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This chapter will deal with various kinds of sounds that we hear in our day to day life. If you love listening to music then you should be aware of the essence of each sound. All the living creatures present on this earth make different types of sounds. Some are pleasant to hear while some are too harsh to bear. Umm…. When you get up in morning, you love to hear the sound of birds chirping as it pleases your ear. I’m sure you would not like to hear a harsh sound early in the morning. Hearing a pleasant sound sometimes gives you relaxation from the hustle and bustle of your day to day life. And at the same time, a harsh sound can be a pain in your ass. It surely makes your temper go high! So, we will be discussing the various types of sound and everything relating to sound.


Meaning: a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.

Focus on your mouth when you pronounce cacophony. Try pronouncing the word “CACO”…see the weird expression you have on your face. As Erick and his friend stepped into the forest they heard cacophony of animal sounds. Erick got little bit scared by hearing those voices. And as friends are! His friend tried to pull his leg by hiding behind the tree, leaving him alone in that scary forest. Thunder rumbled and wind let out in a cacophony of screeches. Reality is a thunderous cacophony of millions of impressions surging in on us at every moment.


Meaning: the quality of being pleasing to the ear; sweet sound
The root word “eu” means good. Nick altered his patronymic name for the sake of euphony. He wanted a name that sounds good to hear and speak. The euphony of Era’s verse is irresistible in its ease and naturalness and one finds remembering the stanzas just after a couple of readings.


Meaning: the melodious and harmonious sounds.
Now try pronouncing “CALLI”…see the happy expression you have on your face while you speak the word CALLI. ORIGIN of CALLI-PHONY: Roots come from the Greek words CALLI and CACO, meaning ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Ugly’ respectively. PHONY means voice. In the background I heard calliphony of bird’s chirping when I entered the farmyard for a walk in the evening.


Meaning: something regarded as a composition of different elements.
Birds have not evolved yet but the air is filled will a symphony of croaks and calls of amphibians and insects. The sun was low leaving a fiery blush upon the land and a symphony of colors to the sky.