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Have you ever come across a person and asked yourself, “Why does this moron exist in this world??”
Well, If you haven’t come across any such living species, here is a small story that will help you to relate with such idiotic creatures.

As the temperature at Boston Police takes a sudden rise, sweat starts oozing all over the frowning eyebrows of Miss Elizabeth. She had been a recent victim of cyber theft in which she lost $50,000. Miss Elizabeth raging at Officer Peter,

Miss: Officer!! I am shattered! Those scoundrels have looted my $50,000.
I was saving it for my Paris trip. God won’t spare those bloody rascals; they will go to hell!!

Officer: Ma’am, please calm down!!

Miss: How can I stay calm, when I am bankrupt? Stop gazing at me and do something!!

Officer: Ma’am, relax for a while and say me in detail who pinged you yesterday.

Miss: It was a daily routine officer, I got a call from miss Braganza who is my cook, then I got a call from the laundry guy, the lady from the parlor, and my boss just to check my daily work routine.

Officer: Do you doubt anyone of these people?

Miss: No, officer, I trust them all. Especially that laundry guy; he is so cute!!

Officer: Are you sure ma’am? Did you receive any other calls?

Miss: Wait, Officer! I did receive a call from my bank, wherein they said that I was the winner of a diamond set! They promised to deliver my diamond set today. I’ll wear it to my BffRacheal's wedding.

Officer: Hold on ma’am, you just said that you received the call from the bank and they promised you to give a diamond set?

Miss: Yes, Officer! I am so excited! I’ll get it today!

Officer: Ma’am would you please elaborate, what was the conversation between you and that bank official?

Miss: The bank official was a guy, his voice was so charming!! I was flattered at the very first moment!! He said that I am the lucky candidate who won the precious diamond set.

Officer: Okay!! What did he say next?

Miss: He said that you are just one step away from it! For official records, we require your debit card details.

Officer: Which all details did he ask for?

Miss: He asked for my Card number, CVV and the Debit card password.

Officer Peter with an anxious face stormed at Miss Elizabeth,

Officer: For Christ’s sake, don’t say that you provided him with all your card credentials!!

Miss: I did officer, he was a genuine guy calling from the bank and I did win my diamond set. So, I did give him my credentials!

Officer: Ma’am are you insane?? I am shocked that creatures like you exist in this world!!

Well, Folks!! Insane creatures do exist in our surroundings.

To make sure that you are well equipped with new words when you meet them, let's learn a few interesting words in this chapter which is meant for foolish and idiotic people.



Meaning: One who is lacking sense, significance, or ideas; a silly person. There are too many inane quizzes shows on television these days.
The adjective “inane” is now most commonly encountered as a synonym of “shallow” or “silly.”
When this word first entered the English language in the early 17th century, it was used to mean “empty” or “insubstantial.” It was this older sense that gave rise, in the latter half of the 17th century, to the noun “inane,” which often serves as a poetic reference to the void of space (“the illimitable inane,” “the limitless inane,” “the incomprehensible inane”). This noun usage has not always been viewed in a favorable light. Samuel Johnson, in his Dictionary of the English Language (1755), says of “inane” that “it is used licentiously for a substantive,” which in current English means that it is used as a noun without regard to the rules.
Although Jason has a college degree, he still behaves in an inane manner at times.
Asinine, Ludicrous, Fatuous synonyms of Inane.
Even though Cara is a math genius, she acts inane in class because she likes getting extra attention from the handsome math professor.



Meaning: lacking in vitality or intelligence; stupid, dull, or clumsy.
A comedy show that invariably portrays the British aristocracy as a bunch of gormless twits.
Gormless began life as the English dialect word gormless, which was altered to the modern spelling when it expanded into wider use in the late 19th century.
The origins of gormless are easy to understand; the word derives from a combination of the dialect noun gorm, meaning “attention” or “understanding,” and the suffix -less. Gorm also functions as a verb in some dialects, where it means “to pay attention to” and “to understand.”
An unrelated verb gorm means “to behave in a stupid or awkward manner.” There’s also a noun gorm, meaning “a stupid doltish person.”
Kevin Matthew’s gormless assertions that it is a tax on overseas ownership are disingenuous.
With his moo-cow eyes, his bland dial and gormless expression.



Meaning: a person who behaves in an extremely stupid or foolish way.

The absolute imbecility of this show has to be seen to be believed.
The word was originated in the mid 16th century (as an adjective in the sense ‘physically weak’): via French from Latin imbecilus, literally ‘without a supporting staff’, from in- (expressing negation) + baculum ‘stick, staff’.
Imbecile is referred to a person with moderate to severe intellectual disability having a mental age of from three to seven years and generally being capable of some degree of communication and performance of simple tasks under supervision. The term belongs to a classification system which is no longer in use and is now considered offensive.
Dotish, Glaikit, Damfoolis synonyms of an imbecile.

He drank too much and started acting like a complete imbecile.

Only an imbecile would leave their car unlocked, with the keys in the ignition, and then be surprised when the vehicle was stolen.


There are times when you can’t tolerate a person may because of his habits, behavior, relation with you etc. It’s just that you can’t tolerate him/her for a single moment anymore. You ultimately want to kill him!!!

Umm…That’s not the right thing to do though! One should always try controlling anger.  At times it becomes dangerous! And I guess you are aware of legal punishments you get for killing /murder.

Murder unfortunately is an integral part of human life, so there is a word for almost every kind of killing you can think of. Let’s look at some of them.

So chuck out the idea of killing….just learn these amazing words.

Root word in this chapter is CIDE- Killing of someone.



Meaning:  Killing of one’s mother

 I was gripped and revolted by this almost Shakespearian epic of matricide, class, money and complex sibling relationships.

 His callous disregard for all that has nurtured and sustained his very life is nothing less horrific than matricide



Meaning: the killing of either or both parents. Alric admitted to the parricide of his father; who was only 52. He agreed in front of the court that it was entirely his fault; he should have controlled his anger.

Lizzie Borden was accused of, and tried for, parricide in the 1890s, but was not convicted.



Meaning:  Killing of one’s husband ( It comes from Latin maritus “husband” + -cide, from caedere “to cut, to kill”) literally means killing of one’s husband.)

The term mariticide is principally used to refer to the murder of a husband by his wife, rather than a general term for killing a spouse. The common term for the murder of a wife by her husband is uxoricide. Florence Maybrick (1862–1941) spent fourteen years in prison in England after being convicted of matricide of her English husband, James Maybrick, in 1889.