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In this chapter, we will discuss people who live in big cities who go to theatres, attend concerts, visit Restaurants and Clubs, and browse bookstores, shop at shopping malls, or other large departmental stores.

These activities fill them with culture and sophistication.

Also, they crowd into jammed trains or buses, squeeze into packed elevators, cross the street in competition with high-powered Cars and bikes, patiently stand in line outside the movie theatres and then wait again in the lobby for seats to be vacated. Also, they have the privilege of spending many hours a day going to and coming from work.

As a result, city-dwellers are more refined, polished and sophisticated

And some people live a laid-back life far away from the hustle and bustle of the city

They sometimes lack social grace and are considered unsophisticated and uncultured people

Let’s discuss a few words describing the above category of people that will always remain in your memory!


Meaning: relating to the countryside; rural or lacking the sophistication of the city; backwards and provincial.

Today, we leave this rustic life and move to the city.



Meaning:  An uneducated and unsophisticated person from the countryside.

He was a clean-looking young yokel; he walked with the typical swaying gait of the ringer, and he wore the green jodhpurs and the elastic–sided boots this marked his calling.

She won’t say anything until she and her husband are back on the road with the windows powered up and with the safety of half a mile of tarmac between her and the crude-mouthed yokel.



Meaning: a socially awkward person from the countryside.

This word is so cute, try pronouncing it BUUMMPPKKKINNN !!

Arnav, the minister of the country took such a nasty decision on such a relevant matter that even the bumpkin of another country would not think about it.

Why did that hurt so much? Was it just her ego being bruised? She couldn’t really care for such a low-life bumpkin as he, could she?



Meaning primitive; unsophisticated. And savagely cruel.

Because the barbaric moviegoer shouted and threw popcorn at other guests, he was asked to leave.

The dead are borne to the grave with uncovered faces, and a Rumanian funeral is a scene of much barbaric display.



Meaning: a person who advocates a redistribution of landed property, especially as part of a social movement (A person who works on agricultural land).

The party headed by Ballance, Seddon and Ward held office without a break for more than seventeen years, a result mainly due to the general support given to its agrarian and labour policy by the smaller farmers and the working classes.

It was the union of the agrarian with the nationalist movements that made the downfall of the Austrian system inevitable.



Meaning: (of a person, especially a man) courteous and refined in manner.

When the urbane heiress walked through the hotel, the hotel manager promptly greeted her with a bouquet of roses.

The magazine’s target audience is the urbane woman who is highly cultured and stylish.



Meaning: friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to.

Extremely handsome, Rahul was a sturdy and valiant knight, affable, courteous, a brilliant talker and a facile poet.

He was affable and easy of approach to all his subjects, with a pleasant address; nor does he seem to have been, like his wife, either cruel or revengeful.



Meaning: (of a man) confident, stylish, and charming.

Everyone is excited about the idea of the handsome athlete playing a debonair spy in the new movie.

When the female suspects saw the debonair detective, they grew lightheaded and quickly began to confess crimes they had not even committed.



Meaning: (especially of a man) charming, confident, and elegant

The result is young people who look and behave much older and who are led to believe they are more suave and sophisticated than they really.

Because the actor is such a suave man, women flock to see his movies.



Meaning: having or showing skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.

Since the teacher wanted to keep her students motivated, she was always tactful when she corrected their mistakes.

Whenever the mean book critic wrote a review, he was far from tactful and did not mind offending others.



Meaning : courteous, kind, and pleasant, especially towards someone of lower social status and showing divine grace.

Although Anjali does not like her ex-husband’s new wife, she is always gracious to her in public.

When I met the princess, she was gracious and friendly despite her twelve- hour plane ride.



refined and well-educated.

You write that in Petersburg he is spoken of as one of the most active, cultivated, and capable of the young men.

The department he specially cultivated was that of continental history and foreign politics.