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Humans are at times compared to animals. And as it is said there is slight difference between human beings and animals. Man and animals have co-existed together from time immemorial.
Humans with passing time, developed a special kind of bond with animals. This relationship turned so good that you just need your pet with you and no other companion.
It’s because animals shower the same amount of love you give them.
Some people try harming them. One shouldn’t do that!
Try loving animals and you will understand what I meant above.
Animals and human beings are similar, our behavior at time matches.
We are going to talk about few words that compare human beings to animals.

Here is a list of few words:


Meaning: cow like; patient, unexcited.

Harry’s friend always referred him as a bovine person as he had no excitement for anything happening around him. He was lost in his own world half of the time. If you always behave like a bovine person, then I’m sure you have not enjoyed your life yet. Being dull and unexcited about things makes your life boring.


Meaning:  Fox like; clever, cunning.
Hardin’s vulpine face was leaner and more cunning than ever, the cold yellow eyes more reptilian. Helen kept his birthday party theme as “the vulpine theme” which is carried through with fox masks. He planned his party around this theme as he was bored from the normal birthday parties and wanted to try something different.


Meaning: lion like; in appearance or temperament.
Roy was in his middle fifties, taller than the average Frenchman, with a strong, leonine face and a mane of white hair. It’s difficult not to let my mind wander when my grandfather looks at me with those leonine eyes, when he folds his hands together on his lap, long legs crossed at the knee.


Meaning: cat like; sleekly graceful; sly.
Aisha claimed that the thief was eerily feline as he moved stealthily through the darkened rooms. Grumpy Cat, the feline Internet celebrity, is testing the limits of licensing success with a new coffee line.


Meaning: bear like.
Black bears are increasingly displaying a bit of ursine bravado as human expansion encroaches upon their habitat and drought conditions. The man sitting parallel to me in the fancy restaurant had a big ursine appetite.


Meaning: wolf like.
All the heads were lupine, all female, all with gaping, wolfish mouths full of teeth the size of grindstones. Two young women howl at the moon in this likeable dark comedy about getting in touch with your lupine side.


Meaning: horse like.
In high school, people used to bully Charles by calling him “Horsey” because of his equine face. As a veterinarian specializing in equine health, my father primarily manages the wellbeing of horses.


Meaning: fish like.
A massive galleon sailed on the waves far above my piscine semblance.
The hall of the “piscine” is a hundred and twenty paces long; that in which the bathers disrobed is eighty feet in height; the whole is covered with marble, and with such beautiful marble that mantel ornaments are now made of its fragments.


Meaning: dog like; loyal.
Rhea is planning to propose her boyfriend Joe today in the evening as she is satisfied with his canine loyalty towards her. She delayed the wedding for two years as she always doubted him earlier. Mick and his friend Jerry have a canine companionship since years and the entire college refers them with the title “Best Buddies”.