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This is the class of people, we come across very frequently. From the class test non-disclosing fellows to office boss secret keeper to political secrecy. Secrets and secretive people are everywhere. What is opposite of secret and start with ‘S’, can you recall any such word. Sharing!!! Thumbs up for those who got it, dead look for those who are in still perplexed.


Vijay with leftover self-esteem, asked meekly, "what's the secret ingredient of your portion? We would have got you back on time, and you would not have missed the meeting if you….

Before he could raise his voice and charge upon me, I interjected,, and he again began submissively.

"If you would have been a little supportive in telling us the secret ingredients, we would have conflated all of them to make you better,,” said Vijay.

The rest of the guys, staring at me with puppy eyes,, and I got carried away.

I replied with a shrug that there were no secret ingredients,, and before I could make them understand, they all charged me also, in compensation for the mental stress I caused them for 2 hours,, I had to buy those drinks.

My own experience tells me not to keep secrets at least with your friends and family. But for the rest of the crowd and situation,, be a little witty and cunning because straightforward always get into the net first. All charged up after the short story.

Let's say our guru mantra loud and clear:

All the party people, let's get startedddddd…….!!!!




Meaning:  (of a person or an organization) Inclined to conceal feelings and intentions or not to disclose information.I always find him working after school time. He was very secretive about his work. After the bomb blast, the police remained secretive despite the media’s demand for more openness to the issue.


Meaning:   Kept secret, especially because it would not be approved of.No one can ever imagine that those two have surreptitious affair.
In theater, bags and purses were checked for possible video camera and recorder to prevent surreptitious recordings from leaking out.


Meaning:  Attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble; secretive.

Shenoy was so scared to show her marks to her parent that she spent few furtive day with her friends.Mike and Joey exchanged the salt with sugar in the bottle before dine. When the visitors sprinkled the sugar in their soup, they exchanged furtive smiles across the table.



Meaning: kept secret or done secretively,especially because illicit.

They used to date clandestinely till they finally disclose their marriage dates.

Before buying any expensive articles I took a clandestine peek at the price tag.



Meaning:   behaving, done, or made in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard

He walked carefully and stealthy through the footsteps, to shock his with early arrival.

Lioness moves in a stealthy way to approach his prey before final showdown.


Meaning:  not openly acknowledged or displayed.

12 CRPF personnel died in Naxal covert operations in chhattisgarh Sukuma. He has taken part in a number of covert military operations.


Meaning: marked by stealth, furtiveness, or shiftiness.

It’s a common practice to allure the fresher, to make it look like they are getting a lot more than they really deserve. It’s a sneaky trick.

He has very sagacious and sneaky way of getting people to buy something they don’t need.


Meaning:   private, secret.

The sarpanch of the panchayat was such a nosy person that there were no secrets in the village to which he was not privy.

The alleged person assured the judge that he was neither privy to, nor cognizant of, any such crime.


Meaning:  a place or state of seclusion.

Since a long time, no one heard anything from her. Now, she leads a private, cloistered life in Tibet.

He was such an antisocial person that he spent most of his college life  cloistered in library.



Meaning:  showing in an insinuating way that one has some secret knowledge that may be harmful or embarrassing.

For the whole day, he gave me that a sly look that definitely suggest, he has something to do with the surprise party.

She was instigated by crime bureau officer but she stayed stiff and did not purge out any details of murder but then one question hit the nerve and she took a sly sip of water.