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When it’s time for you to enter into any corporate or say any professional field, your experiences do count! And it counts a lot!
If someone refers you to the words that I’m just going to mention don’t get offended …it’s just that you need to gain some more experience in your field! So that none could refer you back to such names.

Green Horn

Meaning: a person who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity.
Let me tell you the history of the word “GREEN HORN”. When a calf is born, the cute little horns it has are green in colour. The newborn calf is inexperienced as well as new to everything around.
(Originally an animal with green (that is, young) horns): A person who is new to something and can be easily tricked. In ancient history, the young Ox was called greenhorns as they were green and their horns hadn’t matured. Gilbert K. Chesterton says, “The greenhorn is the ultimate victor in everything; it is he that gets the most out of life.)
The greenhorn lacked the skills he would need to live in the hard rough country.
Lack of experience caused the Greenhorn to miss several shots during his first game. Of course, even a greenhorn could follow the wagon tracks they would leave in the sand.



Meaning: a beginner or novice.

If you are the new guy at the job and you’re wearing a big dorky badge that says “Trainee” on it, you are a tyro. We have all been tyros at some point, but it doesn’t necessarily prevent us from hazing the new kid, the next-generation tyro. Tyro can also be used as an adjective to describe someone new to a particular scene — such as “the tyro congressman” or “the tyro quarterback.”
My friend Sam completed his graduation and was looking for a job , in every interview he was answered that he is a tyro and was rejected. Because I am a tyro at English, I often mispronounce words native speakers of English have no problem with.



Meaning: (of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement. Or (of a person) natural and unaffected; innocent.
To call people naive (nah-EEV’) is to imply that they have not learned the ways of the world, and are therefore idealistic and trusting beyond the point of safety; such idealism and trust have probably come from ignorance or inexperience. ·
He checked himself, fearing to seem naive, yet he felt an irresistible desire to show his friend as soon as possible that he was now a quite different, and better, Pierre than he had been in Petersburg.
Was he mocking her, or did he think she was naive enough to believe his outrageous flattery?



Meaning: a person who is new to a subject, skill, or belief.

(Neophyte from neos ‘new’ + phuton ‘plant’. A neophyte is someone who’s brand new at something. You’re a neophyte the first time you pick up a guitar and start learning to play. In Greek, neophytos, literally “newly planted,” was used to mean “new church convert.” A Frisbee neophyte is someone who has just thrown the disc for the first time. A neophyte is a person newly converted to a belief, as a heathen, or a non-believer.)

Era, an inexperienced neophyte princess had just thrown down a most serious challenge to his friend Imran in gist of anger that she will win the horse race knowing that she knew nothing about horse riding.

Because I have very little computer experience, I am a neophyte when it comes to working with most software programs.



Meaning: easily persuaded to believe something.

An easy trick to remember is gullible as two continuous ‘LL’ in it reminds us of the Hindi word lalu with also means a person who is easily persuaded.

While attending a seminar on how to get rich quickly, I learned that there are so many gullible idiots in the room as they believed whatever the speaker told them.

There is any number of miracle cures on the market for people gullible enough to buy them.



Meaning: the state or period of being a beginner in anything. Or the period or state of being a novice, especially in a religious order.

The old infirmary building is now occupied by St Joseph’s College, a commercial academy of the Marist Brotherhood, in connexion with which there is a novitiate for the training of members of the order for missionary service at home or abroad.

A lay brother, before he can become called away to a third year’s novitiate, called the tertianship, as a preparation for his solemn profession of the three vows.



Meaning:  (of a person or action) innocent and unsuspecting.

Ingenuous is a complimentary term, though its synonyms naive, gullible, and credulous are faintly derogatory.

To call people ingenuous implies that they are frank, open, artless- in other words, not likely to try to put anything over on you, nor apt to hide feelings or thoughts that more sophisticated persons would consider it wise, tactful, or expedient to conceal Ingenuous should not be confused with ingenious – note the slight difference in spelling-which on the contrary means shrewd, clever, inventive.

He accordingly raised the question of its apostolic origin; and by reviving old difficulties, with ingenious arguments of his own, he carried his point.

The ingenuous child offered her apple to the hungry stranger.
The intent behind the gift was ingenuous.



Meaning:  having or showing too great a readiness to believe things.

(listeners–those who fully believe what they hear a credible story-one that can be believed)

Credulous comes from Latin credo, to believe, the same root found in credit (if people believe in your honesty, they will extend

credit to you; they will credit what you say). -Ous is an adjective suffix that usually signifies full of. So, strictly, credulous means full of believingness.

Historical truth need not be taken into consideration in the matter; and if, notwithstanding James Gairdner’s essay appended to his Life and Reign of Richard III., there are still credulous persons left to think and assert that Perkin was not an impostor, they will derive little satisfaction from Ford’s play, which with really surprising skill avoids the slightest indication as to the poet’s own belief on the subject

The con man was able to easily sell his wonder products to credulous buyers.