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Taking criticism can be a difficult thing. Demeaning behavior or treatment makes people have less respect for you. But there are times when you want to show disapproval but fall short of the right words for the right occasion. So, here is the list of words for your correct usage!

Go ahead but be careful …!


Meaning: To criticize someone or something severely; to punish or scold harshly

He had castigated the team for, unprofessionalism and indiscipline.

Moreover, there’s no point in castigating the losers.


Meaning:  Criticize unfairly; disparage

It’s just that we as critics have tended to stand apart and denigrate the content.

Rational people judge the message without denigrating the messenger.


Meaning: Punish, especially by beating; rebuke or reprimand severely

Instead of chastising their son, they just tell me that this is natural for a man of his age.

In such a scene, you might expect God to chastise the people for their unbelief – or even to exact punishment on them.


Meaning: an expression of sharp disapproval or criticism
I opened my mouth for a sharp rebuke but just then the waitress appeared, bringing our plates of burgers and fries.

His comments brought a swift rebuke from both state and federal National Party MPs.


Meaning:  cause a severe loss in the dignity of and respect for (someone or something)

Women were humiliated and brutalized as part of a campaign to demean their ethnicity.

Perhaps, no human being would want to demean himself by seeking succor along the streets and from strangers.


Meaning: find fault with(someone); scold

Above all the noise, Margaret could be heard upbraiding her husband – ‘It’s your own fault, Ben, you should have picked one of mine!’

She played ignorant when I upbraided her, but I suspect she knew exactly what she was doing.


Meaning: reprimand firmly; warn of something to be avoided
It is important that you don’t chastise or admonish yourself for your feelings.

He admonished them for stealing and told them it was a great sin to steal apples from his orchard.


Meaning:  express severe disapproval of something especially in a formal statement

In 2004, he published a controversial book censuring the power of the media in Britain.

The investigation ended with much tongue-wagging but no formal censure.


Meaning: regard or represent as being of little worth

He never missed an opportunity to disparage his competitors.

I would say persist and never minimize or disparage yourself or your abilities.