for working professionals. The course is very very convenient and flexible for the people who are confused between online MBA and classroom MBA. It is also an opportunity for educational advancement on the schedule and at one’s own pace. There is no disruption of the personal and professional life as well.

To know more about Welingkar  Welingkar GDPI Inclass – Advanced

Career opportunities in Hybrid online learning?

  • Shift in Career
  • Promotion in job
  • MBA Feather in the hat
  • Enhance personal growth

Media and Entertainment Management : The fastest growing Management course

What is “Media and Entertainment Management”?

The Media and Entertainment sector is one of the fastest growing sector in India it is supposed to grow from INR 1026 billion to INR 1964 billion by 2020. Media and Entertainment Management is a post graduation program that prepares students to fulfill management positions in the world of television, film, radio, music, events, interactive media and gaming. As a manager in the global world of media and entertainment, manage teams of people from different cultural backgrounds. These managers also manage budgets and monitor planning and deadlines.

Why to choose “Media and Entertainment Management” specialization at Welingkar?

The 24 months full time post graduate program of Welingkar Institute of Management & Research in Media and Entertainment is a unique combination of theoretical and practical learning. In this intensive program, students learn about the technical aspects of the industry in the classroom and also have the opportunity to put this learning into practice during the 2 month internship and also through online industry projects which is part of the 9 Month Classroom Training.

Students begin their journey in the field of media and entertainment with a few weeks orientation on the media industry so that students can expose the industry and the latest events in the industry.

Welingkar also fits in the fact that the program taught to students has all the required aspects to support and prosper as a successful professional in the dynamic world of media and entertainment. The course was designed and delivered with the help of industry stalwarts to provide students with a deeper understanding of the industry ultimately providing them with their own first hand experiences. The program aims to mold aspiring media and entertainment enthusiasts in media professionals prepared to meet any challenge the industry poses.

How good the course is?

The course is divided into three quarters over the first nine months and two months of industrial training on the competition of quarters. The 9 month classroom training is divided into 50% classroom conferences and 50% in on-line industry projects. In the first module, students will learn the fundamentals of marketing management, the fundamentals of all forms of media vehicles (radio, television, digital film), offline (print media) and field (Events and Experiential Marketing), PR and Introduction to Arts and Entertainment. As students move on to the second module, they will learn about the main in-depth media, such as television content, youth marketing, brand integration, media laws, planning and purchasing. media. The third module will provide ideas on various vertical sectors such as celebrity management, sport management, film marketing, postal production, social media and budgeting and funding. The program is supported by practical missions and case studies. Teaching methods include lectures, role plays, a concept of business design, workshops, interaction between industrial establishments and missions. When the program is successful, students have a plethora of career choices in media agencies, advertising agencies, channels, film production and distribution companies, PR companies, and so on.

Career Opportunities in “Media and Entertainment Management “?

  • Film production and distribution companies
  • Advertising and PR companies
  • Event and entertainment companies
  • TV and Radio channels
  • Celebrity and Sports management Companies
  • Top recruiters in Welingkar for “Media and Entertainment Management “

To know more about Welingkar Welingkar GDPI Online- Advanced  Welingkar GDPI Inclass – TURBO: WE Guaranteed Convert

Top recruiters in Welingkar for “Media and Entertainment Management”

  • Zee Entertainment
  • Marcus Evans
  • Concept P.R.
  • Primetime Media
  • IDG Media
  • Milward Brown
  • Star TV
  • Sony
  • Viacom India

Welingkar Healthcare Management Program

What is Healthcare Management?

Healthcare management means the maintenance or improvement of health through diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, illnesses, injuries and other physical and mental disorders in man. This is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and it sounds like a fantastic job opportunity because it is an area that is never affected by inflation or calamities. In fact, the company multiplies in case of calamities. There is a great need for health management in the world today.

We are all familiar with the field of health with regard to nurses, doctors, but what exactly is a degree in healthcare management? Health care managers, also known as health care executives and health care administrators, manage the way health care is delivered. These individuals are responsible for all aspects of how health care is implemented in the daily practices of hospitals, medical practices, clinics and nursing homes / long-term care units. There are degrees at the bachelor level and at the master’s level.

Why to choose Healthcare Management specialization at Welingkar?

The PGDM of Healthcare Management in Welingkar is one of the uniquely designed program where the professionals from diverse educational program come together for the fulfillment of one universal goal which is “Health for All”. The aim of the program is to provide a knowledge base about the healthcare sector, future challenges, operating dynamics, global scenario and to meet the challenges and demands of this growing sector.

How good the course is?

PGDM in healthcare is a very specific course in which the person get placed either with the hospitals or with the pharmaceutical companies. If the person is inclined towards this field or have a background in this must go for it.

Career Opportunities in Healthcare Management?

  • World Class Management & IT Consultancy Organizations
  • Pharmaceuticals sector
  • Medical Devices & Technology sector
  • Health Services sector
  • and International Organizations
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • Health Insurance &Wellness;
  • Ecommerce
  • Retail & Digital sector
  • Design and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Infrastructure Development Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Biotech sector
  • Logistics sector
  • Medical Communications and Journalism
  • NGOs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Medical Tourism
  • Education and Skill Development
  • Other business verticals that interlace with health across the value chain.

Management professionals is not only required in hospitals but also in various other sectors. A whole lot of specialized exist in the following sectors:

  • lifestyle clinics
  • emergency medicine units
  • pharmaceutical firms
  • Credit rating firms
  • Specialized in hospital administration.
  • hospital information systems
  • e-health ventures
  • NGOs and Health Insurance now require trained manpower

To know more about Welingkar programs PGDM Core: The Flagship course at Welingkar  Welingkar GDPI Online- Advanced  Welingkar GDPI Inclass – Advanced

Top recruiters in Welingkar for Healthcare Management?

  • IMS Health
  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  • Practo Dr Reddy’s Ltd.
  • Nicolas Piramal
  • Abbott
  • Apco
  • Aramuc India
  • Astellas Pharma
  • Care24
  • Cemast
  • Full Life Health Care Pvt Ltd
  • IKS Health
  • IMS Health Analytics
  • Kokilaben Dirubhai Ambani Hospital
  • Lupin Pharma

PGDM Core: The Flagship course at Welingkar

PGDM Core:The Flagship course at Welingkar

What is PGDM Core?

PGDM Core, the 2 year full-time flagship program of Welingkar offers a fine blend of general management and functional specializations offered in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations. It aims to nurture the students as a competent future manager with leadership abilities and an innovative mindset with an exposure to real-life business scenarios.

Why to choose PGDM Core specialization at Welingkar?

Welingkar Institute of Management & Research offers a 24-month full-time graduate diploma in management program. The PGDM Core consists of specializations in Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Operations. Students have the freedom to discover their true potential after practicing rigor and choosing the specialization of their choice.

The CORE PGDM program has the flexibility to integrate new trends while providing the foundations for management education. The program nurtures world-class managers with analytical tools, business philosophies and exposure to unstructured situations in real life.

Welingkar follows Trimester System facilitates students with the flexibility to engage in several projects and live activities that shape their personality. Topics include strategic management, international affairs, business ethics and corporate governance, leadership practices, team training exercises, cross functional functional functions, advanced tax management, operating system , Business Systems Analysis, Entrepreneurship Management, Functional Specialization Projects, Leadership Practices, Emotional Intelligence and many more have been incorporated into the curriculum to expose students to the functioning And to refine their thinking abilities to innovate ideas and solutions in light of various limitations. The PGDM therefore provides the right tools to meet challenges and constantly aims to create and nurture future world leaders.

How good the course is?

PGDM CORE has the unique AAA learning approach which emphasizes the “Acquisition, Application and Assimilation of knowledge” with a deep focus on the Global Citizen Leadership (GCL) program. The process provides holistic  feedback to candidates to improve their communication and other relevant soft skills such as Leadership qualities, Innovative bent of mind, critical analytical integrative thinking approach, global perspective and an appreciation of individual role in organisation and society

Welingkar follows Trimester System facilitates students with the flexibility required to engage in several live projects and activities that mould their personality. Subjects like Strategic Management, International Business, Business Ethics & Corporate Governance, Leadership Practices, Team Building Exercises, Cross Functional Roles, Advanced Tax Management, Operating System, Business Systems Analysis, Entrepreneurship Management, Functional Specialization Projects, Leadership Practices, Emotional Intelligence and many more have been incorporated into the curriculum to expose students to the inner workings of the corporate world, and to sharpen their thinking skills for innovation of ideas and solutions in the light of various limitations.The PGDM thus provides the right tools to meet challenges and constantly aims at creating and nurturing future world leaders, Leadership Practices, Emotional Intelligence and many more have been incorporated into the curriculum to expose students to the inner workings of the corporate world, and to sharpen their thinking skills for innovation of ideas and solutions in the light of various limitations.The PGDM thus provides the right tools to meet challenges and constantly aims at creating and nurturing future world leaders.

Career opportunities in PGDM Core?

Entrepreneurship: With advanced management skills and a study in finance bases, a person can be a successful entrepreneur after completing your PGDM course. A person should develop and work on a business idea and effectively set up his or her own business.

Business Consulting: Every business, whether a small scale or a large scale, requires a set of people who can manage their end-to-end processes and be very helpful in solving problems. This role is managed by commercial consultants. Depending on the person’s interest, the core topics and the ability, the person can choose to consult management consulting, financial advice or back-end consulting. He can even take on the role of consultant as a freelancer or as a full-time employee.

Marketing or Business Analyst: In the post graduate management course, a person is prepared for analyzing various business cases. If he thinks that his interest and aptitude lies in this domain then he can opt to become a marketing or business analyst. His role would include studying the different business scenarios, analyzing them for the viability in terms of results and overall cost and implementing different strategies.

Investment Banking: Currently regarded as one of the biggest careers, as an investment banker, a person will be responsible for managing assets and advising clients on acquisitions. However, at the same time, he is expected to get a capital from his business. If he is satisfied with the numbers and if he is smooth in conversations, investment bank could prove to be an ideal area for him. However, keep in mind that as an investment banker, his working hours would be much higher and he may have to compromise the balance of working life.

Top recruiters in Welingkar for PGDM Core

  • Mercedes Benz
  • TATA Motors
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Marico
  • Kansai Nerolac
  • Colgate Palmolive
  • Cadbury India
  • Future Group
  • ICICI Prudential
  • ICICI Bank

BUSINESS ANALYTICS- The Data Driven Approach


Business analytics is analyzing the past performance of the company and analyze the mistakes and changes in the market compared to the present time or period. It is done based on the statistical and data method, it helps in developing and improvising the business plans. The SAS software is a leader in analytic, it helps customers to know and make decisions faster. Business analytics helps find out the answers for questions like How? When? Why? What? i.e. help in predict and optimize.


The course helps students become versatile analyst and make them able to analyze the situations in a better sense. It helps students to obtain the quality of studying the real environment along with the data and analytics. It gives them practical approach in this course. Challenges them to create decisions in different and creative ways.

They learn a variety of analytic technologies from SPSS to SAS and other statistical programming languages. Quality research and design techniques with a strong business foundation and industry engagement is obtained. In turn, making them versatile and comfortable in taking care of the data. Accurate knowledge about quantitative and qualitative methods. Making them a person who can bring creative and statistical solution to the business problems.

Image result for business analytics


At present business analyst act as a link, precise analyzers and team players. Top analysts have agreed that the role of a business analyst is not clear in most companies.


We often forget that business analyst doesn’t just analyze. They do a lot of technical and management work that connect all the departments. They analyze and find opportunities and detect threats that come towards the company.

They modify and improvise the systems and interact with experts and investors & try to know their problems. Bring technical solutions and solve the business problems. They check on the creators and system developers to make sure that everything is done systematically.

They make notes of the designs and test the system or product that will be launched and take note of its function & process. To be successful in this career one must have business as well as IT background because the profession includes technical work and making business plans. Initially, the position will be collecting documents, analyzing problems and testing the systems.

As you gain some experience you are given opportunity of choosing areas which will help you in developing your knowledge and skills. The skills that help you move forward and gain higher positions in the company and as a business analyst.

After 8-10 years of experience in this field one has chances of getting larger projects and move on further as per your area of expertise. Thus explaining the reason behind the rise in demand for this profession.

Check out: PGDM Core: The Flagship course at Welingkar

Business Analytics recruiters at Welingkar:

  • Colgate Global Services
  •  Ugam Solutions
  • Fractral Analytics
  • Cognizant
  •  Prudential UK
  • Aranca
  • Ugam Solutions